There was a girl on a balcony.

She was dressed in old fashioned clothing, probably something peasants would wear during the Revolution, although cleaner. She had dark skin and even darker skin. Her eyes were closed and her face was drawn into an expression of peace. They opened as flower petals drifted down on her, clinging to her skin and hair. Her eyes were a deep, lovely brown.

She turned with a smile, smiled at the blonde clad in black leather and silk, clenching a bouquet of forget me nots and red roses. He offered his hand.

She reached out...

Felix's eyes opened. His hand was outstretched to the darkness. For a moment, it felt like he had been reaching for the girl. He sat up, the cool air meeting his bare arms. He preferred to sleep in a tank tp and yoga pants. A beep drew his attention.

Princess: Are u awake?

There was a couple, staring down at the city.

One was clad in lavender and dark purple, a sword in her hand. White butterflies were settled on her and behind her, like a cape of pure white. The other was a dark haired boy, dressed in black leather, brown eyes staring down. For some reason, she knew they were cousins and they were staring at Baghdad. A noise drew their attention. It was a girl around their age, dressed in red with black spots.

She zoomed past them, blowing a kiss. The boy grinned with a blush. The butterfly rolled her eyes and flicked his forehead. He sobered.

Both jumped and pursued the girl. The white butterflies followed them, like a bright constellation...

Marinette sat up in bed. Tikki didn't stir, but yawned before settling back down. The girl sighed and rubbed her face before checking the time. It was midnight. Way too later to work on an idea. She stared at her phone screen before opening her contacts and texting Felix. there was a moment before there was a response.

Grumpy_Cat: Yes. Why are you awake?

Me:...Weird dream. You?

Grumpy_Cat: Weird dream. What was yours about?

Me: A pair of cousins and butterflies. You?

Grumpy_Cat: A couple and flowers.

"It's Eva." Tikki said as Marinette and Chloe walked in to class. "Her presence is causing memories of the past to come forth." She didn't looked worried or troubled, but at peace. "The Memory Keeper has a sacred duty. They collect the memories of past Miraculous users to make sure they are never forgotten." She thought for a moment. "The three you described..."

"The butterfly and cat were cousins, I think."

"Nice job." Pollen said before disappearing into Chloe's ponytail. The two looked up to see Alya approach. She stopped in front of them and took a breath. "Marinette...I..."

Chloe stepped forward. "That's enough Cesaire. I think you've done enough damage."

Leading Marinette away, she didn't see the heartbreak on the girl's face. The girls met the other three at the stairs, Kagami having a faint smile. Marinette couldn't help but smile as well. "Right." the female blonde said. "We got Jagged and I think I can talk to Daddy to try and talk to Prince Ali."

"What are we planning on doing with all this?" Marc asked.

Marinette was the one to step forward. "We at least present it to Mr. Damocles. If Lila wasn't traveling during these months, she missed a bunch of school. It'll at least teach her a lesson."

Felix nodded. "Sounds fair." Chloe huffed as Marc nodded in agreement.

The school bell rung and class begun.