"So, Isaac, how far ahead is the research on Pendulum Cards?" A male voice asked, making Isaac smirk.

"Way ahead of you. They're already finished. Here are yours, Ren." Isaac replied, presenting the cards.

Ren blinked, before gingerly taking the cards. "I know you were up there in the IQ above Akaba Leo, but damn if his isn't fast as all hell."

"Oh please, it was child's play." Isaac snorted. "I even made some for the people Miu, Yugure, and Luna's teams gathered, based off on what I could gather from their Duel Disks."



"Has anyone ever told you that you're downright terrifying?"

"...This wouldn't be the first time."

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Dusk Revolution

Arc 1 - Declaration of War

Chapter 2 - Call From Darkness

"Why did you call me here, Akaba Reiji?" A boy with layered caramel hair with yellow bangs and grayish blue eyes. He was currently wearing the uniform of the middle school he attended.

"Sawatari. Due to your familiarity with the summoning method, I've decided to ask you to test one of our own Pendulum decks we created." Akaba Reiji replied, making Sawatari drop his jaw in surprise.

"Wait, what? You managed to develop Pendulum Cards?" Sawatari exclaimed in shock, before remembering exactly who he was talking to. "Though, I shouldn't really be surprised, after all, it's you we're talking about, Akaba Reiji."

Reiji briefly smirked, before noticing something off about Sawatari. "Is something wrong? You seem rather… Subdued, in comparison to your previous behaviour."

Sawatari grimaced. While he didn't want to talk about it, he thought better of it, since it was Akaba Reiji. He could spot a loophole in a contract from miles away. "It's… My father. I've heard that he ordered some members of the top team to chase after Sakaki, despite the evidence that I discovered."

Reiji narrowed his eyes at Sawatari, but decided not to inquire about the evidence for the moment, as it seemed the youth had more to speak. "And… I found out that he doesn't really care about me from mom. So forgive me if I'm still reeling from that discovery."

"I see…" Reiji nodded in response, now understanding why Sawatari seemed… Respectful, for the lack of a proper word. Though, it has been a while since last time he contacted Sawatari's mother, who was a Pro Duelist. Maybe she would return to watch her son compete in the upcoming Maiami Championship. "At the moment, this is irrelevant. What I want to know is your answer to helping us test the new Pendulum Cards. Yes or no?"

"...Yes. I will help you." Sawatari replied after some moments to collect himself, a new fire appearing on his eyes. "After all, I need to get stronger to earn Mom's approval and acknowledgment."

Reiji smirked at his response, before gesturing for Nakajima to bring forth the deck they made. "Here is the deck. Keep in mind that this will be the test duel, so we don't know if there's anything wrong with it. There may be some… Complications when using it, but rest assured that it will only help us further enhance the cards."

Sawatari nodded, before leafing through the deck, noticing some generic cards to compensate for the fact it had only some cards developed, not enough to make a full deck. "I'll let you get acquainted with the cards for a while. But don't be late." Reiji warned, causing Sawatari to nod again.

After he left, Reiji was about to call someone when he noticed that he was getting a call himself on his Duel Disk. Picking it up, he smirked at seeing the caller ID. "Speak of the devil, and it shall appear." He remarked. "It's been a while, Mitsuki-san."

[Yes it has, Reiji. So, do you know how my son is doing? I know enough about my husband not to ask him about it.] A female voice replied, slightly distorted due to the nature of the communication method. On the Duel Disk's screen, was a beautiful woman with layered caramel hair with yellow bangs that spiked down to the middle of her back and greyish blue eyes. If someone were to base on appearance alone, they would guess her to be Sawatari Shingo's mother. And they would be right.

"We were talking to each other a few minutes ago, and I was pleasantly surprised." Reiji said, smiling slightly.

[How so?] Sawatari Mitsuki raised a delicate(not) eyebrow, shooting Reiji an inquiring look.

"It appears that he has been letting go of the arrogance instilled on him by his father, and returning to his old personality." Reiji replied, raising to his feet as he deemed fit to find someone to duel Sawatari personally.

Mitsuki smiled softly. [That's good. Now, can you please help me? I've been standing in the tower's reception for a while, as they wouldn't let me up to visit you.] She pouted, and Reiji amusedly listened to the shocked cries of the receptionist and the guards stationed where Mitsuki was.

He paused. This idea that came to his mind… It could work. Plus, Mitsuki was known to be one of the best pro duelists, having only lost to Sakaki Yusho himself. Unfortunately, she couldn't challenge Strong Ishijima for the throne, as she in a foreign championship. Not that she would not want to kick the guy in the ass, as she was actually Sakaki Yusho's sister, and was heavily upset with Strong Ishijima insulting him.

If anything, it would serve as an excellent motivator for Sawatari, to duel against the mother he wanted approval from. "...I'm coming."

Sawatari Shingo couldn't believe it. Not only was he asked to help with testing the new Pendulum Cards, he was dueling against his mother of all people! He grinned eagerly, as he stood across from his mother in a private arena reserved for card tests.

"Here I come, mom!" He said, his grin being infectious as his mother grinned as well.

"Come at me, Shingo." She replied. "Let's see just how much have you grown as a duelist."


Sawatari - LP: 8000

Mitsuki - LP: 8000

"I'll go first!" Mitsuki declared. "First, I activate the Field Magic Justice World!" Their surroundings changed to an ancient city, the arena of the duel being a large empty area next to the city's entrance. Above the city, the sky was covered in gray clouds, darkening the area.

"Next up, I activate the Magic Reinforcement of the Light, milling the top three cards of my deck to add Lightlord Assassin Raiden from my deck to my hand! And since one of the cards send was Lightlord Beast Wolf, I Special Summon it (LV: 4/ATK: 2100/DEF: 300)!"

"And since three cards were sent to the Graveyard, Justice World gains three Shine Counters (Shine Counters: 0 》3), and all "Lightlord" monsters gain 100 attack points for each! With three, Wolf gains 300 (Wolf: ATK: 2100 》2400)!" She continued, as three beams of light broke through the cloud layer, brightening the area a little.

