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July 2, 2062. Signal Academy Courtyard.

My opponent jumped high into the air as I sent another Kinetic Blast her way, hitting the apple tree behind her. In response, she sent a storm of frozen leaves flying at me at breakneck speeds. Thinking quickly, I activated Combat Focus and deflected every leaf that was about to hit with my baton, before Phantom Shifting behind her. At that moment, everything resumed its normal pace as I tried to strike the back of her leg to bring her down to her knees, but I was immediately caught by surprise when she spun herself around and knocked my weapon out of my hand with her staff. Now disarmed, I threw a punch at her gut, but she not only dodged by attack, but managed to get behind me and put me in a choke hold.

This time, I caught her by surprise when I generated a Lift Field at our feet, sending us both into the air and forcing her to let go. We both fell on our backs, but she was the first to recover, placing her staff at my neck. I was too mentally exhausted to try and use another one of my powers.

"Surrender." She said. I could help but smirk, much to her confusion.

"Look down." I said, drawing her attention to the black handgun pressed against her gut. She looked back at me with an annoyed expression. That never gets old.

"Dammit, not again." She said, not expecting me to be able to pull out my gun without her noticing.

"Time!" My opponent let me go as Uncle Qrow shouted the word, ending the match.

It's been about 8 years since I revealed my abilities to everyone, and me, Ruby and Yang have been training nonstop. After we returned from Yang's little trek through the woods, and the two hour long explanation about the extent of my abilities, Dad realized that, even though he hated to admit it, he can't protect us all the time, and he definitely couldn't stop us from trying to become Huntresses, and so, he decided to teach us how to fight Grimm, and enrolled us in Signal Academy and got us into his combat class, though he trained me and Ruby separately so he could focus on one of us at a time. Qrow even offered to help, which eventually, led us to this sparring match with a friend of his.

"You're getting faster, kid." My uncle said, "Even Amber is having trouble keeping up with you." Amber collapsed my baton and tossed it over to me.

Amber Autumn was a mocha skinned girl 4 years older than me. She's taller than me and Ruby, with brown eyes and hair, and had a beauty mark under her left eye. She was also very polite and kind, in fact, on the day we first met, she gave me and Ruby candy bars when we stopped by the general store in Shion. Needless to say, Ruby and I instantly liked her. Another thing we both shared was a sweet tooth. She's also quite powerful, as she can manipulate the elements to terrifying effect, though I have caught her make a few mistakes on more than one occasion. Nice to know that, as powerful as she is, she's only human. Makes me feel less overwhelmed by her abilities.

One thing I've never been able to figure out was how exactly her Semblance worked. It's not some kind of weather manipulation, it's too precise for that, and it involves things that aren't even linked to the weather, like how she was able to control the leaves. I've never heard of a Semblance quite like hers before.

Oh well. Food for thought.

"Was the chokehold really necessary though?" I rubbed my throat from where Amber tried to choke me out.

"Sorry." Amber was rubbing the back of her neck apologetically, "I didn't think I squeezed that hard."

"It hurts to talk now." Seriously, it does. I just examined my weapons while my healing factor made the pain go away.

The 26 inch baton I had was relatively simple compared to most weapons on Remnant, but it's the perfect replacement for my old wrench. Small, lightweight and extremely durable. Even Yang had a hard time breaking it when we sparred together. As for the pistol, it looked much like a more modern version of the Lancaster shotgun pistol. It's also capable of firing a wide variety of Dust based .410 shotgun shells. Typically, .410 shells use birdshot, which is definitely not strong enough to put down a Beowulf, but luckily, the shells use Dust instead of gunpowder, and Dust has more explosive force behind it, so my Lancaster can punch through an Ursa Major's bone armor. I love Dust. Wish I had it on Talos I.

"You'll be fine, kiddo." Qrow tossed me my bag while I wasn't looking and hit me in the gut "I thought you said you heal fast anyway."

