It's been days since Giovanni and Ariana decided to avoid capture by ending their lives by blowing themselves and their last hideout at Five Island.

Giovanni's death signified the end of Team Rocket and of an era, and also heralded the beginning of a new age. For better or for worse, Indigo will change, it is now up to Lance and his Pillars to decide how and what that change will be. This is no longer something that the interpol can interfere with.

I decided to spend my free day paying Volkner a visit. He's still in the hospital and so is Jasmine. Jasmine had not yet woken up while Volkner had suffered a blow to his head. Thankfully, both of them are alive, but I know that they both had lost pokemon while trying to defend Olivine from Zapmolcuno.

"She's a lot better now. The doctor said that there's a chance for her to wake up within these two weeks. She is starting to respond to outside stimulus. When I was talking to her last night her fingers actually moved a little. So yeah, we are fine."

Volkner is almost always keeping a vigil by Jasmine's bedside. He is on the way to a speedy recovery. Jasmine is still in a coma but things are starting to look well for her too.

"I guess it's goodbye after this, huh?"

"Aw, don't be so sad, short stack. It's not like we will never see each other ever again." Volkner flippantly waved me off from where he was sitting on a chair beside Jasmine's bed.

"I'm not sad, just annoyed, because you not joining means that I now have to help Looker look for and recruit somebody else to replace your role in the interpol."

"Asked Kayla?"

"She refused."

"Oh damn, you're out of luck."

"Damn straight. Do you have any other recommendations?"

"Nope. None that I could think of that fits your search criteria and is free to go travelling round the world like you do."

"So that means I'm allowed to bug you until you join, because there's nobody else."

"Now that's just being plain mean. Can you really bring yourself to harass a patient who is still recovering from a head wound?" Volkner pointed to his bandaged head to further emphasize his point. I looked at the wound, then back at him.

"Yeah, I can."


"I tend to leave that impression on people."

"You'll never get a boyfriend at this rate."

"Not thinking of getting one and not in a hurry to do so."

"Don't make your statement so soon, you never know when your words will come back to bite you in the ass. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience," Volkner replied with his signature yawn. "So, did Looker say anything about what you guys will be doing next?"

"He didn't mention anything too specific, but I believe our next stop will be Unova. Team Plasma is starting to grow into a real threat. At the rate they are going, they can easily be the next Team Rocket within the next five years if nobody is there to stop them."

"If even you can see that, then Looker could too. My thoughts are the same as yours, the interpol's next stop has to be Unova. No other matter is as urgent as the Team Plasma problem once Team Rocket is out of the picture," Volkner voiced his agreement. "But be careful, Unovans are a religious lot and Team Plasma gains their supporters through the propagation of a twisted version of Unovans' beliefs. You are treading on a thin line here, because nobody is wrong and everybody is right the moment religion comes into the picture. This is partly the reason why the Plasma problem got blown up to such proportions."

I mulled over his advice for a short moment before asking him another question.

"If it was you, how would you go about trying to convince people that their so-called beliefs and religion is wrong, that they are hurting people just by supporting Team Plasma's acts?"

Volkner went silent with an uncharacteristically grim look on his face.

"You let them experience it for themselves, what their beliefs really mean for the victims on the receiving end of Team Plasma's treachery. Give them the cold hard truth. The rational ones will start to see their mistakes. The irrational ones… They are probably beyond saving at this point."

Volkner let out a soft sigh before continuing.

"In my opinion, you will need influential people to help you with this. I'm not talking about just any Tom Dick or Harry, Vel, I'm talking about the really influential ones. Like Pillar level kind of influential and more. If you are still in doubt and have no idea where to start collecting evidence, always start from the money trail. If it's possible, convince the Unova Government to put an embargo on any businesses related to Team Plasma no matter the cost. A large organisation like Team Plasma has to get their fundings from somewhere, cut it off at the source and they will be hard pressed to function properly. Find their biggest supporters and remove them from the equation one by one. Do it right, and it will just be a matter of time before Team Plasma falls."

"Money, huh?" I supported my chin with the back of my hand as I gave a deeper thought towards the issue. "Doesn't seem that obvious at first glance, but it makes sense for Team Plasma to have some very influential supporters backing them up. They would not have been able to do half of the things they managed to do thus far otherwise. Even Team Rocket amassed a nation's worth of money in order to properly operate on such a large scale, I don't see why Team Plasma is any different."

