When they got to Hogwarts they went to the headmaster's office and saw Sirius pacing, Remus, Dumbledore, Lilly, James, Matt, The Ministry and the Order.

"Professor Dumbledore?"

They all snapped out of it and saw Snape and Harry standing there smiling. Dumbledore noticed a second and familiar wand, Voldemort's.

"HARRY!" the Marauders, Lilly and Matt yelled running to him and giving him a hug.

"Hey guys. I did it, after two years this war is done. My job is done, hopefully I don't have anymore work to do beside school for a bit." he said sounding tired.

"Why don't you go to the hospital wing and get some rest?" Dumbledore said.

He nodded and looked at the minister. "I told you people he was back, now he's gone."

Then he headed downstairs. When he got there he went and laid down on his bed ready to pass out. He put the blankets on him, said good night to his parents, Matt, Sirius, Remus and fell asleep.

They say down next to him. "I'm so proud of him." Lilly whispered.

James nodded. "I'm really proud of him to."

Meanwhile in Dumbledore's office, "I can't believe he won. After only two years it's done." Fudge said.

"I know. He lost to a sixteen year old." Tonks said.

"How did he do it Severus?" McGonagall asked.

"Prior incantatom. They have the same cores. He gave himself in to take care of the horcrux in him." he said.

Everyone went quiet for a minute. "Well, let's get the Daily Prophet done now and get it over with." Dumbledore said.

Everyone else agreed. While they did that some people were confused about what was going on.

Sirius had Remus get Ron and Hermione and tell them what happened. After he told them everything he could they rushed to the hospital wing and saw him fast asleep.

"Is he OK?" Hermione asked worried.

"He's fine, don't worry." Remus said.

A few hours later Harry woke up and slowly sat up.

"Hi guys." he said still half asleep.

And then left Harry alone to get some more well deserved rest.

The next day the daily prophet appeared and everyone was glad it said what they had wanted since day one.

You-know-who gone for good!

The second war is over thanks to Harry Potter for a second time in only fifteen years. And a little help from Matt. Since his first year at Hogwarts he's helped us a lot. We owe him lifelong dept for risking his life and saving us. 'His family and friends are very proud of him. I am.' Albus Dumbledore says. Now we can all finish school and our lives safely.

While they read the paper Harry was turning red. The rest of his friends were laughing at him for turning so red.

"Oh come on Harry, just say it. After what happened last year your fame got even bigger and will never change." Neville said.

"Especially now that last year we found out Dumbledore made a mistake." Ginny said. The rest of his house agreed.

"You should be used to it by now after a year Harry." Hermione said.

"Oh for god sake! I hate the fame. You guys can have it if you want. I'm not used to having fame. He is though." he said pointing to Matt.

They started laughing. "You'll get used to it." said Matt smiling.

As the year went on it was different than the beginning. Harry got more famous after killing Voldemort.

Gryffindor won the quidditch cup for the sixth year in a row and the house cup for the fourth time.

When they were done for the year it was going to be hard for him to get used to his new life without Voldemort and more fame. But he'll have his friends and family to help him.