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Prologue: Beginning of the Demon

Uchiha Madara's POV

My back has only touched the ground a handful of times before, coincidentally, all were against Hashirama. All except this one.

The recoil came to me, my body felt useless. I couldn't move. I couldn't react. I couldn't see.

My arms, useless

My legs, useless

My eyes, useless


I was just a useless stone on the ground. All I could do is breath, but even breathing hurt.

And worst of all, I lost.

My dream, my peace, everything lost.

I was betrayed, manipulated but what I throw was my will given form. But that was only a fluke, every was.

The Mugen Tsukuyomi (Infinite Tsukuyomi), the world's peace, the end of all conflict, all a lie.

And for what?

That stupid rabbit goddess lost against the two meddlesome kids, her plans foiled and her soul sealed.

I should be feeling grateful, but it doesn't even matter, I have no time left

"Madara" Ah, that voice, I will never forget that voice.

Hashirama, my nemesis, my rival, my friend. He had the same dream as me since the beginning, and he carried on even without me, I feel proud that his dream of a world where every Shinobi and Kunoichi came together, all to antagonize my own plans of peace.

In the end, he was the winner, again.

"Hashirama" All I could do in this state is reply "You and I… despite always dreaming and reaching for the stars…. we could never touch them" I already lost, and I accept it

"Our dreams are never easy!" Hashirama shouted "Thing is…... we can only do so much while we live. And that's why it's imperative we entrust the resto to all those who come after us!"

He was always soft, even in death, he is the charismatic one "As soft… As ever" I released a small chuckle "You've always…... been the glass half full idiot…. But just maybe, that was the right way to do things…..." He is the winner after all, in a battle of ideals, the winner is supposed to be the one in the right

"Always rushing things. You should have come to terms with the fact that there were things you couldn't achieve. You forgot to properly raise the ones who followed behind you… the ones unto whom you could entrust things"

"That would have been… beyond my capabilities…" That was my one weakness, something Hashirama knew. I could never have people behind my back, I just couldn't. I could have people being ordered by me to do things, like the Uchiha clan. Or people to work my will even in death, like Uchiha Obito. I wasn't capable of, I now I know, that was what lead to my failure. "I always hated… having people follow…. Behind me"

"Mmm" I heard Hashirama twitch, I guess he was smiling "When we were kids, you said that as ninjas, there is no telling when we'll die…. And if we ever found a way to stay that inevitability, we'd share it even if we remained enemies. We'd drink together over it, as brothers" Hashirama…. "But we're dead now. So, all we can do is share a drink as comrades"

Even after all I have done, all the death, all the pain, all the suffering, he still thinks of me as a comrade, as a friend. If I could, I would have shed a tear of happiness. But I couldn't, in this state, I couldn't even cry.

"As comrades, huh?" I stated the obvious, my mouth shaping into a smile, in my final moments I found the resolution I should have found long time ago. I was blind, I was blinded by the hated, the resentment, I should have seen the obvious, the easy way, the peaceful way, but I was too proud and hateful for it "Well… if that's…... how we will…" My body gave before I could finish, I wanted to say a lot more of things, this was the last moment we will see each other, I know in the pure world our souls will never meet, and I know I don't deserve it, I am fine with it.

My last breath came out, and with it all traces of life left in my body.

The darkness became darker

The numbness increased.

I suffered death once and I remember exactly how it felt the first time.

But this time, I was in peace.

This time I was in peace with myself. This time, I don't carry hatred to the pure world. I am grateful, truly grateful that they released me from this burden. My eyes were powerful, but my vision was clouded, they cleared the mist, and truly opened my eyes.

Thank you, Uchiha Sasuke.

Thank you, Uzumaki Naruto.

And thank you, Senju Hashirama

How long has passed?








I couldn't tell

After dying only came the nothing. No consciousness, no thoughts, only a void of emptiness.

But somehow, I felt my consciousness coming back to me.

Just like being revived by the Edo Tensei (Impure World reincarnation) I felt the thoughts coming back to me.

But this time was different.

