Hello there!

I'm back and this time, with a new story.

This particular idea came to me years ago, and not nearly as developed as it is now. The people I've met along the way and the experiences I've had, helped me mature my simple two line idea into a full story. I really hope that I managed to portray how the characters are after several years of separation and different settings in their lives, so if you feel as if something could be tweaked, please let me know. I always enjoy getting your reviews and PMs.

I'm still working on the Otter fic and will finish translating everything on 2019. So I hope you support me in this new story also.

Only a short prologue this time, but I promise to post the first chapter in the next couple of days. Or, if I get 10 reviews today, I'll post it today, hehe.

Thank you very much!

It was funny how one word could change one's demeanor.

When you're in school it's Pass or Fail.

When you're stuck in traffic it's Go or Stop.

When you're confessing it's Yes or No.

But now, the word I was staring at had not only changed my demeanor, it was going to change my entire life.

I was positively hyperventilating, I needed to calm down, but the sobs kept on coming out with no sense or order. Even when I tried to muffle them with my hands, my body was shaking so badly that I couldn't stay still.

Why had this happened? Things were finally looking up; I was no longer under the threat of leaving school; Dad had gotten a new job; mom had finally accepted that stand in the market, and, in general, all was well.

People at school no longer bothered me, thanks to the F4 backing me up. Although it still felt weird to be invited regularly to their private lounge, I did go from time to time because let's face it, I had no more friends at Shinwha.

Woo Bin and Yi Jung were behaving as they always did, still trying to 'seduce me' for the fun of it, but even if they were serious, I was immune to their charms. Ji Hoo was as charming as ever, and as far as Jun Pyo was concerned, after the last time he came to my house, we talked for a long time and it seemed everything was going to be alright between us. Facing those 3 trials we finally agreed on to stay in school with Ji Hoo was just downright stressful, but he had come to my house to personally apologize. Jun Pyo never wanted people to know, but he was actually very sweet when he wanted to be.

I heard my phone alarm go off, and I came back to reality. I had set an alarm for five minutes but...

Oh my god.

How did I let this happen?

How did I let this happen?

How did I let this happen?

I was thankful there was no one at home while I lay crying on the bathroom floor holding a pregnancy test displaying two lines that meant "Positive".