So I'm back with a new story! This doesn't mean I'm giving up on 'The girl in the woods' (my other story) I just had this idea pop into my head. I was inspired after reading a whole bunch of writing prompts that all sort of merged into one. I hope you guys enjoy! I'm not sure how long this will end up being, I guess we'll see. Read on! :)

Katniss Everdeen clicked off the TV and chucked the remote to the other side of the couch with a sigh. Nothing was on. Nothing was there to distract her from this hollow pit of emptiness that consumed her day in and day out.

Gale was there of course, but he was at work half the time and even he couldn't solve what Katniss was feeling. She thought it was the death of her sister, but everyone told her that it wasn't. 'That happened years ago,' they said. 'You should be over it' they said. Yes, but I'm not. She felt like screaming. Some days were like pits of darkness that she couldn't get out of, and other days she felt completely fine, perfectly happy with her life. Her life was perfect, she should be happy.

But she wasn't. And she couldn't explain why.

She lived in a perfect, well-kept home in New York City, she was engaged to be married to a handsome, hardworking man she thought she loved, and she had a great job. But she couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing, out of place. Wrong. What was the point of her life?

Katniss shook her head to clear her thoughts and hopped off the couch. She wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans and took a deep breath. No, she couldn't be thinking about these things. She grabbed her empty coffee mug and moved into the kitchen. She rinsed her cup and put in in the dishwasher, keeping her mind only on the task she was doing. Methodical, meaningless movements were easy enough. She could clean, but her home was already spotless from the time she had already spent doing so.

She paced, she tried singing, she turned on the TV again. But nothing she tried today could stop her mind from wondering back to dark places. About why she felt so... empty. She grabbed her phone, 3 unread messages from Gale. He knew she was having one of her days. She stared at her home screen, a picture of her and Gale.

Gale. Tall, dark and handsome, brooding Gale. They had met in their Junior year of high school and had become best friends. A year later on their graduation day, he asked her to be his girlfriend. They'd been together ever since. After Katniss's life came crashing down following the accident that killed her parents and sister, he was there for her, she ran to him, but there was a part of her that never completely healed and got over the deaths of her family. A dark part of her that on days like this, crawled out to eat at her. Gale didn't understand this part of Katniss, but he tried. Eventually though after he finally understood that he couldn't help her, he would leave her alone and check on her every hour or so to make sure she was still okay.

She read the messages, typed a quick reply and set the phone down again. She looked down at her hand, where her engagement ring rested on her slender fourth finger; A simple white gold band with one small silver stone. It looked beautiful, yet Katniss, no matter how hard she tried, couldn't deny that it looked very out of place.

Her mind kept wondering, why did she feel as if she were missing pieces? Why did she feel as if she was still missing something, even though to most people her life seemed complete? She didn't have the answers to these questions that made her feel so uneasy. She knew she would never find the answers, and she tried dismissing them from her head, but they kept popping back in to wrestle her mind.

Fed up, Katniss grabbed her jacket, pulled on her boots and marched outside to her car. The frosty, late November air nipped at her cheeks and made her nose run. When she reached her car she hopped in and turned the heater on full blast. Maybe going for a drive would help settle her thoughts.
She drove, not knowing where she was going. She looked at Christmas lights, she saw typical city things.
But still, her mind would not stop turning over and over. Exhausted of this mental battle, she missed the red light, she didn't see the other car coming straight towards her, she didn't slam on her breaks.

Lights flashed, and glass shattered as the two cars rammed into each other. Two worlds collided.
Hazy and badly injured, four words registered in her mind before everything in Katniss Everdeen's world went black.

Find the missing pieces.