A/N I forgot to mention, Damian Wayne in this story is probably around 14. The characterization might be a little closer to my Gotham fic where he's a little more mature and slightly nicer to everyone, though part of that can be mainly attributed to him being slightly older than most versions.

Alfred walked down the hallway of Wayne Manor not thinking of anything much. It seemed to be a normal morning in Wayne Manor, well, as normal as mornings ever were in Wayne Manor.

The sound of tapping on wood drew Alfreds attention. He turned a corner to find the youngest Wayne holding on to his door frame. Alfred might've noticed the poor kid looked paler than normal had he not been paying much more attention to Damian's poor balance.

Damian held his fist up to his mouth "Alfred..." he wheezed.

Alfred looked at his watch. 8:15. When they had as late a night as Damian had, the boys rarely got up before 9:00 the next day. Damian must've been feeling really miserable in bed for him to be up this early.

Damian regained his ability to speak. "Alfred, I'm not going to be able to get down the stairs" he said. Then Damian swallowed and placed his hand on his stomach.

Alfred gestured for him to get back into his bed. Apparently, Damian could barely walk three steps unsupported without toppling over. He was able to hold on to Alfred's arm to get back to his bed, though.

"I have an upset stomach" said Damian sounding miserable. That would explain Damian's trouble walking, numb limbs and poor coordination were a common side effect of an upset stomach, though Alfred had never had nor seen it to the extent Damian had.

He must have a pretty bad bug thought Alfred sympathetically.

"I will bring you a bucket, Master Damian" said Alfred, of course indirectly referencing Damian's temporary inability to walk properly. "Shall I also bring you breakfast?" he asked.

"I don't know," said Damian. "I'm hungry but I'm not sure if I can hold anything down".

"The sick-day breakfast package then?" asked Alfred. Alfred swore he saw a faint smiled of gratitude appear on Damian's face, if only for a second.

"That would be great" said Damian. Alfred turned to walked out of the room but stopped as Damian asked "Alfred?".

"Yes Master Damian?" replied Alfred.

"Can you hand me my laptop?" asked Damian pointing with his shaky right arm at his desk. Alfred then did so.

Alfred left the room to first take care of the sick superhero and then do his other jobs. It really wasn't much of a surprise to find the latest Robin ill this morning. The previous night he'd been out very late and had returned not well at all for no clear reason. He didn't have any serious injuries yet he seemed, shaken almost. Anyway, no surprise at all he was sick.

Didn't he have bandages on his right arm where he was cut? Alfred realized. Damian didn't have bandages on his right arm when he pointed to his laptop. Must've been his left arm Alfred decided, and then went on with his morning.

Tim heard dozens of bats making much louder than normal sounds. Tim slowly raised his head, neck shrieking and screaming in pain, benefits of sleeping on a hard desk, I suppose. Then Tim opened his eyes, fighting the protests of his eyelids which had the support of his tired brain and aching muscles.

Odd for the bats to be this close to this part of the batcave, he noted.

The pounding sound of someone running up the stairs was audible and reached a crescendo when whoever it was must've jumped on the last step and slammed the door closed.

Tim Drake stretched out. Then he got up and walked towards the stairs.

May as well go back to sleep in my bed he thought.

He slugged up stairs into the manor. When he was in the kitchen he caught site of one of the clocks. A very early morning it was for Tim Drake, it was just after 6:00.

In the hallway Tim noticed Damian's door wide open, a little unusual for Damian I guess. If there was one thing Tim Drake was good at, it was deduction.

The door had recently been pushed open by someone in a rush to get inside. Tim could tell from the way it was swinging. There didn't appear to be an emergency going on inside and Tim didn't really care enough to investigate any further. At least not when he was this tired anyway.

Tim found his way to his own room, snuggled in his bed and within a few seconds he was out cold.

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