The Summons of Sarek

Chapter Two

The two day trip to Vulcan went by quickly, but SJ spent most of his time in meditation in his room. He wanted to be at peace and be prepared for whatever the meeting was about. He was anxious to see his Grandmother and could hardly wait for her home cooking.

Sarek's ship was luxurious and roomy. As the Ambassador to Earth, he spent many hours on the ship. Although it was comfortable, every

spot on the ship had a purpose. There was nothing unnecessary added to the ship, unless Spock's mother, Amanda was traveling with Sarek. Sarek made sure all the comforts she was used to was supplied to her. His wife was his main concern in his life, and no one argued with him on this matter.

As they came closer to Vulcan, SJ left his room and watched as the red, yellow and brown planet of his birth got bigger. Spock walked up behind him and they looked at their home.

"Father, it is beautiful."

"Yes, son, I must agree."

"Any message from Grandfather?"

"No. We will meet him at home."

Sarek's ship stayed in orbit and they transporter to Vulcan by way of shuttle craft. They landed on the shuttle pad and were greeted by one of Sarek's aids.

"Live long and prosper," he said with the Vulcan hand greeting.

"Vilek, peace and long life," Spock responded.

SJ nodded and gave him the ta'al hand greeting. SJ was not fond of Vilek. He did not say it, but he always felt Vilek did not accept him as a true Vulcan, as many on his home planet did not.

Spock and SJ entered the home with Vilek carrying their bags.

Amanda greeted them and said, "Spock and SJ, live long and prosper."

"Mother, peace and long life," he waited to give her a hug once they were alone.

"Vilek, will you take their bags to their rooms for us?"

"Yes, ma'am."

SJ gave his grandmother a hug and said, "I have missed you, Grandmother. You look well."

"You two seem to have grown taller, but you're both too skinny. Well, I shall see what can be done about that while you are here. How is, Ana?"

"She is fine, Grandmother, but we have some news to share," he paused, "you will be great grandparents in seven point five months."

Amanda clapped her hands together and hugged SJ, "I am so happy for you two."

"Dr. McCoy and a healer will be working with both of us, but they did not want Ana to travel this far."

"I do understand, but tell her I miss seeing her. I hope this baby..., well we shall see."

SJ nodded.

Amanda said, "Sarek was delayed but will be here for dinner. Are you two hungry now?"

"No, Mother, we can wait."

"Tea, then?"

"I would like to walk your gardens if I may?" Spock said.

"Yes, you always were fond of rose petals, go ahead."

SJ and Amanda sat in the living area drinking tea and getting caught up.

"SJ, is Ana taking vitamins and the proper hormones?"

"Yes, Grandmother, the healer and Dr. McCoy are prescribing a combination of both. She has to meet with Dr. McCoy every week for awhile. She is staying with Lucas and Joanna while I am gone."

"Good, I'm glad she's not alone."

"Yes. Do you know why Grandfather has called us home?"

"You know I can't say anything about his business, but I am glad you're here."

"I am pleased to be with you."


It is as if the air itself welcomed Sarek's appearance in his home as he returned from his office. Spock and SJ both sensed him before the door even opened.

Sarek came through the door talking with another assistant, but he stopped when he saw Spock and SJ. He turned to his assistant and said, "You, may go home now, your work honors me."

"Thank you, Sarek." He nodded to the rest of the family and slipped away.

Spock stood and said, "Live long and prosper, Father."

"Peace and a long life my son, and his son, Spock. Welcome home."

Amanda stood and Sarek offered his two fingers to her. She met him with kind blue eyes. "Sarek, dinner will be served. Do you wish to clean up first?"

"Yes, my Aduna. I will not take long."

He left and SJ watched as his dark brown robe flowed behind him as he walked away. Many times as a child, that flowing robe met him with a correction, soon followed by his Grandmother sticking up for him. He was sure he caused a number of arguments between them as they raised him until Spock was able to take over.

A typical dinner on Vulcan was silent. SJ found it difficult to keep quiet as he was used to living with Humans. But in Sarek's house, you lived by Sarek's rules, or else. Sarek was strict, yet he surprised SJ many times with a great deal of understanding and encouragement, too.

SJ thought his father held himself stiff during dinner as he anticipated what the conversation with Sarek would be about.

Sarek spoke, "Spock, if you have finished your end meal would you meet me in my office."

"Yes, Father, I will be there momentarily."

Sarek said to Amanda, "It was a pleasing meal, my Aduna."

"Thank you, Sarek. I will be in my room if anyone needs anything."

She slipped away from the table as their household helpers cleared the table.

SJ looked at his father and said, "Father, shall I wait in my room?"

