I woke up screaming again; Charlie came in clearly worried; he asked if it was about Edward; in my sleep-addled state, I just shook my head.

"He got hurt in the battle, daddy; he landed on his quiver. He got hurt, daddy." I said to Charlie as I lay back down, closing my eyes.

I woke up with my alarm the next morning and got up to get ready for school opening my door and hearing Charlie on the phone.

"I know Tony. But I need your help with her, she's getting worse, ever since that boy left her. She still hasn't told me what happened. A boy from down on the Rez found her and brought her home, the most…. She was talking last night about some guy getting hurt due to landing on his quiver. I have no idea what that even means. Please, little brother, help me." I heard Charlie beg. It was weird; I had never heard Charlie ask for anything; even when mom left him with me, he just stood there. I had no idea Charlie also had a brother. Once I finished my shower and came down for breakfast, I just sat and waited to see if Charlie would tell me anything.

"Listen to me, Bells, uh, when you get home from school, we are going to be having a visitor, an old buddy of mine. Just letting you know just in case he gets here early." Charlie said he seemed somewhat awkward about it all. I had to admit this fiend of his had me curious, who was he exactly? I just nodded to him, letting him know I had been listening.

School went as it usually did; I sat at the Cullen's table, just so I could be alone, I could hear them all talking about why they think Edward left, none of them correct, of course. The teachers had stopped calling on me to answer any of their questions, as I did nothing to answer them; once school was out, I made my way to my old trusty truck, tried to turn over the engine just for it to give up the ghost and die on me completely. Finally, I made peace with the fact I would have to walk home rather fast and grabbed my bag and keys and got out, locking her up for the last time.

About five minutes into my walk home, a car pulled up next to me.

"Need a ride Bella?" some guy asked me. I didn't even bother to look at who it was. I just ignored him and kept walking. Charlie had made sure that I knew basic self-defence when I was only seven and had kept me up to date every year since it wasn't an issue of taking care of me; it was mainly for Charlie's sanity nowadays. He had been through enough.

"You are Isabella Swan? Also known as Bella, are you not?" the guy in the car asked me. Again, I just ignored the guy and kept walking. Pulling out the cell I brought last weekend, I texted Charlie and told him I was currently being followed and a description of the car as much as I could see, without being obvious about it all. Getting a message back from Charlie not long after saying he was on his way and getting home safely. The creepy guy followed me all the way home, but I was lucky enough that Charlie pulled up as I reached the door.

"Go inside Bells; I got it from here." I heard Charlie telling me; I just nodded and went inside. Closing the door behind me, I took a deep breath and regretted it instantly; the rusty odour of blood assaulted my senses; I checked outside to see Charlie talking to the guy that followed me. It was like they knew each other. I got Charlie's attention, and I put my finger to my lips, letting him know to be quiet, and I called him over. I had no idea if anyone else was in the house or who's blood; I was now smelling.

Gingerly I walked into the lounge, and that's where I saw it; the body was that of my best friend Jacob Black; he had been ripped into pieces in my sitting room, his blood on the wall spelling out a message for me.


Charlie just looked at me, clearly having read the message. He called it in before leaving, and I watched as he went to check the rest of the house, making sure no one else was here before he could go and tell Billy about his only Son; once two of his deputies arrived, Charlie let me know; the questioning couldn't be done by himself, but he would be present. I was taken down to the station and questioned about my involvement in Jake's murder. Three hours later, I was released, exhausted, and still had homework to finish; on the way home, we stopped to get pizza for dinner as it was too late to cook anything. On the way, he let me know that the guy that followed me home was a friend of the guy he had been expecting to turn up.

"Bells, why was that message left on the wall? In blood no less and addressed to you specifically." Charlie asked.

"Just like I told Deputy Mark, I have no idea. I don't know what to tell you, dad." What else could I say to him? Ten minutes later, we pulled up home, and I noticed two strange cars in the driveway and a third car that I recognized, a Mercedes that belonged to Carlisle Cullen. I opened my door, and both Charlie and I heard yelling coming from inside the house; Charlie and I bolted for the door, opening the door, we came face to face with two men, one woman and Alice Cullen, the four of them have the equivalent of a stalemate.

