"The Kyberlords were an aincient brotherhood who worshipped the Force. These Kyberlords could use the force as a weapon more than anyone ever has, but such a thing was an abomination. It was only when a young Kyberlord discovered the planet Ilum that the Kyberlords began to slowly and painfully fall. Their leader, Krokanaa Mul, became overcome with his greed and fell into a vicious cycle of meditation to calm himself and temptation. Krokanaa was saved from temptation by the Hero lord, Allan Mur. Here is how it came to pass.

"Krokanaa was in his chambers on the holy planet of Ilum when he saw a crystal sticking through the wall. The chambers were cut into caves of rock. Krokanaa held the crystal in his palm, hoping for a revelation as to what it was. He felt the energy radiating from it and eventually decided to try to harness that energy.

"Well, he worked in secret for many moons, and at last he had a cylinder of metal in his hand. He brought it before the assembled brethren. 'My brothers!' he cried out. 'In my hand here I hold, the Force harnessed to be a powerful weapon that can settle all disputes!' The brethren gasped and began to whisper amongst themselves. 'What is this?' They said. 'The force is not to be used as a weapon!' Krokanaa then held out the tube and activated it. A beam of red light leapt from the end. Krokanaa motioned for an assistant to come forward, and he held out a large piece of durasteel. Krokanaa sliced the durasteel in half, and the brothers gasped. Allan Mur stood up. 'Father, truly this is a wonderful invention. But such a weapon could be dangerous in the wrong hands.' The brothers agreed. It was determined that Allan would guard the saber, and choose a successor when he died. Over time, many of the Kyberlords became corrupt and Allan could trust no one. So he went into the Fields of the Ice Crystals and sought out the crystal foxes. These ice creatures had a strong connection to the Force, and Allan explained his problem to them. The Crystal Foxes remain on Ilum. And they will guard the crystals forever. But after Allan died, Krokanaa came to retrieve his saber. He succeeded, but was mortally wounded. With his powers he could survive, but his anger at Allan overcame his peaceful nature, and he trained several of the brethren to use with their anger as a weapon. They became the first Sith. Allan Mur is with the force to this day."

"I don't get it. What are we supposed to be afraid of?" asked Darklighter. Seda sighed.

"The Kyber Foxes are still there. And if we disturb the crystals willfully, we might not fare as well as Lord Krokanaa. The Kyber Foxes aren't snuggle toys. They're more like monsters, to tell the truth. They can fly, they can see in the dark, they can do anything that the force allows a Jedi to do, but even more. Whatever you do on Ilum, you don't take crystals. Understand?" Darklighter and Wedge nodded, but Seda was nervous. She couldn't care less what happened to Darklighter, but Wedge was one of her only real friends