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Mina gazed out her window. She waited for the son to rise. Morning would be coming soon.

She'd just seen Robin, or Damian, ask a bunch of bats about being bit by a vampire. Quite ironic, that of all people who could've been bit by a vampire it was the Batman's son. So unfortunate for the poor superhero, she was kinda starting to like him.

At least she knew the reason the visions were of Robin now. Mina had no idea how they were shown to her, nor why whoever the heck sent them choose her specifically. But, Mina did know that soon she would be entering the order. There she would carry out the same mission her family had for hundreds of years.

It was their missing to kill all vampires, and every other beast tormenting mankind.

She took a shakey breath. Mina still felt a pit in her stomach as she thought about the inevitable fate of the poor boy. For she'd something more personal and secret, yet humane and endearing than Damian's adventures as Robin or a vampire.

She'd seen his nightmare.

Damian thought over the events of the day before as he brushed his teeth. He had quite a lot of questions answered now, and could relax knowing the chances of him becoming a threat to other's were very small.

He might even-"Ow!"

One of his top teeth was sore. He opened his mouth and looked into the mirror. Sure enough the two teeth next to his carnivorous teeth had grown. That explains why my mouth was hurting earlier he thought.

They weren't quite fangs yet, but pretty darn close. Same for the bottom two. I'm only two or three nights away from going full vampire he thought. He dreaded that, but he knew there was nothing het could do to avoid it.

At least when he had real fangs he could retract them and replace them with regular teeth. That would make hiding the whole vampire thing easier.

He wondered how difficult it would be to keep it a secret. It shouldn't be too difficult, he did keep being Robin pretty low-key.

Then again, plenty of people knew his secret identity, and it wasn't like the ones who didn't were the ones he lived with.

Damian just hoped nothing would go wrong

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