KH1's Alice in Wonderland world wasn't nearly absurd enough so I made it better. In which Sora gets trapped in wonderland after Donald and goofy get turned into raccoons and he must go on a journey the Cheshire cat gives him to set them free.

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Turn them back!" Sora yelled pointing at Donald and Goofy. They were nothing but ordinary raccoons now.

The Cheshire cat grinned, "Maybe… If it pleases me."

"No, now! You will change them back now." He demanded in an uncharacteristically stern way.

"You think you have sooooo much power over the world," The cat said. His body beginning to disappear starting with his pink and purple striped tail. He grinned big showing all his teeth. Then said in a sing-song voice, "But you don't." He fully disappeared leaving Sora alone in the room with two wild raccoons.

But you don't

Those words repeated over and over in his head on the flight away from Wonderland. He landed in the radiant garden. He was followed by two raccoons as he walked to Merlin's house. If anyone knew how to fix them it would be Merlin.

Inside Merlin's house, they were having a Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee meeting, so everyone was there. When Sora opened the door, all heads turned to him and his two raccoon companions.

"How many times have I told Y'all don't bring wild animals inside," Sid yelled as raccoon Donald climbed on top of his fancy computer. "Get you fuzzy butt off my computer!" He yelled and raced over to get him off before he messed up something important.

"They aren't wild animals! That's Donald and Goofy your looking at!" Please help!" He turned his attention to Merlin "How do I change them back!" Sora asked once Sid calmed down and stopped yelling.

"Well," Merlin began, "You were in wonderland, correct?"

"Correct, we were there fighting heartless but I think I destroyed all of them."

"It could be a wonderland curse," Merlin said standing up. "Let me get my book."

"What is a wonderland curse?" Sora asked confused.

Merlin sorted through his books until he found the one called 'Wonderland: a tourist's guide'. "Ah, here it is!" He flipped through the pages until he found the page on blessings and curses then handed it to Sora.

Sora scanned the page quickly mostly just looking at the pictures because the words were all technical and confusing. There was a cartoon drawing of a man in a Hawaiian t-shirt being turned into a croquet mallet and another of the same man being transformed into a buffer version of himself.

"It says here," Merlin began to explain all the words and their technical meanings. "that curses and blessing are basically the same, they are changes given to you by powerful wonderland citizens."

"Ok," Sora said not really understanding much more than before, "How does this help me turn Donald and goofy back to their original forms and not raccoons."

"Well, that's a bit harder," Merlin said flipping to the next page. "It says here, in simpler terms, if you want a blessing or curse removed you must visit the one who placed it and meet their demands. So, who placed the curse?" He asked.

"ugh," He said remembering that fat cat's grin. "The Cheshire Cat."

"Well, then you must find him and get this curse reversed."

"Ok, I'm going to take the gummy ship!" Sora ran to the door.

"Wait!" Sid yelled, "What are we supposed to do about these raccoons!"

But Sora was already out the door.

He didn't slow down at all. Out of breath, he got into the gummy ship alone.

The gummy ship flickered to life. "Hey, Sora!" Chip and Dale greeted him on the screen. "Where's Donald and Goofy?"

"They got turned into raccoons and I got to get the curse reversed by talking to the Cheshire cat in Wonderland!" Sora said fast trying to get them caught up in the story.

"3…2…1…lift off, warp drive engage!" The ship zoomed off to wonderland.

He stared at the planet. It was a lopsided egg shape covered in a pink checkerboard pattern like the whole world was nothing but a board game.

He landed in a forest far away from the castle, he didn't want to have to deal with the crazy queen again.

He wandered through the trees for a while. There wasn't any way to contact the Cheshire cat, but Sora had a feeling he would show up eventually.

He was right. When the sun touched the horizon, a crescent smile appeared before Sora followed by the rest of a pink striped cat.

"Hey, Sora!" The cat greeted him. "Long time no see, how you been?"

"Change them back!"

"Maybe I could," The cat said. "If you say the magic word."

"Please?" Sora asked.

The cat laughed and picked his head up with his feet. "You're a fool like me. Go on your journey and by the end, things will be back to normal. Things are strange here but go along with the madness and you'll be fine."

"Alright fine, I'll go on your journey," Sora said.

The cat snapped his paw. "

"My legs feel funny," Sora said then his face changed to fear as he looked down. "Where are my legs!" He shouted in fear all he saw was a green stalk then looking a little farther up his saw his hands. "Where are my hands." In place of his hands and arms were long thin green leaves. He could wave them around.

"Maybe you should look at your face." The Cheshire cat said holding up a fancy silver mirror to Sora's face.

In the reflection was a yellow sunflower pedal all around Sora's face. "What's this?" Sora yelled waving his little leaf arms in terror.

"I thought you needed to slow down and enjoy your surroundings."

"How can I enjoy my surrounding on this journey if I'm in one place the whole time?" Sora asked.