"Sounds about right, though," one of the men said; I looked over towards him when he spoke and was taken back by the fact that he looked like the guy I had dreamt about just last night.

"Bella! I'm so happy to see you; I thought something had happened to you when I couldn't get hold of you." Alice said to me, which roughly translated to:


"Why are you here, Alice? Who else is with you? Or knows that you are here?" I asked her. I loved that she had come, but I knew she was only here because of a vision she had.

"I missed you, Bella; I came to see you and Charlie just to be greeted rudely by these people," Alice said, disdain lacing her musical voice.

"Look, Alice, these are friends of my dad's. They got invited inside; I'm betting that you just let yourself in, they don't know you as I did; besides, things have been super hectic, can I call you another time? I have your number and email; I'll get in touch later." I told her as I walked her to the door, the look on her face said to me that she expected me to drop everything for, make her my priority, but she no longer was. I had moved on, as Edward wanted.

Did I miss some of her family? Yes, of course, I will miss Rosalie's honesty about how she felt about me as well as her burly, fun-loving husband, my big brother, Emmett, and strangely, I will miss Jasper, my strong, silent, always watching, big brother.

Opening the door for her to leave, her eyes widened, shock fitted her features; I looked out the door to see what could have caused such a reaction, just to see her family standing there, Edward included.

"Why are you all here?" I asked, glaring at Edward; at that moment, I knew I no longer loved him. Giving my brothers and the woman I considered a sister a hug and greeted them, I welcomed the rest of them coldly; the hurt and sadness on the faces of a couple I had once felt could be my secondary parents didn't bother me as much as I thought it might have done.

"We currently have guests; can I call you tomorrow?" I asked Rosalie, the surprise on her face apparent when my question was directed at her when she nodded her consent; I handed her my phone and asked her to place Emmett's and Jasper's numbers. If they didn't mind, they both smiled and gave their consent, even if Jasper did look worried.

"I would like to talk to you alone at some point tomorrow Jasper if that's alright, but for now, I have to get back to our guests. Rosalie, I'll call you in the morning." I said as I bid them all goodbye. I saw the apparent displeasure on Edwards' face when I asked to talk to Jasper alone and not giving him the time of day. I closed the door and went back to my father and his friends, who I had yet to meet.

"Who was at the door, Bells?" Charlie asked when I came back to the lounge.

"The Cullen family, I told them I would call them tomorrow," I Said to Charlie as I sat down on the Kitchen Chair I brought in with me; Charlie just frowned before he introduced me to our guests.

"Bells, I would officially like to introduce you to your Godfather. Tony Stark and these two are friends of his, Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff. I asked Tony to come and help you out with your nightmares," Charlie said as he introduced me to the strangers, I was surprised when he introduced this Tony guy as my Godfather. I just sat looking at Charlie for a minute with raised eyebrows, asking if this was a joke or serious. The answer was NO; he wasn't Joking; he was Serious.

I excused myself to clear my head; not only had Charlie kept from me the fact I had a Godfather, but he went and asked the guy for help regarding MY nightmares, half of which I couldn't remember anyhow.

Making my way out to the back door, I sat down on the step and wondered why Charlie would keep that from me and what it meant precisely; did Renee know about this guy, or was I just the only one with no idea?

I didn't know how long I had been out here for as I ran my hands through my hair and looked towards the forest at the back of our property. I saw a flash of Red hair just standing inside the edge of the forest, watching me; the longer I looked, the more positive I was of the person's identity, and the more I started to feel panicked.

I pulled out my cell and sent off a text to Rosalie, asking if they had any Vampy friends in the area. She texts back no, and that Emmett and Jasper were on their way before asking if I could still see and describe the Vamp if possible.

I told her I could and about the Vibrant Red hair; not ten seconds later, I heard her scream and saw her drop to the ground. But so did Charlie and his friends; I heard them all. I come running out but didn't dare take my eyes off the scene in front of me; seeing Jasper's real power was incredible. I had grown up in Phoenix hearing the Southern Legends of a man from the Civil War that they called 'The God of War,' none at the time, I included, had thought the legend could be a Vampire; I had put the pieces together myself to who Jasper indeed was, it's the reason I wanted to talk too. I had loved hearing about his legend when I was younger. So if I'm right and it is him, I might just have a real FANGIRL moment.