It could be compared with the Gedo – Rinne Tensei no Jutsu (Outer Path – Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique) as my body felt more alive than with the Edo Tensei.

Is a rinnegan user reviving me?

For what?

Maybe Uchiha Sasuke needs my help for anything and decided to revive me with his Rinnegan, but that shouldn't be possible, my body should have been burned or sealed away to stop anyone else to return me from the dead.

But the pull to my soul felt real, I am sure I was being revived.

Light overcame the darkness of the void.

And then.


Adjusting my eyes to the newfound vision and light, I saw blue with white. Sky and Clouds.

A feeling of warmness overcame my front, and a feeling of wetness came to my back.

My glove-covered hand felt the ground beneath me.

This wasn't Edo Tensei. The Jutsu has the flaw that the beings revived by it can't feel pain of any living sensation, touch, taste, warm, none of it could be felt.

That is why when I was revived, I felt my senses coming back to me in full, and I was ecstatic by it.

Then it came to me, soreness and numbness.

Not quite as painful as when I was dying, but enough to confirm this wasn't the Edo Tensei.

I turned around, looking for my summoner. It was painful and I could only move my head sideways, it is frustrating being weak.

If this was another resurrection Jutsu, then the caster must be close.

After analyzing my surroundings, I found nothing, not a single person around me.

Then, where is the Jutsu Caster?

Letting my body rest for minutes to overcome the soreness that was carried before dying. I managed to sit with my arms in my bended knees.

Breathing carefully to control the pain.

I have to give respect to the Uzumaki brat, if this is what it feels when someone extract the Bijuu (Tailed Beast) out of the body, then that kid deserves to be praised. But well, it isn't a competition but mine was worst, mine was the Juubi (Ten tails) alongside that fake Goddess Kaguya.

Analyzing my body, I saw the same clothes I came with when dying. Gloves, military armor pants, shinobi sandals. Even the injures in my body were there, healing slowly, but still there.

But something was missing, Hashirama's face.

The mark made on my body from when Hashirama's cells mixed with mine, it was missing. The white arms I severed from the white Zetsu. Maybe it disappeared when that bitch absorbed my body, but I can feel the change in my body.

Both my cells and Hashirama's are fused together, and that is good, very good.

Then I analyze my inner body, Chakra.

My Chakra coils were a mess, having the Juubi being taken out of my body cause my Chakra network to destabilize. The amount of Chakra in my body could be compared to a Chunin Toddler, and it seemed to be wasted in regenerating my injuries, so the amount I could use should be compared to Genin. That and my Chakra coils seem to take time to repair, meaning it will take a lot before I can restore Chakra to my standards of normal.

Leaving that aside, my body regenerated enough for me to stand and walk around.

If I could take a guess, I would think I am in Hi no Kuni (Land of Fire). Only that country has this amount of dense forest. But that is only a guess, I shouldn't be so sure to affirm before having evidence.

My walk was slow, I could barely stand but I needed to rest on a tree every 20 steps to recharge my stamina.

My body is inadequate to fight right now, I couldn't fight against Genin to Chunin level threats right now, but my body could shut down in any moment.

Maybe this was the plan of the resurrection Jutsu caster. To resurrect me weak and powerless, and then save my life from a "Threat" to have my gratitude.

Yeah, like someone like me could fall for those tricks.

Taking a moment to rest against a tree, taking breath to calm my body and closing my eyes to calm my mind. I tried to give a diagnosis to my condition.

Low Chakra quantities.

Body in no shape for fighting.

Sight coming slowly but enough to watch my path.

If Whoever resurrected me tried to do it fully, then they did a mediocre work. If you use a Resurrection Jutsu you have to make sure the body is in the greatest of shapes, you can just revive someone and hope the body is good enough for him to start fighting.

Maybe that is why the caster wasn't here.

While he was trying to resurrect me, a threat came and he had to run. Leaving the resurrection half-way making me appear in this condition.

But then, someone with the power to use a Resurrection Jutsu like this, having to run away?

Then he wasn't able to fight after casting the Jutsu, or the treat was big enough for him to require a retreat, leaving me half-way.

