Seda walked over to the freighter where Capitan Syndulla was standing.

"Hi," she said meekly. Syndulla turned. She smiled welcomingly.

"Hey kid. What's your name?" She set down a welding iron and flipped up a mask. For some reason, Seda had expected her to be snobbish.

"I'm Seda. It's nice to meet you. I, uh, I heard you were looking for a second? A co-pilot?"

"Hmmm… You any good?"

"I can certainly fly well, and my mother once told me that I should enroll at the academy."

"Well, we're glad to have you, Seda. I'll take you out for a spin, but you should get some practice in the simulator first. Chop here programmed one just for the Ghost."

"Thank you so much!" Seda yelled, and ran off in the direction of the simulators.

Hera like the girl. She didn't think she could handle the Ghost, but she liked the girl. She had said her mother had told her to try out for the academy. That was a good sign. Seda. She liked the name, too, but it sounded too much like Sabine. Well, she would see. She flipped down her mask and returned to her welding.

When Seda had gotten into the simulator, she had expected to struggle, not to understand the controls, and most of all to be shot down in a matter of minutes. But everything just clicked. Two seconds after it turned on, She was swooping and soaring like crazy, blasting tie fighters, and talking to computerized crew members, giving orders and taking suggestions like she had been flying the ship since two.

Hera stood next to Veers and smiled. It was normal to see a simulator upside down for a while, if the pilot got confused as to which way was up, but the simulator was spinning off it's hinges. There were shrieks of delight coming from within, and according to Veers, she was going to beat Wedge's record soon. This was actually on a screen being displayed, because Wedge had just gotten in to a simulator. Hera was watching, and decided to take a crew again when both passed eighty-eight million. The cockpits were whirling around, but Seda was making sparks now. Wedge's cockpit stopped spinning, and two minutes later, Seda did too. After two more minutes, they looked in the cockpits. Both of the young pilots had passed out and were dead tired. An hour or so in the simulator would make anyone tired, and Seda and Wedge had been at it for three. Hera smiled at the prospect of two extra crew members. They would lighten the load.