Chapter 1:

Annabeth POV

I woke up at 7. On a Saturday. You ask why? Because of my amazing best friend. I groaned. I wanted to sleep in today. Homework was really weighing down on me, especially after studying for 3 hours everyday at least after school. It's always been a big pressure on me to never disappoint my dad. Ever since mum died, he's been very distant. What he didn't realize, is that he had a child. A child in dire need of support, a child who had lost her mother.

She died when I was 5. I still remember that day. I had just ended a call with her that evening. She was late and I got worried. So I asked dad to call her to make sure she was okay. I missed my mum. And she promised to make it back safely in about the next 10 minutes. But apparently right after she ended the call, a drunk truck driver crashed into her. She died immediately. After that, dad was too busy grieving to raise his 5 year old daughter.

Sally basically raised me. She had lost her best friend too and a husband in the army. She was still stable. She still gave her child priority. In those cases, sometimes, I get jealous of Percy. Because he got the mom who always gave him priority while I got the dad who basically forgot about my existence. But then I see him, and I get rid of all the jealousy, because he deserves so much more than he's got and he's still always satisfied.

Anyway, he woke me up at 7, on a Saturday, because he missed me. I won't deny it didn't cause butterflies to flutter around my stomach but that didn't stop me from yelling at him for waking me up so early. He said he was sorry but he was coming over anyway to pick me up for breakfast so I guess there was no point in going back to bed. Might as well look good when he comes to pick me up, right?