"That doesn't mean that I want to get hurt!" I said, throwing a glare his way, but the only reaction he gave was a smirk and a swig from his flask, "Is class over? Or do you want to keep us for more 'tutoring'?" I asked.

"Yeah, we're done." he said, "Pack up and get Ruby in here. Amber, thanks for being here today." Amber bowed respectfully and left through one of the doors while I made a beeline to the other one. I hate being separated from Ruby. Don't get me wrong, I like my space, but I don't feel comfortable not knowing where she is when she's not around. Hell, even then, I still feel anxious for some reason.

"Come on in, Ruby."

"Okay!" I could easily feel the enthusiasm coming from her. The door swung open before I could even get a hand on the handle, and out came my sister, looking like a kid in a candy store.

She wore her usual outfit, which was a black long sleeved dress, a black corset with red lacing, a belt with a few .50 caliber rounds and her rose pendant clipped to it, long black stockings, black combat boots with a red trim and red laces, and finally, the red hooded cloak Mom sewed for her. Of course, since we're twins, my outfit was almost exactly the same, with a few differences. The colors of my outfit were reversed, so my clothes were mostly dark red with black accessories, my belt held spare .410 shells instead of .50 bullets, another shell carrier clipped to my waist, and, instead of a full hooded cloak, I had a smaller one on my shoulder. Dad told me that Mom was going to sew me a cloak too, but she died before she could finish it. Still, it's one of the few things I have left of her, so I wear it draped over my right arm.

Ruby had her weapon in her hands, ready for training. Until an apple dropped on her head from the tree.

"Hey Ruby, you okay?" Qrow called out.

"Yīgè píngguǒ jí zhòng le wǒ de nǎodai!" Ruby whined in Dad's tongue while she rubbed her head.

"What?" Qrow couldn't understand a word she said.

"An apple hit me in the head!"

I learned about quite a few interesting things over the years. Dust, the Faunus, the Kingdoms and how they worked, all of it was useful information, even what languages they used. Speaking of which, as it turns out, many of Earth's major languages exist here too, albeit with different names. English was called the common language, which means that almost everyone in the world speaks it, the people from Menagerie speak Japanese, which they call Menagerian (How creative), most of Atlas can speak German, which is now named Atlesian (Again, no surprise there), Mistral and its surrounding settlement have Chinese as their main language, which is called Mistralian, Vacuo has French, which is called Vacuan (And I found it really strange that no one on the planet has a French accent despite this), and Vale actually uses Latin. Guess what they call it.

Dad, Yang and Ruby can all speak Chinese, which makes sense since 'Xiao Long' in a Chinese name. Qrow only spoke English, which is strange since he told us that he grew up in Northern Anima. I already knew how to speak English, Chinese and German fluently because my last mother and father were German and Chinese respectively. I also thought it'd be a good idea to teach Ruby how to speak German when I have time. She's eager to learn, though she's having trouble getting the accent right, so her sentences sound a little butchered.

Awhile ago, I finally revealed my past to everyone, and I got mixed reactions after spending a couple of hours explaining how I wasn't crazy. Yang bombarded me with endless questions, Uncle Qrow walked out of the room to knock back a bottle of alcohol, Dad was utterly speechless, and Ruby… well, her reaction, or lack thereof, was a surprise to me. As it turned out, she already had a general idea of what I'd been through, because, while we slept, she kept getting glimpses of my past life through our mental link, though she never questioned it. That didn't mean that she didn't have her fair share of questions, so, to save time, I copied all of the data I had on my TranScribe to Dad, Yang and Qrow's Scrolls so they could read them while I continued studying Remnant. One thing I kept to myself, however, were the instructions the Brother Gods gave me when they sent me here.

"Shake it off, kid." Qrow said, drinking from his flask, " You'll be fine. Just get over here, I got something important to say." Ruby perked right up at the chance to fight.

"Coming!" In that instant, she ran over with her Semblance, leaving rose petals in her wake. She was probably trying to get away before another apple hit her. I turned away to leave when Qrow spoke up again.