"Bella! can you hear me?" I heard someone ask before I realized it was Charlie.

"Yes, why are you shouting?" I asked Charlie; looking back towards the forest, I could no longer see or hear Jasper's handy work looking down at my phone seeing Rosalie had to text me. Letting me know it was Victoria and Emmett and Jasper who had taken care of her, takes her back to their house, and disposed of her.

"So, you want to talk to us? Maybe get to know us all a little?" the woman asked me. Sighing, I answered her.

"Sure, your Natasha, right?" I asked; even if I didn't want to do this right now, I saw the look of hope on Charlie's face, hope that I was socializing, that I was talking.

I talked to Natasha for a while; not long after we started talking, the other man, Clint, that had come with them, came over; I assumed that he was her boyfriend. He joined in our conversation; he laughed about Tony and Charlie walking strangely around the lounge. He ruffled my hair as he introduced himself to me before asking me how I was doing; sighing again, I looked towards the Wall with Victoria's Message still situated.

"Honestly, I'm not; I don't want to be here right now, my best friend got murdered today, a threat left on the wall for me, and my dad wants me to socialize. I can't, just can't." So I said as I got up and left the room, making my way up towards my place. I needed to be alone. Needing to process what I had seen today, prepare the fact that my best friend was dead, Charlie's best friend had lost his only son, a process that I had a crazy ass redheaded Vamp after me. She thought animals were somehow hiding me, no idea how though, then I find out I have a Godfather I never knew about, who Charlie asked to come and help me with nightmares, half of which I don't remember. Then Alice Cullen shows up along with her family. I remember waking up at some point; I had no idea I had even fallen asleep.

I made my way downstairs to get some breakfast before going to school, only to be stopped by Charlie.

"Your staying home today Bells, I called the school already," Charlie said, coming to stand in front of me; he motioned for me to take a seat with the rest of them.

"Do you remember waking up last night?" Charlie asked; I just shook my head, wondering where he was going with this.

"You were screaming again. Then, when I came in to check on you, you told me again that this person 'got hurt during the battle.' Do you know what battle I'm talking about?" Charlie asked.

"No, am I meant to?" I asked.

"We all woke up when you had your nightmare, Bella. The funny thing about your dream is it happened last Month; your dad tells us you don't watch TV. much, so did you hear anything about any battles in the country while you were in school?" Tony asked me; again, I shook my head. They all looked at each other, and I wondered if I should watch more TV.

I didn't know if I should tell them what I did remember, which wasn't much, but I didn't know these people, so I wasn't sure if I could trust them.

"How about, before we get started with this conversation, we go out and get some coffee, so I can get to know my God-daughter?" Tony said. I was thankful for the short reprieve from what we were going to be talking about again.

I grabbed my purse and followed Tony out the door and towards his car when I noticed my truck sitting in the driveway; I had no idea how it even got home, considering the old girl had died, I just stood there looking at my truck utterly confused about how it got back.

Making sure I had my phone with me as I had said I would call Rosalie this morning; I was just hoping I was already at school to do so.

After checking that I had everything, I got in the car; we drove in silence for a while before reaching the town limits.

"Where are we going?" I finally asked.

"Port Angeles, apparently there is a little cafe there I just have to try. So, while we drive, I thought we could have a little chat about those dreams you say you don't remember." Tony said to me.

"How did you know?" I asked my tone, barely a whisper. "I have a few secrets of my own, so do the guys I brought with me; they could see it a mile away, your friend has more than a few secrets as well, by the way, but for now, we can talk about you," Tony said looking over at me.

"I was telling the truth, I had no idea about any battle, but I do remember a few details from my dreams; I didn't want Charlie to worry. Are you my Godfather or just someone Charlie knows?" I asked, wanting to ask a few questions myself.

"Quid Pro Quo, okay, I can do that, Godfather, Yes. And your dad, he's my brother, we have the same mother, mom cheated on dad in the early days, so I'm also your uncle. We kept it under wraps due to me being kind of a big deal. I asked Charlie to keep it quiet from you and your mom; I didn't trust her. I have trust issues. Now back to you. What do you remember?" Tony asked me.

