Names: Bernadette Inanna, Damiana Inanna, Gardenia Inanna.

Species Arrancar / Adjuchas


All: They all have dark bronze skin, dark black hair, and green eyes. All their clothes are Arrancar white. All have bigger breasts than Rangiku. All of their hollow holes are located in the usual place for one. They all look to be in their early twenties.

Bernadette: She is extremely muscular and very tall, exactly 7 and a half feet. A strong jawline and a six pack. Short and very unruly hair. Her clothes are a workout tank top and work out shorts. She wears hiking shoes and has a bandage across her nose. Her mask fragment is two boar tusks that go along her jaw

Damiana: She wears an unbuttoned blouse, unbuttoned jean shorts, and some beach flip-flops. Her hair is middle length with it being a bit wild and wavy. She has a flask in her back pocket and has a pair of sunglasses on her head. Her mask fragment is two oni horns on her forehead. She is also very muscular like her sister and is exactly 6 and a half feet tall.

Gardenia: She is very dainty and is exactly 5 feet tall. Her hair is very long reaching her waist. She wears a kimono with a flower pattern on it and has the basic Arrancar sandals. Her mask fragments are petal like objects scattered across her forehand and behind her ears, with two under her eyes. She wears a very cute smile most of the time.

Zanpakuto: They all have basic zanpakuto's, but their guards and colors are different.

Bernadette: Her guard resembles a fist and her swords guard and scabbard coloring is a dark brown.

Damiana: Her sword does not have a guard and its main coloring is Amethyst.

Gardenia: Her guard is shaped like a sunflower and her swords coloring is forest green.

Powers: They are all Privaron Espada level fighters

Bernadette: She is super strong and is a very powerful fighter. Her Pesquisa, hierro and sonido are very powerful. Her other skills are not very powerful in contrast. Her cero is a red color and her position is when her leans her head back and acts like she is going to head-butt someone. She is an expert hunter and very instinctual.

Damiana: She is also super strong and a powerful fighter. Her cero, hierro, sonido, and bala are all strong, but her pesquisa is very weak do to her personality. Her cero is a ruby color and her position is when she puckers her lips and she can use the cero doble.

Gardenia: Her sonido is extremely powerful and her other skills are about average. Her cero color is green and her stance is when she puts her hands in a praying position.

Resurreccion: They all double in height.

Bernadette: Her cry is "Bulk up, Amazonia". She gets even more muscular and stronger. Her upper arms and legs get covered in hair and her hair gets longer reaching her back. Her mask fragment become even bigger tusks with smaller tusks coming out from the bottom of them. Her clothing becomes a long leopard print sarong. Her chest is wrapped in a sarashi with a large jacket worn over her shoulders with the words "Strong as a river, sturdy as a mountain, and mighty as the sun" in japanese on the back of it. Her weapon becomes a giant macuahuitl (aztec sword). She gains tribal markings along her cheeks. She also gains a unique power. The more damage she takes, the stronger she gets.

Damiana: Her cry is "Drown in a haze, alcool". Her hair turns a pale grey and her eyes turn a dark red color. Her clothing stays the same, but she gains a giant sake gourd tied to her back that she can also use as a weapon and her flip flops turn into high heeled boots. She can use the sake and become drunk for a bit making her attacks unpredictable or she can spit / splash her sake at her opponents as it is acidic to anyone but her. Her gourd fills up again after it is emptied. She also grows more canines and her mask fragment adds three more curved horns, one in the middle of the original ones and the other two on the outside of the others. Her sword becomes a kanabo.

Gardenia: Her cry is "Break them down, Bellona". She changes the most. She becomes as muscular as her sisters with he outfit bring a leather skirt with a roman gladiators chest armor and sandals. Her sword becomes a chain with two large morning stars at the ends. Her morning stars can act as bombs making her attacks very explosive and dangerous. Her mask fragments change from being petals to daggers scattered along her hair and head. The two near her eyes point downward.

Personality: All of them are very loyal to each other and their friends.

Bernadette: She is very tomboyish and very stubborn. She is very blunt with things and has very little shame. She sees her family as the most important thing and will protect it at all cost. She is very protective of her sisters. She loves to hunt and eat meat. She secretly though wants to find someone to fall in love with. Very straightforward with things and does not like to beat around the bush.

Damiana: She is also very blunt and not very shameful of her actions. She acts very carefree and relaxed most of the time. Loves alcohol and can not get hungover or pass out from drinking. Likes to make fun of Gardenia for being the shortest of them. Loves her family though and tries to make them laugh.

Gardenia: She is usually very sweet and soft spoken. She loves flowers and gets annoyed when people make fun of her, she puts on a cute pout face when she is annoyed. This however is mostly a show, her real personality is more like her sisters, blunt, stubborn, and little to no concept of shame. She loves to fight and battle tough opponents. Her love of flowers is an honest part of her personality though.