On the plains of Raada, a man on horseback is strolling across the beautiful blue night sky. The man was at least in his forties with dirty blonde hair and dirty blonde five o'clock shadow and his outfit was that of someone that would be considered an outlaw or a bounty hunter. The man arrives at a village where some of the locals took notice of him and began whispering as some knew who he was. The man arrived at a cantina called, "Selda's Cantina," and hopped off his horse and entered it. The man looked around inside the cantina to see a lot of people drinking, socializing, and playing a game of crokin.

The man approached the bar and saw the bartender/owner of the Cantina Selda, a male togruta with a prosthetic left arm, left leg, and missing a lekku, cleaning a glass cup and said to him, "Hows it going Selda?" Selda stopped what was doing and looked at the man with surprise and replied to him, "Well I'll be...Arthur Morgan, it's been a while since I last seen you." "Ha yeah I just got back actually, it ain't easy when your trying to stay in retirement," humored Arthur. Selda chuckled at his comment and said, "I'm sure after whatever you had to do it'll stay that way...the usual?" "Yes sir, Juma Juice."

Selda poured him a glass of Juma and placed it in front of him as Arthur took a nice good sip of it and then asked Selda, "So anything new going on here on Raada?" "Not really, except that Vartan has a new crew member that's become the new village mechanic," replied Selda. Arthur chuckled as he commented, "Well ol Vartan found a new crew mate, need to go see him here soon and see what he's been up to." "I bet he would like that," said Selda as he picked up another glass to clean. Arthur then finished what he had left of his drink and laid some credits on the bar and said, "Well I better head back home, it's good seeing you Selda, goodnight." "You too Arthur!"

Arthur walked out of the cantina and was about to hop on his horse until he heard a people yelling over at an alley. "Just leave us alone, we haven't done anything to you!" Arthur headed over towards the yelling and saw two young women, one a light brown skinned human and the other one a togruta, being harassed by three male farmers. "Oh come on now, we just wanted to have a little conversation with the both of you," said the leader of the farmer group as he tried to touch her. The Togruta woman smacked him across the face and lashed out, "Don't you dare touch her!" Arthur knew this was about to get worse and to make it even worse it was someone he knew that was about to get either seriously hurt or killed.

Before anything can escalate Arthur quickly rushes in and yells out, "Hey what the hells going on here!?" The leader turned towards him and said back, "None of your business old man, take a hike." Arthur got in between the farmers and the young women as he said to the farmers, "How about you stop harassing these young ladies and get out of here." "Who's gonna make me...you?" Arthur got in his face and answered, "Yeah...leave now or I'll put a bolt in between your eyes." The leader's face can be seen with fear as he knew Arthur wasn't fooling around, so he looked at his comrades and gave a head signal to leave as they left.

Arthur turned towards the two young women and said to the light browned skinned one, "How many times do I have to get you out of these situations Kaeden?" Kaeden grew a huge smile as she jumped up and gave Arthur a huge hug as Arthur chuckled and gave her one in return as she said with joy, "It's so good to see you again Arthur, when did you come back!?" "today actually, hopefully it's the last time I ever have to leave," answered Arthur as they broke the hug. "Oh Arthur this is my friend Ashla, she's apart of Vartan's crew and the new mechanic, "said Kaeden.

"Ah so your the new mechanic, Selda told me about that...how long have you been here Ashla?" asked Arthur. "At least a couple of years, I've been trying my best around here as helping people is my specialty," said Ashla. Arthur looked at the direction of the farmers leaving and looked back at them and said, "Looks like not everyone agrees with that Ashla." "Kayrn has always been a jerk, guess he's still upset that I wouldn't go out with him," joked Kaeden. Arthur chuckled as he said, "Come on, let me get you guys something to eat at my place."

a few mins later...

After arriving at Arthur's place, Arthur is pouring Kaeden and Ashla a bowl of some Nerf stew and sets each bowl in front of them. Arthur makes himself a bowl and sits down with them as Kaeden says, "Thank you Arthur, for this and what you did for me earlier." Arthur took a slurp of his stew and replied, "Ah don't mention it Kaeden, just be careful for now on." Kaeden nodded and continued eating her stew as Ashla asked, "So Arthur I was wondering, what exactly are you?" "what ya mean?" asked Arthur suspiciously. "I mean you don't look like the type to be a farmer, so what were you before you came to Raada?" asked Ashla curiously. Arthur took another sip of his stew and then answered, "Well, I use to be a pirate, mercenary, and bounty hunter...I've done a lot of bad things in my life...and some I'm not to proud about."