"I summon Lightlord Assassin Raiden (LV: 4/ATK: 1700 2000/DEF: 1000), and activate its effect, milling the top two cards of my deck and raising the counters by two (Shine Counters: 3 》5|Raiden: ATK: 2000 》2200|Wolf: ATK: 2400 》2600)!" Two more beams of light broke through, powering up Raiden and Wolf. "I set one card and end my turn. At this moment, Raiden's effect activates, milling two more cards from my deck, placing two more counters on Justice World (Shine Counters: 5 》7|Raiden: ATK: 2200 》2400|Wolf: ATK: 2600 》2800)!"

"And since one of the sent cards was Lightlord Archer Felis, it is Special Summoned from the Graveyard, just like Wolf was (LV: 4/ATK: 1100 》1800/DEF: 2000)!"

"As expected, Mitsuki-san brought out three monsters while powering them up to strong levels at the same time. This is the experience of a Pro." Reiji remarked, wondering what Sawatari would do to counter that.

"My turn! Draw!" Sawatari drew, before looking at his hand. "Since you're using Counters, I'll do the same! I activate the Permanent Magic Yokai Shrine of Trials!"

A shrine appeared behind Sawatari, multiple candles being on it. "Next, I summon Yosenju Kodama (LV: 1/ATK: 0/DEF: 0), placing a Yosen Counter on Yokai Shrine of Trials since a "Yosenju" monster was Normal or Special Summoned. Furthermore, I tribute Kodama to activate its own effect, placing three counters on my Permanent Magic (Yosen Counters: 0》1 》4)!"

Mitsuki hummed. "Interesting. I'll be waiting eagerly for what else you have in store."

"Oh, you'll be surprised!" Sawatari said, smirking. "But before that, I remove three Yosen Counters from my Shrine to add Yosenju Sarenshinchu from my deck to my hand (Yosen Counters: 4 》1)! I also banish Kodama from my Graveyard, allowing me to Normal Summon another "Yosenju" monster!"

"So, he has one of the Pendulum cards on his hand." Nakajima noted, but Reiji kept silent.

"I Normal Summon Yosenju Kamaitachi (LV: 4/ATK: 1600/DEF: 500), that allows me to Normal Summon another "Yosenju" monster! Come, Yosenju Sabu (LV: 4/ATK: 1700/DEF: 400!" He continued, the two monsters quickly appearing on the field, and his Permanent Magic gaining two Counters, two more candles being lit (Yosen Counters: 1 》3).

"Interesting. Two monsters almost at once? That is certainly impressive." Mitsuki praised Sawatari, who smiled happily. "Well then, I assume there's more to your monsters than just consecutive Normal Summons, so show me."

"As you wish! Since I control another "Yosenju" monster, I can activate both of my monsters' effects! With Kamaitachi, I return one card from the field to your hand, and with Sabu, I add a "Yosenju" Pendulum Monster from my deck to my hand!" Sawatari announced. "I add Yosenju Urenshinchu and return your Justice World!"

A powerful wind was emitted from Kamaitachi spinning its kusarigama at astounding speeds, creating a green tornado that covered the two duelists, and when it vanished, they saw that the city had vanished along with it. "With Justice World gone, your monsters lose their boost (Raiden: ATK: 2400 》1700|Wolf: ATK: 2800 》2100|Felis: ATK: 1800 》1100)!"

"That they do." Mitsuki agreed, a wry smile on her face. She wouldn't say it out loud, but she was happy her son wasn't being an arrogant asshole, and was genuinely having fun while dueling.

Sawatari narrowed his eyes as he looked at his hand. I have both cards needed for the Pendulum Summon, but all I have in my hand is Oyamabiko, a monster that is better left in the hand, and a Trap. Better play safe for now. "I set a card and end my turn! Now, Kamaitachi and Sabu's effects activate during the End Phase, returning them to my hand since they were Normal Summoned!"

The two monsters returned to being cards in a whirlwind, leaving Sawatari's field bare aside from his Magic and set card. Despite that, he kept smiling, confident on his set card and Oyamabiko.

"That's a risky gamble you're taking, Shingo." His mother warned him. "You better be sure it will pay off. My turn! I once again activate Justice World, and I will also use Raiden's effect to mill two cards!"

The city appeared again, but this time with two rays of light, symbolizing the two counters the card gained from Raiden's effect (Shine Counters: 0 》2). "And with this, my monsters have their attack raised by 200, plus Raiden gains 200 more since a "Lightlord" monster was sent by its effect (Raiden: ATK: 1700 》1900 》2100|Wolf: ATK: 2100 》2300|Felis: ATK: 1100 》1300)!"

"Furthermore, since the other card Raiden sent was Lightlord Rapier, it equips itself to Wolf, giving it 700 attack (Wolf: ATK: 2300 》3000)!" A rapier appeared on Wolf's hand, and the monster swung it a few times to get used to the weapon.

"Next up, I activate Solar Exchange, discarding Lightlord Monk Eileen to draw two cards and mill two cards." She continued, two more counters being added to her Field Magic (Shine Counters: 2 》4|Raiden: ATK: 2100 》2300|Wolf: ATK: 3000 》3200|Felis: ATK: 1300 》1500).

"I then tribute Felis for an Advance Summon! Come, Lightlord Dragon Gragonith (LV: 6/ATK: 2000 》2400/DEF: 1600)!" Felis vanished into motes of yellow light, before Gragonith appeared, roaring.

"Gragonith gains 300 attack and defense for each "Lightlord" monster with a different name in my Graveyard!" Mitsuki added, smirking. "With Eileen and Felis, plus Jain, Luminas, Lyla, Minerva and Shire, that amounts to a 2700 boost (Gragonith: ATK: 2400 》5100/DEF: 1600 》4300)!"