"You too, Morgan." Copying my sister, I Phantom Shifted to her side, waiting to see what our uncle was going to say. After taking yet another drink from his flask, he smiled.

"Well, this is it." He started, "Ruby, you've been able to keep up with my lessons and then some more. You and Morgan still got about three years left to go, but I think you'll easily be able to follow Yang into Beacon." Ruby swelled with pride, and I could tell she was trying hard not to squeal. I couldn't help but feel proud of her too. I never really knew all the details of Ruby's training. I could try and look through her memories to see what they do, but me and Ruby have an unspoken agreement to not look through each other's minds for the sake of privacy.

Uncle Qrow then turned his gaze to me. "Morgan, I honestly don't really have much to say for your part." Well, that's disappointing. "But what I do know, is that you can fight on the same level as your sisters. Hell, you can hold your own against Amber, and, not to be condescending, but her skill is well above your own. I think you're as good as you're going to get with me training you."

Now that's exactly what I was hoping to hear. Uncle Qrow's right. Although a scythe is known to be the most dangerous melee weapons in the world, I can keep Ruby at bay until one of us gets tired. And like Qrow said, Amber was no pushover either. Between her Semblance and staff skills, the only reason I can beat at all was because I push myself as far as I could physically go.

"So, what now?" Ruby asked, and at that moment, the bell rang.

"Now, the lesson's over." Qrow said, rubbing us both on our heads, "Go home, kids. Do your homework, eat your vegetables and all that crap." Qrow didn't need to say any more, as Ruby already put her weapon away with an excited look on her face.

"I can't wait to tell Dad!" She turned to me and I couldn't help but mirror her smile, "Race you home!" She didn't even get me a chance to process her challenge before she disappeared in a flurry of rose petals.

"Hey, that's not fair! Wait for me!" I Phantom Shifted to catch up with her and sprinted the whole way to keep pace with her.

Today is such a great day.

1 year later, Downtown Vale.

Holy crap, Vale is cold at night!

Me and Ruby were currently in this small Dust shop to pick up some Dust rounds. Or rather, Ruby was looking through weapon magazines while listening to music, and I came to pick up some Burn Dust shells that the store owner was holding onto for me, straight from the Schnee Dust Company…

And just the mention of them soured my mood.

A couple of months ago, we were with Dad, heading to this very same Dust shop to find some very specific parts I was using for my Operators, three of which were fully functional with a fourth currently on the way. I managed to figure out how to closely replicate the Science, Medical and Engineering classes of Operators from Earth. Luckily, learning how to build them was something I learned prior to the simulation. I was now trying to figure out how to make a copy of a Blackbox, since I figured that it would be very useful against Grimm.

Anyway, back on topic, when we arrived, we walked into what looked like an SDC representative trying to buyout the shop. He apparently recognized me from how people talked about my Operators on Patch. He commended me, gave me such high praise that I almost believed him. We talked a bit, Dad found the part I needed, and we left for home on a good note.

Later that night, I was working on fitting the Blackbox replica with a Dust based SMG I made for it, the door to the shed opened, and a man quietly tried to sneak inside without me noticing. I caught his reflection on the Operator's metallic frame, and, needless to say, the man certainly wasn't expecting me to smash his teeth in with a wrench. While the guy was knocked out on the ground, I caught a glimpse of the snowflake emblem on his shirt. The SDC logo. They were trying to steal my designs!

After to authorities carted the man away, Dad and Qrow wanted to tear the SDC a new one, but I managed to convince them to just sue them. We managed to scrape enough Lien together for a good enough lawyer and took their CEO to court. Mr. Schnee wrote off the incident as some greedy company man trying to make a quick buck on his own, basically using him as a scapegoat. I read up on enough of the SDC's history and business practices to know that was just him making excuses, but there really wasn't anything else we could do since he apparently had enough clout to sway the judge to his side, but not before our lawyer could give him a black eye in the form of a formal apology and a twenty thousand Lien check as compensation. Not as much as I would've liked, but enough for me to let it go for the moment.

