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This story takes place before the events of the story "My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship" and is supposed to be read after chapter 91.

The Legend of Friendship basically retells the story of Friendship is Magic but with one OC accompanying the Mane Six. This story right here is basically a backstory for The Legend of Friendship.

It is not necessary to read through all 91 chapters of that story to understand everything that happens here but it is advised if you want to find out more about the characters that appear here. Of course, you can also read this story and then The Legend of Friendship if you want to know more about some characters.

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A small and quiet town in Equestria not too far away from its capital, Canterlot. Ponies in this town live a simple and relaxed live unlike the citizens in bigger towns like Manehattan for example. There were, of course, a whole lot of events and activities that one could do in this town but in the end, it was just a peaceful and almost boring little town.

Recently, however, things happened that were threaten to put Equestria in danger, something that it hadn't seen for many many years while it was under the rule of Princess Celestia. And those things all happened in this little town and led to the current state that Ponyville was in now...

One Pony, a Unicorn stallion with an orange coat, a dark red mane, dark blue eyes and a Cutie Mark that consisted of five white glowing stars, was running towards the center of the town. His name was Summershine and he was a resident of Ponyville.

Multiple ponies came running towards him, screaming in panic and fleeing from something. Any other pony would probably join this scared crowd and flee as well but the Unicorn was confident enough to investigate and find out what was causing all of this. Maybe he could even do something against it.

Summershine was running towards the direction from where the ponies came from. He ran straight until he saw the ponies coming from around the corner that would lead toward the very center of the town. Something over there must be the reason for the quickly spreading panic in this town.

Once Summershine walked around the buildings, he quickly stopped in his track once he saw what was happening. What the pony saw around the corner shocked him and left him speechless...


There was fire everywhere...

Half of the town was on fire, the buildings, the trees, everything. And from the looks of it, it was still spreading really quick. Yellow and orange colors were covering the usual very green town.

Wondering why a fire like that broke out, Summershine moved his head forward and looked into the distance. He could see something or someone standing right in the middle of the fire, who was completely ignored by the flames or maybe even unaffected. This pony was turned around but he quickly recognized who it was and it started to worry him.

"Star Twinkle!" Summershine shouted before he ran towards the pony in his worry.

Star Twinkle, however, did not hear him, he seemed to be busy with something that was apparently important enough to let him ignore all the chaos around him. Even the flames and the screaming ponies.

The closer Summershine came to Star Twinkle, the more he got confused after getting a better look at him. Star Twinkle had a light green coat and a dark green star-shaped mane. This was normal. However, the Star Twinkle that he knew was an Earth Pony, which is why he was confused to see a pair of wings on his back, as well as a horn on his head. This would make Star Twinkle an Alicorn.

As if that wasn't confusing enough, Summershine began to notice something else. He saw some more familiar ponies, two to be exact, who laid on the ground unconscious right in front of Star Twinkle. One of them was a light blue coated Pegasus mare with a white and light blue mane. The other one was a dark blue coated Pegasus Stallion with a light gray and dark blue mane. There seemed to be something coming out of them that flowed right towards Star Twinkle's horn. It's like as if he absorbed something from them. Whatever it was he did, it seemed to hurt the two ponies on the ground, which happened to be two friends from Summershine and Star Twinkle so it made no sense that he was doing something like that to them.

"Star Twinkle!" Summershine once more shouted, this time with a little anger in his voice to make sure that he was no longer ignored.

Star Twinkle peeled his ears as soon as his name was said. This time he clearly heard the Unicorn. He stopped doing whatever he was doing to the two ponies, Star Twinkle slowly turned his head around to face the one who was calling his name.

As soon as the Unicorn's eyes met with the eyes of Star Twinkle, there was yet another surprise. The usual light green colored eyes of Star Twinkle were now red and the expression on his face was something the Unicorn never saw before on his face.

It was a malicious grin that sent shivers down on Summershine's back.

Once Star Twinkle's eyes were locked into Summershine's, the grin became even wider and he fully turned around to face the Unicorn while also stopping to care about the two Pegasi in front of him.

Summershine couldn't help but worry about the two but he also had a really bad feeling about what happened to Star Twinkle. It was like he was a completely different pony than before. It was to an extent, quite frightening.

Then without a warning, Star Twinkle raised his horn. A trail of fire started to come from his left and right which was forming a ring of fire around the two. Surprised by that, Summershine didn't know how to react and found himself trapped now.

"You're the one who started the fire!?" Summershine asked in his realization.

But Star Twinkle completely ignored those words and slowly walked up to Summershine. "Only four left," he then said with a sinister tone in his voice.

Those words made Summershine quickly realize what was going on, judging from what recently happened to him and his friends. Summershine's worried expression turned into a more determined and angry one now and he prepared himself for what would happen next.

Star Twinkle didn't seem worried at all and kept on grinning before he stood ready as well. But not without saying some last words.

"This will be the end...of your Equestria!"


My Little Pony