Wild Hunt

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This is a semi sequel to the story I did Lost Warrior but it's not needed to be read to follow along. They both happen in the same world. They're both resbang stories too.

Chapter 01: Dream Wedding

There are not many constants in this universe, but death is pretty much the big one. Rich or poor, powerful or weak, young or old, healthy or sickly, everyone will one day die. That concept can be quite scary to some. That doesn't change in a world ruled by the god of death.

Though Lord Death and later his son Kid were benevolent and did their best to keep the world in a state of peace, dying was no less scary.

Then there were the servants of Death, the meisters and demon weapons. Many people in the world couldn't understand why these people would charge into dangerous situations that could cause their deaths. Most meisters would give their lives to do the right thing, fighting the causes of suffering and death.

What people couldn't understand is rushing to one's likely demise, and there is little in the way of truly explaining that in the end, it's just a matter of courage and doing what one thinks they must.

Though ultimately, that will do little to stop death - after all, even Lord Death died.

One day Kid would die.

Gods died.

Anyone can die.

Some people even die twice.


The air was wild and the sky was dark. She found herself in a forest of some kind. Her mind was blurry, unable to remember how she got there. Her breath was ragged and her sides hurt- she'd been running frantically. She couldn't remember running, all she remembered was being right here. She leaned against a tree as she tried to catch her breath.

How long had she been running?

Her legs gave up underneath her and she collapsed onto the cold ground.

As she continued to struggle to breathe, she heard the roars and the excited laughter bellow through the trees. The wind raged and she watched as the trees collapsed at the presence of what was chasing her.

Her heart beat in her chest, desperately telling her run, but she couldn't move. As the last few trees fell apart before her, she saw darkness.


She woke up drenched in sweat.

She was Kami, and she was scared. The nightmare lingered, she stared up at the dark ceiling.

"Kami?" A soft voice broke through the silence.

It was Nene, her fiancee and the woman she had fallen in love with.

"I just had a nightmare." Kami whispered back, "It's nothing, I'm sorry I woke you up."

Nene purred as she nuzzled next to her. "Don't be sorry, just let me know if I can help."

A small smile cross Kami's lips as she gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, "You already have."

She meant it - feeling her next her calmed her down. She felt her breath steady, her her eyes slowly closing as she drifted off into dreamless sleep.


Life was often not easy or anything one might call normal. Kami had gotten used to it and didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes she thought back to her mother, and her wish for her to have a simple and peaceful life.

Her mother had never wanted her to become a meister. Kami did regret the fighting and the death from time to time.

She often wondered if she should have tried to stop Maka from becoming a meister. Still she never regretted letting her forge her own path. In the end she had decided that making your own path was the best thing one could do.

She had to forge her own path as well.

At the DWMA, she had been hired by Kid as an expert on some of the supernatural elements of the world: the witches, the fairies, and pretty much anything else magical. After all Kami did have a knack for making friend with anything like that.

Her job was pretty easy: advise Kid in his new role as Lord Death when he needed it, do the odd mission, and every once in a while do a lecture about these topics.

In her office she worked on something of a more personal nature; her wedding vows. She and Nene had gotten engaged last New Year and she wanted a summer wedding.

Kami was hesitant about marriage - she was hurt when her husband cheated on her, and it left her with some trust issues But she managed to fall in love again and those trust issues had mostly dissolved.

Though she had some doubt, were these dreams the doubt?

Is that why she couldn't come up with the words?

She looked at what she had written. "Ugh, this is all horrible."

Kami tapped the end of her pencil on the desk as if asking for motivation to strike her. She tried not to worry, to not overthink it, but their wedding would be at the end of week. It felt wrong that she couldn't put down her thought into words.

Kami sighed to herself. "I guess there's something else I've been putting off."

She smacked her face and got up. Maybe it was guilt that had caused her block.


In Maka's apartment there books and magazines strewn about. That in itself was not an unusual sight in the meister's abode, but their subject matter was: every one of them was about weddings.

Divorce could always be hard on the children and another marriage could make things difficult. Maka was taking it in stride. She was happy that her mother had fallen in love with it someone else and was getting married. Maka didn't even blink an eye that her mother had fallen in love with another woman.

There were two changes in her family that did cause her to hesitate a bit when she found out, however.

One was Eu, a necromancer her mother adopted as her daughter - a young-looking girl with long silvery hair and bright blue eyes. Her outfit tended to consist of an elegant purple dress with gauntlets, metals, a helmet, and a chest plate all made to help contain her power.