"Wait, what!?" Sawatari's jaw dropped at the outrageous amount of attack points. "5100 attack!? Oi, isn't that a bit overkill!?"

Reiji smirked. "There she goes. While still holding back, she's fearsome in her own right."

"Kuh!" Sawatari clicked his tongue. "Time to counter! I activate my Trap, Yosenju's Weaselblade Wind! Since I control no monsters, I reveal up to two "Yosenju" monsters on my hand, in this case Kamaitachi and Sabu, that you already knew were there, and return that same number of face-up cards you control to the hand! Vanish, Gragonith and Wolf!"

"Hoh? Not Justice World?" Mitsuki asked, amused.

"I'm not stupid. You'd just activate it again on you next turn." Sawatari snorted. "But since Wolf cannot be Normal Summoned and you need a tribute for Gragonith, they'll be sitting ducks in your hand, since Wolf's effect only activates if it was sent from the deck."

"You've grown, Shingo." She admitted. "Now battle! Raiden attacks you directly!"

"Not so fast!" Sawatari countered. "Since you are attacking me directly, I Special Summon Yosenju Oyamabiko from my hand (LV: 6/ATK: ? 》1700/DEF: ? 》1700), and its attack and defense become equal to the attacking monster's attack! Unfortunately, I have to discard Sabu, but that is a small price to pay in order to avoid damage."

"Very well, then. Another Yosen Counter for you (Yosen Counter: 3 》4), and Raiden destroys your Oyamabiko!" The large monster was destroyed by the smaller one, but since it was in defense position, Sawatari evaded damage.

"Furthermore, since Oyamabiko was destroyed by battle, I add a "Yosenju" monster from my deck to my hand. I add Yosenju Kamanitachi." Sawatari finished, as his mother smiled.

"I end my turn here, with Raiden milling two cards. And I think I should tell you that both cards were Rynian and Raiko, both "Lightlord" monsters." Two more Counters were added, as Raiden's attack grew (Shine Counters: 4 》6|Raiden: ATK: 2300 》2500).

"My turn! Draw!" Sawatari drew, before smiling at the five cards in his hand. "I use three Yosen Counters (Yosen Counters: 4 》1) to add Yosenju Kamamitachi from my deck to my hand. Now, with a string of Normal Summons coming from their effects! Come, Kamaitachi, Kamanitachi (LV: 4/ATK: 1800/DEF: 200), and Kamamitachi (LV: 4/ATK: 1500/DEF: 800)!"

"Three monsters at once, without Pendulum Summon. Even if he has the Pendulum Cards in his hand, he's more likely waiting for the right moment." Reiji commented, narrowing his eyes.

"My Shrine gains three more Counters (Yosen Counters: 1 》4), and I activate Kamaitachi's effect, sending Raiden back to your hand!"

And since I have no monsters on my field, I can't use my set card Lightlord Barrier. Mitsuki thought, before smiling. Well played, son.

"Battle! My three Kamas attack you directly!"

Mitsuki - LP: 8000 》3100

"If the Life Points were the old value from before it was changed last year, she probably would have lost right then and there." Reiji stated, raising an eyebrow. "Sawatari has definitely improved."

"Furthermore, Kamamitachi allows me to add from my deck to my hand, since a "Yosenju" monster dealt Battle Damage. I add Yosenju Storm Call, and activate it, drawing a card for every "Yosenju" monster I control. Also, if I have two "Yosenju" Pendulum Monsters in my hand when I activated this card, I can add another to my hand. I add Mayosenju Daibakaze." Sawatari drew, and smiled at the cards.

Great. He thought. Now I have three Pendulum Monsters in my hand, plus two Traps I can set now. ...Wait a second. If I set only these cards, I will have seven cards in my hand, and will be forced to discard one due to hand size constraints.

He looked at the other card he drew together with the Traps, and clicked his tongue. "I activate the Permanent Magic Yosen Churning Winds!" The card appeared on his field. "I will also set two cards and end my turn, with the three monsters I control returning to my hand."

"Pendulum Monsters?" Mitsuki said, confused. "What are those?"

Sawatari blinked, before smacking himself in the head for forgetting to tell his mother about them. Unknown to him, Reiji shot him a look, as he had wanted to disclose the news to Mitsuki herself. "They're a new monster type that appeared out of nowhere. In essence, they're like Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz. Along with a Level, they also have a Pendulum Scale, that comes into play when you place them in the Pendulum Zones on the edges of the blade of your Duel Disk."

Mitsuki listened intently to her son's explanation, marveling at the new cards. "When you have two monsters in the Pendulum Zones, you can Special Summon monsters from your hand or Extra Deck that have Levels between the Scales. Furthermore, when Pendulum Monsters are in the Pendulum Zones, they're treated as Permanent Magics instead of Monster cards."

"Extra Deck? How so?" Mitsuki asked, eager for more information.

"Apparently, Pendulum Monsters go to the Extra Deck instead of the Graveyard when destroyed or tributed." Sawatari finished his explanation, before smiling at his mother. "Now then, it's your turn."

"Yes, it is." Mitsuki agreed, drawing a card. "By discarding Wolf from my hand, I activate the Magic Cost Down, reducing the Levels of all monsters in my hand by 2."

"And now she can Normal Summon Gragonith without worrying about a second Normal Summon, eh?" Sawatari grimaced, before smiling. "Bring it on!"

She grinned in return. "Next up, I activate Treasure Cards from Heaven, allowing us to draw until we have six cards in our hands. But, since you already have six cards, I'm the only one who draws."

Reiji smirked. "And of course, she takes advantage of her opponent to further her own plays."

She looked at her hand. I still have Gragonith and Raiden, plus four other cards I haven't revealed yet. "I activate Angel's Charity, drawing three cards and discarding two! I discard Raiden and Jenis. Now, I activate Dual Summon, allowing me to Normal Summon twice."

