Each twinge of pain lit up his body, a light sheen of sweat covering his skin. He could only guess that this was what labor was supposed to feel like, the shifting of the small trio making his breath hitch. He'd been at this for a few hours already, now fully undressed as he laid on his bed. Ringo was running around the house grabbing things for him, having already helped getting scissors and towels that were now up against the side of the bed as well as sitting on the bedside table. Laying against the propped up pillows, he took breaths in and out to keep himself calm. He never expected himself to go through this, but doing it practically alone put him on edge.

Watching Ringo come back with three blankets and some baby clothes he had ordered online, he gave a weak smile to her as she put them on the bed next to him. The small cat crawled closer to him, giving her own form of affection to him to help. He could tell that she didn't like seeing him like this, in so much pain that couldn't be helped.

Within moments of Ringo returning, he felt his stomach clench up, his breaths shallower as pressure built up. He couldn't help the whimpers leaving his throat, both hands clasped around his middle. Within the next few moments he felt fluids hit the underside of his legs and his feet, the limbs pulled back and spread to help alleviate the pain. The fluids escaping him had him stock stiff for a few moments before he realized what this meant. Standing for a few moments to strip his bed of sheets, he could feel as something large began to move through him aided by gravity. Groaning loudly as he climbed back onto the bed, he made sure that his lower half was over the towels to soak up the fluid.

The first urge to push came not even moments later, following the instinctual motions with every 'contraction'. There was a light pleasure with this, the first head moving past his prostate making him moan. He let one hand trail down to feel what was happening, the other holding his middle from shifting down over his crotch and making this whole thing much harder. Lightly tracing against the ring of muscles that formed his asshole, he moaned loudly as he was able to easily stick three into himself, the ring clenching down. Helping himself stretch more, he felt as the first head hit his fingers, the smooth surface making him shiver and remove the appendages to let the child come free without obstacle.

The next push sent the head into a crown, his muscles having a hard time with stretching around the large head. He could feel as the head moved through the normally tight opening, it taking only a few more tries to get the head out. He was exhausted and he still had two more unborn who wouldn't wait after this one. Scooting up the bed a little more, he cupped his hands under the head as he pushed again, groaning softly as the intrusion shifted out a shoulder at a time. He was thankful that the three had human like stature, otherwise he would be in much more of an issue. Finally getting the first of three out, he pulled the crying newborn up over his chest, kissing the head. First thing he did was wash the child off with a few washcloths, drying off the grey-green skin before dressing the little boy and swaddling his new child. He held the baby boy against his chest as the child latched on to eat from himself.

Standing from the bed to walk to the converted nursery, he limped as he felt the head of the second reach his entrance. Looked like all he needed to do to get the last two out would be to stand and walk around. The second head began crowning as the oldest latched off and was placed into the crib. He had only gotten one, making sure that it was big enough to hold triplets holding onto the side of the baby bed, he bore down again as the head left his body with more fluid. He would need to clean that up. Moving over to the wall, he felt the head between his thighs before he placed his full weight against the wall and held the head, pulling the body up against his lower stomach as he took panting breaths between pushes. The second baby slipped out fully, himself gasping at the relief he was given. Moving back to the bedroom to gather the things to clean his second and third children, he cleaned his second son carefully, noticing the purple tint to the baby's skin. Laying the small boy down after feeding and dressing the newborn, he rubbed at his belly, it looking more like pudge than a third baby.

He paced a bit, trying to urge the youngest into a position to birth. Giving up, he realized how relaxed his body was as he cleaned his downstairs area and pulled on some shorts. He didn't want to be too indecent despite being alone in the house. Fully realizing his problem, he decided that taking care of it could help get the third moving. Moving into the bathroom for a few moments, he slipped his shorts back off as he leaned back against the bathroom counter. He hadn't been keen on doing this while carrying, but god did the need overpower his will. Taking his stiff member in hand, he tried holding back the sob of pleasure as the briefest friction nearly making him spill. He was already hot and bothered from the previous glances against his prostate, tempted more than anything to press his fingers in again. Moving his free hand up on top of his belly, he felt feet press against his fingers, the small body squirming and turning from where they were in his body. Moaning loudly, he came in his hand, the white covering his hand and dripping down his arm.

That's when the doorbell rang. He hurried to pull his shorts back up, wiping his arm off with a towel before he walked to the door. He knew his face was flushed, and he felt the cramps start back up as he opened the door. It was a salesman, only people who ever came around anymore. He tried to stand still while the man before him spoke up his pitch, but he had felt the last baby slip down just as he had opened the door. Feeling what he could only believe to be a set of feet kicking the air in his shorts, he was tempted to slam the door in the man's face. But he stood through it, the feeling of the torso slipping through him making him squirm. He could tell that the weight of the third child was partially visible from behind his shorts, his legs pressing together to try hiding the shoulders down of the child.

"I'm sorry but I am not interested in your product. Please leave my property." Watching the man try to protest, he closed the door roughly before pulling his shorts down and holding the body close. He needed to get the head out, moving onto his knees with his forehead against the floor. Giving a slow push, he feels as the head gets stuck halfway out and whimpers. It hurt badly, but there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening. So he mustered up the last of his strength with the final push, the pale blue body falling into his arms as he moved more onto his knees and ultimately onto his feet. He needed to wash the floor, but he had three newborns to care for at the moment. Getting back to the nursery, he felt strong sensations of heat and chill but tried to ignore it, figuring it was just his body stabilizing from giving birth. Cleaning up the last child, he dressed them and laid his third son in his crib. Bending over to write on the chalk boards that were placed above the crib, he smiled softly as he wrote each of the three names.

Feeling the room's temperature rise exponentially, he turned towards the doorway, a hand shape pressing against his shoulder. The next thing he knew was that his hands were empty and that Ringo was hissing up a storm.