Our conversation turned around quite quickly, but I was glad to have some answers, even if the answers opened up more questions.

"I saw your friend jump off a tall building, breakthrough a window and land on his quiver; I don't know how I know he's an archer, but I just knew somehow," I said; I already felt like I was crazy. "So, how does the family of Vampires fit into your normal teenage life?" Tony asked.

"I own Dracula, if that's what you mean?'' I said, trying to play dumb, especially about anything to do with Vampires.

"That Alice girl, she is a vampire, I've worked with some of them before, the agency I'm affiliated with has dealings with a Coven known as the Cullen's I have only meet the Coven Leader and his wife, but they seem nice, not that I would trust them all," Tony said as we pulled up to the cafe. I didn't know what to say as it wasn't my secret to tell. As Tony ordered our drinks, I called Rosalie.

"Hello, Bella," Rosalie answered.

"Hi Rosalie, I'm at this little cafe in Port Angeles. It's called Bella Rosa Coffee House; I'm with my Uncle; I was wondering if you, Emmett and Jasper would like to join us; he has just told me he knows Carlisle and Esme, says he has worked with them," I said hesitantly over the phone. She didn't answer for a bit, then surprised me by agreeing to meet with us, thanking her. I gave her directions on how to get here and went to find a seat for Tony and me along with the three others I just invited along. Tony came and sat down as we waited for our coffee to arrive. I told him I called Rosalie and asked her to meet us; he just looked at me curiously.

"You'll see," I said simply; while we waited, I discovered that my uncle was Ironman and that he ran a company called Stark Industries; he was a part of a group called the Avengers, with Natasha and Clint. Who l discovered were not dating each other and was single as far as my uncle was aware. Instead, he was in a relationship with his assistant, Pepper Potts, who seemed nice from what he had told me about her.

Once our coffees arrived, we didn't wait long for Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper to show up.

I half expected Rosalie to turn up being her usual snarky self, maybe blame me for telling Tony what they were.

"Hello, Bella. Thank you for calling us." Rosalie said to me; she looked hesitant though; I couldn't blame her for that; we never had much of a relationship to start.

"Uncle Tony, these are friends of mine, Emmett and Rosalie Cullen and Jasper Hale. Carlisle and Esme's children. Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper. This is my Uncle... Tony Stark." I introduced them all and watched as Emmett had a severe fangirl moment.

"Ironman is your Uncle? Are you serious right now? Or you set me up? How did you know it was my birthday? Oh MY GOD, I am such a huge fan, by the way. I love you. Man, you're my idol!" Emmett was rambling; I smiled at Rosalie as she rolled her eyes at her husband.

Jasper just laughed at his brother.

"So, Bella tells me that you already know our parents," Rosalie says to Tony. He just smiles at me before looking at the three.

"Before you answer that, where are Edward and Alice?" I asked. I didn't want them to be part of these conversations.

"Back at home. Esme told Eddie, boy, if he wanted you back, he had to give you space and time to remember how much you mean to each other, and Carlisle forbids them from following us or looking for us." Jasper told me, I had a feeling of caution overcome me suddenly, knowing Jasper was sending me a warning, I nodded, Message received.

"Who's Eddie?" Tony asked.

"Edward, my ex. Kind of a stalker, can't take no for an answer most of the time." I said quietly into my coffee.

"Excuse me, has he hurt you?" Tony asked me; looking up, I saw him pull out his phone.

"Not physically. So, don't worry about it." But, I said, I still felt that distinct empty hole he made in my chest when I accidentally thought of our break-up; I zoned out and tried to clear my head of everything so that I could be actively present for my newly found Uncle.

"What's going on here? How did they break up? this looks pretty physical to me." I heard Tony say, sounding defensive.

"I don't know; Edward came home after dropping her off home on her birthday and told us all she no longer wished to see any of us, so we packed up and left." I heard Emmett saying that just made things worse before I knew everything went black.

I woke to the sound of Tony shouting at someone and threatening legal action.