Five cards. "I Normal Summon Gragonith (LV: 6 》4/ATK: 2000 》2400 》6000/DEF: 1600 》2000 》5600) and Lightlord Druid Aurkus (LV: 3 》1/ATK: 1200 》1600/DEF: 1800)! Furthermore, Aurkus prevents my "Lightlord" monsters from being targeted by both players' card effects, no matter where they are, be it Graveyard, Banish zone, Field, hand, you name it!"

Three cards.

"So, in essence, they cannot be targeted anywhere. Dammit." Sawatari cursed, irritated that his combo of returning cards to the hand was broken.

"Battle! Aurkus attacks you directly!"

"Yosen Churning Winds' effect! Once per turn, by sending a "Yosenju" Pendulum Monster from my deck to the Extra Deck face-up, I can negate the attack of a monster you control! I send Mayosenju Hitotsumenomuraji!" Sawatari abruptly spoke, a green translucent barrier blocking Aurkus' attack.

"Then Gragonith attacks you directly!"

"Trap Card, Rainbow Life! By discarding a second copy of Yosenju Kodama, I negate the damage and turn it into Life Points instead until the end of this turn!" His first set card flipped up.

Sawatari - LP: 8000 》14000

"I see." Mitsuki smiled. "I end my turn, and my monsters' Levels return to normal (Gragonith: LV: 4 》6|Aurkus: LV: 1 》3). Plus, Gragonith mills three cards at the End Phase."

She checked the cards, and was pleased to see Lightlord Warrior Garos and Twilightlord Fighter Ryko, which boosted her Dragon's attack and defense (Shine Counters: 4 》7|Gragonith: ATK: 6000 》7100/DEF: 5600 》6500|Aurkus: ATK: 1600 》1800).

Sawatari smiled nervously at the monster, as a bead of sweat rolled down his temple. "That's going to be a tough one to crack… My turn!" He drew, before smiling. "Now, it's time for you to witness it! With the Scale 3 Yosenju Sarenshinchu (LV: 4/SC: 3/ATK: 0/DEF: 2100) and the Scale 5 Yosenju Unrenshinchu (LV: 4/SC: 5/ATK: 0/DEF: 2100), I set the Pendulum Scales!"

The two monsters resembling halves of a Torii gate appeared on the field inside pillars of blue light on both sides of Sawatari's field. "Furthermore, I activate Urenshinchu's effect to raise its Scale to 11 (Urenshinchu: SC: 5 》11)!"

"Now, I can Pendulum Summon monsters from Levels 4 to 10 from my hand and Extra Deck!" He declared. "Pendulum Summon! Come, from my hand and Extra Deck, the Level 10 monsters, Mayosenju Daibakaze (LV: 10/SC: 7/ATK: 3000/DEF: 300) and Mayosenju Hitotsumenomuraji (LV: 10/SC: 3/ATK: 2000/DEF: 3000)!"

Two more candles were lit (Yosen Counters: 4 》6)

"Daibakaze effect! Since it was Special Summoned, I return up to two cards you control to the hand! I target Justice World and your set card!" Sawatari stated, gesturing at the city. "But before it happens, I activate my set card, the Permanent Trap Dizzying Winds of Yosen Village!"

"A Permanent Trap, is it?" Mitsuki mused.

"To activate my Trap, I need a Level 6 or higher "Yosenju" monster on my field. But as long as its effect is active, non-"Yosenju" cards, instead of returning to the hand, are shuffled back to the deck!" Sawatari said, grinning widely.

Mitsuki raised both of her eyebrows in slight surprise, as her set card and the city were engulfed in a green whirlwind, before both vanished, returning the two to the arena. "Hitotsumenomuraji's secondary effect activates! While normally I'd be able to return a card you control to the hand, since Daibakaze already did the job, it won't be happening thanks to Aurkus. But, since a card was either returned to the hand and shuffled to the deck, my "Yosenju" monsters gain 500 attack!"

With the Field Magic gone and the effect of Sawatari's Pendulum Monsters, all monsters currently on the field had their stats changed, with the Mayosenjus being raised (Daibakaze: ATK: 3000 》3500|Hitotsumenomuraji: ATK: 2000 》2500), and the Lightlords reduced (Gragonith: ATK: 7100 》6500/DEF: 6500 》5900|Aurkus: ATK: 1800 》1200).

"To wrap it up, I activate the Magic Yosenju's Relentless Attack! What it does, you'll find out. Battle! Hitotsumenomuraji attacks Aurkus!" Sawatari exclaimed.

Mitsuki - LP: 3100 》1800

"Now, Yosenju's Relentless Attack does its magic! When a "Yosenju" monster I control destroys a monster by battle, I can target a card on my opponent's field and return it to the hand! But with Yosen Village in effect, Gragonith is shuffled back to the deck!"

The monster vanished, leaving Mitsuki's field bare, as she smiled at her son. "Very well, son. You have dueled in an excellent way, showing to me your growth. Come! You have earned this victory!"

Upon hearing his mother call him "son", Sawatari froze, before a giddy smile split his face in half. "You got it, mom! Go, Mayosenju Daibakaze! Spiral Whirlwind!"

Mitsuki - LP: 1800 》0

Sawatari Wins!

After the dust settled, Sawatari just stared dumbly at his mother, before finally managing to speak. "I… Won?"

She smiled, before walking over to hug her son. "Yes, you did. Congratulations."

"I won!" Sawatari laughed, hugging his mother tightly. "I won…"

"Indeed." Reiji spoke, walking in the arena from the observation room. "Congratulations, Sawatari. Thanks to your help, we confirmed that we managed to create fully-functional Pendulum Cards. As a reward, you can keep the Yosenju deck."

Sawatari was about to reply, when his mother decided enough was enough. "That's good to hear, but now we must get going!" She grabbed Sawatari by the collar and began walking away, dragging him with her, as he paled and feebly attempted to free himself. "I haven't seen Yoko in years, and I want you to meet your cousin!"