Spock said, "You are free to go where you wish, son."

SJ watched as his father walked to Sarek's office. He sent him good wishes through their bond and Spock responded with a warm message back of,' I sense your goodwill'.

SJ took his PADD and waited in the living area. He knew Sarek would call him when he wished and now he would wait.


Spock took a seat in front of his father's desk. Sarek watched him as he entered the room.

"Spock, I appreciate you coming on this long journey, but it was necessary."

"Father, I honor you."

"And, I am pleased by that Spock," he hesitated and said with firmness, "the Council is meeting tomorrow. There has been months of talks about you and your position as my replacement when I retire."

"You will be retiring soon?" Spock asked.

"No, it is not my intention, but there is always talk of my heirs and when it is time for them to step forward. There are some who would not like to recognize the familial heir and ask for a vote throughout the different clans."

"It has always been a tradition to pass down this position to the one's who are heir's of Surak."

"Yes, but..."

"Once again, my lineage is being questioned."

"Spock, when do you plan to step down from Starfleet?"

Spock was not expecting that question, but he should have been. His father finally found peace with his decision, but he still expected Spock to replace him as Vulcan's leader, and that meant giving up his Starfleet position.

"I have no plans for the future as, yet, Father."

"I see. Do you not see that your presence is needed here at home?"

"Father, I do not believe that the Council wishes me to replace you."

"It is your right."

"It may be my right, but I have no plans to step forward at this time."

Sarek's eye's darkened and Spock knew that the long tested question of his loyalty was approaching.

"Spock, it would show Council that you have Vulcan's concerns in the forefront and not Starfleet's or the United Federation of Planets."

"Father, I have always been questioned and probably always will be questioned about where my loyalties lie. What is it that you believe?" Spock said.

Sarek's eye's narrowed and he said, "What I think is not as important as what Council thinks."

"You, who have never been concerned about what Council or even your own mother, T'Pau thought, is asking me to be concerned with what the Council thinks? How illogical, Father?"

"Spock, your lack of respect..."

"Father, I intend no disrespect, but why would I care what the Council thought when they will not accept my son as my heir. The day I take over, the new battle as to who my heir would be, begins."

Sarek remained silent, but leaned towards him and steepled his fingers.

"Spock, the Council will meet tomorrow and they wish for you and young Spock to appear. There will be tough questions that you must answer."

"And what should my answers be, Father? What they want to hear, or the truth? Will you support my son as my heir?"

"Of course, I will, Spock. You are encroaching on disrespect, my son."

"My apologies, I did not intend to be disrespectful, but I must know how you view my son as my rightful heir." Spock said lowering his head.

Sarek watched his son as they both struggled to maintain a calmness within themselves. Sarek thought to himself, "Why must it always be this way with Spock?"

"Call in, young Spock."

Spock stood and returned with his son. The conversation repeated itself with Sarek waiting to hear what SJ had to say.

"Grandfather, you know the Council will hardly speak to me, even after I have proven myself. I also have news for you that may make this more difficult."


"Ana could not make this trip, because we are expecting a child in seven point five months," SJ looked at his grandfather, "I wonder what Council will think of that?"

"It has been my experience that they will have much to say. You and your father have the right to be my heirs and to someday run the Council and be the Ambassador to Earth. It is important that the work we have done to maintain peace and to continue with the teachings of Surak remain strong. Our commitment to the Federation of Planets will always be on the verge of collapse if the wrong people take over the Council. We may end up alienating ourselves if that happens. I will continue to agree with the Federation as long as their military strength does not become their top priority over ours of peace throughout the universe."

"Grandfather, how will my presence tomorrow affect the future of Vulcan?"

"It will be a show of harmony, and they have requested you both to be there."

"Grandfather, I will honor your request, but I can not promise my responses will make the Council honor me."

"I only expect your best, young Spock. Your father will appear first and then you."

Spock nodded and waited to be excused.

"You may both go, I only wish your visit here would have been more family centered. It is my strongest desire."

Spock and SJ stood and left the room. SJ waited until they were going up to the second floor towards their rooms before he spoke.

"Father, Sarek has never spoken of his desire to spend more time with us."

"Yes, SJ, it is an unusual request of him. Good night, son, we both must meditate and be prepared for tomorrow."

"Good night, Father."


All three were dressed in their Vulcan robes. Sarek's was a mixture of browns and golds. He was a handsome representative of the family. Spock's robe was dark green with gold and burgundy highlights and SJ's was a mixture of the two.

Amanda said, "My, my, the three most handsome men that I know."

Sarek answered, "Now, Amanda, it is not necessary to compliment us on our looks."

