"Why do I not kill?"

Garou and Chisaki sat around a table as they discussed over tea.

Snacks were on the table, sushi and tempura laid out while Chronostasis and Shin Nemoto stood beside Chisaki.

It was during the month they were preparing for the invitation event.

"Why should I kill?" Garou asked back.

"A sane person would kill the heroes they detest," Chisaki answered.

"I doubt they would be sane. Have you seen the villains? Are they actually sane?"

Chisaki remained silent.

"That's a good argument," Chisaki admitted.

"Always killing my enemies is a fool's path. I cannot inspire fear if they're all dead. What's the point of being a symbol if all you do is kill everyone? Strength and violence will be all that I am. I want to be something more." Garou answered.

Chisaki widened his eyes at Garou's argument.

"That is a unique answer. The common troglodyte would usually call you a coward for not finishing what you started."

"That only counts for short-sighted dregs that only live in the moment. My goals are more long-term. Besides, if I only kill, I would be the symbol of death instead. I want them to fear me, not death itself."

"That is true. And you refused to hunt the heroes anymore because…?"

"The effects… of my actions came different than I hoped. And… my expectations did not go as I wanted. I haven't even fully gone all out, and I'm already at the level where I can end the world—me, someone that couldn't even defeat my own master. And I defeated All Might before my first month came to pass… that is when I started to notice something is wrong. Tell me. What would happen if I were to drag All Might's body to the camera and announce his defeat to the world? Would I truly unite the world through fear if I did that?"

Chisaki remained silent.

Chisaki imagined the scenario, Garou standing before the world holding All Might's head, displaying his victory over heroic oppression.

"...Every Villain in Japan would be spiked by excitement. They would be high on freedom like never before, and all would consider you the top candidate as king of Japan undisputed for the time being." Chisaki decided to be honest. "There will be massive discord. Villains will be on the rise. Toxic nihilism will infect Japan and then the world. We will try to use this chaos to our advantage with some difficulty. You will be branded as the number one enemy of the world. Everyone would despair in your presence; unite every Hero in the world under one banner."

"And if I continue to crush the heroes and the villains until they're no more?"

Chisaki paused as he imagined the scenario. Shin Nemoto and Chronostasis listened, intrigued by Garou's unique philosophy.

"The world would despair for a time. You might be able to force the heroes and villains to a truce… though there will be others trying to emulate you. There will be people trying to grab power in that hopeless world when people are at their most vulnerable. Mostly those with hidden agendas without the world's best interests at heart."

"...Nothing good would come out of it, would it?" Garou asked.

"No. Humans are complicated creatures. They would soon fight each other in the wasteland… and the world is such a large place. There are seven continents and three land masses separated by water, barring Antarctica. It would be inefficient for a single man to go from country to country to renew the spark of fear. There would be nothing but suffering. And… I think it is good that you decided to spare All Might beforehand now that we talked."

Chisaki spoke honestly.

There would be nothing good coming out of Garou's intended vision. It was good that Garou sensed the problem in his path, even indirectly.

Garou inhaled as he looked up at the ceiling.

"You've thought about the consequences since you defeated All Might, didn't you?" Chisaki guessed.

Garou's silence answered his question.

"Then what should I do?" Garou asked.

Chisaki tapped the table.

"...A symbol… is meant to bring a message to the world. You want to unite the world indirectly through fear. Why not try to do it directly, and be straightforward with your message? That way, you would gain extra hands and comrades willing to support and strengthen your cause."

Garou exhaled.

"Will they actually follow me? No… Will anyone even listen to my message?" Garou asked.

"You severely underestimate your reach. You have the spark. You just need to harness it."

Garou took shrimp tempura and dipped it in soy sauce mixed with Wasabi. He crunched it as he chewed, silently contemplating.

"I think I might need time to sort out my message. I have the theme… but I need to make out the context."

Chisaki understood.

"May I hear the draft at least? To get an idea?"

Garou swallowed.

"...I always hated how the world tends to… betray its moral conduct in the stupidest way possible. I want… to make everyone see the errors of their ways and suffer from it."

Chisaki nodded.

"I hate how this world functions—giving approvals to those that did not earn their way up. Or fail to give others a chance to prove themselves otherwise truly. I hate unfairness… no, the world will always be unfair. I despise injustice, especially by those who broke their codes on bored whims. And those with the strength and the potential to become something more are all… hindered by useless and warped ideas…"

"Good. Good." Chisaki nodded, getting a good summary of Garou's ideas.

"...I want to punish the many for their sins against the innocent few. Truly innocent and force them to sin… but the heroes… they're only tools, in the end, to keep the status quo, coddled by a symbol that is aging away."

"A legacy of All Might."

"...All Might… you know, thinking about it, I was going to become something like All Might, handling all of the world's problems on my own… and doing nothing actually to cure the source. Weakening the world, potentially worsening it in the process… alright. I have an idea now." Garou squinted his eyes at the ceiling.

"...and?" Chisaki asked.

"I would like more food. I have much to think about."

"Of course." Chisaki nodded.

"...She does sound like a strong woman." Sir Nighteye commented with a small smile as Toshinori sat before him in his agency building.

Toshinori informed Sir Nighteye of everything that Toshinori had learned so far that night. He asked for the woman's phone number so they could talk when her nephew was away regarding how to handle Garou and everything that she knew about him so far.

"This is precious information. Still, a shame that we could not use it before Garou decided to become the Demon Lord of Hosu."

"Hahaha… yes."

The two remained silent as they ruminated in silence.

"...You're back to your full strength now." Sir Nighteye repeated.

"Yes." Toshinori nodded.

"How do you feel?"

"...Like a curse has been uplifted after so long. I've forgotten what it's like to breathe properly until now."

Sir Nighteye smiled at Toshinori's recuperation. To think that the prophecy could be so easily broken like this.

"Do you think you can take on Garou?"

Toshinori looked down at his right hand, unclenching and flexing his fingers.

His memory replayed his fight against Garou at Dagoba and compared that Garou to the current one.

"...I don't know."

No matter how he looked at it, he could not see himself defeating the current Garou.

"We should prepare for your inevitable confrontation with Garou tomorrow. I just hope Garou will play the script well enough."

Sir Nighteye sighed.

"...Did you find a place to stay? You could stay at my agency." Sir Nighteye asked.

"I don't want to embarrass you or your sidekicks. And I'll get caught if I overstay my welcome."