"I should sue you for everything you own, you little upstart, you hurt my niece, my family, and you stand there as if you've done no wrong like you can't be hurt, guess what, l will destroy you," Tony shouted. I got up off the bed I was on, looking around seeing I was in, I guest Rosalie's room, nothing like I thought it would be like, it had a very 1920's Elegance with hints of a wild country mixed in, which screamed Emmett.

I made my way downstairs; I didn't want to be here.

"What makes you think you can do anything to me? You have nothing that can do anything to me." I heard Edward saying he sounded like a cocky, entitled brat, one who never knew the meaning of discipline.

"Dude, you have no idea who this guy is. Don't start something we will have to clean up." Emmett said to Edward.

"I don't care who he is; he's nothing to me. The only thing that matters to me is Bella; this guy wants to take her away from me."

Edward said; he sounded certifiable; once I reached the bottom of the stairs, I just shook my head. I couldn't believe shit coming out of Edwards' mouth.

"Uncle Tony? How did I get here? I thought we were having coffee?" I asked him. Before he could answer me, Edward came up to me.

"Don't worry about anything; your safe now, My Bella. I'll keep you safe." Edward said to me; he was acting weird. I remembered the caution Jasper had sent me earlier. Looking around for him, I sent him my fear of Edward; he nodded, understanding and dropped Edward so I could move quickly over towards Tony.

"Thanks, Jasper," I said quietly; he nodded and smiled at me.

"What just happened there?" Tony asked. I looked over towards the three I trusted and sent Jasper the emotional equivalent of asking permission.

"Mr Stark, please have a seat," Jasper said to him. Tony looked at him cautiously before setting down, making sure I was seated close to him.

Jasper was the one to lay everything out in the open for Tony, including their gifts, even ones I hadn't realized people had.

As it turns out, Esme has the power of persuasion; Rosalie could nullify a person's gift; it turns out she had been cancelling Esme's gift on me so that I could choose my path in life.

I ran up to her and hugged her. I was thanking her for what she was doing for me.

Emmett had super strength; that was his, and Carlisle was the only one without a gift to anyone's knowledge.

Jasper had told Tony everything about himself as well, and I was secretly screaming inside as he confirmed everything I had suspected.

"Bella, you're driving me crazy here; my past is not something to be excited about," Jasper said to me. "Sorry, I grew up in Phoenix hearing about your legend; you were a hero, saving all those people, then overcoming huge odds to free yourself from a tyrant. You were the role model of some of my closest friends, who grew up in abusive homes, could only hope to free themselves as you did. I even did a history paper on you; your great-niece, Sarah, was my best friend, so sorry, not sorry for fangirling." I said, crossing my arms.

"Are you crazy, Bella! So he's a murderer, and that's who you're idolizing? you should be idolizing someone at least with a sense of fashion instead of some back-country hick!" Alice shouted at me, surprising not only me but her husband.

The look that crossed Jaspers' face scared me before I could blink; he was gone, then coming back with bags and an envelope.

"Sign it. Now. I always knew you only kept me around for protection. Good luck with protecting yourselves now." Jasper said as Alice signed what I assumed was divorce papers.

"Bella, if you need me, I'll happily be there for you. I have a debt I feel I owe you after all." Jasper said as he hugged me.

"Go to my house. I still would like to talk to you." I said quietly to him; at his nod, I let him go, and he left; looking around, I saw more bags on the ground that had not been there a second ago; at my confessed look, Tony nodded towards Rosalie and Emmett, and it became clear.

"We are staying to see you both home safely. Do you have any questions?" Emmett asked. I looked at the others; Alice and Edward looked furious, Carlisle and Esme looked resigned but accepted what was happening.

"I don't have any. Uncle Tony? anything you want to say or do?" I asked; he got up and walked over to Edward; I saw what looked like a glove robotically cover his hand as he made his way over; he apologized to Esme specifically, then proceed to rip off Edwards arm before turning it to ash.

"That's just an appetizer of what's to come if you ever step foot in the same state as my family from this moment forward. Clear." Tony smiled and, with a hand on my back, walked me towards the door. I heard Edward threaten that he would get me back, that no one would stop him. After that, Emmett and Rosalie followed us back to Charlies. The closer to Charlies we got, the more worried I became; when we pulled up to the house, the worry seemed to almost vanishing; it was then that I realized that it was Jasper, he was projecting.