'Hey Morgan, are you okay?' Ruby asked through our link. She must've sensed my change in demeanor.

'I'm fine.' I said, lying through my proverbial teeth.

'No, you're still thinking about how someone tried to steal your science projects.' she replied, 'Don't worry about it. Just look on the bright side.'

'You're right. Sorry, I just need to be positive. I finished four Operators, we're at the top of all our classes, and Yang is enrolling in Beacon tomorrow.'

'Yeah, exactly. I just wished we could go with her' She sounded a little sad. I don't blame her. As soon as Yang leaves tomorrow, we won't get to see her again for the next two years.

'Me too, but what could we do' I asked, 'We still have two years left in Signal. It's not like someone's just going to let us skip grades anytime soon.' Ruby's reply was cut off by a hand yanking her hood down, revealing her face. We both turned around to see a goateed man in a black suit with a red tie, red sunglasses and a black fedora, holding a katana. 'I think I know where this is going.' Ruby just pulled her headphones off to hear what the man had to say.

"Yes?" She asked. The man looked annoyed and waved his sword at us threateningly. Behind him, I could see a large group of similarly dressed thugs stealing Dust and crystals, along with a man in a white trench coat and black bowler hat.

"I SAID put your hands in the air, both of you!" The thug in front of us said. Man, this guy is just a textbook goon, isn't he?

"Are you-?" I began

"-Robbing us?" Ruby finished. I love pulling the twin routine sometimes.

"YES!" The man said, exasperated.

"Oh." We both said. With that, I extended my baton and nailed the guy in the stomach before he could reacted, and Ruby immediately followed up with a sharp kick to the face that knocked him back about a yard and a half. Unfortunately, that got us the attention of every thug in the store, and another one came over and aimed his pistol right at us. Before he could pull the trigger, me and Ruby both charged him through the window.

'Enough fooling around. Let's fight.'

Ruby drew her scythe and I pulled out the Lancaster, and turned to face our opponents. The whole thing would've probably looked epic if it weren't for one thing.

'Radio's still on!' Ruby discreetly turned off her headphones, though I could sense her embarrassment.

"Okay." The bowler hat man said, "Get them." Every single one of his men ran at us at once with their pistols and katanas. I parried the first swordsman and knocked him back with my baton, followed immediately by a shotgun blast at a gunman that tried to sneak up on Ruby, who was busy tearing through the rest of them. The last two both focused on me, since I had the least intimidating weapons, but didn't even get in close, as I sent a Kinetic Blast that sent them flying into the wall, where they fell to their boss's feet. Between the two of us, that was pretty quick.

"You were worth every cent. Truly, you were." The boss said sarcastically, before looking at us, "Well, kids, I have to say, it's been an eventful evening." He dropped his cigar on the ground and snuffed it out with his cane before pointing it at us, "And as much as I would love to stick around," A crosshair flipped up from the bottom., "I'm afraid this is where we part ways." With that, he fired his cane, launching an explosive round at us. Ruby leaped out of the way while I simply created a Backlash shield and absorbed the explosion, which was no easy feat. That shot had enough punch to possibly knock a Bullhead out of the sky. When the smoke cleared, Ruby got her bearings back and the man was gone.

"There he is!" Ruby pointed to the building across the street, and there he was, climbing up the service ladder in the alley. I Phantom Shifted over and used my strength to throw myself up the ladder five rungs at a time. I made it up with Ruby a second behind me, and the man was currently running full tilt towards the edge. Dead end.

"Stop right there!" I shouted, loading high power slug rounds into the Lancaster. The man stopped a few feet from the edge, and we ran to catch up with him. We we almost close enough to grab him when a Bullhead appeared and he jumped inside.

"End of the line, kids!" He said with a cocky smile. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Burn Dust crystal, and threw it at us. While it was in the air, he fired his cane at it, and I tackled Ruby to the side to try and shield her from the blast. I can heal faster than her anyway.

I heard the explosion…

… And felt nothing.

What? Did he miss or something?