Reiji and Nakajima merely watched as the Sawatari mother-son duo left, before Nakajima addressed Reiji. "Sir, shall I greenlight the development department's creation of more Pendulum Cards?"

"Yes. Based on what we saw here, they will most certainly be successful." Reiji replied, fixing his glasses. "Though I am interested in what is said evidence that Sawatari found of Yuya's innocence…"

"...Question. Why are we following you and Serena?" Rin asked, giving Yugure and the aforementioned girl a half-lidded look.

After they got the explanations and introductions out of the way, the girls plus Yuto, the boy Yugure and Serena had seen accompanying the girls, and Shun had set to following the duo, who had yet to explain. Apparently, shortly after Hikari had explained everything to Ruri and Rin, they had met Yuto by complete accident, leading to the two Xyz natives' tearful reunion.

After that, they began searching for Yugure and Serena around the town, as Hikari's Duel Disk was connected to his as the other half of the pair, allowing her to know exactly in which Dimension he was. The range was huge, but it was more difficult to locate the other half the farther they were from each other. If they were on different dimensions, the Disk would give which Dimension the other was. The same Dimension, the country. Same country, the city. Same city, an approximate area. Inside the area, the exact location.

"Yeah, I didn't tell you." Yugure blinked, before replying without breaking stride.

"...Will you tell us?"


Seeing Rin grow a tick mark, Hikari was quick to run damage control, nervously waving her down. "H-Hey, Rin, calm down. Just ask Serena instead."

"We're going to the house of someone who found us after Yugure's emergency teleport activated." She said bluntly, ignoring Yugure's pout. "We promised to his mother to return after we found Hikari, Rin, and Ruri."

Hikari winced at that. She experienced it once. Her sickness lasted for an entire week. Right now, she couldn't help but marvel at Serena's iron stomach, since the only way Yugure doesn't get sick is by not eating a lot at once, instead distributing the amount of food he eats during the day.

To Yuto and Shun, it was… Unnerving to see girls with the same face as Ruri acting so different from her. Said girl sweatdropped upon seeing their weirded out faces. Well, not like she could tease them without being an hypocrite, since she and Rin were in the very same situation a while ago. It just took a few hours for them to accept it.

Still… Ruri frowned. "Is it alright? I mean, those from Standard aren't supposed to know about the other Dimensions, right?"

"Yoko-san does. Does the name Sakaki Yusho ring a bell with you three?" Yugure replied, looking over his shoulder to shoot them an inquiring look with his golden-yellow eye.

"Sakaki Yusho?" Rin repeated the name, frowning, before shrugging. "Can't say I ever heard of him."

Yuto and Shun also replied in the negative, but Ruri had widened her eyes. "Sakaki Yusho? That was the name of one of the Clover Branch's teachers at Heartland Duel School!"

"I see…" Yugure muttered, before raising his voice. "Well, the guy who found me and Serena unconscious is his son. Suffice to say, I think he will be happy to know his father's still alive."

"And you wonder why people call you the evil twin…" Hikari grumbled in exasperation.

Upon hearing that, and analyzing Yugure's behaviour ever since he saw him, Shun couldn't help but agree. "I concur. With his behaviour, I genuinely believed he was from Academia from the moment I saw him."

Hearing Shun say that, Yugure grinned mischievously at Hikari, sticking his tongue out. "I told you these acting lessons would be useful~"


"Stuff it." Hikari said in irritation, her fist smoking after having left a large welt on Yugure's head. Said victim was cradling his head and crying anime tears, but did not dare to act dramatically, in fear of retaliation.

"Shun?" Yuto asked, speaking up for the first time since they started to follow Yugure and Serena. Looking at Serena and Rin's amused expression, Ruri's concerned one, and Hikari's irritated one, he came to a scary conclusion.

"...Yes?" It seemed his best friend had reached the same conclusion, from how he was eyeing the girls aside from Ruri.

"...Should we fear the girls besides Ruri?"

"...I think so."

"We can hear you, you know." Serena deadpanned, causing the two males to jump in surprise and eye her warily.


And of course, Hikari smacked Yugure again upon seeing him chuckling at Yuto and Shun's fright. "Oh, we're here." He said, rubbing the welt with teary eyes as he pointed at the house. Though, in front of the house were two people Yuto remembered, causing him to freeze. Unfortunately, one of them noticed him.

"YOU!" Sawatari Shingo bellowed, pointing at Yuto with rage in his eyes.

"...What exactly did you do to anger him, Yuto?"

Let it be said that Yuto began to fear Ruri that day. And at the moment, she was his greatest concern, to the point of stepping behind Shun to hide from her, as she smiled sweetly at him. Of course, Yugure was currently having an ROFLMAO moment. For the uncultured, the acronym meant Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off. And that was exactly what he was doing…. Until Hikari put a stop to it.

Luna paused, blinking. She was a young woman around Yugure and Hikari's age, with light pink hair dropping in spikes around her head, with two bangs in front of her forehead being a color closer to red. The rest of her hair was an extremely dark blue, almost black, and fell down to the middle of her back. She had green eyes, and wore a light greyish blue sleeveless shirt, short shorts and skirt, with a brown rope acting as a belt in her waist. She also wore stockings colored similar to her hair, and similarly colored heeled boots.

"Luna?" Miu questioned, the whole entourage noticing her stop and following suit. She was a little older than Luna, with neck-length sky blue hair in downwards spikes and light green eyes, wearing a dark gold dress shirt under a dark blue hooded vest, dark gold dress pants and black shoes. A white Duel Disk was attached to her left arm. "Something wrong?"

"...I feel like I just missed something amusing." Luna replied, a smirk on her face at the thought of Yugure doing something stupid only to be punished by Hikari.

Miu sweatdropped, before gesturing for everyone to keep following her, Sect, and Miho.

"...You felt it, didn't you?" A voice rang out, causing the figure standing on the edge of the building to grunt in response. "...Judai. Should we do something?"

