I do not own Ranma 1/2 cause if I did the women would have been stronger I mean seriously Shampoo was the champion of her generation yet the still down play her abilities.

"Order up two pork ramen!" shouted Cologne from the kitchen as two bowls came flying out.

The bowls soared through the air only to land in the awaiting hands of Kazuma who delivered the order with a smile. That smile however faded the moment he was out of the customers sight this wasn't caused by annoyance oh no this was a different feeling it was boredom.

It has been about two weeks since his forced employment and those weeks were filled with training be it in the restaurant or in the lot behind it. And while that would have been fine in itself if he had been allowed to actually leave the Neko at all. Being forced by Cologne to learn every event in Nerima's history since the Saotome's arrival whoever they are.

Point was things were getting boring and while Shampoo was fun and a half descent sparring partner she became a few points less attractive since finding out she was engaged. (Cologne had "neglected" to explain Shampoo's relationship status.)

"RRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!" His thoughts were interrupted with the ringing of the phone.

Seconds later Cologne walked into the kitchen carrying a to-go box. "Mousse delivery!" she shouted while tossing the box through the air.

"Actually Cologne I got this." Kazuma said grabbing the box in mid-air.

"Really Kazuma do you really think I should, what's your end game?" Cologne said eyeing Kazuma suspiciously.

"Come on I'm just getting a little stir-crazy you know, I mean come on its two weeks I think I can be trusted to not run amuck." Kazuma said with a straight face which was impressive considering the way Cologne was eyeing him.

"This address, 10 minutes don't be late." Cologne while handing him a piece of paper.

"You got it!"

Three minutes later

"Well that was easy." was the only thought in Kazuma's mind as he roofed jumped his way back to the Neko. "I thought I'd at least find something to do."

"Grab her boys!"

"Get off me! Let me go!"

Voices shouted drawing Kazuma's who quickly duck behind a chimney. Looking down he sees about a dozen or so street punks dragging away a struggling girl.

"Danm broad daylight and not a single cop. What a waste of tax money." Kuzuma thought as he followed the group from the shadows.

Abandoned Warehouse

Today had not been a good day for one Nabiki Tendo first she was rudely awaken because Akane and Ranma just had to get into an argument. Next Akane threw a bucket of water at Ranma hitting her as she walked by (granted she was wearing Akane's top but that was beside the point).

She went out to collect some money from some guy who lost a bet to her. Unfortunately in the span of what... three days this guy had formed a street gang to thought the best way out of paying a debt get rid of the person you owe money to. Currently she standing in the middle of warehouse surrounded by this new gang with her hands held high above her head.

Which has led her to her current situation. "So are going to pay me or is this going to get messy Kenny." Despite the seriousness of the situation she still to be in control.

"It's Kenta and I don't think you're in any position to make threats." the leader now known as Ken growled in annoyance while pulling her forward by her cheeks.

"Little boy I don't you know the situation you're in. You see this is Nerima where you can't go two minutes with something blowing by some crazy martial artist. And did you know that I live with one of the biggest chaos magnet around. So how about you be a good boy and let me go and give my money." Nabiki chided as if speaking to a child.

"Where are all those big bad martial artist now?" Kenta asked darkly as he pulled Nabiki's face toward his own. "You see boys despite all the talk no one's coming to save her, I say we show her where she really stands!" as if on que the moment those words left his mouth the gang of twenty pulled out a number of weapons ranging from bats to knives.

This act of dark camaraderie brought smile on Kenta's face which only grew at the look of worry that formed on Nabiki. The smile became more sinister the moment he looked down at the Tendo girl's rather large endowments.

Pulling out his own pocket knife Kenta lightly stabs into it and cutting into it from the base to her collar snapping her bra in the process. "But first I say we have some fun." as he said this he grabbed both sides of Nabiki's shirt slowly pulling it apart.

"Ah you guys having a party and didn't invite me!" shouted a voice from above. Looking up the gang plus one captive saw a young man standing on one of railings.

Looking down at the group Kazuma couldn't help but smirk. "Well you guys seem well armed, all for just one girl isn't she special."

"I don't know who you are but you get out of here before we make you wish you had!" Kenta growled raising his knife in Kazuma's direction.

