Preface/Character Info

Elayna Pov.

"COME BACK HERE YOU BLOODY DEMON!" I hear the yells of Rookery as he chased after me in his big red truck covered in blinding lights.

"Gotta catch me first old man!" I talked more like squeaked. The breeze blew in my face as I flapped my wings. I angled my body, dodging the lights. Rookery ended up crashing his truck into a sign letting out a cry of defeat.

I continued my journey back to the cemetery. Once I made it, I landed and shifted back into my normal form. The cemetery was big and foggy at night. There was old graves dated back centuries ago along with lots of trees.

My ears picked up on footsteps. I turned my head to see my fifteen year old adoptive nephew Gregory.

"Where were you?" Gregory asked a bit rude.

"Why do you wanna know?" I asked ignoring his behavior.

"Were about to go hunting and can't cause we have to look for you." Gregory grumbled.

"Relax Greg, besides I've already went hunting." I said

He rolled his eyes before walking back into the crypt where my family and I live..and hide.

"Such a grump." I thought to myself.

Here I was looking up at the stars from the small hole in the ceiling along with my nine year old son Rudolph and my seven year old niece Anna.

"Laynie, are the stars close enough for us to fly up and touch?" Anna asked.

"Maybe." I replied before pointing, "That one looks like an owl."

"It does, doesn't it?" Anna agreed.

"I don't see any owl, all I see is a bunch of stars." Rudolph frowned.

I smirked. "You just got to use your imagination." Giving him a bop on the nose. He crinkled his nose.

I heard Aunt Freda calling on us from the main part of the crypt. I knew what was time!

"Come on you two its time to get some sleep." I said.

We entered the room, Gregory was already asleep. Anna turned into a bat and flew to her sleeping spot. I sat down against the wall. Rudolph sat next to me.

"Mum, can you sing the lullaby?" Rudolph asked.

I nodded holding him close.

"I remember tears streaming down your face when I said 'I'll never let you go'

When all those shadows almost killed your light I remember you said 'Dont leave me here alone

What's all that's dead and gone tonight

Just close your eyes

The sun is going down

Come morning light

No one can hurt you now

You'll be alright you and I'll be safe and sound"

I looked down to see him asleep. A small smile formed on my lips as I stroked his disheveled dark brown hair away from his face. He looks so much like his Father John. His hair color and his jaw. But the one thing that Rudolph has that his Father don't is my dark brown eyes. Just thinking about John makes me mad. But still it hurts thinking though.

I leaned down and kiss him on the head before leaning my head on his and drifted off to sleep.

About the character

Hello everyone my name is Elayna Sackville-bagg

I've been forever frozen at eighteen for over three hundred years

I'm a vampire

I get called Laynie alot

I have a son name Rudolph Wade Sackville-bagg


Anna (Alive/Adoptive Niece/Sister)

Gregory (Alive/ Adoptive Nephew/Brother)

Freda (Alive/ Adopted Mother/Aunt)

Frederick (Alive/Adopted Father/ Uncle)

Van (Unknown)

Her birth parents (Don't care if there still alive or not)

John (Don't care if he's still alive either)

How I ended up with the Sackville-bagg's- my birth parents told me I could either get rid of my unborn baby or leave. I chose to leave and found myself at the footsteps of the Sackville-bagg's mansion. I've been raised by them ever since.

Appearance- Pale skin, curly chestnut brown hair, dark brown eyes (red when angry and hungry), has a slim figure and is around five foot and six inches tall. She wears a red spaghetti strapped criss crossed in the front top, black leather jacket, jeans and combat boots.

A/N: Ok, I know your puzzled on how my Oc has a nine year old son at eighteen, you'll find out later on.