I'm back after some soul searching I realized that this isn't me I don't do that slice of life bullshit. I respect people who cam but it's just not my thing. The Infamous 1 is back now some ass is going to get kick. Okay this is the reboot of my recently made fic Little Shop in Nerima same rules apply manga, anime and first movie are over Ova's and Movie 2 are still in play.

Change in Career

"SHAMPOO WAIT FOR ME!" shouted the semi-blind martial artist known as Mousse.

"I am not running this is a tactical retreat." a buxom young purple haired amazon Shampoo reassured herself for a tenth time as she jumping from building to building racing the clock. She had just finished making a delivery when dark clouds started forming. Rather than risk the rain the amazon began roof hopping just as her "friend" Mousse showed up demanding a date.

Knowing she was in between a rock and a hard place Shampoo decided to head straight home to avoid the rain. "But first to get rid of Mousse." the amazon thought. Noticing Mousse didn't have his glasses on the purplenette went into action. Jumping between the next buildings landing in the alley watching as a spec of white went right onto the next building.

"Finally." she said to herself as she walked out of the alley.

"SHAMPOO I GO OUT WITH ME!" Mousse shouted as he ran down across the roof tops only to jump down onto the street chasing after a girl wearing a purple hood on her head.

"Sigh stupid Mousse." the amazon sighed in annoyance as she looked for a place to avoid the upcoming storm. Looking around she sees that all the stores as far as the eye could see were all closed, either the lights were out or a closed signs were flipped. "Grrr stupid customer want food just before close." Just as she began her sprint back to The Neko.

Just as her destination was in sight something caught her eye her great grandmother was dragging something into the shop. "Hmmm what great grandmother doing?" Shampoo thought only to shrug her shoulders figuring her great grandmother must have a good reason for what she was doing. The only thing that struck her as odd was that this was the first time her grandmother has ever done this.

In all the time she known her Shampoo learned one very important thing about her grandmother and it was there was always an end game. Either something she wanted or needed she always was working some kind of angle to get it. Deciding this was thoughts for another time Shampoo dashed towards her home before things go wet and furry.

Nekohanten Kitchen

The air in the kitchen was tense as the two occupants stared each other down one a young man wearing a white short-sleeve hooded jacket with black trim. Under it was a black t-shirt that still displayed his muscular frame, light grey cargo pants and ironically black kung-fu slippers. The things that stuck out the most was the silver sacred bead hanging around his neck. And the black bands around his wrists, and ankles.

The other being an elderly woman whose best years were clearly behind her wearing a green long sleeve dress. "You're healing nicely." Cologne said finally breaking the silence.

"Thanks for not leaving me passed out in the middle of the alley. You know the one you beat me into." youth said sarcastically. Looking up from his chair seeing the elder who strangely enough was balancing on a stick.

"Oh no problem young one." the elderly woman said with a smirk. Looking at the youth before her Cologne couldn't help but think about what led to this chance encounter.

Flashback hours ago

"ACK!" shouted a figure just after crashing into a wall.

Standing in a dark alley were to figures one was of an older miniature stature holding a long stick this being none other than Colonge. The one across from her was a younger male currently taking a knee glaring at the women across from him.

"So are you ready to accept my proposal."

"Damn lady all because I wanted to open a ramen shop. And what do you mean proposal you just kicked me into this alley and demand I don't open a ramen shop." the young man said while rising to his feet.

"It's a dog eat dog world and there are more than enough ramen shops in the area."

"Yeah I'll keep that in mind." the young man growled out as he rose to his feet getting into his stance.

The Stanger charges in straight at Colonge before going into a zig-zag pattern before shooting off a right punch that Cologne jumped over. While in the air she uses her stick to bounce onto the wall and smack the stranger across the face.

"Huff... okay...puff...that one hurt." the stranger gasped out wiping the blood from his mouth.

"Maybe now you'll listen to reason." Cologne calmly said before her eyes widen in shock as the stranger practically teleported from his original spot to just above Cologne with a devastating axe kick. The matriarch just barely jumped out of the way causing the kick to instead shatter the ground below.

"Yeah not really." the stranger smirk despite the fact he was clearly not only on the losing end, but also the last leg of the fight. "I mean what could you have on me I've seen you use chi, that fast punching thing, you somehow made the wall explode by poking it. I mean how did you even do that? But yeah I think you're out of tricks."

Cologne could only could only chuckle as she slowly raised her staff. "Sonny boy could begin to fathom the tricks I have up my sleeve." once those words were spoken Cologne slammed her staff into the ground causing ripples to appear under the stranger causing him to sink into the ground mid-thigh.

"Oh you've mastered an element." the stranger said crestfallen with his arms up in defense.

"Not just one." she then slammed her staff into the ground shooting a number of baseball sized rocks out of the ground. She then jumped back and released an open palm strike into the air sending the rocks at a lighting fast pace.