"And there you have it, one solution to the Plasma problem."

"Thanks. Are you really not joining us? Not even thinking about it? I mean, not immediately, cos Jasmine obviously still needs you, but in the future?"

"I… I don't know," Volkner admitted. "Zapmolcuno was enough to give me nightmares for the rest of my life."

"I'm sorry for your loss," I said, knowing that he and Jasmine had both lost some of their pokemon in that battle. I can never imagine losing any of my pokemon in that manner, so I can only guess what Volkner is feeling right now. He doesn't outwardly show it, but I know that he grieves for the loss of his pokemon friends when he is alone.

"We knew what we were getting into. That battle wasn't any different from the countless other ones we partook in Sinnoh, the only difference was that a legendary was involved this time." Volkner spoke and I could feel the melancholy in his tone. "We tried our best and we knew it, their deaths is something that I have to come to terms with eventually. I will grieve for them, but I won't let myself wallow in misery forever because that will only dishonour them. You will do well to keep that in mind, Vel. Losing your pokemon is a very common occurrence in our line of work, I'm just lucky to only experience such loss so late in life. Not sure about the other regions, but in Sinnoh, the average soldier would lose a pokemon by the time they joined the service for about two to three years, that's just how it is."

"I... will cross that bridge if I ever get there," I replied, not wanting to imagine going through such a loss at all.

"I really hope you never do, Vel. I really hope you never do."

"What do you mean he's gone?"

"As I said, he's gone," Looker repeated his words as he sat behind his desk with a cup of hot coffee in hand, looking entirely unbothered that one of Team Rocket's Executive that was under the strict watch of Indigo had just made his great escape without anyone knowing how or why.

The person who went missing is Jayce. Considering that he was Project Illusion's Operative 2046, the double agent who was Lance's mysterious informant and warned us of the crisis before we were blindsided, and also known as Team Rocket's Executive Plague, going by the fake identity known as Jacob Myers of Viridian for so many years, I'm appalled that the Indigo could actually lose someone of such importance under their watch.

It is also very likely that he is the Shadow that the six of us had been looking for all this while. None of us were allowed to see him after we had successfully rescued him due to his status, the only people allowed to visit were the people who had Lance's permission to do so. I had been patiently waiting for the day where one of us could talk to him, alone, to get confirmation if he really is the person who we think he is.

I just never thought that he would orchestrate a prison break just a few days after he woke up. His injuries are supposed to be grievous, he is supposed to barely be able to move, and he's being guarded and watched over by some of Indigo's best operatives round the clock whose only job is to prevent anyone from entering or leaving the room without Lance's permission.

So, assuming that this is really his doing, how on earth did Jayce manage to do what he did? It would take another miracle for us to find him ever again. We will never have confirmation about the prophecy, we will never know what he knows and it may just be information that we need to know the reason for our existence here.

So, I think that I am entirely justified to feel vexed and irritated upon learning this piece of news.

"How?" I cannot help but question, because I know just how heavily guarded Jayce's ward was. "He's not supposed to be able to do that, especially when he has no access to any pokemon."

"That is not entirely accurate, he does have access to his pokemon." Looker corrected me, looking as though he had expected Jayce to make an escape all along.

"What?!" I cannot help but exclaim. "Isn't that a stupid thing to do?"

"It's beneficial for everyone if he went missing due to the conflicting nature of his identity and allegiance. If all we need to do to lend him a hand to conduct a prison break is to allow him to have his pokemon back, well…"

"So Lance was expecting this and is turning a blind eye, is that it? What am I missing here?" I questioned, knowing that the dirty politics of Indigo must have been behind this somehow.

"You have to consider his unique circumstances," Looker patiently explained from where he was sitting. "He is an undercover spy. Well, not officially recognised under Indigo's laws due to the illegality of Kain's Project Illusion, but he was indeed working for Indigo's interests for his entire life upon an order given by the then leader of the nation. However, you also cannot discount the fact that he is also a bona fide terrorist who had planned and participated in many terrorist acts. Add the current sensitive topic of the Kanto-Johto divide that we barely managed to keep under control, you have a powder keg waiting to explode in the form of an operative who was arguably responsible for both the prevention and also ironically played a part in starting the entire war. As such, nobody has any real clue on how to properly deal with him. There are just as many people wanting to try him for his crimes just as many people out there who are willing to pardon him. Lance and Samuel Oak are both stuck between a rock and a hard place."