At first that had been a surprise for Maka but that had been a few years ago and both girls had gotten close. Being an only child, Maka didn't know if they were as close as sisters, but they were certainly comfortable enough to at least be friends. Maka knew that her mother cared for Eu and Eu cared about her.

Conversations were a bit one-sided sometimes, as Eu tended to only communicate through written notes. But there was a bit snark in those notes that Maka tended to enjoy.

At the moment, Eu was sitting on the couch looking through a bridal magazine as she snacked on some cookies.

The other, and far harder change to get used to was Excalibur. The legendary weapon had been revealed to be an ancestor of Kami and Maka and had been a long time friend to Kami before that came to light.

Yeah, Maka made a significant effort to try not to think of how that was at all possible. Just the physics and biology behind that was- no, she didn't want to think about it. As annoying as the sword could be, he had a soft spot for Kami. He tended to behave more if for her sake, though 'behaving' was something a relative term in this case.

Still, he was family and wanted to help.

Maka had gathered these odd relatives in the hopes that they could get some last-minute wedding preparations done for Kami.

"And then I jump out of the cake!" Excalibur suggested.

Maka frowned, "Ah, no, I don't think that is a good idea."

"Fool! That is a wonderous idea! Name one single flaw."

"Well, that would mean the cake would be hollow so there would probably not be enough for everyone and…. if Mama finds out that there is less cake…. well, you know how she has a sweet tooth."

Eu glanced over the penguin-like creature and made a slashing gesture across her neck.

Excalibur gulped. "Point taken."

They all knew she probably wouldn't kill anyone because of a cake, but denying Kami her sweets never ended well for anyone.

"Besides Mama and Nene picked out the cake. I just need to make sure someone calls and verifies the delivery and everything." Maka blinked, realizing one person couldn't talk and the other was Excalibur. "I'll just take care of that."

Maka doubled checked the list - most of the things were taken care of or were someone else's responsibilities.

Maka sighed and said, "We have to get back on this. What are we going to get Mama and Nene for a wedding present?"

The room was silent. "We've talked about this several times. We still don't have a single idea?!"

Eu silently turned up to Maka and held out a notepad.

Do you have an idea?

"Uh…" Maka stuttered. "Fine! No! I don't! Mom is just so hard to buy for! She's been all over the world! She's been around to other worlds too!"

Eu nodded - after all, Kami met her in the Underworld.

Maka slumped her shoulders, "She's somehow time traveled and became a part of Arthurian Legends."

"It's in her blood." Excalibur said proudly.

"Yeah, but what do we get her!"

Dyson fan?

"Uh, for her wedding?"

Eu lowered the notepad.

"That's the problem, and even more to the point, the gift should also be for Nene. She was the greatest warrior of the underworld! I have no idea what to get her either! Both of them together is near impossible!"

Maka sighed, she loved her mother and she wanted her happy, especially at her wedding. She just didn't know how to go about it.

"Gold!" Excalibur suggested

Maka sighed, "Maybe."


Spirit was asleep at the desk in his office. Most of his responsibilities had moved over to Soul as he became the Last Death Scythe and Kid stood in his role as the new Lord Death.

Spirit didn't have a lot of reasons to have a lot of late nights at work. Still, he found it hard to go to his apartment as of late. He couldn't even bring himself to go to Chupa Cabra's as of late.

The main reason was his ex-wife was getting married. Spirit wanted her to be happy - he deeply knew she deserved to be happy - but still it was so strange for him and it was just difficult to accept.


Spirit blinked awake as he heard his name gently stirring him up.

He smacked his lips to find Kami over him. His eyes focused as he took her in. Kami had a bright pair of emerald eyes and long, straw-colored hair tied up in a simple ponytail. Kami's outfit tended to be pretty simple, usually a simple blouse, usually white, and a pair of practical black pants and black boots. Her most outstanding feature was a long black coat, something her daughter emulated. That and they both had the idea that coats looked awesome, which they do.

She gave him a small if not forced smile. "Slept in your office again."

It wasn't a question just matter a fact. Kami sat across him in an empty chair. "Do you need some coffee? I think we need to talk."

Kami wasn't an idiot, she knew Spirit enough to have an idea what he was going through. As difficult as this conversation would be they had to get through it.

Spirit in some sense knew this too. "No, I'm fine. Let's talk."