It was more like he would be embarrassed to face anyone if they knew he was now homeless without a coin to his name. Right now, he was surviving on donations from his successor and some raw fish he managed to take with him.

It was tricky setting up a fire in an alleyway and roasting them over it. Toshinori did it for practice for the hardships to come.

"Shame. Do you have plans on where you might stay?" Sir Nighteye asked.

"...I was thinking of staying at Izuku's home for a while," Toshinori confessed.

"Why not a hotel? I can pay for it." Sir Nighteye asked.

"I can… but I think it is better if I learn to humble myself in poverty first to prepare myself for what's to come. Also, you've done enough for me. I think it is time for me to care for myself a little."

Sir Nighteye pushed his glasses up.

"...She really is a strong woman for you to start considering that."

"I know."

They smiled as a warm peace descended between them.

"...And be sure to send the boy my apology. I was wrong about him. It takes strength to give up One For All."

"I think it is more like he admires me a lot. He has the selflessness of a true hero." Toshinori smiled.

"Heh. What will you do after you manage to restore trust in our society?"

Toshinori hung his head in thought.

"...I think it is time for me to do more than just ensure people are safe from danger."

"Are you sure?" Sir Nighteye asked, placing his elbows on the desk. "There are still disasters roaming around Japan. Not as much as they used to since Garou culled the villains at the cost of the heroes."

"It is best that I make sure that there won't be more victims like Ghin."

"...Even if it is you, you cannot do much about the general bias against mutant types. You can bring people together by their idolization of you, but that can only go so far."

"...Hearing this, I think I am starting to understand why Garou has many idolizing fans as well."

Toshinori heard a recording of his speech. It was empowering, resonating with those betrayed by the world unjustly.

"Do you know where to start?"

"...Not yet. Appealing to the public is all I can think of."

Sir Nighteye chuckled at his idol's short-sightedness.

"We'll figure that out together. But just to make sure… are you finally planning to let the other heroes do their share of the work?"

"Garou always complains about them being 'too weak.' And that I'm 'coddling' them too much." Toshinori chuckled.

"Makes me wonder if we should start a training program to rectify that. Unless Garou plans a way to empower the current heroes himself through some bizarre means, like Chisaki fusing the extra bones and organs into you."

"Ahahaha, even I know it is beyond his power to try that. There's only so many spare organs to give."

Both heroes laughed at the prospect.

"The Quirk Awakening Phenomena…"

Within the conference room, sitting at a massive mahogany U-shaped table, Garou watched as one of his recent subordinates, a studious researcher mutant with eyes all over his body, approached him. He had no hair; his many eyes were iris red, and he wore a lab coat.

What stood out to Garou was that the many eyes on his body had bags underneath them, like he'd spent many all-nighters on the task he had been assigned.

Sitting around Garou were the leaders of the Yakuza groups, Arnold Taronsasu - Ghidora Wyvern, Tenno Sukuito - The Golden Spider, and Kyoretsu Aku - The Vajrayaksa.

They were with their respective bodyguards.

Chisaki was amongst them, listening to the newly hired scribe, their researcher, and archivist.

Marko Levaron, the man in a red-visor gas mask and full-body brown duster, Kendo Rappa, the brawler, and Hekiji Tengai stood behind the Demon Lord of Hosu.

Hekiji was a tall, slim man with short, spiky pale hair. His eyes were perpetually closed as he stood behind Garou as one of his bodyguards.

He wore a traditional dark-colored yukata with a pair of geta on his feet, a long white piece of cloth acting as a belt around his waist. He was not wearing a plague mask this time.

The entrance to the conference room has a red Tori gate, meant for emergency travel to and fro the top floor.

"Master Garou, I have completed the research on everything you asked regarding Quirk Evolution," the man with many eyes bowed, his eyes tiredly blinking. "Everything I've compiled is right here."

"Tell us what you know, at least since you're here, Takusan Miru." Garou gestured.

"Y-Yes, Master. The Awakening… it is an infrequent occurrence. Under stressful circumstances, even a 'junk' Quirk can evolve into something greater. As I said, it is scarce, but I managed to find one prime example with the help of my fellow researchers," he said with an excited gleam in his eyes before a tired yawn passed his lips.

The man stumbled toward Garou as he placed the binder on the conference table and slid it toward him. At the front of the presentation were several photos with timestamps on the back. The oldest of the images was of a skinny, college-age guy with sleepy-looking eyes picking up trash while wearing an All Might hoodie. Some of the pictures after that were of him fighting what appeared to be black-tongued Villains with no shirts on. The most recent of the bunch was a newspaper trimming of the person in question joining the Captain Celebrity Agency over in America, wearing what was a Hero-grade costume, an airliner bobbing in the river behind him like a bath toy.

"Koichi Haimawari, whose Quirk Development and Awakening received the most exposure, was a former College Student, now Hero. Born in Japan with the 'Junk' Quirk [Slide and Glide, this ability allowed him to project a repulsive force to traverse flat surfaces as long as any three parts of his body were in contact with the ground. However, as he continued to use his Quirk in the Naruhata area, his Quirk began to… evolve."

"In what way?" Garou asked.

It was another project Garou wanted, to explore every avenue of improving and evolving Quirks through sheer effort instead of letting God roll the dice for everyone.

"I-It wasn't anything so-drastic as 'Awakening' right at the beginning. If anything, as his powers grew, it was more on a technical scale, the sort of thing that a more-flexible Quirk with many possible uses could be taught to do through repeated and varied application. Initially, he was only as fast as a bike, he could only go forward, and he couldn't slow down; but after a while, he gained the ability to brake his movements and more freedom of direction, moving backward and sideways. His speed later beat that of a runaway bus, though nowadays he's capable of catching up to a passenger plane mid-flight."

"Hoh?" Garou mused, sounding intrigued. "And someone like this became a Vigilante instead of a Hero?"

"W-Well… from what we can scrounge from his past before high school, it turns out he was late for his application because he was… well… He jumped into the river to save a little girl who was drowning. Because he was late, he was ultimately… cut from the program entirely, so he went on to a normal high school, then a normal college, acting as a quote/unquote 'Vigilante' in his spare time. His beginnings were humble, picking up trash, retrieving lost wallets, giving people directions to the station, before he rose to fight Villains when Ideo Trigger started spreading in the Naruhata area."

Garou hummed, knowing the drug from his readings on this world, one that was outright banned completely.

