I've been trying for a very, very long time to move this story on, and when I said I had all these ideas, and a plan, I really did... I just realized it wasn't a good plan, and the ideas didn't account for how ridonculously powerful Calus and his Empire are. Every time I tried to implement one, I'd come to realize that actually it wouldn't play out like that, because Calus just has enough power to take whatever he wants, so he'd do that, because really he isn't a very subtle person and the only reason he's waiting around in Destiny is because he has to, because he's not in a condition to actually wage war. I'd introduced something so far and away more powerful than anything else in Mass Effect, and put basically no limits on it. Not a good foundation for a story.

So, basically, I would continue if I could but I can't so I won't. I also don't see it likely that anyone who would adopt this story would be able to get around the rotten premise, either, so I'm not putting it up for adoption. Rather, I've decided to narrow the scope considerably, introduce Calus and his Leviathan, and JUST his leviathan, into Mass Effect post-ME1, and see how that plays out. No word on when I'll post that. I want to have at least five chapters done before I post anything.

Oh, and as for Realm of the Horned Rat, I'd had much the same problem, to be honest. Shame I didn't learn the first time.