"So, you never replied to your invitation."

Spirit gulped as he tried to push the hair away from his face, "I didn't? Oh sorry. You know how it is, gets busy and you just forget something."

He didn't forget it, it was sitting on his table at his home.

"I see," Kami said as she scratched her neck. "Yeah, can I ask you something?"


"Spirit, my father is dead and I don't have any uncles or brothers. I know this is weird but … if you think you're up for it, would you give me away at the wedding?"

Spirit felt like he was punched in the lung. "Ah, you sure that you want me? Isn't Excalibur like family or something, or that weird Doctor guy?"

"Not sure where he is, and well - he'll show up if he wants to. As for Excalibur, he goes up to just my knee, it would be a pretty silly sight to walk to the altar like that. Stein is ahead on the list before him."

"Stein?! You must be desperate"

"Yeah a little," Kami said with a laugh.

The laughter died and the room was deadly quiet.

Kami was the first one to speak. "Look I understand if you don't want to- I understand but I wanted to- I don't know, just put it out there. We might not be married anymore but despite everything I still see you as part of my family. I do want you there."

Spirit's eyes focused on Kami, this wonderful woman he had driven off. He moved his mouth to speak, not sure what he was going to say.

"Kami!" The door broke open as Marie slammed in. "Kami! We've been looking around for you!"

Kami blinked as she remembered she was supposed to do one other thing. "Oh!"

"No more delaying it!" The hammer weapon stomped in and just picked up Kami and carried her off. "I got a sitter for today and everything."


It had been a strange series of events for everyone but life is often one strange event after another. For Liz Thompson it meant becoming a mother with her new husband Kid. Their ceremony was a small gathering between them and those they were close with at Gallows Manor. There was some talk that it was just a shotgun wedding, but Liz had just wanted to get into the wedding dress before she started showing so she could look amazing in the pictures.

And a few months later they had a little surprise of having two babies. It took them much longer than either Liz or Kid wanted to admit that it took them so long to realize they were having twins.

Now they had a little baby boy named Bram and a little baby girl Raven. To both kid and Liz they were perfect, Kid wasn't even bother by the three half lines in their dark hair.

Still things were in a state that they could handle. Liz smiled as she found her two babies nuzzled against their sleeping aunt Patty and Maries and Stein's daughter Shelly nuzzled with them too. Liz had no worries about giving Marei some time off plus she thought would be good to let the babies socialize.

Liz left them to sleep as she went to her husband's home office. She snuck up behind him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Before he could say anything she gave him another kiss on the other cheek, "So how's it going?"

Kid smiled, "It goes well, I'm having some difficulty getting all the words in order."

"Well I'm glad to help." Liz smiled.

Kami had asked Kid to officiate the wedding and like all things he wanted to be perfect. Liz was happy to help.


Kami was not sure if she was surprised, but she hadn't expected Marie to carry her off - though maybe she should have. She had forgotten that she agreed to have a girl's night out as sort of bachelorette party.

Blair of all people got Arisa and Lisa to close Chupa Cabra's for the night so they could host Kami a private party.

Azusa stared in wonder as she watch an intoxicated Kami leaning against a tipsy Marie.

"How many drinks have they had?"

Zubaidah, another meister, nibbled on a snack, "I believe Kami is on her first one."

Marie shot back, "I'm not drinking! I'm still breast feeding!"

Azusa stared, dumbfounded, seeing how Marie was such a bubbly person without any help from drinks. Neither Kami nor Marie were great at drinking but this was something else.

But then again Marie was always emotional and she had plenty to be emotional about now. Azusa sighed happily as she recalled how Marie in desperation once claimed she'd marry a toilet, and though Azusa didn't quite understand Marie's relationship with Stein, she understood they were happy together and happy to form a family.

"I'm a horrible person," Kami said to her drink.

Marie cuddling up, "No you're not. Medusa, she was a terrible person."

"Who?" "Right, you never met her. She was the school nurse, I think she started like after you left. She was a witch and a horrible person. She freed the Kishin."

"Wait, you had a witch working here and didn't realize it?"

"Yeah, she had soul protect on. She was sneaky." Azusa rubbed her temples. Marie was dizzy with emotion and Kami was somehow drunk off one drink.

Blair sat down next to Kami and topped of her drink - she wanted to keep the party upbeat and tried to solve this issue before it got out of hand. "Miss Kami, you're not a terrible person. Why would you say that?"