Me and Ruby looked up to see a blonde woman in a white pleated top, black pencil skirt and a black cape. She held a riding crop out in front of her, which appeared to be generating a glyph that blocked the explosion.

'A Huntress!' I can feel the excitement coming from Ruby, and I can't blame her. This is the first time we've ever met a full fledged Huntress. And she just saved our lives!

We both jumped to our feet as the Huntress waved her riding crop in the air and sent out streaks of Dust pounded into the Bullhead. With another wave, a storm cloud formed over the Bullhead and shards of ice rained down on top of it, doing even more damage. From the door, I could see a woman in a red dress, though I couldn't see her face in the dark. The sleeves of her dress lit up with intricate designs, likely lined with Dust, and sent a blast of fire at the Huntress, who easily blocked it with a glyph. The woman then raised her arm, and the flames that remained grew brighter. The Huntress backflipped out of the way and used the building pieces the explosion sheared off to create a massive arrow and flung it toward the Bullhead, only for the woman to blast it apart.

Finally, Ruby and I were tired of just watching. Ruby shifted her weapon into its rifle form and we opened fire on the woman, who simply blocked each of the shots with her hands. She raised her hands again, but this time, I know what was coming. I grabbed Ruby and Shifted out of the way, letting the shadow take the hit instead. I prepared to send an Electrostatic Burst, but the Bullhead had already moved out of range, and flew off before I could get the chance.

"Damn it, they got away!" I yelled angrily.

"You're a Huntress…" Ruby said to the Huntress, starstruck. It's hard to bring her down when she's excited, "Can I have your autograph." She obviously missed the stern look on her face.

This won't end well.

Later that night, VPD Interrogation room.

"I hope both of you realize that your actions tonight will not be taken lightly! You've put yourselves and others in great danger!"

Ten minutes and a car ride later, Ruby and I ended up at the local police precinct. Ruby certainly didn't get that autograph she wanted, nor did we get the praise I expected. Instead, we were both taken to an interrogation room, where the Huntress began giving us the 3rd degree.

"They started it!" Ruby yelled.

"Ruby! Calm down!" I said.

"But this is totally unfair!"

"That may be, but there's nothing we could do about it right now, so calm down and let the Huntress continue." Ruby look like she wanted to protest more, but instead, sat back and pouted instead.

"Thank you." The Huntress said, looking relieved, "I know that this seem wrong to both of you. If it were up to me, I'd send you both home, with a pat on the back…" Ruby perked up at that.

'Wait for it.'

'Wait for what?'

"... And a slap on the wrist!" The Huntress swatted the table beside Ruby's hand, making my sister recoil in surprise.

'There it is.' Ruby sent a glare my way for that.

"But, there is someone here who would like to meet you." The Huntress continued, before stepping out of the way, and in walked the last person I expected to meet tonight: Professor Ozpin.

'It him.' Ruby said through the link, just as surprised as I was.

The Headmaster of Beacon Academy himself wanted to talk to us. He walked over to the table with a coffee mug and a plate of cookies, which I couldn't help but drool over a bit.

"Ruby and Morgan Rose." He said, leaning in to look at us, "You… have silver eyes."

… Well that was a little cryptic.

"So!" He continued, gesturing to the tablet in the Huntress's hands. On it, a video was playing, showing the fight between us and the thugs, "Where did you learn to do this?"

"Signal Academy." We said at once. Ozpin looked to Ruby with an eyebrow raised.

"They taught you to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?" He asked.

"We had a good teacher." I said simply.

"I see..." He set the plate down in front of us. Almost immediately, Ruby dove into it. As did I, albeit slowly.

'So good!' Ruby thought happily.

'Yes it is.' I agreed.

"It's just that I've only seen one other scythe-wielder of that skill before. A dusty, old crow…" That's right, Uncle Qrow once said that he and Ozpin knew each other. I couldn't help but laugh as Ruby tried to speak with her mouth full.

"Don't talk with your mouth full." I said. Ruby swallowed what was in her mouth, embarrassed.