The rocks rocketed into the stranger braking through his defense and a number slamming into his upper body sending him into the wall behind him. "Okay you win." he groaned out before falling onto his face.

"Glad we came to an understanding." Cologne said while hoping away only to stop to turn to the young man once more. "Young man I do have one question, what is your name?"

Choosing to ignore the after he was just beaten into the ground by someone who knew he was opening a noodle shop but didn't know his actual name.

"It's...Kazuma..…Kazuma Hishigaki oh god I didn't see that last attack coming. Ah can you teach how to do that?" he managed to groan out before passing out.

"Maybe." Cologne said mostly to herself as made her way home only stopping to look at her hand as it slightly shook. She then grabbed Kazuma's jacket dragging him down the empty streets of Nerima.

Flashback End

"So the question is why did you bring me here?"

"Why I did that is the question?" she said with a smirk.

Feeling uneasy the young man attempts to get up. "Okay if we're just going to play twenty question they I'm out of here." the youth said only to get smacked back into the chair thanks to Cologne's staff.

"Oh not so fast young one I have a proposition you might like." Cologne said looking the youth up and down. "How would you like a job?"

"WHAT?! Isn't me having a job what caused you to go all Grand Master on me?!" Kuzuma shouted in shock.

"No you miss understand like I said earlier it is a dog eat dog world I can't let any competition even attempt to leak its way onto my turf. But if there were to be a merger of sorts then things will be little different." Cologne explained.

"You know I'm not getting my deposit back right."

"I'm willing to reimburse half." this only angered Kuzuma first this random woman beats him into the ground then she tries to act all buddy buddy. Hell No!

"Alright you crazy old bit..."

"Great Grandmother I home!" shouted a voice from the entrance.

Looking out over the counter into the dining area following the voice. Getting a full view of the person Kazuma couldn't help but due a double take. Standing there was a young beautiful girl of clear Chinese descent. This particular girl stood out for two good reasons the first was hair which was purple and due to her height Kazuma could tell it was natural.

The other thing was that this girl was the definition of stacked don't get him wrong Kazuma had seen a number of busty girls not only in his travels. This girl however clocked most of them with breasts that stretched her light blue blouse to a whole new level bouncing with each breathe she took. He could help but wonder what she looked like from the back.

Quickly regaining his sense Kazuma noticed how the girl looked outside as if looking for someone to jump out. "So running awa... tactical retreat." Kazuma began talking only to immediately change the moment the began to glare him. "Uh Hi I'm Kazuma. I guess I kinda might be working here." the youth introduced himself as he walked into the dining room.

"Ni hao I Shampoo." the now named Shampoo responded with an uneasy smile.

Kazuma merely raised an eyebrow as he looked at the girl. "I'm guessing your main language is Chinese?" Kazuma asked in Mandarin to a very surprised Shampoo who up until now no one in Japan seemed to speak even a bit of Chinese.

Which now that she thought about it, it seemed kind of offensive that despite living in Nerima as long as she did no one even attempted to learn the language.

"Uh..." Shampoo began as she looked out and saw not only was the rain slowly started to come down but also bit of white was coming in the direction of the shop.

Noticing the look on young girls face and then the white speck charging in Kazuma put two and two together. "Behind the counter." was all Kazuma said only to receive a nod by the Amazon as she jumped behind the counter.

"SHAMPOO MY LOVE I HAVE FINALLY FOUND YOU!" the male known to everyone but Kazuma as Mousse shouted as he burst through the door.

"Uuuhhh I might not work here but I think were closed." Kazuma responses gesturing to the closed sign.

Pulling the glasses off the top of his head and putting them on Mousse not that he cared noticing that the young man's claim was right. "Where is Shampoo!" the annoyed Mousse growled while grabbing Kazuma by his collar.

"Well there should be some upstairs if you need any I mean your hair is really long. What do you use Suave, Dove, or Head and Shoulders?"

Not getting the answer he wanted Mousse shot his fist forward going with the same tactic he used on Ranma when they first met. However, much to his and Shampoo who was peeking over the counter shock, all it did was move Kazuma's face to the side.

"Oh my, would you look at that," Kazuma said sarcastically, "I commend you for at least making me move my head to the side a bit. Now as an act of good faith, let me show you what a real punch feels like."

With that Kazuma launched a fist into Mousse's gut, making the weapon user double over as he felt his insides liquefy. Mousse was then grabbed by his hair and pulled outside into the light drizzle of the streets he was tossed into the air just as Kazuma brought the back of his heel into his side. Mousse with all of his strength slowly lifted up his head to look at the one who did this. Any anger however was immediately drop upon looking into eyes of the no longer calm stranger but with of that of an enraged demon.

"This is your only free pass try this type of shit again I'll really show you the gap in skill between us." Kazuma threaten in a low growl. He then cocked his foot back and with the force of bullet train shot it into Mousse face sending him into the night sky.