If it is the first case, the it is understandable, a resurrection Jutsu this powerful usually causes the person to lose their vitality and all of their Chakra.

But if it is the second, then I am worried about the threat he had to run from.

They could still be around this forest, searching for me or searching for the caster.

I have to be quick, find a place to recover, restore my Chakra coils to increase my Chakra to normal standards and then look for civilization.

It could have been years since the Fourth Shinobi War. Then there is a new era in this world, is Uchiha Sasuke alive? Is the Uzumaki brat alive too?

Questions for later.

My body's regeneration helped me ease the soaring pain in my network.

I resumed my walking, this time taking a look at my surroundings, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Trying to move Chakra inside a broken body like this one was a hard task, but I managed thanks to my years of Chakra control training.

Moving Chakra to my ears and nose was an ancient technique used for espionage. Enhance one's senses was something a Shinobi should know.

I won't use Chakra to enhance my eyes. The Sharingan in my eyes was still there, I could feel it. But in this condition, I don't think using the Sharingan is the best decision, I can manage with hearing better and smelling better for the moment.


Faint, very faint, but I could hear it.

They sounded like cries of for help. A trap?

Most possibly. It is too much of a coincidence that I was resurrected and close to this place is someone crying for help.


There it is again, this time clearer.

A kid?

Why would a kid scream for help in the middle of the forest?

Too loud. This was obviously a trap.

Ancient trick used even in the Wandering States Era.

Except it was usually a woman.

A group of bandits were going to rape an innocent young woman, and then when you waste all your stamina and strength trying to defeat the bandits, the woman came with a knife and stabbed you in the back.

Many were fooled, as the women they used for this kind deception were usually a charming one. Many fell to their beauty.


I… will not fall for this trickery, no matter how convincing the cries of help sound.


This kinds of trick are useless against me.


"Damn you, Hashirama!" I couldn't help but blame the dead Senju for this moment of heroism. Not even an hour alive and I already want to play hero. This is all your fault, Hashirama.

Moving small amounts of Chakra to my feet I ran towards the voice.

It was that far, as the screams became more and more loud.

I was getting close.

I saw it, a garbage disposal place, filled with metal scraps everywhere, in all kinds of shape. Wood too, in form of destroyed ships, destroyed houses, mills, other ton of shaped furniture and many other.

It smelled awful. Like rotten trash

The screams came from a wood construction under a large metal shell.

I ran to it.

If this was a trap, I am going to kill myself again for being stupid and falling to it.

Monkey D. Luffy's POV


These men were bad pirates, who would hit a kid for money. Shanks is better than this guy obviously. He could take then all in a second. But he wasn't here, and I am tied. The only think I can do is scream.

I am sure Sabo and Ace will come here to save me. After all, they are my friends.

But I just hope they could come faster. This guy has been punching me with that weird glove for hours.

It hurts

But I won't tell him anything.

I will never betray my friends.


The wood door was kicked. Everyone in the room turned, even the ugly guy with the glove.

It was another guy, with long black hair and glove, but for some reason, he doesn't have a shirt.

Why would he not wear a shirt?

Maybe he is one of those exhibitionist that grandpa talked about. Those people who like to show their body.

I don't know, I will ask him later.

He seems angry

Very angry.

Uchiha Madara's POV

There are a few occasions where my emotions get so high they become apparent, this is one of those occasions.

This wasn't a trap.

I would've preferred a trap.

But this….

One guy punching a kid with a spiked glove, with other two guys cheering.

I may have had used children for my plans in the past.

But they were Shinobi. They were trained to kill and spy.

And I know the difference between a Shinobi and a kid.

And this child right here, is a normal kid.

One being tortured.

And I will not allow this.

"Who are you?" The tall ugly man asked. His height might be frightening for normal people, but I can tell he barely carries experience and training on his fat body. Someone that tall would be unnatural anywhere, maybe he life in hiding or anyone that meet him was killed to leave no witnesses.

"My name doesn't matter. I don't have to answer to dead people" I stated the obvious.

"Hah!" The blonde one with bandages on arm and face laughed "Like you could defeat us, we are the Bluejam Pirates, stupid"

Bluejam Pirates?