"I have no words to describe how extremely petty for a hero system to cut off a great potential. Further proof that real heroes can't truly mix with modern customs," Garou scoffed, shaking his head with disbelief.

At the very least, jumping into a river to save someone when a Hero wasn't around should've gotten him bonus points…

"Y-Yes. Another ability of Koichi's was that instead of a repelling force, he later discovered an adhering ability that let him cling to surfaces with as few as two limbs; and not just walls, he could also cling to ceilings as well. Around the same time, he also possessed the ability to fire repulsive blasts from his hands. Another ability of his was the ability to slide up walls as long as he had enough momentum to carry him, adding further verticality."

"And when exactly was it that his Quirk 'Awakened'?" Garou asked since most of this genuinely did sound like the result of lots and lots of hard work. According to the file, the 'Villain Factory' in Naruhata was when a new Quirk-boosting drug, Ideo Trigger, began creating 'Instant Villains' en masse; civilians caught performing villainous acts with no prior convictions on their records. The common denominator was the blackening of their tongues due to decreased blood circulation.

"Er, well, see, after a few years of this, right as the Villain Factory incidents started to die down, he was reported being able to 'double jump' with his Quirk. Initially, its limit was two jumps in mid-air before he had to land… but then the 'Giant Exploding Villain' attacked during the Naruhata Lockdown and he just… didn't have to anymore. He could 'double-jump' through the air as much as he wanted without repercussions, an ability he used to escape the Endeavor Agency after rescuing the 'Instant Villain', Bee Pop," he explained.

Garou found a before-and-after shot of a pink-haired girl in a skimpy devil-themed outfit with a skirt so short it might as well have been a belt. In another photo, she later had darker skin, a more bee-themed outfit, and explosions going off in the background behind her.

"His repulsive force field could also extend over his entire body, allowing him to survive explosions that'd killed many other Heroes previously. His arguably most-powerful ability was compressing his repulsive force to his knuckles, allowing him to deliver explosive punches capable of damaging Villains with Gigantification Quirks;. However, since then, the Giant Exploding Villain comprised of fiery plasma-like energy, its true power has been hard to assess."

Garou's brow once again piqued. A 'sliding' Quirk that let you hover over the ground, turning into straight-out flying, was most impressive. The still of the 'Giant Exploding Villain' having holes blown clean through him during the Naruhata Lockdown was comparable to the damage of S-Class Heroes back home.

'And they passed up on someone like him just because he was a little late…?' Garou mused to himself.

"After the Naruhata Lockdown, there was much property damage. Before it, he could escape Edgeshot, Best Jeanist, Ingenium, and Eraserhead simultaneously after the HPSC hunted him after four or so years of active Vigilante activity. In a prior incident, he evaded capture from Endeavor and his Agency when they came out in force. The HPSC lost a great deal of face over the entire thing because, after the Naruhata Lockdown, people started coming forward with sightings of Koichi being placed at the Tokyo Sky Egg Incident, an occurrence that All Might didn't remedy until the last possible second. As a result, Koichi had to flee overseas to the Captain Celebrity Agency in America, where he re-branded himself 'Skycrawler'. He stuck his foot in it a few times while still learning English, reciting parroted lines at the worst possible moments… but lately, his popularity has been on the up curve. I guess the Americans over there like an underdog story, and not being in the shadow of a Hero like All Might has allowed him to reach his full potential. That he can stop planes from falling out of the sky has earned him popularity points as well, because as powerful as Quirks can be, very few Heroes can use them to catch up to a falling plane, let alone slow them down enough so they don't crash and kill everyone on board."

"You sound like you put a great deal of effort into all this research," Garou said, leafing through the extensive report. "Why is that?"

"Ah, yes, well… My wife was on Skyfall Flight 400 when its engines lost power," the man said, scratching his cheek. "When I found out you wanted to know more about Koichi… I figured I should do him justice, so I pulled a few all-nighters, pulling together every scrap of information I could."

" . . . Seriously? All this growth and no one even bothered to check on how his Quirk evolved?" Garou asked, completely baffled. It'd take a while to read everything. Still, by the cliff notes version alone, this Koichi Haimawari was already stronger thanmosty of Japan's current Heroes, even if he had that dopey, sleepy look on his face and had an obsession with All Might Hoodies.

There was a picture of him posing with tourists in a 'I N Y' All Might-style hoodie.

"N-No, Koichi did not go to a Quirk research facility, nor did anyone reach out to him." Takusan shook his head. "I don't know what to say. He just spent his days doing hero work as a sidekick in America, doing whatever he wanted. Government and scientific institutions don't tend to pry into their lives and ask them to be guinea pigs."

"That is a complete and utter waste of a good opportunity to learn more about Quirks." Garou shook his head with disbelief.

There were nods from the other heads.

Aaron's left head said, "It is a wasted opportunity."

His right head spoke, "Tsk, hearing it just makes me angry."

Tenno, the Golden Spider spoke, "If you wish, I can try and send an envoy to America. Or a team to abduct him for experimentation."

"No, I have questions. I'm not sure if I can learn anything from him, but I think we just need data from his experiences at least." Garou shook his head. "I am unsure if it is just pure effort or something more unique to each individual, just like how their Quirk functions. Still, send someone to reach this Koichi for questioning regarding his experiences. We don't have the proper equipment or capable scientists to study the concept of Quirk evolution. Search for anyone that has achieved their Awakening and question them as well. What was their experience, their thoughts, in what situation, everything."

"Y-Yes, Master!" Takusan bowed before the Demon Lord and ran out of the conference room.

"Well… this is enlightening." Chisaki tapped his chin.

"No one bothered to research this Awakening?" Garou asked. "With how much media exposure he got?" he said, eyeing a comprehensive timeline of when new abilities displayed themselves. Hell, his growth hadn't even stopped when he went to America because now he could channel his Quirk through vehicles as well, on top of projecting force fields capable of repelling Gigantification Villains.

"It is extremely rare even in a population of billions. So rare that many didn't consider that criteria." Chisaki explained.

"Exceptions must be made. A society built on the foundation of power unearned would only bring misery in the long run."

Everyone nodded, agreeing with Garou's philosophy.

"Moving on, what's the status of our… political prisoners?" Garou asked.

