Heather wakes up groggily hearing a loud and rather annoying beeping noise. "What in the name of Raven is that noise..." She mutters sitting up. Sighing she sees the source of the beeping, her alarm clock.

Looking at the time her eyes widen "I-i'ts today?! I completely forgot!" Stumbling she sits up turning off the alarm and quickly gets changed into a ice blue dress trying her best to fix her hair. "Ugh, my hair is a complete mess!" Muttering she grabs a comb and brushes her hair.

"There, that's a lot better." Smiling at her reflection her hair now in curls. Running past a calendar she looks at the date circled titled "Graduation Day!" with little hearts around it. She grins then opens her door, which has her school's symbol on it, a snowflake.

"Fiona! Sophia! Sadie!" She calls knocking on a red door with the fire school symbol, a dark brown door with a leaf, and a bronze door with a scale on it.

"I'll wait for then downstairs" she mutters to herself. She goes downstairs and starts to make pancakes.


Sophia grumbles sitting up, woken from Heather knocking on her door. "I swear she's the only morning person in the dorm..." She grumbles to herself getting up.

When she passes by a mirror she gasps retracing her steps to walk back in front of the mirror seeing her long brown hair which she usually puts up in pigtails is now reduced to nothing but net, literally, her hair is now all snarled.

"Not this again..." She mutters and grabs a maple leaf shaped comb glowing a soft green. "I want look pretty today because today is the day we finally graduate! Thank goodness mom gave this to me recently!" she smiles and starts to comb her hair.