Pirates were not common here, but the few that existed usually attacked through the Kirigakure no Sato's rivers and canals.

That helps to round my location, some place with trees and close to Kirigakure.

"Look mate, if you run away now, we will not kill you" The one with brown large hair spoke while walking to me, brandishing a curved knife.

"You decided to threaten my life?" The stupidity made me chuckle, this pirates are worse that dead "Very well then, let me show you how it was the last mistake you will ever make"

Quickly grabbing and breaking his arm, he released a painful screech, music to my ears I must say.

Grabbing his knife, I quickly slice his throat while walking past him. I don't want his dirty blood to stain me. His body falls to the ground while clutching his sliced neck, blood falling to the ground in a puddle, trying to ask for help with a sliced throat is a difficult task, apparently, he didn't know that as drowned screams tried to come out of his mouth.

Everyone watched as the body fell to the ground, sporting fear on their eyes. The stares the produces is a feeling I like, like the thousand more that watched me move towards them before I ended their pathetic existence.

"Stay where you are!" The blonde grabbed a sword with his shaky hands, the amusing fear on his face.

He is weak and unprepared. I threw the knife to his neck, with the force I threw it his neck showed resistance, an instant death.

"You are strong" The tall ugly man spoked with a bloodthirsty grin "How about you join us? you could be a very useful asset"

"I serve no one"

"Well, then I will just have to kill you" He rushed towards me with his spiked gloves.

His movements were clumsy and untrained, clearly, he depended of his big size and natural strength in a fight. But against me, he is like a toddler that could barely move his arms.

I ducked and dodged his attack with minimal effort, his body showed thousands of opening I could use to instantly defeat him, but he has another use alive.

Ducking under a spike punch, I kicked his shin, his bones were stronger than normal, I actually had to put a little effort to break it.


He fell into the ground, his leg bended in an unnatural way. Screaming in pain while holding his leg.

I walking towards him, he watched me approached and tried to defend with his fist.

I evaded and with a jab broke his arm. The broken bone penetrating the skin.

His face showed total fear as he tried to move away with a broken arm and a broken leg.

"Don't try to run, you will just make it more painful" I told him.

"What do you want from me?!"

"I just want to know what is inside your head"

My chakra worked enough for me to active the Sharingan.

I stared into his eyes to extract the information I needed.

Now I will now where I am…


East Blue?

Gold Roger?

Grand Line?


What is this?

He doesn't know about the Elemental Nations?

Does he live in another place?

He isn't illiterate, that much I can tell. But this information is totally wrong.



I am not in the Elemental Nations.

This may be another dimension, like those Kaguya manipulates.

But how?

"Guh?!" My chakra exhaustion brought me back to reality. I wasted more chakra than I should have. I fell to the ground clutching my eyes to soothe the pain. This place is apparently the Goa Kingdom, situated in what is called Dawn Island. This is one of the four seas, the East Blue. If this information is correct, then I am not in the Elemental Nations. My victim of memory search falling to the ground unconscious.

Why am I here?

What am I supposed to do now?

"Mister, are you okay?" A voice brought me out of my thoughts.

The kid hanging from the rope sported a worried expression.

Worrying about a complete stranger?

What a strange kid.

"I am okay child, just a little bit tired"

"Oh, I see" He seemed relieved and then his expression changed to a very familiar smile "Mister, could you please release me?"

I stared to the kid

That smile…

That damned smile…

Even in another dimension, that smile appear in front of me like a curse.

"Wait a minute" It would be a waste of time if I didn't do what I came for.

Grabbing and oversized sword from a pile of weapons, I aimed for the rope holding the kid in the air.


He fell to the ground.

The rope falling from his body releasing his arms and legs.

"Thank you, mister!"

"Hmm" I gave the usual Uchiha response.

I moved towards a couple of things in a box filled with weapons.

I found a brown jacked, a little big but enough for now.

While dressing I could help but feel the kid from before starring into my back.

"Do you need something child?" I asked

"Mister, are you one of those exhibitionist?"