Kyoretsu Aku - the Vajrayashka - answered, "Shin Nemoto is continuing to extract every drop of worth, their methods, their ways of skirting around the law, how they keep their money's secret and organizing everything in detail with my team. What should we do with them once they're of no use?"

"Keep them alive, but in case they decide to show any resistance, do whatever it takes to make them docile. See if we can use them to barter some exchange… oh wait, if possible, perhaps we can use Twice's Quirk to create a clueless spy, one with a listening device implanted in their brain." Garou offered.

Multiple mutters of approval erupted.

"An ingenious idea. We will see to it at once." Chisaki nodded.

"How is our purchase of the dwindling stocks of Jahutt Bank, Solohan Food industry, Amidala Pharmaceutical, and the others?" Garou asked.

It was their great plan based on the motives of his followers: sunder the corrupt rich elites, dwindle the stock value of their corporations, and after stealing all of the money of the rich elites, they would use said money to purchase said stock, obtaining a vast source of income.

The Boss, Chisaki, Garou, and Arnold came up with this idea after Marko revealed his purpose, a plan to generate income through more honorable means… despite their methods being subterfuge, theft, identity theft, and blackmail.

"Everything is going smoothly, Master. The fools that borrowed the dwindling stocks are also screwed. Using the Gamestop Stock Incident, we are forcing them to pay more than they bargained for." Arnold's left head answered.

"We set up dummy accounts so that the government can't trace it back to us. We got this." The right head answered.

"And my… personal request?" Garou asked.

Everyone remained silent.

"...We do not know if there is such a Quirk user, but we sent a team as you requested. Finding someone with such a powerful Warp Quirk is… It is not easy finding a specific Quirk that is not within the government Quirk registry." The Golden Spider informed.

"Tsk. Alright, I can be patient. Maybe someone with such a Quirk would come to me if all goes well."

"Speaking of someone… we have a message from Giren," Chisaki spoke out. "Someone wishes to speak with you, one of Giren's most powerful and influential clients."

Garou turned to his associate.

"Is the person worth my time?" Garou asked.

"...Very. Have you heard of the myth about a man that once ruled the Underworld via the power to take the Quirks of others?" Chisaki asked.

Garou did encounter some rumors in his search.

"I would be a fool if I didn't. I don't even know if he is real, though." Garou did try to hunt for that man once, but no matter which gathering of scum he invaded, organized or random, he couldn't find a trace of him.

"He wishes to speak with you on a possible alliance," Chisaki answered.

"Alliance? I don't think someone with a penchant for taking Quirks is looking for an alliance. Maybe long-term domination with every single Quirk here taken or something similar." Garou scoffed at the notion.

Everyone nodded in agreement with Garou's assumption.

"Yes. How do you wish to proceed?" Chisaki asked.

"Since none of you met this man, I'll at least grant the courtesy. However, since the man has who knows how many Quirks, tell Giren that I demand the right to choose the location, time, and means of communication. Bring those with long-range Quirks by my side and arm them to the teeth. I want to know who I am dealing with before I make my decision."

"Wise choice. I will inform him of that." Chisaki agreed. "Next on the list is the stream of new residents. The number is above the projected estimates. Working families and those looking for work are accepted, and the homeless old dregs are being assessed for their worth. We have a few corporations reaching out to us now, sensing a business opportunity with this much money funneled into our Hosu. I suggest we negotiate terms with them and have them at least pay rent.

As for the Arena, we are hiring workers to create a more viable battlefield to suit your needs, Master. It will take a month to complete, but you can still use it whenever you want.

Our funds are still in the billions. We used some of Shie Hassaikai's other territories to start weapon production at the very least. We will first train our most loyal men with firearms with Marko's guidance and experience. Then let us move to the crux of the matter.

Your training. When and how will we begin?"

There was so much to do that Garou didn't have the time to set up a schedule to train the majority personally.

There were gems with good Quirks and skill sets, some of which Chisaki refined. Goliath had a leg injury when he battled against Endeavor in the past, one that made him half-invalid, but he recuperated with the help of Chisaki, his body more robust than ever.

"I am thinking… hmmm, tomorrow or so. As for how, I don't think they have the patience or discipline to go with the traditional methods. I will first put them through the basic exercises and pit them against each other to assess their combat skills. Once their energies are thoroughly stable, I will see if they can learn my martial arts."

Garou was serious when he said he would test their mind, body, and soul. They just hope that all of them can pass the test.

"And the crazy girl that tried attacking me?" Garou asked.

"...Some of our followers are advocating mercy in her case," Chisaki carefully worded.

"Why? I looked up her file. The level of 'unhinged' she has under her skin is not something I think I can work with," Garou asked.

The psychotic girl sneaked into his office, posing as a guard, while he was alone and attempted to draw his blood from behind with a syringe. Garou caught the hand at the last moment, scaring the girl, and forced the girl to flee. He witnessed her disappearing trick, a unique application of erasing one's presence. Imagine her surprise when Garou 'instantly' appeared in front of her and held her neck to inspect her.

She took out a knife, though Garou immediately took it and brought said knife to her throat. She looked in awe as the guards came and took her away after Garou knocked her out.

"We have a few followers that met and conversed with her. They… bonded before we sent the invitations. They were hoping that we'll at least spare her." Chisaki asked.

Garou stared at his associate.

"...One of them is Twice," Chisaki added.

"...Schedule a private trial. I'll dissect her head before I make my final judgment."

Chisaki nodded.

"Ahem." Tenno coughed into his head. "About the casino…"

"I'll inspect it when it's open," Garou answered.

It was surprising how fast one could refurbish a building in a superhuman society. There was a moving company governed by people with Quirks suitable for transporting furniture, painting, labor, and everything needed to turn one building into something else.

"Ah, thank you. We managed to spread enough advertisement to garner the attention of many high-class individuals like you asked." Tenno nodded.

It was a secret project for the Golden Spider to see if he could curry favor from the Demon Lord before the others. And see if he could entice the Demon Lord a little.

"Good. I want to see the income rising in the next week without complication. Intimidate the legal team a little if you want to use my name, but don't overdo it. Oh, and Kai, prepare for your quest. We will need the publicity."

"Understood." Chisaki nodded.

Endeavor, now as Enji, entered the hospital.

Since Garou defeated him the second time, the past started to haunt him even more.

He realized that he relied on the little worth he still had left as an excuse to push his family to the limits, desperately clinging to it to fuel his desire to surpass All Might.

Only when it was lost did he realize what kind of man he was.

