Alan slowly entered his room, which was now Gail's room. "You know, it does get easier. The wound does heal." He said, and mentally congratulated himself, for his voice didn't shake and he wasn't babbling like an idiot. Pretty nice start.

"I know, thank you." Replied Gail, obviously not sure what was going on.

"I mean," Alan continued more confidently, "you may not feel like it now, but, for too long, you will forget all about that fella who hurt you, because another fella will be in your heart . . . " His implication was now really clear.

Gail continued to smile, althought she knew where he was going, but Alan didn't realize her smile was forced.

"Fella, who will never hurt you . . . never leave your side . . . who want wants nothing more than to . . . love you."

Gail started to lose her smile and Alan knew right away it wasn't going well. 'I can't screw this up!' He thought.

"Don't look like that, Gail. I do not mean myself." He said, looking serious.

Gail was visibly surprised. "You don't?"

Alan laughed. "I know the only way I could be with someone like you is in my dreams." He said Charlies earlier line and suddenly, he calmed down. Because, well, it was the truth and his coming here with the intention to hook up with a woman after bad breakup was unethical. Once, he really cared about right and wrong, but after years with Judith and years after their divorce he slowly started to turn into a bad person. It ended now.

Gail looked abashed a little.

"I am not an idiot you know." Alan remarked at her abashed face. "well, just a little." he added quickly and she laughed. Genuinely.

"I don't really understand how could someone leave you, and I don't say it because I want to score some points.

You are pretty, dignified woman and obviously do not understand why he broke up with you, so I guess it wasn't because you cheated or anything like that . . ." he paused. "Sorry. I just wanted you to know, that if you wanted to talk about it, I am here." With that, he stood up, left the room and finally, after a few years, Alan felt a little bit of pride.

"So, how did it go?" Asked Charlie, laying lazily on the couch, reading some fitness magazine, only gods knew why. He exercised just one week in seven years Alan lived here.

"Oh, well, not good. Obviously there is no interest." Alan sighed and Charlie looked a little alarmed for some reason. "What about a drink?" Alan suggested and Charlie very quickly agreed. "Let's go."