To say Shampoo was shocked would be an understatement never in the time she's known Mousse was he ever subdued so quickly. Not even Ranma could do this despite fighting Mousse so many times that he had his attack pattern down by heart.

"So was that the only problem or is there something else?" Kazuma asked walking back inside. The wide eyed amazon could only nod in a trance like state as she walked out of the room up to her room.

Cologne couldn't help but smile as she watched the teens interact more particularly at Kuzuma. Between his language skills, and fighting abilities she was even more dedicated on getting this boy under her tutelage. Noticing the way he looked at her granddaughter a smirk made its way onto her face.

Truth be told things had gotten pretty boring since the failed wedding what with the Tendo's and Saotome's avoiding her and her group like the plague. Ironic all the techniques that have not only saved Ranma's life but both families multiple times.

"Upstairs second door to your right, your stuff will be there."

Kuzuma wordlessly walks up the stairs before stopping half way. "I have no real choice in this situation do I, if I'm gonna live in this town it's either work for you or get tossed out."

"Seems your learning already."

"Let's just hope I learn something useful."

"Sigh good thing I don't throw anything out." Kazuma said to himself as he sat on "his room" playing his SNES. "So you feeling better?" he asked without looking behind him only hearing light steps coming towards the room.

"Yes been long day, Shampoo just needed AIYA THAT MORTAL KOMBAT!" the amazon squealed completely forgetting about anything earlier.

"Hell yeah I got this both Mario's, the newest Street Fighter, Zeldaaaaaaaaaaa." Kazuma was a loss for words as he finally turned around eyes going wide as he turned to the voice. The voice belonging to no other than the beautiful girl with the unique colored hair. Now that Kazuma got a good look at said purplenette he could honestly say this girl was the definition of Curvy. The tight t-shirt and matching pants clung to her like a second skin.

Shampoo smiled a bit as she noticed her new won't say friend staring at her, her pride as a woman going up a bit as she felt proud that this powerhouse was checking her out. Truth be told the amazon had been feeling kind of self-conscious as of late this was due to the fact that her fiancée continues to ignore her in favor of let's face it a far less attractive girl both physically .

Kazuma quickly snapped out of his daze as he tore his eyes away from Shampoo and her body. "O-Oh I ah got an extra controller if you want to play."

Within seconds Shampoo instantly appeared on the bed second controller in hand. And so began one of the longest gaming binges in Nerima history. While playing every game in Kazuma's collection twice they spent that time getting to know each other. They talked about martial artist, life, past relationships, the town of Nerima, heck Kazuma even learned Shampoo's real name.

But you know what they say all good things must come to an end as exhaustion eventually overcame the duo.

"I hate mornings." was the only thought in Shampoo's head as she wobbly rose to her feet after only getting a short two hour nap before rushing to her room as both she and her new friend Kazuma needed to get ready for work.

The previous night had been one of the most fun Shampoo had had in a long time if the smile on her face was a clear insight to the night she had. Ranma would always run off before she could ask, Mousse would have thought too much into it and she didn't want to multi task playing the game and keeping him off of her. And while she had nothing against Ukyo, Akane would be the last person she would ask for/to do anything, it was nice to finally have someone to play video games with.

She knew she looking forward having Kazuma to work with, not only to play but to see just how strong he really was. If what from there talk and what he did to Mousse was any indication to his strength then he must be a very powerful martial artist.

"YYYYaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn morning Great Grandmother!" shouted the ever bubbly amazon.

BONK! Was the only sound in the room as a wooden stick struck Shampoo's head flooring the young amazon?

"Child that was for not only staying up all night but also for keeping me up half the night with all of your noise." she chided.

"Sorry Great Grandmother Shampoo made new friend." Explained the downed Great Grandchild.

"Oh so it seems you like the new help?" Cologne asked truth be told she didn't except the two to hit it off but yeah her granddaughter made a new friend so who was she to complain.

Shampoo then spent the next few minutes describing her new friend Kazuma such as his bilingualism, his adventures and especially his strength what with way he defeated Mousse. She was so into her tale that she failed to notice the smirk that quickly appeared and vanished on her grandmother's face.

"Really he defeated Mousse with two hits that's impressive, especially since Mousse since coming to Nerima had become an extremely skilled martial artist. If someone was able to defeat him so quickly he must be stronger than Ryoga." Cologne said while rubbing her chin while on the inside using all her willpower to keep from laugh.

"Alright dear we will be opening soon so grab Mousse and

Shampoo merely nodded as she slowly made her way to her feet still rubbing her head.

"Hmm this could be interesting." Cologne smiled at the fun she would have fun watching this new player enter the game.

Chapter End

First before anyone says anything you should two things: First Shampoo did get a good look at Kazuma when she first saw him and second she did not know Cologne was in the kitchen watching earlier. She knew he worked there but figure he just applied through normal means.