"I would… like to see Rei Todoroki."

The giant man with red hair requested the receptionist.

"Um…" She did not need to know who the person in front of her was, the Number Two Hero, Endeavor.

"S-She is in the usual room. But… another visitor is speaking with her, currently."

Enji wrinkled a brow. "Shoto?"

Enji walked towards the hospital halls and walked up the stairs. He already knew which room he sent his wife in the psychiatric ward.

He opened the door leading to his wife's room.

His wife looked back at him from her bed, the light of the sun still shining through the window beside her.

Under the white sheets, the woman on the bed stared at him, her white hair growing over her shoulders and her long bangs covering her face. Her face was gentle, and mellow, yet her eyes looked tired.

Sitting in a chair beside her was another man that Enji could not recognize at first.

He had white hair.

Once upon a time, he would have terrible purple scars decorating his face. Normally, he would keep his hair dyed black.

A demon mask was worn on the side of his face.

"...Old man." The man greeted Enji as he widened his eyes at the man.

"...No… don't tell me…"

The memory of his deceased son overlapped with the man in front of him.

"...It is Touya." Rei had tears running down her eyes.

Enji fell to his knees as the emotions he had buried under the ashes for so long resurfaced like a volcano bursting.

"...W-Where have you… But I…"

"...long time no see. Mother can tell you what I've been up to for me." Touya smiled at him. "I did not expect you to visit… though I should expect it since you are technically shamed. Tell me, how does it feel to be humiliated like that? Heh, Garou knows how to release years of resentment in one fell swoop."

Enji bit his lower lip, trying to stifle his emotions before they could break through the dam in his heart.

"...W-What were you up to? All this…"

"...I was planning a way to get back at you. Once." Touya answered, giving Enji a sidelong gaze. "I am now Garou's follower. One of his… Demons."

Enji grimaced at the name, but he couldn't blame Touya for joining him.

"Joining him was the right choice. I was not in a good state. Should we have met like this before I joined, you would've seen me riddled with scars."

Enji did not understand.


"As I stated, ask mother. I don't feel like repeating myself to you." Touya shook his head. "I will say that I have been busy as his follower. Did you know that we will take down the corrupt elites that run this society? Honestly, it feels… much better than simply retaliating against heroes. I am already a high-level member of Garou's Silver Fang. I am around the cusp of 'Disaster Level Demon'."

Enji did not understand the terms Touya was using.

"...Disaster Level?"

"It is Garou's personal ranking system. All Might in his current condition is around Demon as well." Touya smirked. "Though I suppose I am that high because of my Quirk. Garou is preparing to train us and impart his skills to his followers. I now have a path I wish to follow and see through to the end."

Touya rose from his seat.

"W-Wait…" Enji still had so many questions. There was still so much he wanted to say to his son.

"I still don't forgive you, father," Touya answered.

Enji knew from the bottom of his heart.

"But I still owe my family an apology. Tell Shoto… tell Natsuo and Fuyumi that their foolish brother is sorry for the trouble he caused. May my message bring them peace."

Enji was helpless when Touya walked past him, leaving the room.

He stared at Rei, his wife, unable to parse his emotions.

"...Are you here to talk?" Rei asked Enji.

Enji simply hung his head.

"...I lost my words… and will to speak when I saw Touya…" Enji answered.

She smiled kindly.

"I know… but if you don't try now, then you might never hear what Touya had done to survive."

Enji grimaced as he inhaled.

"...Yes… yes…" Enji exhaled, lifting his head to look into his wife's gentle eyes.

He slowly walked to the chair and sat down. He inhaled again, trying to muster the strength to continue.

"...I would like to hear it."

Enji listened as Rei narrated what happened after that fatal accident that day.

How he survived, who pieced him back together with the flesh of corpses, and how he escaped the prison called the orphanage to return to his family.

Enji's expression fell to despair when he heard that Touya did return to his family home and how he reacted to his training of Shoto and saw his father discard him so easily.

How he perceived it.

The only thing that kept their son alive was his sheer resentment for his father, for Shoto… as he did not have long to live.

The thing that ironically released him from that curse was that one moment when Garou destroyed his image with that iconic attack.

Rei laughed when she saw the video as well. She didn't think someone like a top ten hero would suffer an embarrassing injury like that, causing Enji to blush.

"...I didn't think he was the kind of man to resort to that," Enji admitted.

"What kind of man is this Garou?" She asked.

"At first, he was a violent beast that must be put down. Everything that you heard about his beginnings is true. He was out of control, bbut he was strong, too strong. He was drowning in his own power… I thought I could accomplish where All Might couldn't."

"You were wrong," Rei answered for him.

"Yes… very wrong. Then he started to change… he made an arena and… stopped hunting heroes all of a sudden. He still fights any hero or villain that dares to challenge him."

There was a small silence between them.

"I didn't have the courage to face our children. Natsuo laughed at me and mocked me when I returned. Fuyumi just… giggled. Shoto smiled for the first time and chuckled…" Enji inhaled and exhaled. "I deserved that."

"Yes, yes you did." She smiled.

"...Then things grew more complicated when Garou decided to annex Hosu as his territory. The public is confused; some outraged even. Now, he has an army, and… he crushed All Might just like that. That was the real All Might… I know it."

"...did you come here hoping to find the strength to surpass All Might again yourself?" Rei asked.

"...Yes." Enji nodded. "But… I didn't expect to see Touya. I…"

"...He has been through a lot." Rei looked down on her hands on the white sheets. "...He has changed. He looks up to someone else other than you now. He told me how he got fixed by a capable man able to deconstruct and reform anything, even people. And he could use his Quirk to repair even Touya. Touya said… it was like being reborn again. He could finally see, hear, touch, smell… even taste the world again in a new light. He knows he can live again, which is why he came to me. He… admitted that he was on a dark path. He dedicated his entire life to finding a chance to make you despair for your crimes…"

"...Garou saved him from himself… the consequences of my mistakes. Did he do that intentionally?" Enji asked.

"I asked him the same question after listening to his praises." Rei giggled. "Garou doesn't have time to know everyone personally. He's always busy finding a way to change the world, he said… Touya said he was part of a special team responsible for kidnapping corrupt politicians and business magnates. The ones with the massive scandal that ruined their careers."

"That was Garou's doing?" Enji was surprised.

Enji led the crackdown on everyone linked to them.

