The moment Felix Bellamy saw Marinette Dupain-Cheng yelling at her class, Chloe Bourgeois at her side, he realized that the world had ended.

It wasn't with the total panic that most people would have at the idea of the end. No, it was more of an 'Ah. So I'm going to die soon.' Because the world would end with Chloe supporting her ex-girlfriend in anything. Also because Marinette was a sweet and supportive girl and wouldn't yell for anything. He closed his book and headed down the stairs in order to hear what was going on better.

Plagg stuck his head out of his vest pocket. "Wonder what's going on?" he said as his chosen hurried down the stairs.

"-you all acted like I've been a massive bully for years! What kind of friends are you if you are just nice to me when it caters to your interests?!" The entire Bustier class, the new girl Lila among them, stared at Marinette in shock as she yelled.


He glanced at his side. "Tsurugi. Do you mind informing me of what's happening?"

The fencer nodded. "The new girl, Lila Rossi, has apparently been telling really obvious lies about herself and the class has been eating it up, except for Marinette and the blonde there." She nodded again, this time to Chloe. "She manipulated everyone with a fake hearing problem so she could sit in the front with Agreste and nobody decided to ask Marinette's opinion when they moved her to the back."

"That's quite rude."

"Yep. And when she pointed out the obvious holes, everyone thought she was jealous because she didn't get to sit next to Adrien."


Her yelling finished, Marinette turned away from her class. Even from a distance, Felix could see the forming tears in her eyes. She looked up when Chloe grabbed her hand, meeting his eyes. He nodded his approval, making her smile nervously. The two girls headed out of the school and as he stepped outside for his driver, he could see them heading to the bakery.

Poor Marinette.

There was an akuma attack.

Of course there was.

It was a rejected songwriter who used her magic computer to blast song notes. Chat Noir couldn't help but grit his teeth in irritation. Marinette hadn't returned to school after lunch, but Chloe had, munching on a croissant. His class had been on the way to the library to study for a project when she had stormed out of her classroom and in the direction of the principal's office.

There was also the fact that Ladybug had been crying.

His infatuation with his Queen had dulled over time to an admiration of her. It had actually helped them be better friends and partners. (He ignored the fact that a new pair of blue eyes had replaced his love for Ladybug.) But he couldn't ignore her pain.

"Are you okay?"

She looked up from watching the butterfly to shrug. "Not really. Some people who I trusted in real life turned out to not be as good as friends as I thought they were." The bluenette rubbed her eyes with the heel of her hand, trying to dispel the redness. "I'll get over it. We should get going- we only have a few minutes left." A glance at his ring confirmed that yes, there was only four pads.

"Ladybug, wait!"

Alya Cesaire ran across the square towards them, phone in hand and smile on her face. Before she got there, his Queen's eyes widened and she let out a sob. The girl veered to a stop, surprise in her face. She threw her yo yo up and flew away. Chat blinked in surprise at her sudden exit before aiming a glare at the cause. The Ladyblogger gulped and took a step back.

Satisfied, he extended his baton.

He zoomed above the streets of Paris until he landed on a familiar balcony. Chat placed the baton back on his belt and tapped on the trapdoor. There was a moment of silence before Marinette opened it. Her eyes were red and a blanket was wrapped around her shoulders. She sniffed and gave him a fake smile. "Hey Chat..."

"What happened?"

She beckoned him in. The tall blonde slipped in and shut the door behind him.

Marinette had been sitting on her chaise, a paused movie on her laptop. A tub of ice cream and a plate of cookies, next to a cup of hot chocolate, sat next to the electronic. She sat back down, dressed in a pastel pink sweater and grey sweatpants. "I had a bad day and my parents told me to take some me time."

"You were crying though."

She sighed, patting the seat next to her. "Bad day. A few days ago..." She retold the story Kagami had told him, often taking a break to wipe at her eyes. "And then Chloe took me home and I've been doing this all day."

"Are you planning to go back?"

"I'm not really sure. Papa left an hour ago to go to my school. I'm not sure what's going to happen."

He smiled. "Well, don't worry. You will always have me nearby."

"Yeah, because you took over my balcony as your turf."

Inspired by the amount of salt and Marinette Protection Squad fics I've seen about Chameleon. One was 'The Way It Goes' by TheBuejay on AO3. Yes, I made Chloe and Marinette exes in this. There will be Felinette and ChloexKagami in this.

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