"People are using Jayce as a tool to play the blame game. Technically, he orchestrated the entirety of Team Rocket's Operation Skip. If all of the blame were to be pushed onto him, it could turn the public's attention away and make Jayce take the fall for Indigo." I realised with widening eyes.

"Yes. There are people high up in Indigo's ruling body who are constantly pressuring us and Lance to reveal Jayce's existence to the public in their attempt to quell the public's rage that had resulted from this mess. It's a miracle that Jayce's existence is still being kept a secret, no doubt a result of the Professor's influence. Grimsley has also been pressuring Lance to be able to bring Jayce back to Unova with him, but while Lance may be the Champion, his authority doesn't allow him to do whatever he likes without taking into account the opinion of other important stakeholders."

"But if he somehow happens to escape his confinement before anyone can come to a conclusion on how to deal with him…" I trailed off, already understanding just how and why Lance and Professor Oak had dealt with this situation the way they did without allowing anyone to trace their involvement back to them.

"Even if the faction who wanted Jayce exposed to the public and pin the blame on him will be hard pressed to push on their demands. Every single bit of Jayce's identity is fake, including his ID, so he technically never existed. They can't possibly pin the blame on a fictitious person, nobody would believe their claims unless they somehow caught Jayce again and televised it to the world, which I highly doubt to be possible. I honestly doubt that we would ever see him again now that he's gone, but it is not exactly a bad thing either."

"I still don't understand. How does Jayce even get hold of his pokemon in the first place? I thought they were confiscated."

"Remember how Grimsley was the one who had custody of Jayce's pokemon? Grimsley doesn't trust Indigo, obviously, not after he learnt that Kain was the one who murdered his in-laws and brainwashed his son to be his personal tool. I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow managed to pass Jayce's pokemon back to him without anyone knowing. Dark Specialists can be rather tricky to deal with."

"Lance had everything planned out from the start," I deadpanned. There's no way Lance wasn't involved when the outcome turned out to be so convenient for everyone involved.

"More like the Professor and Lance planned it out together," Looker chuckled before releasing a sigh. "A pity though, I had wanted to try recruiting Jayce for our cause. Someone of his skill and experience was exactly what we were looking for, someone who can acquire information for us through unconventional means."

"I thought he didn't have very long left to live? I don't understand the scientific jargon Shannon was talking about but the gist I got was he had overused Mega Evolution and it shortened his lifespan considerably? Would someone like that want to use his remaining time to help us?"

"I don't know, but it never hurts to try," Looker admitted. "Oh well, I guess we should start looking for other candidates and plan for our next mission. Our work in Indigo is done anyway."

"How soon are we leaving?" I asked.

"I'm hoping to leave within the week, two weeks max." Looker informed me. "The foreign delegations are also all starting to plan their leave now that their work here is done. Whatever that happens from now onwards is not something that we can easily interfere with because this is Indigo's domestic business, so it's best to just leave before things either get awkward, or people start to question our intentions in overstaying our welcome. Certain lines still have to be drawn despite the nature of our line of work."

"Before this mess happened we were supposed to be recruiting people to join us. Where are we supposed to look for them now?"

"I extended an invitation to Skye, I think she has the needed skills seeing how she had handled herself during the operation on Five Island and the fact that Lugia had chosen her to be its rider. Lugia had extended its protection to her, that means something. Earning a legend's acknowledgement is not something many people have succeeded in doing throughout our world's long history. There were Champions and Pillars involved in the war, and none of them were chosen by Legends. Yet, a Ranger nobody knew of until now was chosen and acknowledged by Lugia. Do you understand the implications of such an act?"

"Lugia extended its protection to Skye…?" I inquired, not understanding what Looker was talking about.

"Nobody believed Skye when she said that she found Lugia through Lugia's instructions, that it had talked to her in her head. Someone decided to do a psychic extraction of her memories for verification but Skye didn't want it, found that idea to be too intrusive. I wasn't made aware of the details, but from what I was told when someone's psychic foolishly tried to force its way into her mind Lugia's power somehow immediately interfered and promptly kicked them out."

"Cool. But how?"