"Excuse me?!" I couldn't but feel baffled, what kind of kid ask that to a stranger? One that just killed 2 people and crippled for life another. "Why do you ask that?"

"You came here without a shirt, my grandpa told me that exhibitionists are those that like to show their bodies to the people, he told me those are bad people. Are you one of those?"

His grandfather truly needs to teach him better, and care more for him, where was he during all this situation?

"I am not an exhibitionist" I assured him "I just had an accident"

"What kind of accident?"

My mind instantly formulated a fake background for my entire life, from where I was born to what I ate yesterday

"I was traveling in a transport ship, but then a big wave turned our ship upside down, I landed here not too long ago"

"I see, so you are one of those castaw-something"

"Castaway, yes" I nodded

"Well, my name is Monkey D. Luffy, what is your name mister?"

I thought for a second, this kid is a civilian one, with little to no strength, he doesn't pose a threat to me, I don't know if in this dimension there is an Uchiha Clan or something like that.

It can help to have allies.

"Uchiha Madara"


"Madara" I corrected him. What kind of child can't speak a name the first time he is told about it? Is he retarded?


"Madara" I corrected him, again


"Madara" I corrected him, AGAIN


"Madara" I CORRECTED HIM, AGAIN. There is no way to have my name wrong a fifth time. No matter how retarded this kid is.

He stared into my eyes with a thoughtful expression, maybe he thought something about my name that sounded familiar.

Maybe there is an Uchiha Clan here.

"I am just going to call you Long-Haired Guy"

Is child murder here legal? Because I am really considering killing this child to save the world from his stupidity

Calming my genocidal thought, I just rolled with it, he maybe retarded, or younger than he appears to be.

"Fine, call me whatever you want" I looked to the kid one more time, noticing his body full of blood. I moved to the box and found some clean bandages I could use. I also took a white mantle and tore it to use as a rag to clean his blood "Come here, child"

"Okay" He happily replied, his cheerful attitude showing no hesitation

I used the rag to clean his body, when it became to red from the blood, I threw it and tore another part of the mantle to clean his blood.

The kid winced a little but nonetheless showed no resistance to the procedure

"Why are you so relaxed, child?"

"What do you mean mister?"

"Are you afraid of me?"

"Nope" He cheerfully replied "You are a good guy, you saved me from those meany pirates, just like Shanks, so you are a good guy"

His cheerfulness was contagious. He carried a voice with zero angriness, like evil didn't exist.

This kid, with that cheerfulness and smile, reminds me of…

Moving those thoughts out from my head, I took the bandages and used it on his body.

His arms, legs and head were fully bandaged by the time I ended.

"Thank you, mister" He replied with his now usual smile

"Hmm" I turned to the unconscious man in front of us.

According to his memories, he is a pirate. One with a bounty for his head, 3.4 million Berries, this world currency, to be exact. A high bounty, useful for my actual situation.

I just have to carry his oversized body to the Marines, this world is government officials, and use the money to find a place to stay, food, and then I can decide what to do next.

My thoughts were stopped when two other kids busted through the door

"Stop it!"

"Where is Luffy?!"

They were a black-haired kid with freckles and a blonde one with a broken tooth.

"Ace, Sabo!"

Luffy ran towards the two kids and greeted with a hug.

The two arrivals returned the hug after getting out of their shock

"Luffy, how are you free?"

"Long-Haired Guy released me!" He cheerfully replied "He beat all the pirates. It was super cool!"

"Long-Haired Guy?"

The two kids turned to me with raised eyebrows

"I just arrived and saw how they were treating Luffy, so I take care of it myself"

I walked towards the unconscious man and grabbed his hair.

"Can you tell me how to arrive to the closest town?"

"Huh? Sure, just keep walking to the north and you will see it. Be careful, there is a lot of bandits around"

"I see" I moved dragging the unconscious man by the hair "We will see each other later, Luffy"

"Bye mister, thank you for saving me!" Luffy waved.

I walked out of the destroyed place as the other two kids bombarded Luffy with questions.

I moved towards north with the 3.4 million man being dragged.

Now, what to do?