How's it hangin guys? Yet another chapter! As of right now me and Steelefan are discussing working on a special project together but that's all I'm gonna say right now! ENJOY THIS CHAPTER OF TSA! It's short but important!

Chapter 4: Game Plan

Balto and Kaltag ran straight to the boiler room to find dogs already discussing the whole 'missing heros' situation, as they are calling it. When Balto entered the room everyone turned around.

"Balto! You'll think of something won't you?" one dog asked

"I'm working on it yes"

"Thank god, everyone no need to worry, Balto is the smartest guy in Nome, if anyone can find them, it's him!" another dog stated and after that Balto was bombarded with "yeah!"s and "You got this Balto!" It was almost too much to handle so Balto went straight to facts.

"Look... listen.. Everyone.. All we know right now that is TRUE, is the fact that all these guys went missing around the same time. This could mean many things"

"Like what Balto?" a rottweiler with a deep voice asked.

"Well.. they could have all been together doing something and got lost or…"

"Or what?" Kaltag asked

"Or they were dognapped.." After Balto said this everyone gasped.

"Who would want to dognap those heroes?" A female asked

"Steele.." Balto and Kaltag said at the same time and the room lit up with the sound of voices debating what was just discussed.

"But listen.. There's no way he was able to take five dogs by himself. If Steele really did it he was helped and I have a hunch that his helper might be in this room." More gasps filled the room after Balto said this and everyone started looking around the room, crossing glances with one another and moving away from each other.

"Another good point is the fact that everyone was at the party last night so they could have been planning their move then." Kaltag added.

"Exactly" Balto said and him and Kaltag left the room as more debating started up.

"What should we do Balto? Should we find Steele and torture him until he gives us answers?" Kaltag asked and Balto's eyes went wide.

"What?" Kaltag added after seeing his reaction.

"Um.. how about we don't torture him? Besides we have no proof that it was him" Balto said looking down at his paws

"Yeah.. I guess you're right… So what do we do?"

"Well.. We have to FIND proof" Balto said and Kaltags head went up almost like a bulb turned on in his skull

"Ohhhhh.. I see! We're going to plant evidence on him! Genius!"

"No… Kaltag focus!.. We need to find out if he actually did it. And if he did.. THEN we question him." Balto said and just then a dark evil voice came from behind them..

"Question who about what?" The two turned around and saw none other than…


This chapter's short but sweet but MAN is it important!