"It's Lugia, a legendary pokemon," Looker shrugged. "Nobody understands half the things they do and how they did it, you just accept their acts of miracle and roll along. Oh, someone else that we both know had caught my attention too back at the operation at Five Island, so I extended an invitation to him too. Jacky Marsh, your opponent in your conference. I'm surprised that someone of his skill had chosen to enlist in the Rangers instead of Indigo STAR. Jacky and Skye will fit right in, they are more than capable of handling themselves and the knowledge and experience they gained during their time as Rangers might prove to be useful in certain situations."

"So they might join us?"

"Probably, hopefully. I think there's a very good chance that Jacky will join us. I'm still sitting on the fence when it comes to Skye's acceptance of my offer. Maybe you can help me and give her a call and persuade her?"

"Right away, boss." I mock saluted before quickly making my way out of the room to give Skye a call. Skye's too fun and there's no way I would pass up the chance to convince her to join us in our world-saving gig.

We found Shadow, but recruiting him had turned out to be a bust. Now, if only Akamu and Mary decided to stay on too, then things will be perfect.

"Leaving already? Ah, that's truly unfortunate. I wanted to have a battle with you too."

Morty's lament elicited a laugh out of me. The interpol are still staying at Olivine, because this was where our accommodations are located and partly because Volkner trusts me enough to ask for my help to look after his home in his absence. To be perfectly honest, Kayla is doing most of the work in ensuring that everything in his West Forest is doing fine in their absence, I usually just keep her company and run a few errands when needed.

While the side of Olivine closer to the sea had been heavily damaged thanks to the battle with Zapmolcuno, the rest of Olivine remained largely untouched. I'm sure that I am not the only one who could still remember how Jasmine and her pokemon practically saved the entire city by putting themselves in between them and the Kanto's legends. That is definitely something that will be talked about by the city for many years to come.

Jasmine is still in a coma. People do not feel as safe without a Gym Leader watching over the city because this period of time is their most vulnerable. Chuck and Morty took turns to help watch over Olivine in Jasmine's absence because their cities are the nearest to hers, but Jasmine's Assistant Gym Leader Eusine is doing most of the real work in facilitating a speedy rebuilding of the city. There are also rumours that depending on the speed of Jasmine's recovery, Eusine might or might not take over her position of Olivine Gym Leader entirely.

Today is Morty's turn to help keep watch over Olivine. He is pretty laid back all things considered, and I happened to bump into him near Olivine Gym when I was helping Kayla deliver a stack of documents to Jasmine's office.

"Maybe I will challenge your gym the next time I'm here," I offered, and Dolly voiced her agreement by making a sudden appearance, waving an enthusiastic hello at Morty's gengar before diving back into my shadow. I could sense the eagerness of the other ghosts hiding in there as well, something which I haven't been able to sense before. I'm starting to think that I am getting more and more attuned to the ghosts living alongside me at every passing moment because I am starting to be able to understand them with greater clarity as time passes.

Maybe my "superpower" is finally awakening?

"I will hold you up to it," Morty said with a grin before talking about another seemingly unrelated topic. "By the way, do you know the history of my clan, the Matsuba clan?"

"Uh, no? Sorry," I replied with hesitance. Am I supposed to know about it?

"Oh, don't be. I was really just asking for the fun of it. You just reminded me too much of my clan's benefactor, that's all."

"Your clan's benefactor?" I asked, my curiosity now thoroughly piqued at this strange turn in our conversation.

"The Matsuba clan officially came into being during the warring states era, although from historical records our ancestors had always been living in Ecruteak centuries before then. To give a little context, the warring states era wasn't kind to our ancestors. We were on the verge of extinction, hunted down by our rival clans and nearly exterminated."

I took a seat in the room we are resting in, knowing that this might take a while. Rena made herself comfortable by jumping and then curling herself up in my lap while Fuzzy decided to perch himself on the top of my head. Archer stood silently by my side as per usual.

"Then someone single handedly saved our clan much like a story out of a fairy tale. Our benefactor was a woman who could command ghosts as easily as breathing, something unheard of at that time. She ripped our rivals apart and saved our clan. Not only that, to give us power to protect ourselves, everything that she knew about how to tame, control, and command ghost types, she taught it to us, making us the first official clan whose members are able to wield their powers on the battlefield and slaughter our enemies. From then onwards, we were recognised as an official clan and regained our standing in Ecruteak. Naturally, our clan swore allegiance to her for everything she had done for us. Our clan had never done something similar ever again, she was the first and the last person who the Matsuba clan swore fidelity to in our long history. It was said that the name Matsuba wasn't our original clan name, our clan leader back then decided to change our clan name to Matsuba because we had sworn allegiance to our benefactor under a pine tree. Our name, Matsuba, means "pine" in oriental tongue."

