Chapter 06: I do

No one died. No fairy king had shown up. Most of the injuries were quick to deal with. Overall nothing too serious or worrisome. Marie and some of the other staff had tended to everyone and now the group was just resting.

"Okay let's get married again," Kami announced. "Let's do this properly before the skies turn red, or a demon shows up, or an idiot time traveler shows up late dragging an army of monsters behind him."

"Are you sure?" Liz was the first to speak up. "We're all a mess and I don't think any of us really have it in us to fix things up right away."

"I don't care anymore," Kami sighed. " Life is short, and I just want this official." She held Nene's hand tightly and said, "New Lord Death, let's do this! I have everyone I love here and…" Kami looked around. "Some other people… Marrok is that you? I thought you were dead."

Free, who she was talking towards, looked around confused.

"Huh? He does look like him," Excalibur mentioned.

Kami continued, "Okay, so no one is getting seconds at the reception… but where's all here. That's all that matters."

Kid clapped his hands and smiled, " All right, we will do this quick. Everyone into positions."

Maka and Eu raced to the brides' sides and everyone else followed their lead.

Kid started, "We gather here today-"

"Skip it!" both brides ordered.

"Okay" Kid was honestly too exhausted to try and argue - that, and he probably wouldn't win. "Skipping to the end. Do you Naegleria Nebiros take this woman to be your bride?"

"I do!" Nene agreed quickly.

"And do you Kami Albarn-"

"I do!" Kami didn't even let him finish.

"Okay," Kid just kept going, "if anyone has any reason why these two should not be married, speak now or forever keep your peace."

On cue, the crowd gathered turned to Spirit.

Spirit exclaimed in response, "Get on with it! Let them get married already!"

Kid smiled. "Okay, with the power vested in me, by me and this city and the state, I declare you wife and wife. You may now-"

Kami and Nene were already kissing.

"Kiss." Kid shrugged and took a step back.

The crowd applauded that they were finally officially married.


They were all grateful that the reception had been set for a buffet instead of dishes - it would have felt strange to dismiss many of the people who just showed up to help fight. Though they did have to scramble for more chairs.

"Leafy," said Haruna, the magical garment girl they called in for help, talking to Seraphim. "So, is this normal for human weddings? We have to save a bride from a fairy king? Because I'm regretting not coming in the first place."

"This is more the exception than the rule," Seraphim deadpanned as she watched her friend eat more. In its own chair, a chainsaw sat, only revving up on its own at the comments.

By the window, Black Star held up Angela.

Angela squealed in delight, "Here's some food!"

The Horror dragon stuck its mouth through the window and opened up, Angela quickly pouring some food in its mouth.

"Black Star just be careful," Tsubaki warned, but she smiled - it was nice to see them have a moment like this.

Several other kids gathered around to try to feed the dragon heads. The dragon was surprisingly docile, it acted more like a large dog than a terrifying dragon.

At the open bar, Blair was serving drinks to the guests but was having a hard time trying not to laugh.

"Ahmdnjndddmdmdmn," Meringue tried to say.

"Okay, yeah, same." Chris just nodded along. "More drinks pretty kitty."

"Coming up!" Blair poured out more drinks.

Meringue then passed out and Chris took her drink.

Spirit sat at his table watching Nene and Kami have their first dance as a married couple together, who had stopped to get changed into their wedding dresses earlier.

Maka sat down beside him.

"Papa?" Maka spoke softly.

"Were you expecting me to ruin the wedding too?" Spirit said bitterly.

Maka didn't speak right away. "Papa." She shook her head and pulled out a pile of money and placed it on the table.

"Where did you get that?" Spirit spat out.

"I'm the only person who actually bet on you not messing up the wedding. Papa, you are a huge screw-up but I do know that when it counts, you will pull through."

"I think you're the only one."

"Hm, maybe but maybe not, I do think Mama thinks so too. After all, she did ask you to give her away for a reason."

Maka got up and leaving him to ponder that, she walked over to Soul so they could dance.

