Luigi4life vs. Freddy vs. Jason

(L4L is in bed ready to go to sleep)

Luigi4life: Time to go to sleep.

(L4L goes to sleep and starts dreaming; L4L's in a boiler room)

Luigi4life: Wait a minute, I thought I was sleeping? And where am I?

(A scratching sound is made by Freddy's claw)

Freddy: Well Luigi4life, you are dreaming, and you're in my world now.

Luigi4life: Well no offense, but your world sucks!

Freddy: What!? You know what, it doesn't matter. The point is you to fear me!

Luig4life: You're wearing a Christmas sweater and a fedora. How am I supposed to be afraid of you?

Freddy: Then I'll find someone to make you fear.

(Jason walks next to L4L)

Luigi4life: Oh! This guy! I know this! Jason long time no see! You haven't been at work for weeks.

(Jason shrugs)

Luigi4life: You're out killing people. I know. One day we're gonna get Mike one day!

(Jason and L4L high five)

Luigi4life: Yeah he's my friend.

Freddy: What!? Fine, I'll do the job myself!

(Freddy teleported in front L4L)

Luigi4life: Ah! How did you do that?

(Freddy raises his claw to kill L4L but Jason stops him and raises his machete)

Luigi4life: Guys stop it. This is not what we do in my dreams. Jason, I've known you for a very long time, and you don't kill people in front of me. But one day we'll get Mike. And you new guy, what's your name?

Freddy: Freddy Krueger.

Luigi4life: "Krueger?" What's that German? Russian? Scottish?

(Freddy raises his claw only to find out this claws turned into regular gloves)

Freddy: What?!

Luigi4life: Now let's go have some fun!

(The scene changes to the three of them playing basketball; L4L threw a basketball and it made it through the hoop)

In case any of you are wondering if I like to play basketball I do.