Kami took a sip of her drink, and said, "I love Nene, I love her so much but …"

"What?" Blair asked. "I'm scared. I know that I love her but I'm scared about the wedding… I'm scared."

"Hm?" Blair purred.

"It's weird, I was the one to ask her to marry me." Kami leaned her head on Marie's shoulder, "I know it in my heart of hearts she's not like Spirit… but as the day get closer I'm scared it's going to end up the same way…"

The rest of the guests had grown quiet and just listened to Kami speak. It was strange, they had known Kami to be brave and here she was so timid, they could barely believe it was truly the same person. "Why don't I trust her? I thought I trusted her."

"Idiot!" Marie smacked Kami. "Nene isn't Spirit, and you are just having pre-wedding jitters. You know, cold feet. It's something that everyone has. I'm sure even Nene has her doubts but she doesn't want anything more than to marry you too."


"Yay!" Nene cheered and then chugged down her sake. Nene was standing in the wreck of a ramen shop.

Two young looking women were fighting with rather odd make-shift weapons. One was dressed in a white gothic lolita outfit, her bright pink hair done up in curls as she held out a large sake bottle. On the opposite end was a young woman with two long braided pigtails, otherwise her light green hair only had one pink bow as decoration. She wore a dark blouse with a flowery pattern and a pair of dark bike shorts. Overall it sort of made her look like a modern ninja, her manner of fighting focusing on agility certainly helped that image. The fact that she was using a baguette for a weapon wasn't helping though. The two of them were stood off against each other.

The one in white was called Chris, once the most powerful magical garment girl but her queen cursed her after she tried to lead a revolt. Her curse entailed being turned into a middle aged man for the rest of her life, except oddly enough when drunk, like she was now. She did have a reprieve from the punishment for a while but that was undone when she lost a fight to a zombie.

The one with the green hair was Meringue Salveria. Meringue was a dweller of the Underworld, the place where the spirits of the dead went to once they died and moved on. She was a member of the Seventh Abyss, one of the seven most powerful beings of the Underworld and considered too powerful to realistically restrict and thus made one of its rulers. She also ran the ramen shop they had destroyed. There had been a long war between the Underworlders and the Magical Garment girls of Villers - they had a lot of bad blood between them.

Nene drank more, "Are we done yet?" Nene was a beautiful young-looking woman, with long red hair tied up with two loose pigtails held by bat shaped hair decorations. Nene had an ample frame and long legs, and was a tad on the taller side. Her amber eyes a tad foggy with the buzz she had going, she'd drunk by herself enough to make a frat party pass out but she was just barely buzzed. Nene's real name was Naegleria Nebiros, and was also a member of the Seventh Abyss. Also called the Sovereign of Twilight, she was and considered the strongest fighter in the Underworld. She has since moved to Earth to become a doujinshi artist. Odd career turn, but she had a dedicated fan base, loved her job and had a lot of free time.

"Naegleria!" Meringue scolded the redhead. "How could you invite Chris? We might not have been the best of friends-"

"Because you got a bit jerky these last few years," Nene suggested as she held up her drink.

"But I am still your friend and wished for your happiness." Meringue continued on, "But you invite your sworn enemy!"

"Only during business hours, otherwise we are drinking buddies," Nene cheered happily. Meringue sighed sitting down next to Nene. "Naegleria…."

"Yeah?" Nene said without a worry.

"Look, we aren't really friends, things happened."

"You started to turn people into Megalos to get a reaction from Eucliwood."

"There was that."

"And there was the time you lead that mob into-"

"Let's not make this a thing, I'm trying to say something. It means a lot that you still invited me to your wedding. There aren't a lot of us left. After Yoruno- No, since the King of the Night killed the Captain…" an easy silence lingered between them.

Chris sipped from her drink, it was a nasty topic amongst the Seventh Abyss. Yoruno was an immortal zombie and their top paladin who went mad and killed the group's leader. After that, things fell apart for the group, one tragedy after another and a group who'd once been close as family split ways.

"Eucliwood lost her voice, Durak became a hermit and we still don't know where Dew Weiss ended up."

"And I ended up here on Earth waiting for Kami."

"Yeah, out of all us you probably have the best ending. And I mean it when I say I'm glad to share it with you."

"Was that really hard for you to say?"

"Yes, terribly hard."

"Aw!" Chris let out, "You're almost cute!"