Morty then playfully wagged an eyebrow at me.

"Our benefactor did not want us to leave any form of records about her, so what the descendents of the clan do know about her are mostly passed down through word of mouth. Do you know what our elders' description of her was? She was a young woman with blonde hair and green eyes. Despite being constantly accompanied by ghosts, a rapidash and an espeon are always by her side. Sometimes a scizor can be seen around her as well. Granted, it is common for people to domesticate the ponyta line even before then and scythers and eevees are not exactly super rare to begin with, but still, you cannot deny that her description fits you down to a T, right?"

I looked down at Rena, who is also looking back up at me. We then both looked towards Archer, who gave me a 'how-do-you-want-me-to-react' look.

To be fair, like Morty had mentioned, the ponyta, eevee, and scyther species, while uncommon, aren't exactly impossible to be found in the Johto region if you know where to look. In fact, depending on which area of Johto you are looking at, some of their species can be found very easily. Still, this coincidental resemblance is getting creepy.

"Resemblance aside, do you now understand what kind of legendary figure she was seen as? This was five hundred years ago, where pokeball technology was rudimentary at best and only the richest and most influential people had the ability to afford even one of those ancient Apricorn pokeballs. Taming pokemon was a highly dangerous affair and by extension, being a pokemon trainer, because there is no pokeball to protect you from harm. Many things were still not discovered five hundred years ago, like how to evolve an eevee into an espeon and how to evolve a scyther into scizor. People knew such pokemon existed, but none knew how or what triggers the evolution process to reach their final form. And then comes along a young woman in an era where women's social standing are at the absolute lowest, possessing pokemon whose knowledge of their evolutionary secrets are things that people will kill for, ripping apart the entire Ecruteak just to save one clan by commanding one of the most vicious pokemon typings known to mankind. Ghost typing aside, how she managed to tame and command so many pokemon without the aid of a pokeball was a true wonder and also a miracle."

"And yet the history books don't have her name penned down? Even Champion Ishikawa only managed to tame six pokemon, and that was already considered a trainer's limit of their time, the reason why the official maximum number of pokemon we can use in battles is six and nothing more than that. If your clan's benefactor is as skilled as you said, then… why?"

"I have no idea. It's like everything about her was either forgotten or erased on purpose," Morty shrugged. "The only places where you can now find mentions of her exploits are in my clan or at Azalea. Azalea was where she first started out and met Champion Ishikawa and subsequently joined him on his quest to unite Indigo under a single banner."

"What's her name?" I decided to ask, now totally invested in this story.

"Not too sure, because she never gave out her real name to anyone. She goes by many names in Azalea. She was known as Lady Ilex, the Forest Fairy, Shadow Maiden, just to name a few. Ilex Forest was supposedly named after her, by the way, but even my clan didn't know if Ilex was really her true name. In the end, we only have her titles to go by," Morty sighed. "Either that, or her real name has been lost to time. If you search hard enough in Azalea you might find some of her tales still being passed around till this day. Nothing significant enough to be recorded in the history books, but lasting enough to be remembered even five hundred years later. What our clan did know was that her help was crucial in helping Ishikawa Katsuo conquer both regions and subsequently found the Indigo League. You know who Ishikawa Katsuo is, right?"

"The first Indigo Champion, the first person to ever have the foresight to set up a Pokemon League to cease all wars, and it was the precursor to the formation of the PWL because other regions started to see the value behind the peace that a Pokemon League can uphold in a region and potentially across the world," I recited from memory.

"Yes, the Indigo Champion has been praised as a visionary and a revolutionary figure because of that. Standardising all forms of language and currency, setting up laws, maintaining peace and averting wars with his mere strength alone… The things he had done for Indigo were many, but he couldn't have done it alone. That woman I was talking about, our clan's benefactor, there were claims that Champion Ishikawa couldn't have done everything he had done without her input and help. We don't know the specifics of the extent and type of help she had given him, but we do know that the Champion not only holds her in very high regard, but also very likely has romantic interests for her. However, it doesn't seem like she ever reciprocates those feelings."