"Right now? Nothing." Judai replied. He was a youth around fifteen, sixteen years old, with brown hair and eyes, wearing a red jacket over a black shirt, dark pants, and red shoes. He turned around to shoot a serious look at his twin, Haou. True to his words, Haou was near-identical to him, with the same hair color and style, but what truly differed them were his choice of attire and his honey gold eyes. Haou wore a black jacket with golden trims instead of a red one, but otherwise, it was the same as Judai's. "I didn't feel it happen on our dimension, and we don't have any way of crossing the border. What did Yubel have to say about it?"

Haou grunted while looking away, making Judai grin, as that meant Yubel had said the same thing he had. While both were the reincarnation of the Supreme King, Haou had been the more attuned to the Gentle Darkness, and therefore, the most vocal whenever he felt something unusual involving both the Darkness and the Light. Thankfully, Judai and Yubel always managed to hold him from just going in to find out recklessly.

"Honestly, Haou, you need to learn self-control." Yubel said sternly, the Duel Monster Spirit appearing next to Haou, shooting him a look. "I still can't wrap my head around the fact that Judai, of all people, is the responsible one here."

And with that, Judai instantly deflated. Just because he was a carefree person on his previous life in the Original Dimension, didn't mean he would be the same, dammit! "Why, Yubel, why do you have to keep picking on me…"

As soon as Haou found Yubel, she was quick to take notice of her current condition, and slapped Judai's memories of his former life in his head, much to Haou's amusement and Judai's chagrin. It gave him a damned hell of a headache. After Judai recovered, Haou took notice that he seemed more mature than before, and asked Yubel, after listening to the whole tale, if he could have his memories back as well. Apparently, he couldn't. Yubel claimed it was because she had spent a long time with Judai instead of him, and as such, did not have his memories anymore.

Judai knew the truth. It was because he and Haou were essentially the same person, separated by whatever event separated the Original Dimension into six. As such, his and Haou's memories were one and the same.

His musings were cut by a scream, making the trio snap their heads towards the docks, were the scream came from. "Dammit, Sho and Rei were found by the Juvenile Officers!" He cursed, before racing towards Rei through the rooftops as she split up from So. "Haou, help Sho take care of these idiots!"

"Already on it!" Haou replied, rushing on the opposite direction of Judai.

Judai sighed as he kept following Rei and the trio of Officers chasing her. Academia's forces on the port town had become better, in order to catch the deserters who lived in it. But that was only in relation to spotting deserters. They still sucked at dueling, focusing on that boring Bullfortress or theirs.

An amused smile grew on his face as he listened to Rei insult the hell out of her chasers, deliberately making them prone to make mistakes, as she dashed through the narrow alleyways, occasionally checking on her Duel Disk for the map Asuka had most likely supplied her with.

Clicking his tongue, he jumped in just as Rei had gone into one of the narrower alleyways, blocking the Juvenile Officers' path. "Go, Rei! I'll take care of them!"

She turned around and blinked in surprise at seeing Judai, before smirking. "You got it, Ju!" Following that, she ran away, now able to follow the directions with no problem

"Yuki Judai." Juvenile Officer #1 sneered. "You've been a thorn on our side for a long time."

"But this is the end for you!" Officer #2 declared, activating his Duel Disk alongside the other two. "We'll card you and that girl right after!"

Judai smirked as he activated the red Duel Disk Misawa had developed on Yusho-sensei and his' instructions. "I'd like to see you try!" He taunted, a red blade appearing.


Judai - LP: 8000

Juvenile Officer #1 - LP: 8000

Juvenile Officer #2 - LP: 8000

Juvenile Officer #3 - LP: 8000

"I'll go first!" Judai declared. "I activate Angel's Charity, drawing three cards and discarding two!" Looking at the drawn cards, he smirked upon seeing them, before discarding two of his Elemental HEROs. "I activate Foolish Burial, sending Elemental HERO Clayman from my deck to the Graveyard!"

Goodie. I have Clayman, Liquidman, and Solidman on the Grave. Judai thought, looking at the remaining cards in his hand. Elemental HEROs Burst Lady and Featherman, Double Fusion, and Pot of Greed. He decided to play the latter, if only to see if he could get a couple more Elemental HEROs to the Grave. "I play Pot of Greed, drawing two!"

Nice. "I activate Take Over Five, sending the top five cards from my deck to the Graveyard!" He checked the cards, happy to note Necrodarkman, Bubbleman, and Edgeman among them. With this, once I summon Shining Flare Wingman, I'll have ten of those in the Grave.

As the other card he drew was Sparkman, he had everything set for his next turn, provided his opponents didn't try to cheat. Even if he had Necro Gardna and Super-Electromagnetic Turtle in the Graveyard.

"I end with this."

"No monsters nor traps in you hand?" Officer #1 laughed. "You've truly lucked out! My turn! I summon Armor Dog Cannonboxer (LV: 3/ATK: 1400/DEF: 800), and use its effect to Special Summon Armor Dog Bullcopter (LV: 2/ATK: 600/DEF: 1600) from my hand! Furthermore, I'll add Fusion from my deck to my hand through Bullcopter's effect!"

The monsters appeared on the field, causing Judai's face to fall. "And here I thought you guys had finally heard about originality…" He grumbled, sighing.

"Next up, I activate Fusion, using Cannonboxer and Bullcopter to Fusion Summon Full Armor Dog Bullfortress (LV: 6/ATK: 2000/DEF: 1400)!" The Fusion Monster appeared, much to Judai's annoyance. He was honestly tired of seeing this monster multiple times per day, seven days of the week!

"And with Bullfortress' effect, I send "Fusion" cards from my hand to the Graveyard, and Bullfortress gains 1000 attack for each card sent! I send Fusion Recovery, Fusion Substitute, and Fusion Trench (Bullfortress: ATK: 2000 》5000)! I end my turn."