Ashla looked at Arthur and said, "that might be so, but judging by how your good friends with most of the village and what you did today...I say all that is behind you now." Arthur nodded his head at hear and continued, "Well even then before that I was a mandalorian...a member of Death Watch as a matter of fact." Ashla almost choked on her stew as she coughed a few times as Kaeden tended to her by saying, "Ashla whats wrong?" Ashla was able to get some of her bearings together and said, "Death Watch...you mean..." "I know...I know, the group that caused that whole Mandalore mess years ago...hell who am i kidding it's still happening today," interrupted Arthur as he got up and looked out his window into the sky.

Ashla looked at Arthur with curiosity and wondered if she was about to learn more about him in just a few moments...after all she wanted to know more about him especially if he was sent by the Empire or knew anything about her secret. Arthur turned towards them and began to explain his time in Death Watch, "It wasn't always like that...what people saw from the Clone Wars..."

25 years go


"I was born in Mandalore but not in the city...we owned a small farm in it's outskirts." We see a young Arthur, at least 15 years old at that time, helping his farther with some crops until some weequey pirates showed up. "Then some pirates showed up and began to pillage our farm...they took whatever they wanted...my ma and pa were killed trying to stop them and I was about to die too until Death Watch showed up." Death watch mandalorians show up and began decimating the pirates as the leader, Pre Vizla, approached him and offered him his hand as Arthur took it. "Vizla took me in, and taught me everything about how to fight and intimidate...years went by and Vizla's resolve to make Mandalore return to it's ol roots was getting stronger...but it also made him make stupid decisions and the worst one being when he decided to have that damn insane Zabrak Sith scum Maul and his brother Savage join them."

Vizla is walking from the tent after having a meeting with Maul as Arthur approaches him and says, "Vizla have you lost your mind?" "Arthur we discussed this already...I'm willing to do whatever it takes to return Mandalore to it's glory days." "I know, but come on Vizla working with this Maul and his brother will be no different than working with Dooku or any Sith Scum...they will stab us in the back they always have dated back to our ancestors Vizla!" argued Arthur. "Arthur, I understand your concern and believe me I know...I'm not gonna repeat my mistakes as after we have gotten rid of the Duchess and reclaimed Mandalore, then we will get rid of Maul and Savage...that I promise." Vizla walks away with Bo-Katan as Arthur looks on both worried and upset.

"Shortly afterwards what was supposed to be our cause became nothing more than becoming another underworld criminal Empire...we had the Black sun, the Pike Syndicate, and hell even the Hutts join us. Still Vizla stayed true to his word as he only wanted Mandalore not a criminal empire, so after we made a set up to where the Death Watch 'Rescued' Mandalore from pirates and locked up the duchess, Vizla locked away Maul and Savage...but that was a mistake. Maul and Savage has gotten out and freed the former Prime Minister Almac and challenged Vizla to see who can rule Death Watch. By Mandalorian tradition Vizla had to accept it, despite giving everything he had, in the end Maul was able to kill him and claim to be the new leader of Death Watch."

"However, Bo and I refused to follow him as no outsider should ever have to lead us...but not all of them agreed and attacked us. We barely escaped with our lives and Bo was really desperate to get revenge so she had a plan that I didn't agree with. "Wait what did you say!?" asked Arthur angrily. "We have no choice Arthur, the only way we are going to be able to defeat Maul is to have the help of the Republic and the Jedi," said Bo. Arthur shook his head angrily as he said, "No it's not our way dammit! Vizla would not agree with this!" "Vizla is dead now Arthur, so are you gonna help us or not!?" lashed out Bo. Arthur stared at her and the others with a look of anger as he slammed his helmet on the table and said, "I'm done." Arthur then began to walk out of the tent and away from the camp towards one of the ships.

Back in modern time


"I left Death Watch after that, and went straight to Tatooine where I would begin my career as a bounty hunter...but that's a story for another time." Kaeden was shocked to hear this as she never heard anything about her long time friends past and somehow her new friend Ashla was able to get it out of him somehow. Ashla looked at him and really began to process everything what he said which lead to this last question, "So the reason you left is because Bo wanted the Jedis help...so do you still hold some sort of hatred towards the jedi?" Arthur looked at her square in the eyes as he answered, "If you would have asked me years ago you bet your ass I would...but as of now my views of the jedi have soften and that's all I'm gonna say." Kaeden looked at the time and then said, "Well we better head home, Vartan might get worried...thanks for today Arthur have a goodnight." "Goodnight Kaeden and you too Ms. ashla," said Arthur as he tipped his hat to her. Ashla looked at him and grew a small smile at him as she nodded and said, "You too as well Mr. Morgan." Kaeden and Ashla left as Arthur went over to the lights and turned them off to go to bed.

Well there you have it folks! Another new project this time having Arthur Morgan inside the Star Wars Universe! I know after this there's gonna be a lot of questions like what else are we gonna know about Arthurs past? Is Arthur gonna find out about Ashla's secret? Will Arthur fight the Empire eventually? Well you guys will have to wait and find out! The next chapter will be up soon!