All My Fault


My Mistake

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The first time I saw her, she was scrawny and I was certain she wouldn't make it through.

The second time I saw her, I was deeply impressed by her spunk.

The third time I saw Katniss Everdeen, she was on her way to training.

"Katniss!" I called to her. I was curious about her, and to tell the truth, if my tribute didn't win, I wanted her to.

"What do you want, Odair?" She replied bluntly.

"Wanna sugarcube?"

"No. And I don't care for your attention, either." She responded. I clicked my tongue.

"I'm sure you'd be delighted to join me for dinner tonight, though." I said. I really don't like to act like this, but it's necessary to get what I want.

"Fine. Whatever. I have nothing better to do with my short, sorry life." She fascinates me. I love how she's not fawning over me. She probably even thinks I'm irritating. I love it when a girl doesn't try to seduce me. It's a nice, solid break from reality, where I can't walk 5 yards without hearing some desperate girl screaming my name.

"Tonight, then. 7:00. I'll pick you up on your floor." She rolls her eyes and walks past me into the training room.

That night, I was sitting with her in a private room at my favorite restaurant, which I discovered with Annie Cresta. Katniss had already devoured her steak.

"So, I'm assuming they don't feed you too well in District 12."

"Heck no." She replied. "We fend for ourselves. If your in able, you die." I whistled long and low.

"So why haven't there been more Victors from your district?"

"Because Effie Trinket has a thing for picking the in able. The weaklings from the merchant side of town. People like Peeta Mellark, Maysilee Donner, and my sister. People who can't kill because they haven't had proper training. Or they don't want to ruin their new dress. Or they couldn't hurt someone if the date of the world depends on it." I nodded. She was a real piece of work.

"Tell me about your sister. She sounds almost as intriguing as you." Katniss rolled her eyes again. She definitely has a thing for rolling eyes.

"She's… Prim. Absolutely perfect in every way. She's training to be a doctor and she can't hurt a fly. Once I tried to…" she trailed off, then glared at me.

"Nevermind." She spat out.

"What? I want to know what happened." She laughed at me bitterly.

"You'd have to understand District 12 and what it means to live in the Seam. If I told you, I'd probably get my family killed."

"Ah. I know the feeling." I said ,trying to sound sympathetic. We were quiet for a few minutes, then,

"Well," Katniss Said. "This has been great and all, but I'm gonna get going."

"Alright. The limo is just outside. I'll be right out." Katniss leaves the room. I leave the money on the table and follow her.

She's sitting in the limo with her eyes closed and her hand on her temple.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, laughing a little when she opened her eyes and glared at me.

"Yeah, you're fine." I answered my own question.

"Yes, I'm fine. I'm just… wondering what Prim's doing." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Probably wondering what you're doing." I was quiet for a moment, gathering my thoughts. "You know, I can tell you love her a lot." I said, sincerely. She snorted.

"Thanks, Sherlock. How'd you figure that one out? You a mind reader or something?" I wrinkled my nose. It really didn't offend me, I was just trying for a normal conversation.

"Who's Sherlock?" I asked

"Sherlock Holmes? He's a detective. Mandatory reading for seventh grade. Oh, that's right. You probably haven't read a book since you started training at eleven. They don't have time for books at your precious academy."

"Actually, I love to read. Anyway, back to Prim. I've never seen someone volunteer for their sibling. It seems that love doesn't go that far." I know that my little brother, Calix probably wouldn't volunteer even if he was old enough. but we were really close, before President Snow made me spend all summer and fall in the Capitol, to 'help business.'

"Prim and I have always been close ever since Dad… nevermind." She said. Her eyes were watering slightly.

"Ever since your dad…" I pushed her a little.

"Ever since he died. In a mine explosion. There. Now you know just how awful District 12 actually is."

"My Mom has Cholera." Katniss looked at me for the first time the entire ride.

"Oh, Finnick. I didn't know." She actually sounded sympathetic and maybe even sorry.

"It's fine. No one knows," I dropped my voice to a whisper. "Snow is using it to blackmail me." She nodded.

"Do you have any siblings?" I nodded.

"Two sisters and a brother. There's Madrigal, who's seventeen, Calix, who's fourteen, and Edelweiss, who I don't even know how old she is. She's young, though. Really, really young. I wasn't home when we found out, or when she was born. I've only seen her a few times." I said. I was now the one with misty eyes.

"Finnick…" Katniss started. We pulled up in front of the tribute centre.

"And… we're here. See you tomorrow, Katniss." I said, climbing out of the car.

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