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***Raegans pov.***Flash back three hundred years ago***

I was standing in between Gregory and Rudolph with our family along with the clan, as we were all staring at the Comet Attamon as my Father pointed the Stone of Attamon,directly at the comet and chanted these words,

"Abovo...in toto...nil disperandum...sine die…"

The rings on the amulet started to spin as the beam of light from the comet shot toward the amulet.


All of us turned around as the ceremony was interrupted, the vampire hunters were coming with stakes, fire and horse drawn carriages, I growled and hissed angrily as my red eyes flashed along with my brothers. Our Mother pulled us behind her along with Anna.

"Give me that Stone!" *as Father and the hunter fought over the stone*

"No don't give it to him!"

The stone slipped from their grasps into the air and over the cliff into the roaring sea. Uncle Van ran and jumped over the cliff after it.

********End of Flash back*****

I was awakened by the sound of my twin brother Rudolph gently shaking my shoulder.


I opened one eye and looked at my brother. "What is it Rolly?"

"Do you want to come play with Anna and I?" Rudolph asked.

"Sure." I replied.

I hopped down from the ceiling and followed Rudolph outside where Anna was at and we played hide and seek while Gregory watched us with his arms crossed leaning against a tree.

"Children?!" I heard Mum call on us.

"Yes Mother?" We replied.

"Your Father would like to speak with all of you." Mum told us.

Of course he does...somewhat.

So we all walked to the main room of the crypt where everybody was at and their stood Father in all his impatient sternly glory, I knew whats going to happen.

You see ever since we lost the stone over the cliff three hundred years ago, Father always sends my siblings and I into teams and we fly all over Scotland looking for the amulet..*sigh* we never had luck finding it just yet.

"Now that everyone is here, Gregory you will go with Anna, Anna make sure your brother behaves himself, Raegan you will go with Rudolph. Make sure all of you be back before the sun rises and always watch out for Rookery, understand children?" Father said.

"Yes Father!" we said.

Gregory just rolled his eyes, Father waved his hand signalling us to go.

Rudolph and I were in our bat forms flying over Scotland looking for the stone.

I used Rudolph and I's twin telepathy to talk.

"Hey Rolly, don't you think we're getting super duper close to finding the stone yet?" I asked him.

"I'm not sure Rae I really hope so." Rudolph replied.

As we continue to search for the stone which of course we had no luck of finding it again, we decided to rest for awhile before searching again, We were resting on a building when we felt our skin burn...that hurt! We saw it was Rookery burning us with his bloody lights.

"Lets go Raegan!" Rudolph panicked.

We started to fly really fast away from Rookery while he chased and burned us, we found a way to get Rookery away from us which his truck ran into a fence, so we flew away and we flew by a castle we peered through a window and our eyes widen when we saw a boy with blonde hair and round rimmed glasses in his room wearing a cape had blood covering his mouth. He had his arms spread with his cape out and our eyes widen more when he chanted the words our Father said back at the ceremony.

"Abovo..in toto…"

He went and started biting a neck of a really strange creature.

"He must be a brother from the clan!" I said.

"Lets go see." Rudolph said.

We flew into the boys bedroom window and flew into the fireplace transforming back into our normal selves...well Rudolph landed on top of my back.

"Rudolph.. on..my back!" I weakily said.

Rudolph immediately moved.

"Sorry Rae." Rudolph apologized.

The blonde boy slowly looked at us and I looked over at Rudolph and saw that he had his bat nose, Rudolph realized that and hit the back of his head making his bat nose turn into his human nose wiggling his nose, I checked my nose real quick and saw that I still had my bat nose. I hit the back of my head and my bat nose turned back into my human nose I gave it a wiggle also.

"What clan are you from brother?" Rudolph asked tiredly.

"Are the lights gone?" I added.

The boy opened his mouth and the fangs fell...wait what?! Rudolph and I looked at the fake paper fangs before looking at each other and back at the boy.

"Who are you?" the boy asked.

We slowly sat up getting angry.

"You are not a brother." I said feeling my eyes glow.

"Well I'm not a sister." the boy said.

Well then...

"Your human, your full of blood!" Rudolph growled.

"Gonna keep it that way dude and dudette!" the boy and took off toward the door. I super sped in front of the boy to keep him from going any further while Rudolph super sped and jumped latchting himself to the door.

I felt my legs weaken as I collapse to the ground. I saw Rudolph trying to keep a good grip on the door but lost his grip and fell next to me.

"We're to weak." I breathed out.

"Have to drink..have to feed." Rudolph whispered.

"Are you guys ok?" the boy asked wiping the fake blood off his face using his sleeve.

We both shifted our heads to him.

"What twisted kind of mortal are you?" Rudolph and I said in unison.

"I know ya'll! I saw the both of you in my dreams!" the boy got all excited which weirded me out a bit. .

"Must've been a nightmare." I mumbled as I looked at the strange human.

"It was." the boy said.

"We must leave." Rudolph said as we both started getting up.

"But you guys can barely walk." the boy said.

Rudolph shoved past the boy and started running, I was about to follow when I realize what my brother was doing

"Rudolph." I called out.

"Who needs to walk-" Rudolph started.

"Don't-" He cut me off.

"When we can fly!" Rudolph said and flew out the window. Since he was so weak that. He struggled to remain in the air and fell to the ground below with a plonk.

The boy and I rushed out to the balcony and looked down to see him face down on the grass.

"Brothers." I thought to myself before jumping down and landing with ease. I got onto my knees and placed his head onto my lap. We heard footsteps, I shifted my head to see the boy running over to us.

"Are you ok?" the boy asked Rudolph.

"Do I look it?" Rudolph asked.

Rookery's truck came rolling by with his horrible lights Rudolph and I weakly sat up and hid by the boy's shadow.

"Rookery!" I exclaimed.

"Do...you know...where we can get a cow?" Rudolph asked when Rookery's truck finnaly passed.

"If you want a glass of milk." the boy suggested.

"No not milk a cow...hurry." I said my voice getting croaky.

The boy told us there was a dairy farm not far from here so he went to get a wagon while my brother and I laid down to weak to move. When the boy came back with his very small wagon. Rudolph and I gave each other helping hands getting to the wagon and since the wagon was so small Rudolph let me sit on his lap while the boy pulled us to the dairy farm.

Introducing Raegan

Hello my name is Raegan Sackville-bagg and here are some facts about me,

Age: 311 (frozen in a 11 year old body)

Abilities: Super Speed

Bat Transformation



Rudolph and I also has a twin power of telepathy.

Family: Frederick (Father)

Freda (Mother)

Gregory 15 (Older brother)

Rudolph 11 (Older Twin Brother)

Anna 9 (Younger Sister)

Van (Uncle/ disappeared)

Likes: Helping Anna with her poetry, playing games with Rudolph and annoying Gregory.

Dislikes: Vampire hunters, dresses, the color pink and when Father gets really angry.

Favorite color: Red and purple.

Hey everybody! As you can see my name is Raegan and I am a completely known as a tomboy, my family and I are vampires and we have been for thee hundred years now we are on a search for the Stone of Attamon so we can turn back to humans. Well that's all for now see ya!

Appearance: Just like the picture.

Outfit: Raegan hates wearing girly clothes, so she loves to wear this,

Raegan's outfit: /cgi/set?id=237518360

She wears her hair down in its natural curly waves, and wears her cloak, and since her twin brother Rudolph wears a pair of goggles, Raegan also wears a pair of goggles to.

Raegan and Rudolph each has a pair of bracelet's that they had ever since they were born, Rudolph has a bracelet with a crescent moon and Raegan has a bracelet with a star.