"But, Sarek, I only speak the truth. Good luck today."

Sarek held up his two fingers to her and she met his with hers. "You make me proud, Amanda," he whispered to her only.


The three men rode in silence to their meeting. Spock and SJ took seats in the front row while many seats were filled behind and above them in the balcony.

The business of the day was dealt with first and then T'san the personal representative of T'Pau began the next topic.

"The discussion of the future leaders of Vulcan has been in the forefront for months. We are pleased that Spock and his son, Spock have returned from their Starfleet duties to join us in these deliberations. S'kau of the House of T'kiL'mi, you may begin."

S'kau said, "It has been the tradition that only the direct descendants of Surak would take the role as head of Council, thus also recently becoming the Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets. Do you, Spock intend to follow in your father's footsteps and those before him?"

Spock stood and walked to the podium and replied, "It is, if you say so."

S'kau looked at his fellow council members and said, "It is not if I say, but it has been the tradition. What is your intent?"

"In due time, S'kau, but first I must ask you a question."

S'kau nodded to him.

Spock said, "I address this to all of Council. If you accept me as the rightful heir to Sarek's position, do you intend to accept my son as my rightful heir to the same position?"

There was quiet discussion among the council, as T'san watched carefully.

Spock said, "I await your answer."

S'kau said, "The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the possible options. Surely there are others who are just as equal to the job."

Spock said, "You did not answer my question, S'kau, or perhaps the lack of an answer is the answer."

S'kau's face flushed a light yellow green and he said, "Did the teaching of Surak leave us to believe that diluted Vulcan blood was acceptable to carry on the traditional teachings and represent us with the rest of the Federation? "

Spock raised his voice to be heard, "Is Surak's teaching of IDIC not what he intended or have we misinterpreted his meaning for centuries?"

"The further dilution of Vulcan blood with inferior blood must end here," S'kau injected.

Spock replied calmly, "I did not know Human's were inferior. I must have missed that lesson."

SJ stood and walked up to the podium and asked, "Father, may I?"

Spock looked toward T'san and she nodded affirmative.

"T'san, both you and T'Pau acknowledged that I passed all the required tests of my youth and adulthood. My psi scores are almost as high as my fathers and his father, Sarek. Yet, the Council forbade my recognition as full heir to Spock, son of Sarek. I ask Council, is that logical?"

He held his hand up to silence their responses, "I expect no logical response."

S'kau spoke up and asked, "You are being disrespectful, perhaps your Human emotions are controlling your discipline?"

SJ replied, "I can not and I will not deny my two halves. I am Human and Vulcan. It is the teaching of Surak to embrace the philosophy of IDIC. We are to build bridges, yet you imply that this is a distortion to Surak's teachings."

S'kau spoke, "Do you choose not to participate in Council dealings in the future?"

SJ was barely able to control himself, "If you burned your hand in a candle flame, would it be logical to keep putting your hand back into the flame?"

S'kau said, "Then you deny your Vulcan heritage and refuse to serve your people."

"It would be difficult to serve, when I have been denied any recognition."

T'san held up her hand for silence, "You plead your case with logic, son of Spock. The Council will dismiss for two days and discuss what actions to be taken."

"T'san, we will be leaving Vulcan in one point four hours to return to Earth. My wife is ill," he paused minutely, "she is in the early stages of her pregnancy and I do not wish to leave her."

The councilmen looked to each other at the news.

T'san looked at the Council table and said, "S'kau, the discussion is closed for now. The clan of S'chn T'gai, you are free to go. Live long and prosper."

Sarek stood and said, "Peace and long life."

Sarek's robes flowed behind him and a messenger was caught in the aisle way. He quickly leaned out of the way of the Ambassador and Spock and SJ followed close behind.

Once they entered Sarek's shuttle, Sarek faced SJ, and said, "Grandson, I am not sure your announcement of Ana's pregnancy was wise at this time."

SJ looked out the port window and replied, "Grandfather, their true feelings on the issue of my 'equality' is already apparent. I do not believe the mention of a new heir will damage my position any further."

Sarek glanced at Spock and said, "He is a lot like his father, don't you think?"

Spock replied, "It seems to run in the family, Father."

As they landed, Sarek asked, "Are you leaving in one point three hours?"

Spock answered, "Ask my son, it is his declaration."

Sarek turned to SJ and raised an eyebrow.

"Grandfather, if the ship can be made available, I would like to get back to Ana as quickly as I can."

"You will explain this to your Grandmother, will you not?"

SJ sighed very softly and said, "Yes, Grandfather."

When they entered SJ took Amanda aside and explained why they had to leave once the ship was ready.

