We made this, she thinks, looking down at the sleeping face of her first born, her beautiful, perfect daughter. We made this, my husband and I.

Take that! she viciously thinks to the Gamehost of her rapist. You tried to take everything from me, and I still came out stronger. You tried to win, and still lost.

I have a family now, she cries to the Ghost. You said you'd take that away from me, but here it is. Here's proof.

Beautiful, gorgeous, perfect proof. Her baby. Hers. Three weeks old and already her child is her entire world. Her husband's joy (and somewhat annoyance...those diapers are tricky). Her youngest sister's delight.

I won, she tells the Ghost.

There will be days of doubt, she knows. Days of grey or black. They still have to try and bring Her to justice. But ...

And yet...

Looking at her daughter's bright eyes as she takes in the new world around her, her peaceful face hera she sleeps, those chubby cheeks that just begged to be kissed over and over again...

Seeing all those, she knows she'll have the strength to continue on. She's not yet out of the well, but she's darn closer.

And that is victory enough.