"Well that depends you page-boy are you into this, like is this a sex thing or are you in danger, I'm asking cause you know people are into some weird things?"

"No no no I'm in trouble so feel free to help!" Nabiki quickly shouted hoping this guy could be of some use.

"Okay boys you heard the lady, so that leaves you two options let her go and you can all go home without a limp or you can temp fate and see what happens. And truth be told I'm hoping you'll pick the second one." Kazuma said as he jumped off the railing landing firmly on the ground.

The gang stared in shock at what just happened not just the vague threat but also the fact that this new guy just survived a 50 foot drop without even stumpling.

"Don't let him scare ya boys there's like twenty of us and one of him!" Kenta shouted to raise moral which had the desired affect.

With theirs spirits renewed the gang quickly shouted in unison as they charged at the martial artist.

Fight Scene

The first to make it was one of the ones wielding a bat which he swung with he swung as hard as he could toward Kazuma's mid-section. The attack never connected as Kazuma jumped back just out of the swing zone before pulling the bat with the thug still attached into an awaiting snap-kick flooring him.

Completely ignoring their fallen comrade two of the smaller boys each wielding a knife came at Kazuma one on each side only for Kazuma jump in the air performing a split kick to the duo.

Now tired of playing defense Kazuma dashes at the gang leg sweeping one of them before jumping into the air delivering a round house to another. He then threw a series of jabs at a number of thugs ending with an uppercut at the last one.

Without even looking he ducked under a pipe swing before preforming a butterfly kick on the same goon.

Kenta stood in shock at the display before him sure had heard about the powerful martial artist that frequented Nerima but hearing about it and seeing it were two different things. Looking to his captive he could only see Nabiki smirking smugly at her captive as if she had planned all this.

"You should have just payed up."

Kenta could only growl in annoyance as he watched as his group was quickly being defeated.

"Okay I'm done, I tried trust me I did but I am bored shitless over this." Kazuma said as he avoided a wild haymaker and shot an elbow into the thugs gut. "So I'm just gonna end this." with that said Kazuma jumped away from the gang while putting his hands in his pockets. "Last chance to get out of here."

While most looked ready to run one look from their "leader" and some of his lackeys in the group told them it was either fight or something worse could happen to them. In a sense they were between a rock and a hard place.

Noticing the group continued to simply stand in place and watch Kazuma merely shrugs his shoulders. "Okay your call." was all he said before faded from existence causing the people in the room to go wide eyed.

"Okay this guy is good." Nabiki thought to herself. While not the greatest martial arts analyst Nabiki knew a thing or two such as the fact she could no long see him met he could turn invisible or move at a speed that most couldn't see. Her thoughts were answered for her when seconds later he reappeared only for aside from Kenta the remaining gang to fall into unconsciousness. "Hmm guess he's just fast."

"Well that was mildly entertaining, so you ready to let her go? I kind of got to get back to work soon." Kazuma said with a smirk clearly enjoying the shocked looks on the faces of the capture and captee.

Fight Scene End

Kenta could only stare in shock at the display of power shown before him there was no way to explain what he was seeing. The youth could only start to sweat the moment he saw this new guy disappear only to reappear with the rest of his guys on the ground not getting up anytime soon.

Seeing no other option Kenta pulled out his knife and pressed it to Nabiki's throat. "O-okay this is what's gonna happen you're going to leave or she gets it." he threaten with a shaky hand as he continued to sweat.

"Uh new guy if your gonna do something I would appreciate I you do it now cause this guy seems a tad unstable?" Nabiki cringed unplessantly with the knife being to close for comfort.

"Hhhmmm I could do a number of things right now, but um I think I got just the thing." Kazuma said while closing his eyes.

Seconds began to tick by as the martial artist stood in place, he said nothing he did nothing heck he was so still the two weren't even sure he was breathing.

Time ticked away as the stranger continued to stand there eyes closed completely motionless.

"Okay I have no idea what I'm seeing, is he asleep, meditating or what?" Kenta asked Nabiki who could only shrug her shoulders in response. "Well since he's out how about we get back to business?" he asked suggestively with a dark grin on his face as his hand reached out for Nabiki's breast.

