Welcome to PJO Dimensional Differences a series of one-shots that could end up as stories if enough people want it to happen, now these one-shots are based on what would happen if certain OCs I've created or have been sent in by my friends or people on here

Now that that's out of the way lets get to the story

Blind Arrival


It was the first thing he felt as he regained consciousness, it wasn't the first time he'd woken up like this and it certainly wouldn't be the last, but this time it was different as he could feel snow beneath him and hear wind blowing through the leaves in the trees above him. He couldn't remember how he got where ever he was, but the last thing he remembered was fighting a small group of goblins and wolves before falling into a pool of liquid and passing out, in response to the sudden memory he squeezed his hands before his eyes widened in fear as he realized his hands were empty before they shot out searching for his "safety blanket". Ignoring the cold biting at his hands as he moved them across the snow-covered ground, he moved around until one of his hands bumped against a soft cloth rapped wooden sheath.

Snatching it from the ground he held it to his body before grabbing the hilt of the sheathed sword. Pulling it free ever so slightly he brushed his finger across the cold metal with a relieved sigh before sliding the blade back into place.

He sat there like the for a few moments before he picked up on voices coming from the right. Pushing himself from the ground he started walking towards the noise while holding the sheathed blade in front of him to provide forewarning of trees and other such obstructions.

After a couple of minutes of walking and a few close calls he finally arrived close to the voices, from the amount he could hear he could assume most were female with maybe three males. He stood behind one of the trees, listening to the large group as he tried to figure out where he was, however several terms used were foreign to him causing great confusion to run through his young brain.

He continued to listen, trying to piece together his location in the world only to yelp in surprise and fear when a hand landed on his shoulder. "What are you doing boy" a feminine voice asked from beside him as clutched the sheathed blade in fear.

He didn't respond, he kept quite hoping the person beside him would leave him alone, only for his wish to remain unanswered as the hand on his shoulder tightened and the person stepped in front of him. "I asked you a question boy and I expect an answer" the person asked again as he tried to keep his fear hidden and remained silent.

The person in front of him apparently got fed up with his silence because the hand on his shoulder suddenly moved to the bandages covering his eyes and tore them off "open your eyes boy" the person said with slight bit of venom in their voice. With some hesitation he opened his eyes and looked towards the person before him, only to see a pure black void before him.

(P.O.V Change)

The Huntress stared at the dull unseeing red orbs before her in surprise and slight curiosity. Looking the small child up and down she took note of his pale skin, white tee-shirt, and grey cargo pants as well as the plain looking katana he held against his body. What really grabbed her attention was the fact the he looked malnourished and had barely noticeable scars on his arms and legs.

She watched as the small boy reached towards her right hands general location before she realized he was trying to find the bandages she had taken from him. Using her unoccupied hand, she reached over and grabbed his wrist causing the boy to freeze before she gently put the bandages into his hand. She then let go of his arm and watched as he wrapped the cloth around his eyes to hide them from view before he looked in her general direction.

With a light sigh she thought over what to do before grabbing the boy by the wrist and dragging into the camp towards her leaders' tent to find out what to do.

(P.O.V. Change)

He didn't know what to do as he was dragged towards the voices, he was nervous about what was going to happen when they arrived at their destination.

When they got within a certain distance of the voices, they went silent and he could feel multiple pairs of eyes staring at him with distaste causing him to subconsciously pull the sheathed blade closed to his heart as he felt the soothing presence from within it. However, the pulling suddenly came to a stop and the sound of muffled conversation could be heard before it was over taken by knocking.

A muffled confirmation of entry was heard before the sound of a tent opening was heard as heat suddenly flooded his cold body with a soothing warmth. When he finally started paying attention to the conversation being held the first thing, he heard was a sudden male snarl. "Where did you get that child" the male voice said while a female gasp was heard as well as a slight shuffle of movement before he was snatched away from the original person who found him and dragged closer to the male as he felt gentle hands move across his arms seemingly checking for wounds.

"I found him near the edge of camp, Milady he's blind so I brought him here, so you could decide what to do with him" the person who brought him here said as she seemingly ignored the male's question as the hands receded from his skin.

Suddenly a new voice cut into the conversation, holding a tone of both royalty and power as it spoke. "Very well, child what is your name?" the voice commanded and for the first-time sense arriving in this unknown plane of existence the he spoke.


Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed and i might continue this with small scenes every now and then