He needed to stop using the couch as his bed, especially since he needed to get some decent sleep now. Sitting up slowly so he wouldn't jostle his stomach too much or accidently knock Ringo off the couch cushion, he placed his hand on the mound his middle had become. After finding out that he was technically pregnant with alien children, he made sure to be extra careful with anything he did. And that meant he still went to the grocer quite often, the progeny making him eat much more than he really wanted to. But he guessed it was fair, the cantaloupe sized trio we're developing quicker than a normal human child. He was only about three months along and already halfway done. Slowly standing from the couch, he used one hand to hold his belly gently as he practically waddled to the kitchen. He would need to go get more food later on today, probably double what he usually got so it would last at least a week. He'd also need to stock up on imperishable foods and supplies for when he would have a harder time with moving and after the three would be born.

Opening the fridge, he wasn't surprised by the lack of food, grabbing what was left of the milk and setting it on the table. Getting something to eat, he went to the bathroom to get a shower before he went out. Looking at himself in the mirror, he turned to the side to see the larger portion that had grown on him. He barely fit into his own clothes now, his pants not buttoning up and his shirts riding up his stomach, barely fitting past his navel. He was fine in the clothes while at home, but in public not even. He had one pair of sweatpants that would fit, and he could manage to pull his hoodie over the obstruction before, but now there was no chance of that happening, especially since he had all those rumors surrounding him.

Slipping on a pair of tight boxers, he walked into the laundry room to find something he could wear. His eyes stopped on clothes that were larger than his own, contemplating whether he would feel comfortable wearing said clothing. See he had found some dirty clothes in odd places around the house that belonged to the other three, he hadn't put any of it away after washing it so here it sat in the laundry room. Thinking for a few more moments, he grabbed one of the pairs of pants, slipping them up over his hips. They fit a little snug, but at least they buttoned up. He grabbed a tee shirt and hoodie from the pile, grinning as both were big enough to hide his larger middle for a few more weeks. Glancing in the mirror, he couldn't help the smile that came to his face. He was wearing Matt's pale blue jeans, one of Tom's asdf stay safe shirts, and Edd's much larger hoodie. Wearing the others' clothes made him feel warm, his heart skipping a beat.

He couldn't help but smile at Ringo's confusion at him wearing clothes that used to belong to the previous members of the household, kissing her head and telling the feline he would be back later on. He was trying to keep his movements as close to normal as possible, his gait awkward with each step. He had the hood of the jacket over his head, covering his face from the view of other persons. He would rather not be recognized at this point, despite the fabric being much larger it still showing a light shadow of the point he was carrying.

Stepping into the store, he pushed the hood from covering his face before he moved further into the building. He was fine for the most part of the shopping trip, until a complete stranger came up to him. The woman looked to be only a little over thirty at most, and her comment made it obvious that he couldn't be recognized as anything other than a woman. It hurt his pride a little before he realized that he didn't have to deal with all the gossip hopefully.

"How far along are you? My you look absolutely stunning dear." He couldn't tell the woman the truth, obviously not looking like he was three months along. So instead he went for the equivalent.

"Four and a half months. It's triplets too so that's exciting." He had pitched his voice higher to pull off the part, placing both his hands palm down against his middle. The woman obviously bought it.

"Oh! Congratulations. Did you just move here? I don't believe I've seen you around before and you sound like you're from elsewhere." Shit, he forgot about his accent. But this could work in his favor he guessed.

"I'm actually visiting my brother for a few months. He asked me to get the groceries." Acting overly hyper, he watched the woman gasp in shock before looking a little bitter.

"I am so sorry for you dear. For such a darling girl to have such a horrible brother like that." He faked confusion, trying to feign innocence to what the woman was talking about.

"Horrible? My brother hasn't done anything wrong that I know of. Did he do something?"

"I suppose you wouldn't have known but he hired people to kill his previous roommates." Gaping a little at the words, he tried to form a small smile before shaking his head slowly.

"He wouldn't have done that. My brother was traumatized. He refuses to get into vehicles, and he's practically boarded up the fireplace. Who started this rumor that he killed his roommates? They were practically brothers." The woman before him pursed her lips, obviously thinking over what he said.

"I guess you're right, the four of them usually acted like buffoons. Could you let your brother know that we all apologize for acting this way?" Nodding, he said his goodbyes to the woman before he continued his shopping trip. It wasn't too eventful the rest of the trip other than the few times he almost forgot that he was pretending to be a woman, getting through check out easily. Carrying the bags home, he was exhausted from doing so much. He had started getting the canned food together, deciding that he'd be better off doing that in multiple trips. Getting back home, he was greeted by Ringo, who followed him to the kitchen to put the groceries that needed to keep cold away and curled up against his stomach after he kicked off his shoes and took off the borrowed hoodie, wrapping the green cloth around the cat like he was swaddling a baby. Falling into slumber, he barely noticed the soft shifting grazes from his belly.

He barely noticed what the date was, only vaguely taking note when he looked to the calendar hanging in the kitchen. He had used pen to keep track of what the days were, his due date having passed a week previous. Ringo was always by his side, wanting to make sure her larger friend was alright. It got to the point where she wouldn't leave him alone unless he was asleep, and even then she would be back a few minutes later. Feeling a furry head nuzzle against his ankle as he cracked his back, he smiled.

"I know you're worried about me girl. How about we go check on these three in the lab hm? I'm not too hungry right now for some reason." Feeling his companion nudge him towards his room with her head and front paws, he laughed softly as he waddled down the hall back to his room. Opening the door, he watched as the grey tabby cat hopped onto his lab table, following her at his own pace. The room felt chillier than it had previously, putting the blame on the rest of the house being warmer. Not noticing the slight offset in the view of his other wall that looked like viewing the picture through a fun house mirror. The past few weeks there's been odd occurrences, only happening while home.

Rolling the sonogram cart over to the counter, he used a step stool to climb up onto the chilled surface. He had gone through this process quite a few times, making sure that this wasn't a dream. Using the wand to spread the gel against his skin, he smiled as the picture began to form on the screen. His middle had dropped two days before, it showing that one of the trio were engaged in preparation for leaving his body. The entire prospect of himself going into labor and giving birth to all three of the otherworldly children scared him, the biggest fear being how they'd be coming out, if he'd survive the ordeal.

Deciding not to think on it, he cleaned up and put the equipment away. There was no point in worrying about something like that. Moving back to his bed, he was about to sit down on the bedsheets before he reeled back at noticing a portion of the sheets were soaked. This was confusing, especially after watching it dry up as a strong heat came up beside him. Turning to face the heat and back up, he grew confused by there being nothing near. That was odd…