Nabiki could only pale while closing her eyes as it seemed her savior was no longer able to save her. She expected the feeling of being forcibly groped would be unpleasant, like eating something you're allergic to, or seeing a drunk salary man passed out on the ground. But that feeling never came, instead she heard a voice.

"It's called the Splitting Cat Hairs not the most useful if you know how it works but if you don't, well I guess you could say it's a difference maker."

Opening her eyes to voice the middle sees her savior was now next to her capturer grasping his arm in a vice like grip making him drop to the floor. Then with a quick jerk said arm was snapped in two.

"AAAAAHHHmmmmmmhhhhhh!" Kenta began to scream only for Kazuma to cover his mouth.

"While most people would make a speech about not kidnapping girls I don't have enough context to make that speech nor would even really care. So I'm just gonna knock you out." Kazuma told Kenta while pushing a pressure point on his arm.

Rather than saying anything Kazuma turned around and began walking away.

"Hey a little help!?" Nabiki shouted to the retreating martial artist.

"I already loosened it just tug on it." he responded as he continued to walk only to stop when he heard the girl struggling with her bindings. Rolling his eyes in annoyance Kazuma turns around walks up to Nabiki, grabs the robes and with a light tug snaps it in two.

A smirk makes a way on her face Nabiki begins walking to Kenta while rubbing her wrist. "Thanks for the help don't even know how you even knew I was in trouble." she said as she bent down searching Kenta's pockets, she then processed to do the same to all of his lackeys.

Minutes later Nabiki turned the martial artist "So does my hero have a name." Nabiki said with a smirk which only grew when she realized his eyes were looking down a little lower then he should.

"Eyes up here tough Guy." a smirking Nabiki said before sticking out her hand just to receive a low five by Kazuma.

"OUCH! No I mean your jacket!" Nabiki shouted while shaking her stinging hand.

The martial artist simply gave her a look of disinterest which was soon replaced with one of indifference which did little to hide the annoyance he was feeling. "Yeah no."

"What you would allow a young maiden to walk the streets in this state. I mean come on you see the size of my girls, there not exactly easy to hide." Nabiki explained while placing her arm under her chest emphasizing there size.

"Danm not as big as Shampoo's but definitely up there on the breast chart." Kazuma thought while admiring the middle Tendo's endowment. Quickly regaining his composure before he started to drool. "Why no take one of theirs it's not like any of them is gonna need them anytime soon."

"Really you want me to wear the jacket of one of these dirty greasy hoodlum." Nabiki mock squealed like a school girl.

Seeing her point even though he knew it was crap. "Sigh fine." Kazuma said before removing and passing said jacket before turning around.

"Oh what a gentlemen, I'm surprised you would waste the chance to see a hot young thing like me topless." Nabiki teased while changing.

"Oh Shut up." Kazuma grumbled in annoyance.

"Okay done, how do I look?"

Once hearing those words Kazuma turns only to stop in his tracks going wide eyed at the image now etched into his brain. There stood the girl he met less than an hour ago standing there in his jacket zipped up revealing a considerable amount of cleavage.

"Like what you see?" Nabiki purred seductively with a wink.

"Okay that's enough I'm out of here!" Kazuma shouted before turning around to leave only to stop when something grabs the back of his shirt.

"Oh no you don't I need someone to walk me home, and guess who I'm thinking about?" Nabiki asked with a wide smile.

"Really you can't get home on your own."

"I was literally just kidnapped, look me in the eye and tell me something bad couldn't happen again."

"Pffft fine lets go I still need to get back to work."

"Why thank you hero boy." Nabiki said while putting her hands in her pockets. "So does my hero have a name?" she asked while bumping him with her hip.

"Wait you don't even know my... Okay to be fair that's something we have in common. Names Kazuma Hishigaki."

"Well hello Kazuma I'm Nabiki Tendo." After introductions the duo began walking out of the warehouse and onto the streets of Nerima.

The walk to the Tendo Dojo was uneventful for the two which left ample time for said duo to get to know each other. Nabiki couldn't help but laugh at the shocked on Kazuma face once he heard about Ranma and his fiancé situation either it was out of jealousy or annoyance she didn't know. It was going well until one question plagued Kazuma's mind for most of the walk.

"Hey Nabs somethings been troubling me."
"The troubles gonna come if you call me Nabs again."