The other two Officers used the same combo, the only difference being that #2 sent a second copy of Fusion alongside Fusion Tag, Fusion Reserve and Re-Fusion (Bullfortress #2: ATK: 2000 》6000), while #3 sent Duel Fusion - Battle Fusion, Final Battle Fusion - Final Fusion, Instant Fusion and Fusion Sage (Bullfortress #3: ATK: 2000 》6000).

As such, Judai was currently facing three monsters with 5000 and 6000 attack points, the Juvenile Officers sneering smugly at him. "You should just give up." #3 taunted. "You're no match to three monsters with attack this high!"

"My turn!" Judai spoke, ignoring #3. "In my Standby Phase, I banish Take Over Five from my Graveyard to draw a card! Then, I activate Double Fusion! By paying 500 Life Points, I can perform a Fusion Summon twice!"

Judai - LP: 8000 》7500

"Wait, what?" #1 widened his eyes. "Such a Fusion card exists!?"

"First up, I fuse Elemental HERO Featherman and Elemental HERO Burst Lady on my hand!" The monsters began to swirl in a Fusion portal, as Judai chanted.

"Hero of the skies! Hero of the flames! Merge together and bring forth a fiery hero! Fusion Summon! Elemental HERO Flame Wingman (LV: 6/ATK: 2100/DEF:1200)!"

"Moving on, I fuse Flame Wingman on my field with Elemental HERO Sparkman in my hand!"

"Fiery hero of the skies! Hero of lightning! Merge together and bring forth a hero of blazing light! Fusion Summon! Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman (LV: 8/ATK: 2500/DEF: 2100)!"

As the second monster appeared on the field, the Juvenile Officers breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that it was just a 2500 attack monster. "Don't look so relieved yet, boys! For Shining Flare Wingman gains 300 attack points for every "Elemental HERO" in my Graveyard! With ten, this means a 3000 boost (Shining Flare Wingman: ATK: 2500 》5500)!"

The first Juvenile Officer looked at the monster nervously, while the others were slightly less worried. "Moving on, I activate the effect of Elemental HERO Honesty Neos in my hand, sending it to the Graveyard and boosting Shining Flare Wingman's attack by 2500 (Shining Flare Wingman: ATK: 5500 》8000)!"

"And, Shining Flare Wingman deals damage equal to the attack of a monster it destroys! With this, your Life Points will become a perfect zero! Isn't that amazing?" Judai winked, sticking out his tongue.

"Don't… Don't joke with us! Your monster can only attack once, and after your turn ends, one of us will defeat you!" #2 cried out, sweat rolling down his temple.

"Yeah, no." Judai deadpanned. "I activate the Magic Heroic Desperation, that allows me to target a "HERO" Fusion Monster I control, in this case Shining Flare Wingman. In exchange for being banished at the end of the Battle Phase, it can attack all monster my opponent controls once each."

"Then… That means…" #3 paled, understanding what was going to happen.

"Ayup." Judai smirked lazily. "Shining Flare Wingman, destroy all three annoying Bullfortresses. Shining Shoot."

Juvenile Officer #1, #2, #3 - LP: 8000 》0

Judai Wins!

"Man…" Judai yawned as he stretched, walking away from the downed Juvenile Officers. "What a letdown. Just when I thought the Juvenile Officers had a change in strategy… Oh, well, better go check on Rei. Haou can take care of himself."

Haou scoffed while looking at his opponents' field. Three Bullfortresses with 6000 attack, the generic move every deserter already knew how to counter.

Juvenile Officer #1 - LP: 8000

Field: Full Armor Dog Bullfortress (ATK 6000/DEF 1400)

Hand: 0

Juvenile Officer #2 - LP: 8000

Field: Full Armor Dog Bullfortress (ATK 6000/DEF 1400)

Hand: 0

Juvenile Officer #3 - LP: 8000

Field: Full Armor Dog Bullfortress (ATK 6000/DEF 1400)

Hand: 0

Haou - LP: 8000

Field: Bare

Hand: 5

"That again? I'm honestly tired of seeing the same monster many times per day." Haou sneered. "Time to get rid of these eyesores! My turn, draw! I activate the Field Magic Supreme King's Castle!" Their surroundings changed to a castle in the side of a river of lava, connected to the other side by a narrow stone bridge. Haou had the castle to his back, facing the three Juvenile Officers on the bridge.

"Supreme King's Castle allows me to Fusion Summon "Evil HERO" monsters with cards other than "Dark Fusion". Furthermore, since I control no monsters, I Special Summon Evil HERO Hell Brat from my hand (LV: 3/ATK: 300/DEF: 600) in attack position." He continued, his monster appearing on the field. "Then, I tribute Hell Brat to Advance Summon Evil HERO Malicious Edge (LV: 7/ATK: 2600/DEF: 1800."

"Wait a second!" #1 interrupted. " That is a Level 7 monster! You need two tributes to Advance Summon it!"

"As long as you control a monster, Malicious Edge only needs one tribute." Haou deadpanned, before grabbing another card in his hand. "Then, by discarding a card, I activate the Quick-Play Magic Super Fusion."

A Fusion Portal appeared behind Haou, sporting a whirlwind of blue and dark blue streams, a light in the center sending lightning bolts to the ground, striking everywhere. "Super Fusion!? That card exists!?" #3 exclaimed in fright. "I thought it was a myth!"

"You're wrong." Haou said, closing his eyes.. "There are three copies of this card in existence. Besides mine, I know of the location of one other. But that's enough." He opened his eyes. "With Super Fusion's effect, I will fuse your three Bullfortresses with my malicious Edge! And thanks to my Field Magic, I can Fusion Summon an "Evil HERO" monster with this card, even if it isn't Dark Fusion!"

The monsters were struck by lightning, before being sucked in the Fusion Portal, swirling in it, as Haou chanted.

"Nefarious devil of the dark world! Machines of animalistic appearance! Merge together, and bring forth the most loyal servant of the Supreme King! Fusion Summon! Evil HERO Nefarious Lucifer (Dark/Fiend/Fusion/Effect/Level 10/ATK: ?/DEF: ?)!"