"So a one-sided affair on the Champion's part? Huh, I never heard or read about something like this before. You are right, this is not something to be found in history books."

"Champion Ishikawa also has many allies, including many famous clans back then. One of them still survives till this day, the Uehara Clan of Fuschia City, a clan of shinobis."

"Uehara? Isn't that…"

"Koga's clan," Morty affirmed with a nod of his head and a grin on his face. "Champion Ishikawa's wife was a Uehara and he conquered Kanto with her help. Sadly, she didn't live long enough to witness him conquer Johto to form the Indigo. Many historians argued whether Champion Ishikawa held any love for his wife or if their union was simply a political arrangement. Well, that is not really my concern here, I just thought that this might be a nice tidbit that you would want to know. You can't really hear this story anywhere else."

"So, you see a resemblance between me and your clan's benefactor because we have not only the same hair and eye colour, but also the ability to command a large number of ghosts?"

"Yep, that's basically it. Are you sure you don't have any ancestors from Johto? Maybe you are really her descendent somehow one way or another?"

"I honestly doubt it. My family has been living in Hoenn even before the warring states, we even have a detailed family tree to prove it," I shook my head in reply. "But my looks were mostly inherited from my mother and I'm not too sure about the ancestry on my mother's side, so there's a very small chance that your guess might be true."

I swore that Morty's eyes shone the very moment I said that.

"Are you seriously thinking what I think you are thinking?" I asked carefully, a little taken aback by how excited Morty seemed to be.

"How could I not?" Morty argued. "Agatha had been telling me about your peculiarities long before I met you, I've been interested in your abilities for a while now. Do you even know how abilities in humans manifest? For example, human psychics? For that to be possible they definitely have ancestors with that same kind of power, passed down from one generation to the next. These powers may not manifest in every generation, it may lay dormant within their blood and skip their appearances entirely for more than a hundred years and then suddenly manifest three or four generations later. Famous psychics like Sabrina? Caitlin? Tate and Liza? They definitely have psychics as their ancestors."

"Wait," I shot up in my chair as I suddenly thought about Morty's words and the kind of "superpower" that me and my fellow reincarnated souls are supposed to have. "I don't know much about these things. These 'abilities', can you elaborate? Is it possible to have abilities that are not psychic? And if so, what kind of abilities have been documented?"

"It really depends on what you want to classify as an "ability"," Morty said with an air-quote motion of his fingers. "People with abilities are being referred to with different names, depending on the region and the period of time it was documented throughout history. The Altered, Enhanced, Shifted, Transcendents, Ability Holders... Well, you get the gist, although in modern day we refer to them as Ability Holders. Some abilities are not as easily identified, often manifesting in a more passive manner. Ever heard of the ancient order founded by the elusive Aura users, Sinnoh's Aura Guardians? They are said to be blessed with the fighting type's ability to sense and harness lifeforce which we call 'Aura'. There are beliefs that anyone who could still use Aura today are descendants of the Aura Guardians, like Bruno. The first Unova Champion, the Mad Conqueror? It was said that he lived among dragons and he could even speak their tongue, allowing him to effectively command an army of angry dragons to fight his battles in a manner that nobody else can replicate. That ability granted him so much firepower during the war that his enemies ruthlessly hunted and culled any of his known descendents in fear of having that ability passed down. The Tidecaller, Alola's infamous female pirate that brought about a grand age of piracy within Alola during the warring states? Her ability to breathe in water and to easily command water types made her nigh invincible in the Alola region where water is practically everywhere, and she subsequently made use of her abilities to bring her pirates out to terrorise the world, starting from Kalos. Her influence and skills as a Water Specialist was so legendary that even till today, she is still being referred to as the epitome of what a Water Specialist should be. Her original title of "Tidecaller" is still being used today, although in modern times such titles are only given to highly skilled Water Specialists as an acknowledgement of their strength. Siebold is one such person who has the rare honour to be given the title of "Tidecaller". That is the true origin behind his title."

Morty paused for a moment before continuing to tell me what he knows.

"There are other documentations of various "abilities" manifesting, of course, like how some people naturally had tougher skin and don't injure easily, some people never suffering a burn in their entire lives, but ultimately, these are inconsequential minor things that nobody would ever notice and hence classify as a supernatural "ability" when there are flashier ones out there, notably the psychics."