"Do you know who this truck belongs to?" Tony asked me. I shook my head as I took in the huge Dark Blue Dodge Ram that had taken the place of my truck. We went inside to see two new people in my lounge, talking to Jasper.

"Have a good day, Bells?" Charlie asked me.

"Yeah, Uncle Tony and I learned a whole lot about each other; it was nice," I said to Charlie; I greeted everyone and got introduced to Jaspers' brother and sister, Peter, and Charlotte before I excused myself to go and make a start on Dinner.

I decided on lasagne, salad, and Garlic bread, so I started the bread rolls before starting on the meat sauce. As I worked on dinner, I couldn't help but worry about Edwards's threat; he seemed to me to have gone a little Coo-Coo. I was over him; I had my sights set on someone else but wasn't sure if he was involved with someone; I assumed that he was, after all the crap with Edward, I was too scared to put myself out there.

"There is no reason to be scared, but what had you worried?" Jasper asked as he made his way closer.

"I was worried about Edward; Uncle Tony ripped his arm off, then burned it. After that, as we left, Edward threatened that he would make me his, that no one would stop him. I shouldn't put too much thought into it, but it has me worried he started getting way too possessive towards my birthday, especially after the James incident. I don't know if I should be scared or just blow it off as Edward being stupid about everything." I said to Jasper as I finished the buns and started on the meat sauce. He picked up a knife and started chopping the onion and the garlic I had gotten out. "Thought I would help out while we talked. Anyway, my brother and sister turned up here a couple of minutes after I arrived; he knows shit and knew he had to be here, so far he doesn't know why as yet if Edward does try anything, we will be close by so we can take care of him." Jasper said, I just smiled at him; I trusted him enough to know he would keep my family and me safe if Edward tried anything; the problem was I felt I needed to be worried about Alice. "What about Alice? What if she was to try something?" I asked him.

"That little pixie bitch doesn't stand a chance; besides, she has a good ol' fashioned beat down coming to her." a voice said from behind me; turning around, I saw the man that had been talking to Jasper earlier.

"Hi, I'm Peter Whitlock; how are ya?" Peter said with a smile.

"Hi, I'm Isabella Swan, but call me Bella. I've been better, thanks for asking. How are you?" I asked, going back to brown the beef.

"I wouldn't worry about Edward either Lil' bit, that pompous git got a whooping comin' to him that his momma would 'a been proud of, also, that other worry you been havin'," Peter said, nodding his head towards the lounge.

"Is about to ask Queen bee if you are seeing anyone," Peter said with a smile before walking away laughing.

''Ass. Don't mind, Pete, Bella. Pete loves causing drama; he was like that when he was human." Jasper said to me.

"So you changed your name?" I asked him.

"Yeah, it was easier if Rose and I took the same name as we meant to be twins and all." He just smiled at me as we carried on preparing dinner; half an hour later, Rosalie walks in, a big smile on her face.

"Jasper, Emmett would like to speak to you. Then, I'll help Bella with dinner." Rosalie said she watched as Jasper left to find her husband.

"Does this have to do with something I'm sure you heard Peter say?" I asked her as I raised my eyebrow towards her as I kept cooking.

"As a matter of fact, yes it does, and he has; Mr Barton seems Very interested in our little Bella, he seems nice, the fact that he is associated with your uncle has Emmett in his corner. That man, seriously, he's fawning all over your Uncle; he's going to be heartbroken when we leave." Rosalie said, sighing. I turned the stovetop off and started putting the lasagne together; once it was in the oven and cooking, I pulled Rose and Natasha up to my bedroom; I needed some advice from another girl.

"What's this about, Bella?" Natasha asked me.

"Here goes. First, though, Rosalie, Natasha, Natasha, Rosalie." I introduced them before starting to ask them; they nodded at each other before turning back to me.

