When they found the abandoned warehouse, it was in terrible shape. Not only was it old, but parts of it had been destroyed. Luckily the space was more than big enough for the Incredible siblings, Penny, and Bolt to stay in for a few weeks, at least until things calmed down. San Fransokyo, because the city-state had not yet agreed to the hero ban, was safe because no one was looking for them here. There was also the added benefit that connectivity was easy to come by, and Penny was making progress, even if it was slow progress, looking for her father.

She didn't want to admit it to the others, who had already been through so much, but Penny was doubtful her father was even still alive. It had been almost 2 months and while she had originally been able to intercept messages involving her father, there had been nothing recently, and Calico had increased the strength of the firewalls. Penny may be able to do a lot on a computer - her father had taught her well - but she was no hacker.

Violet returned from putting Jack-Jack down for a nap. "I need to go out and get some more diapers."

"As long as its a quick trip to the store, I don't think anyone will notice."

Violet sighed. "The emergency money is almost gone." Though Violet was good at staying strong in front of her younger siblings, the stress was taking a toll on her. She didn't allow herself enough time to grieve for her parents, and at the end of each day, she was exhausted in more ways than one.

"Is there anyone else your parents knew who could help us out?"

"Everyone my parents knew was a super, we moved around so much that we didn't make many friends. Except Tony. She sighed, knowing she would probably never have the chance to tell the boy how big of a crush she had on him. He didn't even remember who she was.

Violet suddenly perked up. "Wait, what about E?"


"Edna Mode."

"Isn't she a famous fashion designer?"

"Yes, but she made our suits. She's not a super, but she knows all of them."

"If she knew all the supers, we should list her as a last resort. The government might have already found her. It's illegal to help supers."

Violet didn't want to think of this; she left to go get the diapers.

After Violet left, Penny went to go check on Bolt. She found him snuggled up against Dash on a blanket. She couldn't help smiling. She returned to the computers and sent a message to someone she hadn't talked to in a while.