Bold- Twin connection

Italic- Thoughts and parseltongue

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Matt were on the Hogwarts train. Harry had learned occlumency thanks to Remus a few weeks ago.

The four of them were sitting there talking about what will happen this year. When they stopped Harry used something he and Matt worked on all summer, their twin connection.

'Hey Matt?'


'Any ideas for fighting out what to do with the horcruxes this year?'

'Not a clue. You?'

'Same here. We'll think of something though.'

"Guys?" Ron said.

Then they snapped back to reality. "What?" they said together.

"I just said we were almost there." he said.

"Oh, thanks." Harry said. "What were you guys doing?" Hermione asked.

"We worked on our connection all summer. We haven't used it in years." Matt said.

"We got it taken care of a few weeks ago." Harry said.

Ron nodded. "I got what you mean. Fred and George use it a lot."

"I the last time we did that we were six." Matt said looking at Harry.

He nodded. "Yup. So we have a bit of trouble doing it right now."

They nodded and understood. Especially Ron.