So, in essence, if Morty's words are to be believed, our abilities may have very well been something passed on to us by our ancestors from decades or maybe even centuries ago, only choosing to manifest in us right now. My affinity with ghost types may have very well been something that has been passed down within my family from either side but I'm the only member in which that ability has manifested after so many generations of laying dormant. The same might be true for my fellow reincarnated souls too.

"How do these abilities first come about anyway?"

"Ah, that is another black hole to dive into, talking about it can take the whole day," Morty yawned. "Sadly, Indigo isn't very big on preserving history. You would have better luck trying to decipher such mysteries in the other regions like Sinnoh or Kalos. Maybe Unova too, who knows, if some of their original history survived the Culture Purge four hundred years ago."

Morty tossed a snack at his gengar as he continued to talk.

"In your case, you might just want to ask your mother if she knows anything about her family's ancestry. Even without the resemblance between your physical appearances, the similarities between your abilities is too uncanny so it's unlikely for there to be no relations between the both of you whatsoever. The ability of my clan's benefactor to command so many ghosts at once must have been an ability too and if you are truly her descendent, then it would not be impossible for her ability to have finally manifested in you after more than five hundred years. If you are of her blood, I promise you that you will always find an ally in us, the Matsuba clan."

"That's a lot to think about."

Morty's reply was another grin.

"That goes for pretty much everything, doesn't it?"

AN: Sorry for the slow updates, been too addicted to playing Genshin Impact recently and as a F2P player I practically participate in every single event when there are free primos for me to claim. Anyone saving primos for the shogun? Because I am, already got zhongli and even though I missed Venti's banner I kinda made it my own mission to collect all the archons (lol). As of now I had already accumulated about 9400 primos which translates to about 60 pulls? I'm playing on the Asia server btw, so if any of you want to add me just pm me and we can exchange UIDs.

Genshin Impact really appeals to me not only because of the stunningly good gameplay, graphics, and open world style for a free game, but also because of the lore. Seven countries, seven gods, it's a little close to my pokemon stories of seven regions, seven mcs, right? Maybe it's cos of this that I felt some sort of kinship to the game and damn the story is so damn good. Makes me wish that I could be part of the story writing team for Mihoyo. Maybe one day I could write some stories for Genshin Impact as well, seeing as there really isn't much traction for the Genshin fandom on FFnet, maybe even do the same thing as I did with my pokemon stories of having an oc in each of the seven nations if I'm ambitious enough, but we shall see.

As for this chapter, it is finally another update that I forced myself to complete and upload because today's my birthday and I just want to publish something today, you know. After this, I can finally start to transition into the Unova arc, something which I have been dying to try writing since about a year ago even if I never played BW.

The Indigo arc is my first time trying and testing to write one single event from seven POVs, maybe more if you include other side characters like Mary, and it made me painfully aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of such a writing style. I'm planning to adjust my style of writing accordingly so that for the avid readers it won't seem like seeing the same scene 7 times, but I do need time to find the perfect way to show the story as it is in my mind. It's very likely that I would slow down the pace of the Unova arc considerably, both in terms of update speed and the pacing of all the stories, but I will try my best to ensure that the quality will still be there.

In any case, hope you enjoyed the chapter

Character and pokemon list:

Velda Vera, Age: 13, Female, Pokemon Trainer, Member of the International Police

Pokemon on hand:

1) Rapidash (Flamel), male

2) Swampert (Bigblue), male

3) Banette (Dolly), female

4) Flygon (Snap), male

5) Absol (Kelsa), female

6) Charizard (Toothless), male

7) Cradily (Lily), female

8) Espeon (Rena), female

9) Pachirisu (Fuzzy), male

10) Tyranitar (Kratos), male

11) Cleffa (Joy), female

12) Nidoqueen (Ness), female

13) Pangoro (Hulk), male

14) Porygon-Z (Jarvis), genderless

15) Scizor (Archer), male

16) Lapras (Chill), female

17) Gengar (Wacky), male

Morty Matsuba, Male, Gym Leader of Ecruteak City

Pokemon on hand:

1) Gengar

2) Gengar

3) Mismagius

4) Drifblim

5) Dusknoir

6) Sableye

7) Banette

8) Froslass

9) Chandelure

10) Cofagrigus

11) Jellicent