"SJ, you just arrived, but I understand your position. You must bond with the baby in this early stage, too. I will not stand in the way of a healthy and happy baby. Please tell, Ana, I will pray for an easy pregnancy."

SJ took his Grandmother's hand and led her to a chair and asked, "Grandmother, do you believe in God?"

"Of course, SJ. He may not be the God that Vulcan's believe in, but I do believe in a creator. After all the time you have spent out in space, can you even question that a superior being had to have created all these wonderful things we see and the things that have no other explanation? Have some faith my young grandson." She put her hands on each side of his face and kissed his cheek.

"You only need the faith the size of a mustard seed," she continued.

"But that mustard seed, must convince me, Grandmother."

"No, it is your faith that was imprinted on your soul at your conception that will convince you."

"Grandmother, explain."

"When your mother and your father were creating you, God's spirit was creating your soul. He placed on your soul a yearning for Him. Listen in the quiet of your heart. He has shown Himself to you many times, but you have ignored Him. He is quiet, He is not demanding, but He is very patient."

"Grandmother, why have you never shared this with me, when I lived here for so many years?"

"Because as I have aged, I have become more humble and wise. Talk with Lucas, he has great faith."

"Yes, Grandmother, I see how his faith has made him happy. But what of Sarek and my father?"

"They will each seek God in their own way," she smiled and then whispered, "their pride gets in their way, but I am working on Sarek."

SJ smiled and hugged his Grandmother, "You amaze me, Grandmother."

"Good, I've still got you fooled," she laughed.

Sarek returned to the room and said, "The ship is preparing to leave. Gather your belongings."

"Yes, Grandfather," SJ said and stood from his chair.

"Grandmother, you have been most kind and patient. I hope to return

in a year and you can then hold your new grandchild."

Amanda stood and kissed his cheek again. With tears in her eyes, she said, "It will be a blessing on the House of S'chn T'gai."

"Grandfather, live long and prosper."

"Spock, peace and long life to you and your young family."

Out of respect for his Human side, Sarek shook his hand.

SJ struggled to clear the wetness in his eyes, "Thank you, Grandfather."

Sarek turned to Amanda and said, "I will be home for end meal."

"Sarek, can't you just come back and let sleeping dogs lie?"

Sarek gave her the smile meant only for her and raised his eye brows teasing, "The dogs are out for a run."

Amanda slapped his arm and said, "Then at dinner we will continue this."


SJ and Spock took their belongings and Sarek flew them to the Transport Area.

"Spock, I will let you know the decision of the Council."

"Father, the answer is obvious."

"Have faith in the inner workings of the representatives."

"We await your message then, Father."


Sarek flew his aircar to his office. He quietly meditated before sending for his assistant.

"Solak, we have work to do."

Solak entered his office and sat in the chair near Sarek's desk. Solak was Sarek's trusted friend since childhood. The devotion to each other rivaled no other friend that Sarek had.

"I need you to set up meetings with the four councilmen who are our allies. I must make sure their fidelity is to us and to Vulcan. We will then work on the other three. In the meantime, see what information you can find on the other three and what their interests would be if they were to take control of the Council."

"Sarek, most likely it will come down to a power shift and a demise of the teachings of Surak."

"I will meet with T'Pau. I am sure she is aware of the outcome of the meeting, but I must involve her in our plans. Your service pleases me, Solak."

"An honor, sir."

Solak left the room and began to contact the councilmen who Sarek needed to speak to.

Sarek left to go to his mother's home. He had arranged a short meeting with T'Pau.

Sarek approached the house with many memories of home that involved good and others that were not good. His opinions constantly were at war with his mother, the matriarchal leader of Vulcan. They both wanted the best for Vulcan, but they each differed in their approach.

Sarek let himself in and was met by the housemaid, T'ran.

"Your mother awaits you in the study, most honored one."

"Thank you, T'ran. Could you bring us tea?"

"My pleasure."

Sarek knocked on the door to the office.

"Come," said a voice.

"Live long and prosper, mother."

"Peace and long life, my son," T'Pau answered, "Come sit, you have news for me?"

Just then T'ran entered with tea. She set the tray down and left as quietly as she entered.

"I am sure you have heard what transpired with Council," Sarek said as he poured tea for himself and his mother.

"Yes, it is as always."

"Mother, how do you stand on recognizing Spock and his son as rightful heirs to my position?"

"Are you being intentionally rude, Sarek?"

"There was no intention, Mother. I must be sure of where you stand on the matter. It has been a point of contention before, and I do not wish to argue the point anymore."

