Dear Reader,

Before we begin our epic tale I must inform you of the confusing details of this complex story.

This story is a crossover, but I have a bit of trouble classifying it because of the sheer number of fandoms I will try to include. I will classify this as an Incredibles story because that is how it starts.

The fandoms included are mostly animated movies such as Disney/Pixar, Illumination, DreamWorks, etc. I will not be including the animated series connected to these such as on Netflix or Nickelodeon. I will not include Disney princesses. Several on the docket to add in are not animated but are still popular for children or preteens, yet can be appreciated by an older audience as well. I will add in fandoms as I go, so they will not all originally begin in the story.

Also, this story is a bit odd (per the title) so please bear with me it does make sense in the way it is laid out. I have altered the storylines a bit. Some are added in a while after their movie(s) and others are added in halfway through theirs.

This story may be a bit dark and depressing. You will get what I mean soon if you actually chose to read this.

Characters belong to their creators and companies, but the storyline connecting them all is mine.

Rated T for Violence and Terror

A/N: If you catch any references that may be incoming fandoms, or if you have a fandom suggestion, please let me know in the comments!

Welcome to The Weirdest Crossover of Destruction