Waking up on the roof was never fun, especially after feeling like you were touched inappropriately. Managing to climb down from the roof without completely injuring himself, he finally realized why he was on the roof of the house. Groaning softly as he stepped back into the empty house, he could hear the soft sound of running paws coming towards him. At least he wasn't fully alone. Bending over to pick up the cat, he felt a rough pain shoot through his body, his legs buckling under him almost forcing him to the floor. His stomach was pushing out against his tee from the previous night, looking like he had eaten too much in a meal. Feeling a spell of vertigo as well as a strong sense of nausea, he nearly ran into a wall on his way to the bathroom where he fell in front of the toilet. He felt horrible, and whatever he was throwing up wasn't just bile like he thought it was. Taking a deep breath between retches, he reluctantly glanced into the toilet before he heaved again at the sight. His other hand was pressed against his stomach, trying to force whatever foreign substance out of him. Watching as the electric green substance escaped his body through his mouth, he could feel his stomach clenching around it's lessening contents. Good god what was happening to him? Shakily making it back onto his feet, he flushed the plumbing system before looking in the mirror.

He was a little disappointed, when being abducted, you didn't expect to wake up on the roof and then be forced to empty your stomach of some foreign substance. It occurred to him that he probably should have taken a closer look at the slime. Feeling a furry body rub against his ankle, he couldn't help the smile. Looked like Ringo was trying to make sure that he was alright. It was now rare for the tabby to leave the room if he was in it, over the past few weeks whenever he had gone to take a shower there were always paw patting on the bathroom door from her trying to get into the room so she knew she wasn't alone.

"Hey girl. I'm okay, can't get rid of me that easily." Trying to keep his own mood up to hopefully help the feline, he lifted her into his arms before she curled up around his neck. It wasn't hard to understand that Ringo was in mourning, her primary caregiver had died. Even if it was a little annoying how clingy the feline was around him, he couldn't manage being mad at her, they only had each other at this point. Carrying the tabby cat into the kitchen after washing his mouth out from the odd taste of the slime, he made sure that her bowls were full before making himself some toast and a cup of tea that would hopefully calm his stomach.

It wasn't too long before he realized that something was really wrong with him, this was obvious to him after only about a few weeks he was going to the store roughly twice a week. Now this wouldn't be an issue if he wasn't the only human living in the house and the shopping list that he was using wasn't meant to feed four people for two weeks. It wasn't a thing about the food going bad quicker either, after the initial week that had left him living with only a cat the food in the house that was left lasted him over three weeks. It didn't help that he was gaining weight either, it was only a small bit but it annoyed him. He was eating much more food than he should be, and he felt ill more often now. Trying to keep his eyes open as he walked through the store aisles, he grabbed some of the basic essentials while trying to ignore the whispers. He knew about the rumors going around, but he would more often ignore them. It wasn't his problem that people thought he had his friends killed, but if he ever found out who started that book he'd show them who they were affecting.

After grabbing what he needed, he barely made it to the checkout lanes, purchasing the groceries before putting the bags over his arms. He wouldn't take too long before he got home, but he'd definitely be passing out on the couch after the food was put away. Getting into his form of residence, he went straight for the kitchen to put what needed to keep cold away before he went to take a nap on the couch. Getting the milk eggs and cheese into the fridge, he put the rest of the bags onto the counter before scooping up the cat who had been trying to curl around his ankles. Heading back over to the couch, he made sure the doors were locked before laying on the red couch, Ringo curled up against his stomach.

He was tired. Tired of what his body was doing. He sleeps half the day and still has barely enough energy to function. He's been trying to cut back on how much he eats, but he still goes to the shops at least three times in two weeks. That wasn't even mentioning how much he's gained in the past few weeks.

Leaving the bathroom after having to remove the slime from his insides once again, he was confused how it kept appearing. But he'd get to the bottom of this, having spit some of the gunk into one of his glass beakers. The substance glowed lightly, electric green in color. Moving to his room after he washed his mouth out, the hand that wasn't holding the object unconsciously moved over his slightly larger stomach. Heading into his lab room, he placed the glass onto a workbench before he got to work, tying on his apron and placing goggles over his face. Taking a small sample from what he had to work with, he placed it onto a slide to view under the microscope, preparing another to match against other substances through all databases. He was admittedly glad that he was able to do all this himself, not exactly trusting anyone else with his care since what had happened. Setting up to let the substance run through hacked databases without trace, he took a glance through the microscope, flinching in shock at fur rubbing against his legs.

"Ringo I'm a little busy right now. If I put you on the table can I trust you not to move or break anything?" Glancing down, he smiled as the tabby purred and rubbed against his ankles. He's gotten used to the feline wanting to help, getting to a point where he had gotten extra lab equipment to let her wear while he worked just to keep her safe. Getting the infant sized lab suit onto Ringo, he placed her next to the computer, giving light orders to let him know when it was finished running data.

Getting back to his microscope, he adjusted the lenses till what he could see was clear. Squinting at what he could only guess was a form of mucus, he hoped that the glow wasn't from radiation. Coughing up radioactive waste didn't seem safe nor fun. Hearing his little housemate call out to him, he glanced over to where she was perched and pointing at the screen of the desktop. Moving his goggles from his eyes, he moved closer to the screen, scratching Ringo behind her ears. Glancing over the list of documents, he felt his stomach churn at where the information came from. A few were in languages he couldn't read, but the ones that stood out were from the states. Opening one of the links, he pulled over his desk chair, feeling Ringo crawl into his lap as he sat down to read through each document. It was talking about a medical anomaly, and from how it was worded it was a sort of test to figure out what was happening.

The description was thorough, adult male early to mid twenties, experiencing odd weight gain and vomiting the same substance. Quickly going through the document, his silver eyes widened as he read each line, the pieces falling into place. Moving the cat sitting in his lap onto the floor, he began to clean up as he printed off the full document to read later, saving the sample in his lab fridge. Shrugging off his goggles, apron, and shirt, he glanced down to his abdomen. It looked like chub, but if he pressed in certain spots it would feel hard to the touch. Grabbing one of his machines that he had managed to acquire months ago, he grabbed a tube of gel and squirted a dollop of the substance onto a harder portion of his stomach. Turning the machine on, he placed the wand onto the skin of his stomach, where when he looked to the screen made his heart throb.

So there it was, the document was right. Sitting next to his stomach was what looked to be a false womb. It's contents was a shock, but he couldn't help but smile as he traced along the side of where the bump was formed. Shifting the wand like object over his skin, he was surprised as he counted the small inhabitants. One, two, three small bodies were curled up in the newer womb, origins plainly obvious by this point. He was carrying alien offspring, and by the looks of the images, three of them. Thinking back to how long it's been since he was abducted and left on the roof of the house, it's only been a few weeks, a month and a half at most.

Cleaning up the gel from his person, he pulled his shirt back on before grabbing the document from his printer tray. Getting the lab protection off Ringo, he put it away before moving into the living room to sit on the couch and read each page. Sitting on the couch, he placed the stack of papers onto the coffee table before feeling paws placed against his lap and stomach, glancing down to watch a little pink nose rub against a portion of the area. This couldn't be so bad, maybe it would help them heal more. Grabbing the top page, he began reading from the beginning.