It was a difficult battle, mercenaries armed to the teeth, hired villains, and more. But they managed to apprehend them all to the court, the judge finding them all guilty in the end.

The same goes for the corrupt lawyers, all sentenced to thirty years in prison.

"Touya is happy." She smiled. "I… want to meet this Garou. Touya will see if he can gain enough favor to bring him here."

Enji couldn't believe it.

"...I hope he succeeds. I… want to see Garou again." Enji agreed. "I want to know how he changed."

He wanted to see if he could change like that as well. He wanted to know why Garou changed.

"...Are you still planning to challenge him?" Rei asked.

"...He took something important from me." Enji admitted. "I need to get it back, whatever it takes."

Rei understood the meaning.

"Buuuut… I don't see that happening anytime soon."

Enji looked away. He had a long road ahead of him.

In the Boss' room, Eri looked up at Garou.

The kind man with a scary mask looked down on her.

Garou smiled kindly at Eri as he knelt before the blue-haired girl.

"Did you make a choice?" Garou asked the girl.

Eri looked down, fidgeting her feet.

"...I am… scared."

"Of me?"

She slowly shook her head.

"...I don't want to make you disappear like papa."

"Ahhh." Garou understood.

The girl was traumatized that he would leave her alone because of her power.

The Boss watched from the sidelines as Garou nodded.

"Do you want to learn how to control this power?" Garou asked.

She blinked as she nodded at Garou.

Garou inhaled, thinking about how he should do this. He should maybe bring Chisaki, but this was his burden.

"...For now, try turning your Quirk on."

Eri held her breath with a whimper, scared as she took a step back.

Garou slowly sat down in a cross-legged position staring at the girl.

"Don't worry. No one will disappear." Garou assured.


"All Quirk users have an energy to them. The power that they wield comes from somewhere in them. You must focus on that power, read the flow of energy, and become one with it. Then… find the center and cut it off. Don't just fight off against the flow."

Eri looked at the man, seeing his calm gaze through those scary eyes. She gulped as she felt the kindness and wisdom in his words.

"...Will you stop me if I can't?"

"There is no try. There is only do. Succeed where you have failed, Eri. Don't let fear and trauma cloud your mind. You must first accept the power within, let it flow through you, and then focus."

Eri blinked at his words.

She gulped when she looked down on herself, thinking about it for a moment.


She decided to trust the man.

Garou gestured to Eri to sit down with his hand. Eri inhaled as she followed his action, sitting in a lotus position to the best she could as she looked at him in the eyes.

The Boss stepped back as Eri exhaled as her body suddenly sparked, otherworldly energy that looked like electricity but wasn't danced across her, her body glowing with great power.

"Close your eyes, Eri. Concentrate and let the energy flow through you." Garou instructed the girl, as she did as he told.

"Inhale deeply and relax your mind, your nerves, your muscles. Feel the flow of energy. Trace the power to its source." Garou mainly was winging it. He did notice that Eri's horn was glowing, but he wasn't sure if it came from the horn or if the effect was cosmetic.

Garou remained silent, giving the girl time to adjust and find herself.

"Once you find the source, take control of that single point," Garou said. "Become one with the flow of power, don't fight against the flow. Meld yourself with power coursing through you."

Eri clenched her hands as she struggled to follow Garou's instructions.

"Guide and redirect first. Loop the flow of the energy back to the source. Concentrate and compress all of your energy back to the source, and once you feel your control absolute enough…"

Eri's face was struggling as the power danced.

"Cut off the flow and seal it once more."

And… Eri's Quirk was deactivated.

The Boss stared at the girl, blinking in shock as he walked up to Eri.

He knelt down and swiftly tapped Eri's head to ensure that what he saw was real, not an illusion.

"You…" The Boss turned to Garou.

Garou looked just as stunned as well, equally surprised that his advice worked.

Eri opened her eyes, blinking as she looked at her hands.

She looked up at Garou.

Tears started to swell in her eyes as snot and dribble flowed before she ran towards Garou and dove into his chest.

She was crying into his shirt, sniffling as Garou remained stunned by the turn of events.

"...You actually did it." The Boss muttered.

"...Yeah." Garou couldn't believe that it worked, but it did.

He slowly hugged the girl back, letting the girl vent all of her emotions onto him. Eri gave Garou an idea on how to work with Quirks, giving him a better understanding of how to deal with it at the very least.

He sat there pondering on his next course of action.

Should he take her with him to the lawyer's family? No, Eri needed practice on refining her abilities, turning her power on and off as well as practicing her skills. She would become a great asset once she became of age, like the messiah performing miracles.

'Wait, is it because of her rewind Quirk that she's so young?' Garou thought.

Garou could see the boy forgiving him for living elsewhere if he introduced Eri to them. The lawyer would be overjoyed to have a daughter like her. Ghin would love having a little sister to look after.

He just needed to come up with a good alibi…

"...Are you okay?" Garou asked the girl.

"Mmm!" She looked up at him and smiled.

"Do you want to come with me?" Garou asked.

She nodded with newfound confidence and hope.

Garou smiled in return.

"I understand. But I think you should wait at least. Your Quirk is still dangerous, but it can be turned into a force for good. I believe that you need to hone that power until you can wield it as well as you can move your arms."

Eri looked muddled. Garou knew that Eri was still sensitive to the matters of her Quirk.

"...Alright!" She nodded with a determined smile.

Garou turned to the Boss.

"Oversee her training. Can her Quirk work on things other than humans?"

"Yes. It can affect all living things. Even plants." The Boss nodded.

"I'll leave her to you." Garou nodded in return before he turned to Eri.

"Eri. Your grandfather is willing to help you. Listen to him and work hard. There is a family I want to introduce you to. They are willing to take you in."

Eri smiled as she nodded again.

Garou smiled as he lifted her off him and stood up, placing her beside him.

"Now, if you excuse me… I have something to attend to."

"...Stars and Stripes has gone missing."

There was a conference where the leading representatives of each country gathered in a secret room to speak.

Such gatherings were only allowed if there was a great catastrophe in the world or to share information on the current state of the world and discuss solutions to modern problems the best they could.

"Did she leave on her own after seeing All Might's defeat?" Another one asked.

"We didn't tell her that Garou healed All Might back to his prime… Hah. Since we already know where she is heading, we sent our agents to wait for her in Garou's new arena."

Garou's actions caused quite a stir in the other countries.

