(Listen to 'Glad you Came' by The Wanted while reading)

***Raegans pov.***Three weeks later***

My siblings and I were checking out our new house as our parents were telling the movers where to place the furnitures. I was playing a Pokemon game on my Iphone. I'm so excited to decorate my room I'm going to make it all Pokemon theme!

I took a look at my outfit flattening the wrinkle off of my top. I was wearing my purple short sleeved shirt with shorts, my hair in a french bun and converse.

"Rae come on. We need to go get our stuff!" I heard my twin brother.

I turned to look at him as he placed his Nintendo away. He's dressed in a red short sleeve button down shirt with white designs with tan shorts and white tenni shoes. His hair brown hair slicked to the side.

"Alright Rolly, I'm coming." I said

following him to the gates of our front house where our luggages are.

"These flowers are so pretty and colorful!" Anna said while looking at the flowers in the giant pot. She's dressed in a pink checkerd dress with sandals and her long blonde hair in a braid.

I smiled. "They are pretty aren't they sis?"

We all heard a boy. "Hey its me Tony!"

We looked to see a boy with blonde hair and glasses. We gave him puzzled expressions. I don't remember meeting a Tony.

Rudolph gave me a nudge on the arm. I looked at him, he inclined his head toward the house. I nodded and we picked up our luggages. I grabbed Anna's arm as Rudolph and I gave the boy another weird look.

Anna shook me off and grabbed her luggage giving Tony a look and we went to go through the gate to our house.

We were about to step through the gate, we heard a familiar whistle. Memories flashed before my eyes of when my brother and I met Tony. I turned and looked at Tony recognizing him, my siblings turned around also recognizing him.

I smiled along with Rudolph and Anna as we set our luggaes back down. Our parents came out along with Gregory who still wears dark clothing but now has blonde streaks in his hair and is eating an apple.

Tony's parents came up and smiled at our parents.

"Mother? Father? Can we please go see Tony?" I asked doing my signature puppy dog look along with my siblings.

Mother chuckled. "Of course you can children."

My siblings along with Gregory and I ran up to catch up with Tony.

"Hey Tony whats up?" Rudolph asked.

"Rudolph! Raegan! Your are back!" Tony got all excited which we giggled.

Anna gave Tony a big hug making Tony's cheeks go red.

I mimic Anna. "Am I in your dreams mortal?"

Anna turns around and her face flushed red. Gregory, Tony, Rudolph and I burst out laughing. Anna gave me a playful glare.

I smirked. "Your welcome."

Our Mother's wondered if we want to have dinner at Tony's house. We were all like yeah.

Interesting things happened at the Thompson's. We had cupcake's for desert and when it came down to the last one.. Rudolph and I argued over who gets it.

"It's mine!" I argued.

"No it's not it's mine, you already had your's!" Rudolph argued back.

"I had two and you had three mister cupcake head!" I argued once again.

"Did not!"

"Did to!"

"Did not!"

"Did to!"

We bickered some more and quickly grabbed the cupcake at exact the same time and wrestled over it. We accidentally let go of it and the cupcake flew into Gregory's face his mouth dropped as we looked at each other and back at Gregory with fear in our eyes.

"Rudolph...Raegan! You two are so busted!" Gregory shouted grabbing a napkin and wiped the rainbow icing off of his face.

Rudolph and I screamed as we took off running out the front door. Gregory chased after us and tried to tackle us. Tony and Anna watched us amused.

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