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"It is really nice to spend time with everyone outside of the office," Ziva said once the redhead and the goth had let go. "We should do this more often."

Everyone else nodded in agreement. There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes before Abby cried out.

"I have one!" She screeched.


"What is it?" Tony asked.

"Before I say it, we should order pizza and go out and get some alcohol," Abby answered.

"That's a good idea," Jenny told her.

"I agree," Gibbs said.

They could feel everyone else glaring at them but they both chose to ignore it.

"Shall we go?" The redhead questioned and everyone else nodded

"I'll call for the pizza. What does everyone want?" Tony answered.

"I think a margherita and a pepperoni should be fine. Is everyone okay with that?" The NCIS director asked and the others nodded their heads once again.

They all waited as Tony ordered the pizzas before they ran out to get alcohol from the shops.

"Bourbon, scotch, tequila... Ouzo!" Ziva cried.

"Ouzo? Who even likes that stuff?" Tony responded.

"I do," Ziva told him.

"I think you're the only one, but that's okay. We all like different things," Abby said and the Israeli gave the goth a smile.

They bought the drinks and walked out and back to the house. They opened the drinks and each took a glass.

"Cheers," they chorused as they clinked their glasses together before taking a sip.

Just then, the doorbell went.

"That'll be the pizza delivery guy. I'll get it," Jenny said.

"No Jennifer, sit down. I shall get it," Ducky told her.

"Ducky, it's my–" she was cut off by Gibbs.

"No, Jen. Let Ducky get it," the Marine told her gently.

She nodded as she sat back down. Ducky got the pizzas and came back through.

"One margherita and one pepperoni pizza. Who's hungry?" Ducky asked.

"All of us, I think," McGee answered.

They all got stuck in to the pizzas and soon they'd finished them, but were also a bit drunk.

"What was your question, Abs?" Gibbs asked.

"What's your biggest regret and your biggest wish?" The goth answered.

"I know mine," Jenny said, looking at the ground.

Everyone glanced at her.

"My biggest regret is leaving the one I love in Paris. I never got through it. My biggest wish is to get married to him and to have kids," she stated.

"That's weird" Gibbs responded. "That's exactly what my wish is, but my regret is different: I regret letting the one I love get away in Paris."

Jenny took Gibbs's hand and brought it up to her lips. He placed a hand on her cheek and he kissed her.

"Finally" McGee muttered. "I thought it would never happen."

The other four laughed as the other two pulled apart with grins on their faces.

"What about all of you?" Gibbs asked as Jenny leaned on his shoulder.

"My biggest regret is leaving Angus and Maggie behind, as you all would have guessed. My biggest wish, however, came true just seconds ago," Ducky answered.

"Which was?" Jenny questioned, although she had a feeling she already knew the answer.

"For you two to admit your feelings for one another," the doctor told her.

The redhead smiled.

"My biggest regret is how I acted around Jeanne" Tony said. "I regret what I said and how I treated her the last time we saw each other. But my feelings for her don't matter anyway, because I love someone else. I just never knew it until now. That leads me to my wish: I wish that she would go on a date with me."

"Who?" Jenny questioned, although, once again, she had a feeling she already knew.

"Ziva," the movie buff whispered.

Ziva was shocked.

"You love... me?" She stammered.

"Yes. Yes I do," he answered.

Jenny, Gibbs, Abby, McGee and Ducky all shared smiles as Tony and Ziva kissed.

"What about you, Timmy?" Abby questioned.

"My regret is not making an effort with my Dad. He wanted me to join the Navy, I wanted to study computer science. Because I did what I wanted and not what he wanted for me, we drifted apart. One of my wishes is to make up with him," McGee responded.

Jenny gave the geek a sympathetic look and Abby squeezed the geek's hand.

"What about your other wish?" Gibbs asked.

"That just came true," McGee said and he looked at Tony and Ziva. "You have no idea how annoying it's been to watch you two flirting but not doing anything."

The two of them looked shocked.

"Abigail?" Ducky asked.

"I make it a point not to regret things that have happened. I've found that it eats you up inside and that isn't good for you. My biggest wish is for all of you to be happy, and I can see that is coming true," she said.

"Awww, thanks Abs," Tony stated.

Everyone grinned.

"What about an ideal date?" Ducky asked.

"Easy, a rock concert," Abby said.

"Comicon," McGee put in.

"A film," Ziva added and Tony looked at her in surprise.

"A film?" He questioned. "What film?"

"Any film."

"Are you okay?"

"Fine, why?"

"You just said you'd watch a film on a date."

"Yes, and?"

"I'm just in shock," he stated.

Ziva grinned before she kissed his cheek quickly and they both blushed slightly.

"DiNozzo? Ideal date?" Gibbs asked.

"Same as Ziva, boss."

Gibbs nodded.

"Jen? Ideal date?"

"A meal at a French restaurant" she said quietly and he kissed her temple. "What about you?"

"The same," he answered.

Jenny leaned into him.

"What about you, Ducky?" Ziva questioned.

"Dinner at a nice restaurant," the Scotsman responded.

"We've all done pretty well," McGee said and everyone else nodded in agreement.


"This was fun," Ziva stated as she and Tony stepped out the door.

"It was, wasn't it?" Jenny responded, giving her friend a hug and then lowering her voice. "I'm so happy for you, Zi."

"As am I for you, Jen."

Tony and Ziva left, and Jenny turned to Gibbs.

"What shall we do?" The redhead asked, a small smile on her face.

"I have an idea," Gibbs said with a smirk before he picked her up bridal style, her laughter echoing throughout the house and his mind.

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