America, Canada, China, The US, Germany, Mexico, Egypt, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, England, Spain, Belgium, Ukraine, Korea, and Thailand, the eyes of every Hero and villain around the world were locked onto Japan to monitor Japan's struggles and unpredictable course of events.

Garou, The Hero Hunter, The Demon of Hosu, christened as the Destroyer of Symbols, Hope breaker, All Might Slayer even, was now gathering a large number of followers and an unexpectedly massive head start.

Obtaining blackmail on the Hero Public Safety Commission, ransoming Hawks for an exorbitant sum in the trillions that would force the hero schools to cut budgets for months, obtaining Hosu somehow, shaking the faith of heroes after he kicked All Might in the crotch on Live Television…

There were no words to express their emotions and conflicting thoughts.

"Is there still no information on the origins of Garou?" The representative of Japan asked.

"Have faith in us. We have no reason not to try. We just… can't find anything. His birthday, his name… we cross-referenced his face with every registered citizen. We got nothing. Absolutely nothing."

Everyone sighed with a rare tone of defeat.

"Let us move on with the current state of affairs."

"Yes. Japan's Heroes have depleted significantly due to Garou's actions. Mostly due to fear. Despite that, the rate of crime has not increased due to Garou's major presence. Not only that, the Symbol of Peace has been restored by Garou's efforts… which brings me shame, I admit it."

"To find out that the one person that can heal the Number One hero is on your own soil, and from an enemy at that…"

"I can tell there's an iota of dishonor. For the one man who plagued your country to do something that we couldn't is showing us our incompetence."

"What is the current stance of the heroes worldwide outside Japan?"

Everyone remained silent.

"...Many of them do not wish to intervene. They do not want to be involved in the current climate in Japan. Everyone knows from watching Japan's heroes in action that it is a death sentence to their careers to entangle themselves with Garou."

"We don't have a viable reason to step in. Garou and his… Silver Fang are not endangering Japan or threatening the populace. There is no reason for a casus belli."

"The Hero Hunter still committed crimes against the heroes, inflicted untold violence against many of them."

"I don't think that applies to a political figure with that much power. The Demon Lord of Hosu…"

"And the status of the Silver Fang's activities?"

Everyone remained silent once more.

"...We have some evidence that the Silver Fang had a hand in depleting the assets of Shigo and his associates. In the period where Shigo and the rest were under scrutiny and investigation, there is a massive transfer of funds from around the world, shell companies discovered as covers to hold their accounts were discovered the more we delve into it, other accounts the criminals had under different names, all of them depleted by the time we found out."

"How did they know about their secret stashes?"

"Hawks mentioned that Garou had someone with a Quirk that can make others tell the truth whether they like it or not. And considering the disappearances… I suspect that the Silver Fang is holding them prisoner and is extracting every drop of information from them."

"Tsk. That… to think that such a good Quirk would fall into his lap."

"To think that he would make full use of the Quirks that fell under his command with such frightening efficiency."

"But what about the evidence of their corruption? Who sent it out?"

"We suspect that it was also the Silver Fang's doing. All Might confirmed this himself without the need for verbal or written context. We just don't have the evidence to prosecute them. Or the will to."

"I suggest that we continue monitoring the Demon Lord's activities. We need to understand Garou more and continue uncovering his origins."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Anything else we should know?"

"A massive amount of funds has been circulated. The Silver Fang has spent over a hundred billion Yen on reconstructing his Hosu and… questionable purchases such as high-tech lab equipment. They are scouting for scientists specializing in Quirk research, chemo specialists, pharmacists even… they purchased a lot of chemicals and medical equipment… and unknown purchases overseas."

"That is a recipe for illegal disaster. Are they planning to reignite the drug trade? Like Trigger?"

"All Might confirmed otherwise, but Garou will permit smuggling. I will also mention a small string of incidents. There was slight infighting within one of the Silver Fang's recruitment circles. A Villain known as Muscular was rampaging. Garou arrived immediately at the scene and… silenced him."

"Did he kill him?"

"No. He broke his arms and tore his muscle fibers apart."

"...Muscle fibers?" Another asked.

"Muscular has a Quirk that allows him to manipulate and generate muscle fibers out of his skin. There was a lot of blood spilled before Garou broke his arms and legs and threw him into a river as an example for the others. We sent a hero to retrieve him without the Silver Fang noticing her, but Muscular somehow managed to overwhelm her… and escape before reinforcements arrived."

Everyone remained silent, knowing that Garou was still willing to resort to such brutality.

"...Garou has strict rules for his followers. They will not harm civilians under his watch. Muscular vocalized his dissent and… called Garou a coward and paid the price. A few more incidents followed that involved the Silver Fang's more elite members the following day. They don't share Garou's capacity for mercy. One of them got shot in the head as a warning."

They grimaced at the descriptive brutality.

"On another matter… We should consider… contingency measures if Garou decides to cross the borders." One representative raised his hand, changing the subject before the mood grew too morbid.

"...You are all fortunate that Garou decided to settle in Japan. Hmmm? Are you going to let my country fade away just because you don't have a Hero Hunter of Garou's caliber running rampant in your country?"

They all smiled at Japan's representative and his attempt at humor.

It was why they were donating much support to Japan, in finances and resources, to help Japan deal with Garou. If Japan collapses, the chance of Garou moving to another country increases manyfold.

"We are glad he didn't decide to move to the USA to hunt Stars and Stripes." The US representative chuckled.

"I think he gave up on trying since All Might is the best hero in the world…" Another suggested.

"I believe it is embarrassing that our countries still function because he has garnered such a low opinion of Heroes after All Might."

They all nodded in agreement.

"But then again, what should we do if he decides to move to another country?"

They all remained silent as they pondered on the dilemma.

"Should we use your countries' criminal elements to move against Garou?" Japan's representative asked.

"It is taboo. Our political climate is still the same. The heroes will find out… and they will not take this action lightly."

In a hero society, mingling with the dark elements willingly like this was considered forbidden due to All Might's actions. It was the equivalent of heresy, even.

"We don't think we can even move them. However, they might take actions on their own to deal with Garou before his reach expands outside of Japan."

"What should we do if his reach extends to foreign soil?"

They remained silent once more.

Muscular opened his eyes as he looked around.

He looked at his arms and legs, seeing them fully restored.

He was on a metal table, in a poorly-lit room around him full of vats containing abominations, twisted, warped parodies of humans perverted by the desire for superhuman creatures.

