Star Wars Legacy

Chapter 1

A Different Prophecy

A Jedi Fighter fly's through the air over a lush jungle top. It lands near off in a small plain. Ben Skywalker walks out to find a small path leading into the jungle.

"Stay here R2," Ben Says "I'll be back shortly."

"Bwooo" R2D2 beeps, knowing of what Ben is searching for. Ben begins to enter the jungle, the land appearing as if he is being swallowed by a wild creature. After a long and painful search through out the jungle, he comes apon a small hut. Within that hut, was writing on the walls. It was in blood.

Ben could sense that it was blood and wisdom of the first Jedi. It wrote, "What you seek was never in front of you, nore behind you, it's in you."

Ben instantly knew what it meant, that he would have to go to a deep meditational state for what he wanted. And so he did.

Chapter 2

Light and Dark

Meanwhile, in an unknown part of the galaxy, Darth Caedus was in the middle of a Dark Side telepathy with an unknown sith.

" So." he says, "What did you need me for?"

"The Prophecy." The Unknown figure says.

"What?! What Prophecy!?" He demanded. He had never sensed any other prophecy other than the one of Jedi bringing Balance.

"That's what I want to know." The Figure says. "There is a prophecy that has been told to say how there will a new kind of balance. It said to be only accessed by two brothers, one Jedi, one sith.

"Ben." Ceadeus said. His real name was Jason Skywalker. He was the brother of Ben, which he has seen since Ben filed a galactic restraining order.

To Be Continued