"Ed" I called

"Yes A" Edward answered

"Is Bella dead, like actually dead"

"Yes, Why would you ask"

"Ed I'm her twin I know when something is wrong".

"A magical powers are fake"

I rolled my eyes. I knew Bella was not dead, I could feel it. But why is she still cold. When Bella gets hurt I get a fire in my body where she was hurt. 3 days ago everything burned. I was confused. Then she went cold. She was still alive but not herself. I decided I was going to prove to Ed that Bella was alive.

Edward's POV

Austin was a difficult person to figure out. Like Bella I couldn't read his mind. But it went on. Alice couldn't see his future, Jasper couldn't do anything, and Me I couldn't read his mind. I wondered if he would make a good vampire. I don't know though. I believe he should know the truth myself but my family they would maybe be on my side.

"Bella" I called

"Yes" she replied

"Your brother knows your not dead"

"I know"


"Yes we have this weird twin thing, I can communicate with him from far away, I haven't yet but I should"

"Bella no"


"Because that puts his life in danger"


Thanks for reading. Next chapter will have more action. I am just building it up.