"So why you were those guys out there to begin with were you trying to join the gang or what?"

"No the leader owned me money and I came to collect. You've got to stay on top of debts you know it being a dog eat dog world you know."

"And why were you going out there collecting a debt without any muscle backing you up? Seems like a recipe for disaster?"

In the brief time she had known him Nabiki could honestly say that out of all the martial artist she had met in her time in Nerima... He scared her the most. Where the Ranma and the rest of the guys were strong they were for the most part wimps. Only a small handful of them would actually try to take a shot at her life. But Kazuma was different while he was a skilled fighter he seemed less concerned with the problems of others, less likely to fall for her BS and that worried her.

Deciding that this one was worth not making an enemy of she opted for the truth. "Well truth be told I'm not the most liked in the martial artist community." Nabiki could only smile at all the money she's made off the fighters in Nerima over the years.

"Hmm sucks to be you, so I suggest either learn to fight, get a gun or hire a bodyguard." Kazuma said causally.

"Is that an offer?" Middle Tendo asked with an "innocent" smile.

"Not particularly."

"Oh come I mean we are friends and what else do you have to do with your time?"

"I have a job."

"That you're not at right now. I mean it's clearly too late to actually go back without looking lazy."

"Cause I was out saving you?!"

"Exactly imagine all the time you'd save simply coming with me."

"I-I wait what!?" Kazuma then reluctantly sighed simply accepting that this girl wouldn't stop until he at least put some thought into a "friendship". "We'll talk later along with a fee."

"Oh thank you Kazuma you won't regret this! (Like hell I'm giving you any more than 5%)." Nabiki said thinking the last part. The glee at the thought of having this new muscle in her corner albeit he seemed likely to leave if crossed.

Deciding that a mere thanks wasn't enough Nabiki had a great idea speeding her arms out wide she turns to Kazuma and engulfs him in a hug. Kazuma was caught completely off guard by this action as well as the feeling of two large soft objects pressed against his chest. During this he completely missed the smirk on Nabiki's face.

"Oh my Nabiki did you make a new friend?" said a voice surprising the two.

"Oh hey sis, Kazuma this is my older sister Kasumi. Kasumi this is Kazuma not a friend, not an enemy but he can fight and can't stop checking me out." Nabiki explained smirking at the surprised look on Kasumi's face and the annoyed one on Kazuma's.

"Wow way to get my whole background in one broad stroke." Kazuma responded sarcastically before extending his hand. "Hey Kasumi nice to meet you. And my I say beauty must run in the family." he said with wink.

"Oh my." was all a blushing Kasumi said completely caught off guard by the flirting. "Would you like some tea?" she said trying to regain her composer.

"I'd like that but I unfortunately I have to get back to work." with those words Kazuma began walking away only to stop and take on last look at the Tendo sisters. "Come by the Neko if either of you want to hang out, it'll be nice talking to someone in my age group that has master the use of Japanese pronouns." he laughed before roof hopping away.

"Well he seems fun." Kasumi chuckled as she walked back into the house.

"Yeah sis he is going to be fun."


"Hey I'm back!" was all Kazuma could say before being brought to the floor courtesy of a very annoyed Cologne.

"What took you so long?" Cologne asked as she processed to smack the downed martial artist once more.

"I got held up." Kazuma groaned in pain as he made his way to his feet.

"Did you at least make the delivery?" Cologne asked pogoing back into the kitchen.

"Yeah it wasn't that hard didn't know we could even deliver to a park bench." Kazuma said while following the Elder.

"This is Nerima the rules are different here."

"Actually Cologne I've been doing some thinking and I think I need to find my own place."

"Any particular reason why?"

"Mostly I'm not getting much sleep what with Mu-Tsu watching when he thinks I'm sleep. I mean just cause I'm laying down doesn't mean I'm sleeping."

"Well I can respect your decision so we'll talk about it, I still except you on time for and training no lollygagging." Cologne explained as she handed him a bowl of noodles.

"I got it." Kazuma grabbed the bowl making his way to one the customers. "One of these days were talking about that Shampoo, Ranma thing!" he shouted as he left.

"Hmm finally figured it out." Cologne chuckled as she watched the young martial artist move with an extra spring in his step.