"Sorry. That's our Uncle Qrow!" She said cheerfully, "He's a teacher at Signal. I was complete garbage before he took me under his wing. And now I'm all like-" She then proceeded to pretend to karate chop something, making noises with her mouth.

"So I've noticed." Ozpin said, sitting down across from us, "And you, Morgan? How did you learn to fight?"

"Well, actually, Dad and Uncle Qrow taught me some things before I figured out what weapon I wanted." I said, "A baton was simple enough for me to use."

"And the pistol?" He asked, "Most Huntsmen only have one weapon with multiple configuration. However, you seem to prefer to have them separately."

"The Lancaster was something I needed for range." I continued, "My… Semblance grants me a multitude of psionic abilities to hit things out of my reach, but it's tiring. So, I decided to take firearm training with Dad. As for why I have two separate weapons, it's quite simple. A combination weapon is quite versatile on its own, but if I were to get disarmed, what can I do? This way, in case I lose one weapon, I have another to fall back on."

"Fair enough." Ozpin said, taking a drink from his mug before speaking again, "And what are two adorable girls like yourselves doing in a school designed to train warriors?"

"Well…" Ruby began, "We want to be Huntresses."

"You want to slay monsters?" He asked. It goes a little deeper than that, but it's not like I could straight up tell him everything.

"Yes." I said before Ruby could start rambling again, "Our parents were Huntsmen, Uncle Qrow is a Huntsman, our big sister, Yang, is training to be a Huntress. Our parents taught us to help people, and we wanted to follow in their footsteps. Besides, Ruby was already dead set on becoming a Huntress, and we've always done everything together. If she wants to be a Huntress, then so do I." It may not be the whole truth, but regardless, I meant every word. Ozpin and the Huntress looked like they were studying us before Ozpin spoke again.

"Do you know who I am?" He asked.

"You're Professor Ozpin, the Headmaster of Beacon." Ruby said.

"Hello." He said with a smile, now that we were formally acquainted.

"Nice to meet you." We said.

"You want to come to my school?" He asked.

… Is this going where I think it's going?

"Yes." I said.

"More than anything." Ruby said. Ozpin looked to the Huntress, who simply grunted in disapproval, though it looked like he wasn't listening.

"Well okay."

… This IS going where I think it's going!

The next day, En route to Beacon.

I can't believe this is already happening.

After we came home last night, we told Dad and Yang what happened. Dad was upset that we threw ourselves into danger, but forgot all about it when Ozpin called and told him that we were scheduled to board the next airship to Beacon. Yang was overjoyed to hear that we were coming with her, although a little upset that she missed such a good fight. Yang is a major adrenaline junkie. Now, my sisters and I were hugging in the middle of the aforementioned airship.

Or, rather, Yang hugged us and me and Ruby were trying to get out of her crushing grip.

"Oh, I can't believe my baby sisters are going to Beacon with me!" Yang said, unaware of our pain, "This is the best day ever!"

"Yang. Too tight!" I struggled to say. I think my face is turning a little blue!

"Please stop." Ruby was in the same predicament as me. With obvious reluctance, Yang let us go so we could breathe again.

"Sorry, it's just, I'm so proud of you two!" She said happily.

"Really sis, it was nothing." I can't tell if Ruby is being modest or nervous. Maybe both.

"What do you mean? It was incredible!" She said, " Everyone here is going to thing you're the bee's knees!" Nevermind, I can feel Ruby's nervousness through our link, and it is strong.

"I don't want to be the bee's knees!" Ruby said frantically, "I don't want to be any kind of knees! I just want to be a normal girl with normal knees!" I put a hand on her shoulder to calm her down some.

"Ruby, relax." I said smiling, "What happened to my overly excited sister?"

"Yeah, what's with you?" Yang asked, "Aren't you excited?"

"Of course I'm excited. I just…" Ruby sighed, "We got moved ahead two years. I don't want people to think I'm special or something." Now I get what's bothering her. She doesn't want to stand out from everyone. Yang must've had the same thought and put an arm around her.

