Toris walked down the empty hallways, holding his folder and humming to himself. It was a Friday afternoon, and everything had gone smoothly. However, he couldn't shake off the feeling that Feliks held a grudge against him.

Little did Toris know his prediction was correct.

"Go," a voice whispered.

Go where? He wondered. Before he could do anything, he felt a pair of hands shove him forcefully. Toris dropped everything and fell to the floor with a thud. As he lay sprawled on the ground, he moved his brown hair out of his eyes and looked up expecting to see Alfred.

But to his surprise, it was Feliks.

His chocolate brown eyes widened becoming orbs as a million questions filled his mind. As Feliks opened his mouth, he had no time to speak.

"I can't believe I was friends with a stupid person like you in the first place! You know, all this time, I was just like, using you. My best friend is actually Alfie, not you!" The boy spat, crossing his arms.

"F-Feliks…" Toris stuttered. Something was off with Feliks, as he didn't sound natural. "W-What were all the fun t-times we had for, t-then?" he asked, fighting the lump in his throat.

Feliks ignored Toris' question and opened his locker. "Say hello to darkness." Feliks said, stuffing Toris inside. Toris took one glimpse of Feliks and noticed tears flowing down his cheeks. "Aš atsiprašau," he whispered and slammed the locker door shut.

Toris' eyes widened. Aš atsiprašau...But why? He desperately searched for an answer. But what was she sorry for? For breaking me and my heart? He could feel the anger build up inside of him.

Feliks slowly backed away from the locker. It hurt him like a spear to the heart to speak a word against Toris, and bullying him was just too much for her. If only I declined Alfred's snack offer… Feliks wiped away the tears with his sleeve and walked towards Gilbert and Arthur who were standing nearby.

"That was so awesome, dude!" Gilbert chuckled.

"What did you say before you slammed the locker?" Arthur questioned.

"Adios, former friend." Feliks lied. "I feel great after breaking like a toxic friendship, so I just had to shed a tear."

"By the way, want to join us with some ice cream to celebrate?" Gilbert asked.

Feliks smiled, inwardly feeling sick to his stomach. "Let me like, grab my bag first~"

Arthur nodded. "See you in 15 minutes." With that said, he and Gilbert left.

When Feliks had made sure the two were gone, he dashed towards Toris' locker. She punched in the passcode and opened the locker wide.

"Stay away from me! I wish we never met! I wish you were never alive!" Toris yelled, his face was flushed red, overtaken with anger.

"Toris!" he screamed, silencing him almost immediately. "I'm here to explain why I did that to you!"

Toris blinked but didn't speak. Finally, explanations, he thought.

"Yesterday, I forgot to bring my snack. Alfred knew that and gave me his but only if I like, returned the favor. I had to join his squad. I knew I was going to be made to bully people, but I didn't like, really have a choice. My first task was to end the friendship between us and like bully you. Gilbert and Arthur were close by watching me." Feliks explained, his nails carving red crescent moons in his palms.

Realization struck Toris as he was simmering with anger. Who was Alfred to manipulate Feliks like a toy? Make her do things he doesn't want to do?

As if Feliks had read his thoughts, he told him to not put the blame on Alfred. "Alfred lives in an abusive family." he said, putting a hand on Toris' shoulder. "Because of the pressure and abuse he's receiving, he vents his rage by copying how his parents treat him and applying it to the unfortunate students here. There's no other way to put it, and believe it or not, he's broken."

Toris looked at Feliks, mouth agape. "B-But how does he have a whole squad?" he blurted out.

"Alfred's like,basically a jock. Notice his popularity and how much the girls in this school swoon over him? Heck, I even heard that Kiku likes him." Feliks said matter-of-factly.

"...Who told you all this?" He still couldn't process everything his friend told him properly.

"Matthew. Like he one who's seen to be as polar opposites with Alfred."

Toris blinked once again and realization dawned on him.

It was only then that Toris realized not everyone can be the person they wanted to be.