T'Pau sipped her tea and said, "It has been the tradition of Vulcan to follow the heir's of Surak. He changed our history for the good and saved ourselves from total obliteration. His philosophy has proven that for our growth and redemption, we must follow his teachings. There will always be those who wish to dissent from the teachings of Surak. I do accept your heirs, Sarek. They have both proven to be worthy of the position."

"You are aware that Spock's son and his wife are expecting a baby?"

"Yes. You wish to know if I accept their heir, as well?"

"Yes, Mother."

"It is as it is. You will speak to the other councilmen?"

"Yes, I am setting up meetings now."

"There will be no dissension among the Council, my son."

Sarek raised an eyebrow. The many ways that his mother had influence on the happenings on Vulcan, had always amazed, yet not totally surprised him.

"With your permission, I will leave you now."

T'Pau stood and Sarek stood and bowed slightly to her. They each gave the other the Ta'al.

As Sarek left, T'Pau said, "The new life will bring honor to the house of S'chn T'gai."

Sarek nodded again and left his childhood home.

He returned to his office and finished up some work and then returned to his home.

As he entered he called out, "Amanda,"

A muffled voice from down the hall replied, "Yes, Sarek."

Sarek followed the sound down two halls to his right, "Where are you, Aduna?"

Just then Amanda popped out of a closet with an armful of clothes and items. Sarek stopped so abruptly his feet slipped on the tile floor. He caught himself on the wall before he fell.

"Amanda, what are you doing hiding in a closet with all of those things? We have hired help to do that."

"Oh don't be so grumpy, just because you almost fell on your, you know what."

"I am not grumpy, that is a Human emotion."

"Uh huh, and I have a lake in the desert I'd like to sell you."

"Amanda," he growled softly, "Here, let me help you. What is it that you wish to accomplish here?"

"These are some very old pieces of clothing and items that we no longer use and I thought we would pass them onto someone else."

"Amanda, you know how I feel about items from our house being dispersed throughout the city."

"Sarek, don't be so silly, no one will know these came from here. There are many people who could use these. It has not been a good time for everyone as it has for us."

"I appreciate you trying to look after the whole planet, Amanda, but I must insist that these should just be put in the recycler."

Amanda looked up at him with her blue eyes and said, "You may insist all you wish, but I will take care of this, Sarek."

"Amanda." He said looking down at her.

"Don't think you can intimidate me like you do all the others, it won't work. Now, clean up and let's eat. I want to hear about how all of Vulcan loves me and our children," she said coyly.

After dinner, their discussion began in the privacy of their bedroom.

"When will all of Vulcan accept our son and young Spock as full rightful heirs?" Amanda voiced. She turned from Sarek and twisted her two hands together. Softly she said to herself., "Maybe I should never have come here."

"Aduna," Sarek said loudly. He walked to her and turned her to face him. "Do you regret having married me?"

"Never, Sarek. I just thought that things would have been easier for Spock than what they were."

"He has done well, my wife."

"You weren't here, when he came home from school. He would be all dusty from a brawl. I couldn't get him to talk about it. He would just hide out in his room or out in the garden," she said.

"I know, my wife, it was difficult for him."

"You have no idea, Sarek, for all of the teaching of IDIC, it never helped Spock when he was a child and even young Spock. I almost think it was harder for him than his father. He has more Human blood, and it was as if there was no acceptance of him at all."

Sarek pulled her to his chest, "I am aware of his troubles, my wife. I finally spoke to T'Pau, to intervene. It was not a conversation I wish to repeat, but there was some improvement afterward."

Amanda leaned on his chest and said, "I had always hoped that with each generation it would have been easier, but I am not so sure that is true. Now the Council is still fighting over their positions."

Sarek pulled her away from him and said, "How did you know this, Aduna?"

From warmth to coldness, Amanda's eyes turned upward to Sarek and she said, "I have my connections, too, Sarek."

He smiled every slightly and said, "I see, the mother sehlat is protecting her cubs."

Amanda slapped his arm with a smile, "Oh, Sarek, you know what I mean."

He rubbed his arm and said, "Oh yes, indeed."

"Why didn't you tell me this was going on?"

"I did not wish to sadden you, nor," as he rubbed his arm again, "have you become angry over the discussions."

"Well, as usual, the Vulcan attitude of 'as long as it doesn't involve me' has reared it's ugly head hasn't it? Things are not much different all over the universe are they, my Adun?"

"No, my wife, and I do not wish to discuss this further. I have other pleasant things to consider at this time," he said as he leaned down to kiss her.


Spock and SJ took two days to return to Earth. SJ beamed down to Lucas and Joanna's home.

Before he left SJ said to his father, "It will be an interesting week on Vulcan, Father."

"Logic will prevail."

And it did.