Meringue growled, "And in honor of your wedding I'm going to do my best not yo kill your drinking buddy."

"You do care." Nene grinned.

Meringue reached over the counter, pulled out a bottle of sake, pulled out the top, and started drinking. "I'm going to need this tonight."

Chris looked at her. "Wait, I thought you Underworlders were pretty much immune to all toxins on Earth, like doesn't booze barely effect you?"

Meringue sighed and said, "Yeah, I'm going to need a lot of this stuff."

"Then let's toast!" Nene held out her drink.

Chris held out her drink as well. "To the two blushing brides, may they have a good wedding and a better life together."

Meringue smiled slightly. "I can agree to that."

Nene smiled, she didn't like to linger on the past, especially if there was even a glimmer of a better tomorrow. And for the first time in a long time, there didn't seem to be battle or nightmare to overcome, just happiness and light.

So three of the strongest warriors from their worlds gathered and shared drinks and celebrated a peace.


Maka and Eu were not having much luck.

The apartment had gotten crowded when Soul and Black Star arrived with Tsubaki in tow. Then they called Stein and Crona.

"Okay!" Maka shouted, "All the people here and none of us can come up with a present for Mama!"

"Just get her something from the registry!" Black Star shouted, "Like me and Tsubaki did."

Tsubaki nodded, "Yeah, we got them a bread maker."

"Yeah, it was nice. I wanted it!" Black Star yelled. "The salesman showed it to us and gave a sample, the bread was so fluffy and tasty."

"Me and Marie got her silverware." Stein chimed in, barely caring.

Black Star was frustrated they had been there trying to help the girls come up with a gift for hours now and they had gotten nowhere.

"Those are fine gifts," Maka started. "But she's our mother we have to get her something extra special."

Eu nodded in agreement.

"I think there was a sword on the registry, I wanted to get it but Tsubaki talked me out of it." Black Star suggested.

Eu shook her head and held out a notepad.

I think Haruna got her the sword.

"Yeah," Soul spoke up, "Your loudmouth, self-proclaimed genius friend didn't have any ideas? Or Zombie boy? Or those ninja vampire chicks?"

Eu quickly scribbled down some notes and handed them to Maka so she could read them out loud.

Maka looked the notes and read, "Ayumu got them couple massage chairs, the vampire clans have sent tailored silk kimonos apparently handmade, along with a box of matching jewelry."

Maka blinked, recalling her mother threatening to wipe them out after they had tried to kill Eu; they were still trying to stay on Kami's good side.

"The short loud-mouth? No suggestions from her?" Soul asked her.

Maka read the last note, "She suggested a crystal skull or maybe a cursed spear. Mama already has three of those."

Excalibur shook his head, "I'm leaning towards that fan idea."

Done with it, Black Star moved towards Eu, "You're supposed to be this mighty powerful magic user, can't you whip something up?"

Eu simple got up to meet him the eyes and leaned in, before he knew it she was whispering to him.

Black Star collapsed to the ground snoring loudly.

Everyone in the room felt a shiver a power go down their souls and Eu quickly sat back down.

"Okay, let's get back to it." Maka looked over her notes again.

Stein sighed and asked, "Can we order some pizza at least?"

Eu nodded vigorously.

"I'll get the phone," Crona spoke up, trying to be helpful.


The door swung open and a pair of amber eyes almost glowed in the dark. The apartment was pretty dark, but Nene was honestly just drunk enough not to care. She stumbled in and slipped off her shoes. She decided her party was over when Chris broke a door and Meringue chased after her to try kill her and get her to pay for the restaurant's door.

By then they were all at least a little buzzed.

Nene served herself some food and drank a little more before making the trek home. It was a pretty safe neighborhood so she wasn't worried, plus she could physically get hit by a car and then easily throw it off herself so she wasn't worried walking home.

"Honey, I'm home!" Nene let out, and when she didn't get a reply, she murmured, "Oh, I guess she's not home yet."

She and Kami had been together for a while, and since Kami had moved in, the apartment took on a different feel. Nene didn't know how to put it - it just felt warmer. It really made this place feel like a home.

She went to the bathroom and started to brush her teeth. After she finished, she let out a yawn as she decided to go to bed.

She heard a door forced open. Nene stuck out her head to find Kami walking in through the side door.

Marie was holding up Kami so she didn't stumble down.

"She drink too much?" Nene smirked.

"No," Kami replied, swinging a fist randomly in the air.