The Cheshire cat grinned like a mysterious moon again, "Oh you won't be here the whole time. You've been carrying around others in your heart for so long I thought it would be nice for someone else to carry you awhile, take over in directions and choices for a little bit."

"What, Who?"

"Oh, you'll see in…" He looked at his wrist as if there were an invisible watch there, "An hour or two."

The cat faded into the shadows again leaving Sora alone on the hill in the middle of the woods. There was not much activity in the forest, a couple of birds flew by and the wind rustled the leaves making music.

About half an hour later Sora felt something strange on his leg. He looked down to see a small caterpillar inching its way up his legs. It made its way to his arm leaf. "Aww, such a cute little fella," Sora said looking at it. It was green with white dots all the way down its back.

"Hey! I'm not cute!" the caterpillar yelled in a high pitch voice you would expect from a bug.

"Oh, I'm sorry, big mean tough caterpillar," Sora said with a humorous tone.

"Yeah, that's right." That caterpillar said before it bit down and took a big bite out of Sora's leaf arm.

"Ouch!" Sora yelled as his arm was bitten into. "I'm not food! Go away!" He yelled shaking his leaf arm to get the caterpillar off.

The caterpillar held on without much effort. "You are a flower and you are my food. I will eat as much of you as I want," it said then took another bite out.

Sora winced in pain as another bite was taken out of his arm. "Please stop it hurts, can't you find another flower to eat?" Sora asked, there wasn't much else he could do except ask politely.

"Oh? So you think you're better than the other flowers? That you deserve to be hurt less than them?" The caterpillar said in mocker before taking another bite. "You are such a pretentious flower maybe I'll make my home here and make you carry me until I grow into the next stage of life."

"You mean a butterfly?" Sora asked.

"What's a butterfly?" the caterpillar said. "I don't know maybe, I don't really know what's next for me. They say my body will take over and become what it needs too but I really don't know what is to become of me."

"Growing up is unknown but I'm sure you'll grow into a nice whatever it is you become."

"Thanks, flower. Maybe you aren't so bad." The caterpillar said. He had finished eating Sora's arm and moved on to the other leaf. On the other arm, it began to make a cocoon like a normal caterpillar. After twenty minutes he was done and snuggled itself inside. Before closing its window, it said, "Good night flower see you after its done."

Sora sat in the forest for another hour looking at the trees and grass and wondering if they had once been travelers like himself. One of his arms was nothing more than a green stick all the leafiness had been eating leaving nothing, but the main vein and his other arm was still there and full but had a small caterpillar cocoon.

Suddenly the ground began to rumble, and he began to move. It felt like an earthquake!

Sora looked down to see the hill he was planted on was a giant snapping turtle. The shell was flat and covered in earth. He was the only big plant along with some moss on the turtles back. The head of the turtle was triangular and there was a pink nose.

"Hello?" Sora called out to the Turtle but he either didn't hear or didn't care.

The Turtle slowly walked through the forest stopping every so often to chew on the bark of trees or rest. For Sora, the Turtle moved at an infuriatingly slow pace. But he was firmly planted on the shell.

The hours dragged on and the sun which was once in the sky was replaced by a silver moon.

Scary shadows were drawn by the moon's light, but Sora couldn't hide or even walk away faster. He was bound to the Turtle and he was no rush.

Eventually, the Turtle made it out of the Forest and onto the beach of a huge lake. The Turtle walked along the beach for a good half hour before he turned towards the water.

"Wait to turn around Turtle!" Sora tried to plead with him. In his flower state, he would surely drown. But the Turtle never listened and continued into the water. The slow pace made Sora's nerves worse. He kept on trying to move but he was no closer to moving than before.

As the Turtle stepped deeper into the water finally reaching the tip of the shell the Turtle he began to swim and move at least four times faster than walking on land.

Sora relaxed a little, he was simply going to be ferried across the lake. Then suddenly without warning the Turtle dove down fully submerging Sora.

As soon as the water hit Sora's flower body he began to transform back into a human. Starting with his roots turned to his toes and his leaves turned back into hands. Finally, the flower petals turned back into human hair and he was fully human again. He swam back to shore.

On the shore, he looked at the reflection in the water to see he his hair was still a bit yellow and petal-looking but other than that and a bit of green in his veins he looked perfectly normal as if he hadn't just been transformed into a flower several hours ago. He was surprisingly not hungry even though he hadn't eaten since breakfast. Maybe he had used photosynthesis, he kind of remembered that from school but he didn't think he could spell it if he tried.

The was still something off. Something felt weird and not normal. Maybe It was his arm, it did feel heavier than it normal. When he looked over his shoulder he saw the caterpillar's cocoon. It was still on the back of his arm and maybe it was just because he changed form, but it looked bigger too.

He stood for a second hoping the Cheshire cat would come to point him to his next destination, but he never came.

With nowhere to go, he walked in the direction of the moon.