Chapter 1

(Listen to 'Bring me to Life' by Evanescence while reading)

Elayna Pov. Next Night

"How can you see into my eyes like open doors?

Leading you down, into my core

Where I've become so numb, without a soul

My spirit's sleeping somewhere cold

Until you find it there, and lead it, back, home" I sang while relaxing on a tree branch. Anna and Rudolph were going for a fly I told them to not go far. Today all we did was sleep and hang out in our crypt..well that's that we pretty much do the only time we ever go outside is nighttime as long as Rookery is not around of course.

"Wake me up inside Wake me up inside Call my name and save me from the dark"

Ugh, this mortal song is so catchy.

I saw Anna walking over. I furrowed my eyebrows when I noticed Rudolph wasn't with her. I jumped down landing with ease. "Anna? Where's Rudolph?"

She shrugged.

A wave of worry washed over me.

3rd Pov.

Time seems to fly pass as Rudolph flew over Scotland searching for the stone.

Rudolph grew tired and perched on a building to rest. He hissed when he felt Rookery lights burning him. He flew away as fast as he could from Rookery while he chased after him.

He managed to cut around to get away from Rookery and continued.

Rudolph past by a castle and peered through a window. He saw a boy with spiky blonde hair and round rimmed glasses in his room wearing a cape had blood covering his mouth.

The boy had his arms spread with his cape out and Rudolph's eyes widen when he chanted the words his Grandfather said back at the ceremony.

" toto..."

The boy went over and started biting a neck of a strange looking creature.

Believing he was a brother from a clan, Rudolph flew into the boys bedroom window and into the fireplace transforming back into his normal self.

The boy slowly looked at him. Rudolph realized that he still had his bat nose and hit the back of his head making his bat nose turn into his human nose and gave it a wiggle.

"What clan are you from brother?" Rudolph asked tiredly, "Are the lights gone?"

The boy opened his mouth and his fangs fell. Rudolph looked at the fake fangs before looking back at the boy.

"Who are you?" the boy asked.

Rudolph slowly sat up getting angry.

"You are not a brother." Rudolph said.

"Well I'm not a sister." the boy said.

"Your human, your full of blood." Rudolph growled his eyes glowing red.

"Gonna keep it that way dude!" the boy and took off toward the door. Rudolph super sped and jumped latching himself to the door keeping the boy from going anywhere.

Rudolph lost his grip and fell to the floor. "I'm to weak." Rudolph whispered, "Have to drink..have to feed."

"Are you ok?" the boy asked wiping the fake blood off his face using his sleeve.

He shifted his head to him.

"What twisted kind of mortal are you?" Rudolph asked.

"I know you! I saw you in my dreams!" the boy said.

"Must've been a nightmare." Rudolph mumbled.

"It was." the boy said.

"I must leave." Rudolph said as he started getting up.

"But you can barely walk." the boy said.

Rudolph shoved past the boy and started running to the window.

"Who needs to walk-" Rudolph started.

"When I can fly!" Rudolph said and flew out the window. He struggled to remain in the air and fell to the ground with a plonk.

The boy rushed to the balcony and looked down to see him not moving. He left his room made his way downstairs, snuck past the babysitter who was watching some Scottish Opera. He ran outside to Rudolph.

"Are you ok?" the boy asked.

"Do I look it?" Rudolph asked.

Rookery's truck came rolling by flashing his lights.

Rudolph hid by the boy's shadow. "Rookery!"

" know.." Rudolph said weakly, "Where we can get a cow?" Once Rookery's truck finnaly passed.

"If you want a glass of milk." the boy suggested.

"No not milk a cow...hurry." Rudolph said weakly.

The boy found himself rolling Rudolph to a Dairy Farm.

Rudolph was waving his fingers in front of the cows eyes. "Your eyes are getting heavy, you are falling into a deep deep sleep."

Rudolph went over to the neck of the cow and sunk his fangs into the cows next and started drinking.

The boy made a gross face. "Ugh, I think I'm gonna hurl." He walks out.

As soon as Rudolph was finished, he heard the familiar machine whirring. He took off running outside to see Rookery's truck heading straight for the boy.

Rudolph ran and grabbed the boy just on time. "Close your eyes!"

The boy did as he was told and we flew away from Rookery's truck towards a blimp. Rudolph placed the boy on it and sat next to him.

"You can open you eyes now." Rudolph said.

The boy opened his eyes and looked around in awe. "Wow!"

"Enjoying the view?" Rudolph asked.

"Yeah, and thanks dude." the boy said.

Rudolph looked at him confused.

"You saved my life the truck was gonna splatter me." the boy said.

"You keep calling me dude my name is Rudolph." Rudolph introduced myself.

"Dude is a slang like you call a friend." the boy explained.

"Friend." Rudolph said.

"Well we saved each others lives, didn't we?" the boy asked.

"Yes we did..Friends." Rudolph said.

"My name is Tony." Tony introduced himself, "Come on lets play!" He stood up and start bouncing.

Rudolph watched before standing up "Yes lets play!"

"My best friends a vampire!" Tony cheered.

"Yeah!" Rudolph cheered.

Elayna Pov.

My family and I just got back from searching, still no sign of my son. I was in the middle of meditating while trying to use my telepathy to contact him.

"Anything?" Anna asked.

I shook my head opening my eyes. "He can't be that far. I need to keep searching." I stood to go out when Aunt Freda stopped me by placing her hand onto my shoulder.

"Not when Rookery is out there lurking." Uncle Frederick said.

"But he could be lost, or hurt o-or even worse." I said feeling tears formed can't even picture the thought of my little boy hurt.

"Hush now, Rudolph will be fine for the night." Aunt Freda said in a soothing voice, "And we will continue to search for him tomorrow."

I sigh then nodded. "Please, please, come home. Please, be unharmed."

Middle of the Night

I slowly shifted my head as a memory of how my family and I became vampires came into mind.

Flashback Three Hundred Years Ago

It all started when me and the family were all visiting in the living room. It was storming outside so Uncle Frederick was telling a six year old Gregory a story while Van was making shadow puppets.

I was sitting next to Aunt Freda on the sofa trying to get my son to sleep. Freda was holding her infant Anna she just came into this world a few months ago.

That's when the big stain glass window shattered.

We watched with shaky breaths as a shadowy figure entered. The figure revealed to be a man wearing a suit and had the most palest skin I had ever seen and his eyes were..crimson red.

"Who are you?" Uncle Frederick asked.

The mysterious figure said nothing but slowly started walk towards him. Gregory got frightened and waddled his way over and hid his face in the skirt of his Mum's dress.

"Wh-" Uncle Frederick was cut off by the mysterious man jumping him and sunk his fangs into the side of his neck.

Aunt Freda and I screamed in terror holding our children close as Uncle Frederick went limp.

"Go take the children and hide. Go!" Van exclaimed. The mysterious got him to.

Me and Aunt Freda rushed out of the room and up the flight of stairs till we made it to a room. I closed the door and slowly backed away. We placed our children under the bed where the man hopefully won't find them. We remained quite the only thing that could be heard was the rain dropping on the window pane.

I gasped when the lock on the door shook a bit. My heart was beating fast. The door slowly opened and before I knew I was lifted off the floor and was eye level with the man. Everything was a blur after that.

We never figured out who changed us that terrifying night.

As years passed, we traveled from Chichester, England all the way to Culross, Scotland so we can find a better place to hide.

One day Rudolph, Anna and Gregory has fell ill..very ill with the plague. There weren't much we can do..but there was one thing.

Even though its going to haunt us for the rest of our lives. We changed them into vampires. Just couldn't live without them.