"Yes," Marie corrected. "Yeah, she can't hold her liquor as good as you can," said the woman who, after two beers, once cried that she would never get married and should marry a chair she'd spotted, instead.

"Nene?" Kami mumbled.

Nene moved over to her and quickly took the weight off Marie.

"Sleep it off, Kami." Marie patted her head, "Good night, Nene."

Nene wished a good night and Marie left the couple alone - she still had to pick up her own baby. Kami started to cuddle Nene, saying, "Nene? I'm terrible fiancé."

"Why would say that? I think you're doing a pretty good job. I'm not… trusting, I'm not good for you. You are the best… I'm so afraid of losing you…."

Nene placed her hand on her gut, tracing through her top the scar she acquired before they got engaged. Nene's skin was nearly as tough as dragon armor but someone found a way to hurt her; the injury that nearly did her in left a scar on both her back and front. Worse yet, Kami had seen it happen and couldn't do anything to help her.

They were both warriors and rode with death to battle, but it didn't mean they didn't fear losing each other.

Nene smiled and grabbed Kami by the hips, raising her up so they were at eye level. Kami blinked in surprise at the change of things.

"I'm afraid of losing you too." Nene leaned in and said softly, "It's so strange, you make me feel weak, me! After fighting off S-class threats without getting a single scratch, I didn't think I had to fear anything. Then you came along, I felt weak around you but I didn't really mind it, being with you …it feels right. More right than anything else has ever felt. I'm always afraid of losing you, but I'd rather risk losing you than never being with you." She smiled, "Besides, I'd hate to be anything that's stupid enough to try to tear us apart. We can take on the world together and I can't wait to do it."

"Nene…" Kami moved in and kissed her.

Nene pulled away chuckling, "That's not what I meant when I said 'do it' but…"

Kami laughed as her fear faded away. "Okay, okay, I guess I was being stupid."

"Yeah, and that's pretty rare for you. Let me savor the moment."

Kami snorted. "Is that why you haven't put me down?"

"Ah, no, but it's a nice little perk." Nene Adjusted Kami a little to hold her with one hand, and said, "Okay, let's get you some water. You have horrible hangovers when you don't get water."

Kami leaned over and rested on Nene's shoulder, and for a little bit everything felt right.


Black Star was snoring on the floor, Tsubaki was struggling not to fall asleep, Stein was just chomping on the pizza with Crona doing the same.

Excalibur shouted, "I got it!"

"If it's destroy France I'm vetoing that." Maka scowled at him.

Soul wasn't so worried, he'd composed a wonderful piece to perform at the reception and bought a mini jukebox for the couple filled with their favorite music. Nene tended to like easy listening and heavy metal. Kami liked classic rock, disco and idol pop, which Soul quickly blamed for Maka's own horrible taste in music. Soul had told Maka that she could lump in with his gift but she wanted to get something with Eu and Excalibur jumped in on it.

Tsubaki, half-asleep and tired of Maka shooting down their gift ideas, said, "You know she wants grandkids, why don't you just give her one?"

Soul snorted, "Well, we have been dating for a while and-"

Eu jumped back as a book slammed Soul down to the floor next to Black Star.

"Ah, shutting up now." Tsubaki quickly withdrew her comment.

"Fine, you're not ready." Stein said peeling off mushrooms from a slice of pizza. "How about you? Don't you have a boyfriend? Could be a way to become your mother's favorite."

Eu blinked, her usually stoic face turning bright pink. The windows all shook as suddenly a truly tremendous wind swirled all around the building.

"Kidding," Stein sighed, chomping on his pizza.

Maka patted Eu on the head to comfort her. Her powers were not under her control, and speaking or having strong emotions caused them to go nuts and create all sorts of trouble. Even thinking of having a baby could bring on trouble.

"Maybe we should call it a night."

"Huh?" Crona looked at the window something catching their eye. "The wind blew all the clouds away."

Crona found themselves looking at the sky and at the laughing moon that had, at a time, been their whole world. They did manage to free Crona from the black madness that consumed on the moon, but now Crona was the embodiment of madness. Still, far better Crona than Asura- after all Crona didn't like eating souls and was a lot calmer. The only real change in Crona was a red eye mark on their forehead.

Crona found their attention drawn off the moon and to the stars, as suddenly countless streaks of light filled the night sky.

If they could hear anything besides the roaring wind they would hear screams from the falling stars.