Nefarious Lucifer was a devil-like humanoid with dark hair and large, black wings spreading from its back, wearing black armor with golden accents and wielding a pitch-black longsword.

"What… Is that monster?" #1 asked, trembling in fright from the pressure the monster emitted. "Such pressure…"

"Nefarious Lucifer's attack and defense is equal to half the combined attack of its Fusion Materials. Since all three of you monsters had 6000 attack and Malicious Edge had 2800, the total value is 10400 (Nefarious Lucifer: ATK: ? 》10400/DEF: ? 》10400)." Haou explained, as his monster's wings spread even further, the souls of the three Bullfortresses and Malicious Edge being absorbed by the pitch-black wings.

"And, Nefarious Lucifer can attack as many times as the number of its Fusion materials minus one. Since four monsters were used to Fusion Summon it, it can attack three times. Go! Hell Daemon's Wrath - Morningstar's Pride!"

Juvenile Officer #1, #2, #3 - LP: 8000 》0

Haou Wins!

"Another duel, another win." Haou smirked victoriously as he went in the direction Sho had gone, to tail the kid and prevent more Juvenile Officers from following him. Yubel appeared, the Duel Monster Spirit, shooting Haou a dry look.

"Remember to not be arrogant, Haou." She deadpanned. "Look at what happened last time you did that. You went in assured of your victory… And Johan kicked your ass."

Haou blushed in embarrassment. "That never happened!"

"You can't just-"

"Never. Happened." Haou said, putting emphasis on the 'Never'.

Yubel sighed. Honestly, Haou was stubborn as all hell.

"...Fine, whatever."

Hey! SoulMatter here! And now, with another revised chapter of Dusk Revolution! Now, this chapter introduced an OC that came to my head in a flash of inspiration when I was trying to decide who Sawatari was going to duel in order for LDS to test the "Yosenju" cards. Now, I know Sawatari's duel against Yuya in the Maiami Championship was sort-of the test duel, but I decided to give Akaba Reiji and the Lancers a boost in the form of Pendulum cards being finished earlier than they were in canon. Plus, I was trying to think about how to write Sawatari's character development, and she came as the perfect way (In my head) to do it! Don't worry, Sawatari is still the brash, reckless idiot we know and find amusing, he'll just be less arrogant.

Now, onto the highlight of this chapter: Yosenjus vs Lightlords/Lightsworns. The former was super fun to write, as an archetype I feel like was wasted in the anime. Returning to the hand/shuffling to the deck? This is a tactic that can make and break duels, as it is needed more resources to retrieve the monster than if if was sent to the Graveyard (Or Extra Deck in the case of Pendulum Monsters). Case in point, Sawatari vs. Yuya, Maiami Championship. Sawatari deserved the win, he managed to outplay Yuya, shut down Pendulum Summon, and even play around his own cards' weaknesses, while also making a Pendulum Summon of his own! Yet, he got beaten by Yuya's Deus Ex Machina Namelessness situational Trap that was only useful for this duel thanks to the "Yosenjus" return-to-the-hand effects, and never appeared again. Ahem. Sorry, but I just really liked the "Yosenju" cards.

Also, we have a surprise in the form of four Legacy Characters from the Fusion Dimension! The dub names will be in brackets for people who are more familiar with it. Yuki Judai (Jaden Yuki), Yuki Haou, formerly known as the Supreme King, Marufuji Sho (Syrus Truesdale), and Saotome Rei (Blair Fannigan)! The latter two WILL duel, count on it!

If anyone is wondering, this chapter and the previous one happen between episodes 21 and 22, after Shun and Yuto vanished, but before the start of 22.

Time for the OC Cards.

Sawatari's Cards:

Yosenju Storm Call (Magic/Normal)

Effect: If you control a "Yosenju" monster that was Normal Summoned this turn; Draw a card for every "Yosenju" monster you control. If you had 2 "Yosenju" Pendulum Monsters" in your hand when this card was activated; Add a "Yosenju" Pendulum Monster with a different name from your deck to your hand in addition to the drawn cards. You can only activate one "Yosenju Storm Call" per turn.

Yosen Churning Winds (Magic/Permanent)

Effect: Once during your opponent's turn (Quick Effect): If a monster you opponent controls declares an attack; You can send a "Yosenju" Pendulum Monster from your Deck to your Extra Deck. If control no monsters and you're about to receive an instance of damage that would turn your LP to 0; You can destroy this card, negate the damage, and gain Life Points equal to half the damage you negated.

Yosenju's Relentless Attack (Magic/Normal)

Effect: During the Battle Phase of the turn this card was activated; If a "Yosenju"monster you control destroyed a monster by battle, you can target a card on your opponent's field and return it to the hand.

Judai's Cards:

Heroic Desperation (Magic/Normal)

Effect: You can target a "HERO" Fusion Monster you control; Other monsters you control cannot attack and the targeted monster is banished when the Battle Phase ends, but it can attack all monsters your opponent controls once each. You can banish this card from the Graveyard, except during the turn it was sent there; Double the ATK of a "HERO" Fusion Monster you control, but it is banished at the end of the Battle Phase. You can only activate each effect of "Heroic Desperation" once per turn.

Haou's Cards:

Evil HERO Nefarious Lucifer (Dark/Fiend/Fusion/Effect/Level 10/ATK ?/DEF ?)

Effect: 1 "Evil HERO" monster + 1+ Effect Monsters

Must be Special Summoned with "Dark Fusion" and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. This card's original ATK and DEF s equal to half the combined ATK of the monsters used for its Fusion Summoning. This card can attack a number of times equal to the number of Fusion Materials used for this card's Fusion Summon -1. When this card would be affected by your opponent's card effect; You can tribute an "Evil HERO" monster you control other than this card: negate the effect and destroy it. When this card would be destroyed by battle, you can make it lose half of its ATK and DEF instead.