"But you are special." She said, and I joined in on the moment.

"Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that." I added, "The fact that we made it here two years early means that we're ready for the big leagues. All we have to do is prove that we belong here." Ruby smiled and pulled us closer. I couldn't sense a single drop of fear in her anymore.

"You're right. Thanks guys." She said. We stood there together as the news report came in on a nearby TV screen.

"The robbery was led by nefarious criminal Roman Torchwick, who continues to evade authorities." The reporter said as a mugshot of the man in the bowler hat appeared, "If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the Vale Police Department. Back to you, Lisa." Torchwick's mugshot was then replaced by a picture of Faunus protesters.

"Thank you, Cyril." Lisa said, "In other news, this Saturday's Faunus Civil Rights protest turned dark when members of the White Fang disrupted the ceremony." The image once again changed to show the White Fang logo, "The once peaceful organization has now disrupted-" The new report cut out entirely, and was replaced by a hologram of the Huntress from last night.

"Hello, and welcome to Beacon." she said.

"Who's that?" Yang asked.

"My name is Glynda Goodwitch."


"You are among the privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy!" Miss Goodwitch continued, "Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and training to protect our world." The hologram disappeared and everyone rushed over to the windows to look outside.

"Oh wow!" Ruby said, "Look, you can see Signal from up here! I guess home isn't too far after all!" Indeed, we can see our old school down below, along with most of the city. The view is amazing up here.

"Beacon's our home now." Yang said.

"And that's what it's going to be for the next four years." I added. I briefly wondered if Prof. Ozpin would let me bring my Operators here, but my thought were interrupted my a blond boy stumbling to the back of the airship, looking green. Motion sickness. Poor guy.

"Well, I guess the view isn't for anyone." Yang said, rolling her eyes.

"It was a nice moment while it lasted." Ruby said.

"Yeah, it was." I sighed, "Oh well. I wonder what kind of people we'll meet."

"Hopefully, they're better than Vomit Boy over there." I almost laughed at Ruby's witty comment, but then my eye caught something.

"Oh, Yang, you got puke on your shoe! That's disgusting!" I said in disgust, sending both my sisters into a panic.

"Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross!" Yang said frantically.

"Get-get away from me! Get away from me! Get away from me! Get away from me! Get away!"

… Well, we're off to a great start.

And there it is, chapter three! This took me a while to finish. I hate Writer's Block, but then again, what writer doesn't? I should clear up a few things ahead of time before people get confused.

First, Amber. I felt that the show didn't really give her much attention beyond just her being attacked by Cinder and being put in a coma before being killed in Season 3. You'd think that a Maiden would have a little more character depth since they're such an essential part of the story, so with that in mind, I tried to give Amber some time in the spotlight, but it's really hard writing about a character that didn't have much to them to begin with, which is the same reason why I left out Summer Rose in the last chapter, since she didn't appear in the show at all aside from a few photos. By the way, congrats to anyone who managed to guess the identity of the special guest.

Also, concerning why I added more languages. I just find it really hard to believe that a world as amazing and diverse as Remnant only has one spoken language. You can't just tell me 'there was only one language in the show, so it's canon' because even then, RT put so much effort in making the characters so diverse, in race, nationality and even species, that I can't believe that they didn't go all the way and give the Four Kingdoms their own languages, so I decided to add some myself. Every time I write something in another language, I'll put the English translation down here at the bottom for convenience.

Finally, the SDC. I have two reasons for why I had them try to steal Morgan's Operators. 1) I wanted Morgan to have some friction with the SDC and a certain heiress to add a little flavour to the story. 2) Given the history of the SDC and how much of a greedy dick Jacques Schnee is, stealing patents from inventors and potential rivals seems exactly like something they would do.

Now that's all I have to say right now. We've made it to the events of Vol. 1 so expect Morgan to start having an impact on things. After I post this, I'm going to take a few days to relax a bit, because as of an hour ago, it's my birthday, and I'd like some time to myself. Goodnight everyone.