"I've been having these dreams lately, Natasha, you know this, they are about the battle in New York last month, Clint gets hurt, plays it off as nothing though, but it bothers him. I've been having these dreams since before my birthday, then all that stuff happened on my birthday, and my dreams became more vivid. I felt like I was there; I woke up one morning with cuts all over my arms and face after going through the window, then Charlie calls Tony, and you all show up. I don't know what I'm supposed to do; I know I've only dreamt about him, but I really like him, and the little l have talked to him here, I've found that I do like him." I said to them, hoping they could help me.

"Bella, it's been seven months since your birthday last September. You could have talked to one of us; Emmett would have tried to help you at least; if it got you away from Edward, then I would have helped also." Rosalie said to me; I looked down towards my hands and nodded. Hindsight was great.

"How long before your birthday did the dreams start?" Natasha asked.

"They started on the 1st of September. Edward and I fought as soon as I woke up. He was furious, wanted to know if I was cheating on him, which I wasn't, by the way." I said defensively. Rosalie just smiled at me, letting me know that she knew I wouldn't.

"I have to call this in; you knew about the attack for six months before it happened; a lot of people could have been saved if we had known about it beforehand," Natasha said as she got up and walked out. It hit me like a ton of bricks; I'm responsible for the fact thousands of people died in New York; suddenly feeling nauseous, I ran to the bathroom and vomited; once my stomach was empty, I washed my face. I brushed my teeth, opening the bathroom door I heard Rosalie yelling, I couldn't handle it anymore, making my way back into my room I opened my window and climbed out, I needed to be alone, the guilt of all those deaths starting to weigh down on me, making my way around the house, I began to walk towards School, knowing it would be empty at this time of the might. I should have said something to Charlie at least, but I was too worried about what Edward thought about me, worried about pleasing him, that it never crossed my mind.

Now because I kept quiet, all those people are dead. I made it to the school twenty minutes later and went and sat under the walkway; out of the rain once there, I broke down. The shared mass of casualties that happened because I was too worried about what my boyfriend thought was frightening, I knew I wasn't directly responsible, but right now, I felt like I had killed every one of them with my bare hands. I sat there for a while, thinking about what could have gotten done—wondering if there was a Law, where I would get charged for people's deaths. Simply because I knew about it, wouldn't that make it, Pre-Meditated or something? It started to make me wonder if this would cause Charlie to look at me differently. It made me realize there was no way, anymore, that I would have a chance with Clint. Maybe I should just go back to Edward. He would be the best I would be able to get anyway, so just let him drain me.

"I could feel your emotions back to your place; what happened for you to feel that much hate and despair, Bella?" Jasper asked as he came out of the shadows. I shook my head and started crying again. How could I tell him? I couldn't find the words.

"Just take a breath. Do you want me to help you calm down?" Jasper asked me. I couldn't even answer him. I heard his sighs before I felt his influence over me take effect.

"I'm a murderer. I knew about the New York battle six months before it happened. I'm responsible for all those people dying. I killed them." I said to him, his eyes going as wide as saucers; as I broke down once again, he took a step back away from me. What was I supposed to do if one of the people I thought I could turn too, backs away from me? I looked up at Jasper and saw the look of disbelief on his face. I got up and ran in the opposite direction; if he couldn't accept me, then who could. I had no shot with Clint if that was the case. I didn't want to be alone, but I would be.

I didn't make it very far when Jasper appeared in front of me. I tried without any luck to go around him, but I was only human.

"Calm down, Bella; you need to calm down. so we can talk." Jasper said I felt his calm Wash over me, but I didn't want it; I pushed away from the unwanted emotion, feeling undeserving. He looked at me, confused, but just shook his head at whatever confused him.

"None of what happened is your fault. How were you to know any of those things were going to happen?" Jasper asked me; I didn't answer him; I didn't want him to have to feel my emotions either; I just wished he could get a reprieve from what I felt; he had enough to deal with; he felt every one.

"How about I take you home, you can have something to eat and rest up; how does that sound?" Jasper asked. I panicked; I couldn't go home anymore, My dad's the Chief of Police, and I murdered thousands of people. I felt my eyes widen as I shook my head.

"Can't go home, can never go home," I said to myself under my breath. I could feel my panic rising; I was struggling to keep my fear down. He can't know, can't go home. I looked up at Jasper to see his eyes widen, he placed his hand on my shoulder, and everything went black.