Though Spirit was momentarily distracted by Excalibur scolding an old Scottish man with intense eyes.

Spirit looked around - Black Star and Tsubaki were now raising Angela. Kid and Liz had their babies and Patty was the dutiful aunt helping especially when Kid needed to focus on his job as Lord Death. Marie and Stein had a daughter and had pretty much adopted Crona too. Spirit even noticed Eu with Ayumu sharing a dance.

Everyone was growing up and moving on and maybe it was time for him do that too.


Things started to slow down quickly during the reception - after an intense fight people were tired. And when Excalibur started a speech, a lot of people cleared out. Though there were some touching moments about family, it was so long winded.

Maka and Eu sat at a table with Nene and Kami.

Kami was smirking, Ayumu and Soul were carrying out a passed out Black Star while Tsubaki walked behind them as she carried a sleeping Angela.

Kami smiled and said, "So, even now Black Star passes out if he eats too much."

"Yeah, he hasn't changed all that much since we were kids," Maka added. It was strange but in a way, he was like a brother to her.

"I can't believe he's going to be a dad-" Maka muttered.

"Dad?" Kami picked up on that.

"I mean, to Angela, he's like a dad to Angela."

"You're a terrible liar," Kami scolded.

"I'm not lying!" Maka insisted.

Nene cleared her throat. "We can tell you're lying. We're your mothers after all."

Eu held out a notepad.

Don't lie to our mothers.

Maka chuckled, saying, "Okay, but don't tell her I told you. Tsubaki and Black Star have been talking about having their own kid. About having their own baby and getting married and everything."

Maka then realized she'd stepped on a land mine.

Kami leaned in with a grin on her face. "So, when are you thinking of giving me some grand-babies?"

"Not this again Mama!"

"Oh! I'd like some grandkids too." Nene added, "Come on, Eucliwood, you'd have such cute babies."

Eu turned to Maka as if to say, 'what have you done? Why did you drag me into this?'

"I'm sorry," Maka whispered.

Maka knew she loved Soul and that he loved her. She knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him and, yeah, one day they could have a child together. But was too stubborn to relent to her mothers' teasing.

Eu was a blushing mess.

"I think we can help." Nene told them, "I mean, Eucliwood I could try making more stuff help disrupt your powers. It's been a crazy few years, maybe it's time to work on a cure instead of a treatment. Not to get your hopes up but maybe we can get something to work. Maybe give you a bit more freedom."

It had been a long time since Eu's power had been turned into a curse and she didn't know when, but she missed being able to hear own voice. She missed a lot of stuff. It would be nice.

"And," Kami started, "what would you think of having another little sibling?"

Maka blinked and Eu's attention was turned. Maka only asking, "Huh? What do you mean?"

"We love you two." Nene reassured them, "But we have been talking and it would be nice to raise a child together, and you two are already pretty much grown up."

"We've been thinking of adopting," Kami said, tucking away a hair from in front of her face, "but the Head Witch has offered us a gift."

A baby?

"No!" Kami stopped Eu, "No, she's offered us something that would allow us to have a baby… together… you know, a child that's a little bit of me and a little bit of Nene."

Maka smiled and said, "Yeah, that sounds right."

Nene shrugged. "I would have thought you'd be more surprised."

Eu got up and hugged them.

"I think we have Eu's blessing." Kami hugged her back.

"And you have my blessing as well." Excalibur jumped on the table.

"Where'd you come from?" Maka asked him.

"That doesn't matter." Excalibur waved off her concerns. "I'm going to be a great-grandfather! I have to start shopping for baby clothes!"

"Wait!" Kami tried to stop him. "First, you are way passed great-grandfather already. Second, we are just talking about this! Nothing has been set in stone!"

"Tsk tsk, you are not exactly a young woman anymore. Bless the world with more of your spawn!"

Kami groaned as she buried her face in her palms.

Maka couldn't help but laugh. "Now you see how I feel."

They were family and they were happy together. None of the trials to get to this moment mattered, they were happy.

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