Most of them were light green, a few bearing black, thick hides, all of their brains exposed outside their skulls.

"Ah, you're awake."

The Doctor noted as he rolled around his chair, turning away from his computer.

"Honestly, you are quite lucky that we were keeping an eye on Garou's recruitment circles. Very lucky that Master decided to take you in."

Muscular growled as he held his left arm.

The pain was still there, from Garou tearing out his ligaments as everyone watched the Demon of Hosu skin his muscles like he would an animal. Blood, terrible pain… Muscular even begged for his life before Garou when he broke his arms and tore his muscles to the point of uselessness.

Garou honored his pathetic plea by breaking his legs and his teeth before dragging him by the hair and tossing him into the river.

He had never begged before…

"I see that you are experiencing your first trauma."

Muscular scowled as he turned to the Doctor.

"Shut up. Am I ready yet? I want to tear Garou to shreds!" Muscular demanded.

"Patience, patience." The Doctor raised his hands. "Just let me tell you this. You have the potential to take down All Might. The master has discovered your potential to kill the Symbol of Peace, so he decided to invest in you. Try calling out your Quirk and find out for yourself."

Grunting with annoyance, Muscular attempted to call out his muscles.

Before, they were fleshy pink and red, wriggling like clusters of thin, string-like worms emerging from his arms and chest.

Now, they were steel gray, his muscles hard and metallic. Muscular stared at the unnatural color of his muscles.

"The Master decided to grant you Quirks befitting your current skill set and theme. Steel Wire Muscle Fiber. Muscle Augmentation, even a gigantification Quirk. Suffice to say, you should be nigh unstoppable unless you face All Might or Garou."

The Doctor chuckled as a creature walked out of the shadows.

It was one of the lesser Nomus, a giant Muscular one with an insectoid shell covering his muscular frame with four arms, eyeless and an insectoid shell.

"Now then, Muscular. Follow me to the arena. There, your objective is to defeat this Nomu. It is one of the prototype Nomu I am developing to deal with Garou, though it is somewhat lagging. I have a few more in the works, though they are not ready yet. Shigaraki is attempting to strike down Garou before his power grows too out of control, so the Master would like you to aid him. "

"As long as I get to tear him apart myself!" Muscular grunted.

"Good, good. Follow me."

He followed the doctor to the so-called arena.

The doctor didn't walk; his roller chair carried him like a car on autopilot, rolling him in one direction.

They entered an open space, a glass window overseeing a large square, clear room.

There was another glass window ahead, rectangular in a frame. There was a dark shadow behind that glass, a massive figure shrouded in obscurity sitting on a chair. Muscular had a hunch who it was, and he owed that man for the save as much as he hated to admit it.

"Enter the room." The Doctor instructed.

Muscular grunted as the glass window slid up, opening for Muscular.

Muscular jumped into the room, the Nomu landing far ahead of him.

[Good. The quirks of the Nomu are as follows.]

The doctor's voice spoke through the speakers.

[Spiky bone armor.]

Immediately, bony spikes erupted from the Nomu.

[Electric skin.]

Then electricity danced across the Nomu's body.


The Nomu smashed the ground, cracking the floor.

[Hyper rotor joints.]

The Nomu punched the air very rapidly with its four fists. The rate of throwing fists accelerated until they were nothing more than a blur to him.

[We added a few mutant Quirks along the way, like a Gorilla Quirk. We cannot give the Nomu anything… delicate. Quirks that require intelligence to use are wasted on the Nomus since they're nothing more than puppets in the end. Now then, Muscular. Show us the result of our investment.]

Muscular growled as the Nomu roared at him like a primal beast, banging his chest like a gorilla.

He grinned as he felt the surge of excitement and adrenaline pumping through his veins.

The two beasts circled each other.

The Nomu started to bulk up, his muscles expanding as fur grew out of his body.

There was the mutant type-quirk. There was even a rhinoceros horn growing.

The dedication these people put into these meat puppets reflected their desire to take down Garou.

Muscular roared at the Nomu, both running until they clashed, tendrils of steel fibers sprouting from his skin and coalesced into makeshift armor, a power suit of his own.

His steel fiber muscles then started to glow as a pulse of foreign power coursed through him.

In addition to his Quirk, Pump Up, Muscular Augmentation seemingly fused with his original Quirk, strengthening his Quirk to greater heights as he threw his fists.

The two exchanged blows, the Nomu's fists flying faster than his, but he barely felt a thing with his protection of augmented steel muscles.

His fists broke through the stalemate, powerful wide swings of his fists smashing into the puppet, hitting its jaw left and right, saliva and teeth flying as Muscular laughed maniacally - reveling in the rush of adrenaline, the feeling of beating a living thing until it died.

Muscular then started to grow bigger, and bigger, his size increasing until he was three times the Nomu's size. He grabbed the Nomu and crushed it between his fingers, the puppet squawking out; he squeezed, bones breaking and blood squirting out the orifices.


Muscular cackled, feeling the adrenaline rush as he slammed the Nomu into the ground.

The training room quaked slightly as the Doctor and Muscular's patron waited for the dust to settle, seeing their creation lying mangled in a large crater.

"Ahahahahahahaha!" Muscular cackled at the sight, his teeth flashing under the artificial light from the ceiling.

"This power! I like it!" Muscular's steel muscle armor bulged, grinning as his muscles glowed with power. He could feel the rush of strength coursing through him.

"I feel like I can crush even All Might with this!"

He really felt like he could.

At this rate, he could stand at the top as Japan's strongest. The only problem would be if he encountered Eraserhead, however. He did not want to know if his Quirks would shut down before his gaze long enough for the other heroes to take him down.

[The compatibility of the Quirks at your disposal is as I expected. Yes, you might be able to contend with and defeat All Might with your current strength.]

The man shrouded in shadows agreed.

"Bring me the next one! I'm not done killing!" Muscular shouted.

[In due time. The Nomus you see are still incomplete. You see, I don't want to waste the good Doctor's hard work. But if you want a sparring partner, others are in need of practice.]

"Oh yeah? Who?" Muscular grinned, looking up at the speaker through the window.

The automatic door on the wall slid open.

Muscular turned to it, seeing another figure walking into the room.

[This man has potential. However, he has more… idealistic reasons to defeat Garou.]

The Hero Killer, Stain, glared at the psychotic villain.

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