Authors note I am just writing what I think Brody is feeling I am not saying Brody is weak or he is to blame for anything Buster did. Abuse is never a victim's fault and no one should judge how a victim reacts.

I feel like I'm dying, I look up at Imran on the stand and I can't believe it. How many other boys have suffered because I was weak, too weak to stop Buster and to weak to say anything. Ollie and Imran are both 15 just boys really and yet they are standing up to him but me a grown man was so terrified that he almost didn't testify. What does that say about me. I don't know but I feel like I should be on trial as well because I knew what Buster was and yet didn't say anything, doesn't that make me just as guilty as him. How do I live knowing I let what happened to me happen to other boys, other kids.