This gonna be like a one-shot but in the end, let just say they get help.

Luigi4life vs. Jason

(Luigi4life is gardening in someone's garden; unknowing Jason was creepy behind him; Jason was ready to kill him until Luigi4life turned around)

Luigi4life: Really! He hired another guy!

(Luigi4life pulls Jason by his arm to the backdoor)

Luigi4life: Mike! Mike! Come on man!

(A man wearing a grey t-shirt with blue short walks out)

Mike: Ahh!

Luigi4life: Why did you hire this guy?!

(Jason lift his machete but L4L stops him)

Luigi4life: Stop! I want to kill him too! There's not a day that goes by that I want to chop him up into little pieces! But we can't! Because he pays us money! Why did you hire this guy?! I'm tired of you not telling me, who I'm gonna work with! And look at him! He's not wearing the right uniform! He's wearing a mask you didn't even get me a mask! Just forget it I'll take care of him!

Mike: Okay.

(L4L grabs Jason's machete)

Luigi4life: You can't cut anything with this!

(L4L toss Jason's machete and gives him a weed whacker)

Luigi4life: I want you to take care of the weeds. Wait! Is he paying you more or less than 15$ an hour, I'll kill him!

(Luigi4life grabs a leaf blower and blow away the leaves while Jason get rid of the weeds)

I hope you like my new fanfiction. It probably not what you were thinking but it's a parody.