Arthur is working on a ship behind his house as he is trying to repair it's engines. Suddenly, an electric circuit shot out of him and stung his hand as he yelled out, "Son of a bitch!" Arthur grabbed a rag as he wiped his hands and the back of his head as he looked at his ship. "Well looks like i'm gonna need some help," Arthur said to himself. Arthur then thought of a great idea...ask Ashla for help since she has been known for doing a great job with repairing. Arthur put on his hat, approached his horse, and hopped on as he started heading towards Ashla's place as he was told by her where she lived when they headed to his place the day before.

After about a thirty minute ride, Arthur arrived at Ashla's place and can see her repairing a Thresher as Arthur thought to himself, "hmmm she's pretty good with repairs, hopefully she can get the ol girl back in the air." Arthur stopped in front of her house as he says to her, "Hows it going Ashla?" Ashla quickly turned towards him surprised but then relaxed and said, "Oh Mr. Morgan it's you, you scared me to death there." "My apologies Ashla I just rode over to see if you can help me repair my ship?" asked Arthur. Ashla grabbed a rag and wiped some oil off her hands and answered, "Sure, Tibbola can wait on his thresher for a few hours." Arthur nodded his head in agreement and said, "Yeah he's the village drunk anyway...surprised he's even still walking or breathing ."

Ashla grabbed her tools and approached him and said, "Mind giving me a lift over there, I'm sorry I don't have a way to get there as I rely on people to bring me their stuff to repair." "Oh no it's fine Ashla, hop on," said Arthur kindly as Ashla hopped on and rode off. Arthur decided to start a conversation with her since it was gonna be a while to get to his place and said to Ashla, "That place your living in, that use to be Cietra's house...what happened to her?" "From what Kaeden told me when i first got here, she got married and moved out," answered Ashla "Did she? Good I'm glad to hear, she was a very kind woman...taught her how to survive out here in the plains," said Arthur with a tone of joy as it relieved him that she found happiness.

Ashla smiled at his comment and then looked at his horse with an even bigger smile and asked, "So what's your horses name and where did she come from? I've seen other types of horses but I've never seen this kind before." Arthur chuckled at her question and rubbed his horse on her the side of her neck as he answered, "Her names Mary and she's from the forest moon of Endor...I rescued her from a pack of Duloks." Ashla wide eyed Arthur and asked excitedly, "You were at Endor!? I heard many stories about that planet what was it like?" "It's beautiful, the forest can be very calm and peaceful with the most beautiful sunsets, but can be very dangerous as it has the most dangerous species I've ever seen...ever seen a Gorax?" asked Arthur. Ashla shook her head as he continued, "good don't, other than that the only species somewhat friendly are the Ewoks, cute little critters but can be dangerous."

Ashla chuckled as she asked teasingly, "My my, you've seen it all have you?" Arthur looked back at her a bit and answered teasingly, "that and more sweetheart." They arrived at his place as they got off and approached his ship as he said, "Well there she is." Ashla put her hands on her hips as she took a good look at it and recognized the ship, as she's seen it twice in her life, and said, "Wow an SS-54 assault ship, very nice." "Yep, she's called Halo...been very helpful to say the least." Ashla nodded her head and asked, "So what's the problem with it?" Arthur walked over towards the ship and pointed out, "The engines a bit messed up and I tried fixing it, but I guess I can't so..." Ashla raised her hands up as she said, "Say no more Mr. Morgan."

Ashla then headed over to the ship and began taking a look at the engine and started working on it. While working on it Ashla decided she wanted to take this time to learn more about Arthur and asked, "So you mentioned when you left Mandalore you went to Tatooine, how did that go?" Arthur looked at her and crossed his arms as he asked, "Sure asking a lot of questions about me...that can get you killed." Ashla stopped at her tracks as she turned at him with surprise as he laughed and said, "I'm just messing with ya Ashla, sure I'll tell you what happened I got nothing to hide." Ashla was amazed on how much trust this man is putting on her for telling her this, but regardless she listened while working as Arthur began.

13 years ago


"Shortly after i left Mandalore, I arrived on Tatooine to lay low and find some work. Lets just say that as soon as I arrive, my path of becoming a bounty hunter was pretty much set." Arthur's mandalorian ship arrives in Tatooine and lands near Mos Eisley as Arthur exits the ship, dressed in an outfit that he would wear as a disguise for scout missions(picture one of his alternative outfits from Red dead 2), and noticed some Jawas looking at his ship and said, "You can have it." The Jawas looked at each other in excitement and ran towards the ship.

Arthur enters the cantina and looks around to see almost every alien species chilling in the cantina socializing and getting drunk. Arthur approaches and sits down at the bar as the bartender approached him and asked, "What will be son?" "Ruby Bliels," said Arthur as the bartender nodded and went to go make it. Arthur had a lot going through his mind like what is he going to do now as being with the Death Watch has been all he knows so far. Eventually, the bartender returned with his drink and began taking sips of it...little does he know that he is being watched by three men over at a nearby table: A young boy dressed in mandalorian armor, a trandoshan, and a man wearing a black shirt, tan pants, and a red trench coat with a certain familiar signature hat.

As Arthur is trying to enjoy his drink, he can hear obnoxious laughter as a rodian and a weequey began approaching him. The Rodian stood next to him and said, "Your in my seat." Arthur didn't look at him as he said, "Funny, last time I checked the Cantina's seats were free to everyone...with the exception of ugly ass insects of course." "Looks like we got a man with a big mouth eh Greedo," said the Weequey. The Rodian, identified as Greedo, took Arthur's drink and then chugged it down as he slammed the glass and said, "Now what are you gonna do now Big Mouth?"

Arthur then grabbed Greedo by his head and slammed him on the bar and pointed a blaster on his head and said, "Blow your damn brains out rodian...now leave me the fuck alone and get the hell out!" Arthur let Greedo go as he and the Weequey took off running with Arthur looking on. Suddenly the bartender brought another drink as Arthur looked confused and asked, "I didn't order another round?" "Actually it's on the gentlemen over there sir," answered the bartender as he pointed at the direction of the young boy, trandoshan, and man as Arthur looked over to see the man signal him to come over.

Arthur took his drink and headed over as the man said to him, "take a seat son, we got some business to talk." Arthur sat down as the man proceeded to ask him, "what's your name son?" "Arthur...Arthur Morgan," answered Arthur as he took a sip of his drink. "Well then Arthur I'm Canderous Ordo and these two are Bossk and boba Fett," said Canderous as he introduced himself and the others. Boba stared at Arthur as he went on to say, "We saw what you did with Greedo and if were being honest I enjoyed it as I really hate that rodian." Bossk hissed as he continued for Boba, "As do I...but because you scared him off, were one man short." "And judging by how you can handle yourself with a weapon..." continued Canderous. "You want me to join your team?" asked Arthur by interrupting him.

Canderous smiled and nodded as he said, "Ah a quick learner too, your gonna be just fine with out little group...tell me ever considered doing any mercenary work or bounty hunting anyways?" Arthur really thought about it as it was completely obvious that he needed work and since all he learned was killing...why not do a job where you have to do that. "Alright..I'm in, what's the job?" asked Arthur. "Uh-Uh, not yet son...first you gotta meet the rest of the team...let's go," said Canderous as they got up and left.

The four of them exited the cantina as they went over to the bounty hunter office where there was a kyuzo, a little alien, a droid, and a female zabrak waiting as the zabrak said agitatedly, "It's about time you got here Canderous, who's this I thought Greedo was joining?" Bossk hissed as he looked at Arthur and goes, "Eh not anymore...this one here scared him off." "Regardless he will be a much better choice, this is Arthur Morgan...Arthur meet the rest of the team: Sugi, Embo, Serpias, and C-21 Highsinger," said Canderous with more introductions. Sugi looked at Arthur and kind of checked him out as she smirked at him and said, "Well he doesn't look to bad...could use a better outfit though."

Everyone looked at Arthur as he shrugged and said, "sorry, this is all I got." Canderous patted him on the shoulder and said, "ah don't worry about it Arthur, Sugi just has a weird sense of humor...alright listen up we just got a job from a big time land owner. He wants us to clear out a village to set up a mining operation," said Canderous announcing the job. "Are we dealing with Tuskens?" asked Boba. "don't know...but he's offering us at least five hundred thousand credits to do the job, let's go," answered Canderous. Everyone geared up as Arthur was checking his mandalorian blaster as Sugi saw this and said, "Hey tiger, how about using this instead." Sugi handed him a E-23 Shotgun as he nodded at her and said, "Appreciate it."

Sugi smiled at him and then said to him, "No problem...try not to get killed on this job." Sugi began to walk away as Arthur yells out, "Appreciate that as well!" Arthur then was checking out Sugi as she was walking away as he did a small whistle and then followed the others out as well.